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  2. PS4 Police Academy - Mission
  3. HVT not resetting- I was not in game for 1.5 hrs before and 17 min after reset!
  4. Please actually fix One is None instead of this BS workaround.
  5. Dark Zone Bracket; Why does it work like it does?
  6. Weekly HVT
  7. PS4 HVT Resolution Inbound
  8. PS4 Incorrect DZ indicated @ DZ01 door(201+), when level is 177 and gear held is max 191.
  9. PS4 Daily & Weekly HVTs not reset
  10. Weekly HVT
  11. Can't join friends or random matchmaking as of 6/3
  12. Showing in combat unable to enter safe houses
  13. DZ gaer score miscalculation (not a stash issue)
  14. Support station not reviving
  15. Gear score and DZ bracket explained (not a bug)
  16. PS4 missing division tech in crafting
  17. PS4 Firearms and DPS are BS.
  18. skillz trophy
  19. Rogues teleporting to safe house
  20. First Aid Overdose Bug with B. Shield
  21. PS4 I can not enter into the Dark Zone
  22. PS4 How to report bugs using screenshots and videos
  23. Challenge lag
  24. PS4 Judy Walters Echos # 2,3,4 can't be found.
  25. PS4 Missing character...Please help
  26. four parts of tact and no bonus come on now man :/
  27. error delta 20010187
  28. PS4 Can NOT login HELP
  29. Error delta 10010086
  30. Missing purcahsed cosmetic items from PSN store
  31. Missing purcahsed items
  32. PS4 Falling through the map in the darkzone in update 1.2
  33. Random Ammo cap dropping
  34. glitches i found so far
  35. PS4 Fell through map
  36. PS4 Missing mod slot on gear
  37. Ubisoft Support - 10 days without a response
  38. PS4 bug: weekly hvt regifted previous weapon skin?
  39. PS4 Supply Drop Would Not Open - Any Remedy?
  40. black screen after connecting screen since April 12
  41. PS4 Problem with Item
  42. Hijacking extractions???? cheaters????
  43. PS4 Missing Items. Sticky Fix didn't work.
  44. PS4 How are there GS 210-220 Agents inthe 161-200 DZ?
  45. Help with Midtown East Virus Measurement!
  46. PS4 3 weeks no incursion rewards on second character.
  47. PS4 game breaking glitch in dz
  48. PS4 need players
  49. PS4 Second account Season Pass Rewarads Missing
  50. Incursion has NEVER weekly reset for me, since launch.
  51. PS4 bug
  52. PS4 Second account Season Pass Rewarads Missing
  53. Med kits not granting overheal with talent equipped
  54. Erm... glitches? Broken? WTF..
  55. PS4 My GS is 180 but in DZ I'm grouped in with 201+
  56. Menu lag again
  57. Problems with rewards and credits
  58. PS4 My GS is 187 but they put me in 201+ bracket.
  59. PC ban = PS4 ban
  60. Meticulous Talent Broken?
  61. PS4 Bug virus mission in midtown east
  62. NPCs Shooting through walls - Video
  63. PS4 Missing Character . ..... Crying
  64. If you are in the DZ201+ but should be in DZ161-200 this might be your issue
  65. PS4 Weekly Incursions Rewards missing
  66. PS4 Hvt
  67. PS4 DZ unbalances
  68. Please fix the Dark Zone lag before patch
  69. weekly ISAC assignment not resetting
  70. PS4 Unable to do search and destroy in southpaw safe house
  71. All of the bugs migrated to the new incursion
  72. PS4 He was lost players
  73. 1.3v has been delayed for PS4
  74. [Technical] Analog Deadzone Resets
  75. [Graphics] Ear clips through hats
  76. No Weekly Rewards for Clear Skies Challenge Mode
  77. stil.... DELTA ERROR!!
  78. Soutpaw Safehouse Lag
  79. PS4 All S&D missions suddenly unavailable.
  80. Delta error for specific character
  81. Shoulder Swap Bug
  82. PS4 Black screen on launch no join session
  83. PS4 Waiting in Queue
  84. death by fire?????
  85. PS4 Delta 20001014 (Unable to leave Brooklyn)
  86. PS4 Side mission: Michael Dufrane/field intel
  87. PS4-High Risk Target-Gramercy
  88. PS4 Season Pass Purchase Issues
  89. Recalibration issue - still showing gear slot, can't upgrade armor
  90. cant log into my sec char
  91. matchmaking
  92. PS4 Stuck in Brooklyn
  93. PS4 Dark Zone is Broken
  94. PS4 1.3 Patch and Weekly HVT & Heroic Missions (Dev Question)
  95. PS4 My State Of The Game
  96. PS4 infinite black screen after loading
  97. PS4 Deta 20001014
  98. DPS & Skill usage glitches... PS$
  99. PS4 Wrong DZ bracket
  100. PS4 Refund my **** fckin aholes
  101. I have the season pass so why can I not play the new maps
  102. Weekly HVT Bug
  103. PS4 map doesn't work
  104. PS4 Missing Purchased Outfits (2nd time)
  105. Mega map not working after 1.3 update today
  106. Loot drops not rewarding accordingly
  107. New Update with a game breaking Bug
  108. [Graphics] Patch 1.06 messed up my hat
  109. Character missing
  110. PS4 Dark Zone 6 Glitchers
  111. PS4 Game breaking bug if killed during high value target missions.
  112. Map issues patch 1.3
  113. Hudson Refugee Camp - Challenge mode bug
  114. Falcon Lost Disconnects/Error Codes, and now it repawns outside of the mission/group
  115. PS4 can't resume the update download!!
  116. Unlocked Content Not Appearing at Rewards Claim Vendor
  117. Get to one spot on the map, I end up dead in the safe house
  118. PS4 Search and Destroy - Respawn Loop
  119. PS4 Either fix your game or sack your testers
  120. PS4 Map doesn't work.
  121. PS4 DPS lost after update
  122. PS4 Weapons DPS varying on inventory screen
  123. [PS4] Character stuck on ladder incorrectly - requires restart to fix
  124. PS4 Search and Destroy Death Loop
  125. Darkzone bracket
  126. 99 times out of 100
  127. PS4 I have 2 Bugs in update 1.06 need to be fixed ASAP
  128. PS4 search and destroy missions break when i die
  129. PS4 Game Sounds Dies out
  130. [PS4] Tacticians 4 piece set not providing bonus.
  131. DELTA ERROR 20001082 ps4
  132. PS4 Post 1.3 Patch Flashbang Debuff Not Blinding Enemies
  133. PS4 The Division Map
  134. Falcon Lost On PS4 Unplayable (Bug)
  135. PS4 Falcon Lost cover
  136. PS4 Maps issues
  137. PS4 Maps issues
  138. Unable to connect to game - Delta error
  139. PS4 Unable to claim S&D Rewards at The Last Call Safe House
  140. PS4 Unable to connect after server maintenance
  141. PS4 Instant death since 1.3
  142. Unable to connect after maintenance
  143. Sharing Season Pass - SAME PS4
  144. Bugs bugs and more bugs
  145. PS4 engineers have a particular protocol??
  146. Error Delta 20010187
  147. PS4 Sealed Caches didn't appear on bag
  148. PS4 weapon recalibration messed up
  149. PS4 The Division Random Gun Firing Issues
  150. Lag lag and more lag
  151. PS4 High Value Target not really working
  152. PS4 servers seem to be down
  153. fix needed immediately!
  154. Still no clothes dropping
  155. PS4 Map is not coming up, Compensation for not able to do daily and weekly htv missions?
  156. PS4 issues with ECHO and Search and Destroy
  157. Lonestar 4 piece issue with weapon swap
  158. Glitch
  159. Select Main weapon to see the Character stats
  160. The Division Out of area bug
  161. PS4 Trophy -Know no fear
  162. Missing Character
  163. Darkzone Mismatch with other same gearscore player
  164. PS4 The Division: Season Pass problem
  165. The Division: Audio Problem
  166. PS4 Enemy NPC(s) getting stuck behind doors/walls
  167. PS4 Topmost Item not Displayed in Weapon Mod List
  168. PS4 Extracted Items not Listed in Extracted Items Tab in Stash
  169. Bugs
  170. Position in Queue
  171. Phone and missing agent bug
  172. [BUG]Missing Agent #16 & #18
  173. PS4 Dark Zone Chests Have No Dark Zone Credits
  174. PS4 [BUG] Instant death at MA Intels locations since 1.3
  175. PS4 worst patch july 12th
  176. Ps4 Of Unable to connect after character screen.
  177. PS4 Error delta 20001080
  178. The Division and Patch 1.3 :(
  179. Alphabridge gloves now a problem!
  180. PS4 [BUG] No weekly mission reward for FL Heroic.
  181. PS4 Problem with HVT not showing up
  182. PS4 DPS Drop Bug On PS4!
  183. PS4 Falcon lost crashes every time PS4
  184. PS4 How to get rid of Gear Score dialog when viewing inventory on PS4?
  185. PS4 [BUG]Chest Mod Unsloting
  186. PS4 Bug Non Interactable ammo box in Rooftop Comm Relay mission
  187. PS4 Bug DZ cache don't display in DZ bag
  188. PS4 Missing Underground DLC
  189. Russian Consulate on Heroic
  190. PS4 Deconstructed one item and lost all 20 of my Yellow MODS in one swoop!!!!!!!!!
  191. [PS4] Season Pass Drop not appearing
  192. Loot Vanished After Game Crash
  193. 20001082 error constantly disconnect
  194. Cheaters or lag
  195. Sound bug
  196. PS4 Gold edition on Ps4 with account 2 wont show up the season pass on account 1..
  197. The camera in combat.......
  198. PS4 SERVERS EUROPEANS in PS4 ????
  199. PS4 repeated delta 20001082 despite no network problems
  200. PS4 Weapons firing constantly - Game Unplayable
  201. Pvp problems - shotgunners don't become rogue
  202. PS4 2 Missing Agent Collectible Glitch.
  203. PS4 PS4 error code CE-34878-0 since 1.3 update
  204. PS4 Delta 20001082 need someone I can join on
  205. (PS4) AAron Keener Missing Agent will not complete
  206. PS4 constant DELTA 20001082 errors!
  207. PS4 Delta 20001082 and LAG
  208. Why use forums?
  209. [PS4] losing sound
  210. PS4 Analog Dead Zone Size setting not saving
  211. Mini map: Manhunt agents not able to see -bug?
  212. Delta 20001082 Errors
  213. PS4 Huge delay the game....
  214. PS4 [GAMEPLAY] Daily missions don't start
  215. Ps4 Balestic Shield Bug
  216. Lost all loot in DZ after crash
  217. PS4 [BUG] Phone Intel doesn't unlock
  218. Constant Server Issues (getting beyond acceptable)
  219. PS4 Dps issues
  220. DZ Mismatch
  221. Fix the god damn log in servers already
  222. Fix the servers and lag
  223. PS4 Striker's gear set stealth nerf? or Bug?
  224. PS4 The Division Gold Edition pre-order - account sharing FAIL
  225. PS4 If you have a gear set and it only has stamia, how can you get firearms added
  226. please fix the npc animation
  227. PvE map bug
  228. PS4 My season pass is not yet activated after i purchased in psn store
  229. Wrong DZ bracket
  230. PS4 Dark Zone Extraction Never Completed
  231. PS4 Marking items for junk bug
  232. PS4 Dragon's Nest and Underground not working
  233. Possible glitch or bug when using the Balistic Shield with Mod: Kinetic Breaker
  234. Empty Stash and Inventory Bug
  235. Reporting cheaters ???
  236. Cross platform profile support request
  237. PS4 DLC Unavailable
  238. Bug Reports
  239. PS4 Not able to self heal much
  240. delta error and can't relog
  241. PS4 need help GAME Division
  242. PS4 Voip has never worked
  243. PS4 High-End Items Below Level 30 Exploit(s) Still In Game
  244. bug reports
  245. PS4 Audio goes MUTE
  246. Stuck in Brooklyn. Gate to Manhattan will not open
  247. PS4 no dlc underground
  248. PS4 DZ04 Gear Mod Blueprint Vendor
  249. PS4 Help please. My DPS keeps changing for no reason on PS4
  250. PS4 In darkzone 06 i am seeing 182 weapon drops