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  1. PS4 Echo Beacon Trouble
  2. Bug with "One is None" Talent
  3. PS4 Bug with united we stand trophy
  4. PS4 Weapon wont stop firing
  5. Clothes bugged
  6. First aid with revive perk bug
  7. PS4 DPS and Weapon Attributes constantly changing - please fix!
  8. PS4 Incursion respawn bug
  9. PS4 anyone having voip problems?
  10. Gun hoster mod slot glitch says +1 slot and nothing
  11. Hey Massive! just making you aware of two bugs. Please fux :).
  12. Hey Massive! just making you aware of two bugs. Please fix :).
  13. [PS4] Mods dropping from slots
  14. [PS4] contamination level
  15. No Daily Missions AGAIN! 5/2/2016
  16. Incursion drops broken
  17. PS4 Incursion: Falcon Lost on HARD no weekly reward
  18. PS4 [BUG] Sentry set "mark" bug
  19. PS4 [Bug] Can't do incursions
  20. PS4 When will people reseive the 500 PC from suffering backbag glitch
  21. base of operations soundbug
  22. PS4 BUG - Glitch outside of Darkzone still possible
  23. PS4 Falcon Lost - Outside Respawning
  24. PS4 Completed my weekly Incursion on Hard and did not get rewarded
  25. PS4 Question regarding bug report with screenshot
  26. PS4 broken incursion weekly mission drop
  27. PS4 Stash items disappeared
  28. Darkzone Level and $$ Disappeared - Inactive for a month
  29. Did they take out?
  30. PS4 Division Refund
  31. PS4 [Bug] ------ Queens Tunnel enemy spawn issue
  32. can not open door to falcon lost
  33. Falcon lost, did not receive weekly rewards
  34. PS4 Delta 20010186
  35. Falcon Lost Challenging
  36. PS4 [Bug]Falcon Lost reward on wrong schedule.
  37. Blue Screen on FL Challenge
  38. PS4 Did not receive weekly 240 reward in Falcon Lost (Challenge)
  39. DZ Rogue or no?
  40. [PS4][BUG] MOD Auto Detach
  41. PS4 This game is an absolute travesty
  42. PS4 Stuck on the main menu
  43. Missing loot
  44. game is Freezing, cannot exit have to unplug Ps4
  45. Any way you can make an ingame ticket?
  46. PS4 Bronken Character 1. not enough supplies to update tech wing
  47. PS4 Not getting any phoenix credits
  48. PS4 Zone Changing (PSN)
  49. PS4 Gaining player XP in the DZ????
  50. PS4 [BUG] No Dark Zone back pack roll.
  51. PS4 BoO crafting material box bug
  52. PS4 Dark Zone funds Bugged
  53. I was locked out, but haven't got the compensation yet.
  54. Strange DPS problem
  55. PS4 Matchmaking crash not happening for everyone?
  56. [PS4] People shooting the wrong direction
  57. PS4 inconsistent damage in the DZ
  58. PS4 DPS in The Division
  59. PS4 reload and shooting glitch
  60. Ammo restock not usable
  61. PS4 Gear Vendor DPS error?
  62. Weekly Reward Problem
  63. [PS4] Voice and proxy chat VOIP not working in dark zone
  64. found god bug while playing
  65. PS4 Falcon Error -> Challenge mission
  66. DarkZone game crashes when calling in an extraction
  67. PS4 Incursion Reward Reset
  68. Health Bug
  69. PS4 My character is just gone
  70. PS4 My character is just gone
  71. Game crashes when logging out to switch characters
  72. PS4 Falcon Lost Challenge Mode - multiple Application Errors
  73. PS4: Invisible wall
  74. PS4 path of the nomad is not working
  75. Ps4 voip issues
  76. sound problems
  77. PS4 Missing Striker Gloves 240
  78. PS4 Lag in PVP
  79. PS4 not getting weekly rewards for falcon lost
  80. Minor issue but annoying (possible spoliers)
  81. No Weekly Reward for Incursion Hard Mode.
  82. Reload when trying to enter FL
  83. [PS4] Glitchers Cheater in DZ
  84. PS4 Glitch in powerplant instance
  85. PS4 Falcon. Lost challenge mode
  86. Game Crashes on PS4
  87. PS4 Un-replayable Missions.
  88. Game breaking bug(s)
  89. Delta error only in groups
  90. No 240 drops from challenge mode
  91. Weapons wont reload properly
  92. Falcon Challenge Error
  93. PS4 Season pass content
  94. PS4 Judy Walters ECHO
  95. Looting High-End Crafting Materials Glitched?
  96. PS4 Damage inconsistency issue
  97. Collectibles Not Appearing On Map
  98. Cant connect after Brooklyn .
  99. PS4 Falcon Lost - Weekly Loot Not Dropping
  100. [PS4][BUG] Gear auto detach
  101. Return To Hell's Kitchen
  102. PS4 204 Vector45 ACP blueprint bugged
  103. PS4 Bug in Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  104. Transfer servers items gone
  105. "Playtime" different from uplay.com and the game?
  106. PS4 Reseting Progress
  107. PS4 Damascus Blueprint epic failure
  108. Mike 2000104 ?
  109. PS4 Path Of The Nomad Holster level 214 Not Showing Up In Inventory
  110. Deadly Talent is Glitched !
  111. PS4 Playstation Store DLC not appearing at Rewards Vendor
  112. Gear, Weapons and Stash Deleted!
  113. PS4 Hackers in the Dark Zone RIGHT NOW!
  114. PS4 Trophy Know no fear [problems]
  115. 2 ps4 consoles one PSN account unable to connect to division server on new console
  116. PS4 Game has been crashing after matchmaking & in the mid progress of co-op session.
  117. PS4 Error: Mike 20240078
  118. Mike error code help please
  119. Falcon lost incursion gear glitch
  120. PS4 Forced to loading screen in dark zone
  121. PS4 Falcon Lost CM lost loot
  122. Falcon Lost BS
  123. Lost items in Division, please help.
  124. Glitched Echos
  125. More cheaters/hackers/glitchers/boosters
  126. Rogue broken? or strange lag? or What?
  127. Yet more problems
  128. PS4 Unplayable game
  129. PS4 Falcon lost completion on alt problem
  130. PS4 Gramercy safe house bugged for me...
  131. PS4 Warren Gate Floor disappearing
  132. Free Falling
  133. Delta Error D20001004
  134. PS4 Collectable Nightmare + Stick Dead Zone
  135. Can not complete side mission
  136. PS4 Daily Reset? Quests
  137. Go to Midtown East Safe House Bugged, Unable to complete the mission
  138. PS4 Server Lag?
  139. PS4 Ballistic Shield is Absolutely Unusable
  140. PSN Maintenance
  141. PS4 Blueprint missing
  142. More glitching cheaters
  143. Incursion
  144. Missing points
  145. Missing blueprint
  146. PS4 Cannot see Falcon lost on map or as weekly reward
  147. PS4 Missing crit-chance increase from "deadly" talent
  148. PS4 Bug - Relentless talent damages and heals when using shock/flame turret
  149. PS4 storage?
  150. Not gettiung Dark Zone funds
  151. PS4 Problems accessing Dark Zone
  152. Phones and Drones
  153. Incursion Challenging Getting Screwed No Lube
  154. What the Division LAG
  155. Crazy opening box bug
  156. [PS4]More cheaters/hackers/boosters
  157. Clear Sky - Issues
  158. Selecting Item to trash (L2 on Inventory) post 1.2
  159. 201+ bracket bug.
  160. PS4 City map has huge FPS drops
  161. Cannot play Clear sky
  162. Dark Zone 201+
  163. Cant invite randoms into new area and fps drop of doom in menu an hp O.OI like the hp
  164. PS4 My Sidemissions are marked undone even though ive done em - cant do new Search&Dest
  165. PS4 My Sidemissions are marked done and cant do new Search&Destroy
  166. Map and menu causing lag?
  167. Can't dismount multiple items just after patch 1.2 - a reboot fixed it
  168. ps4 issues after 1.2
  169. PS4 High Graphic/Lag
  170. PS4 HVT bug
  171. PS4 Search and Destroy Clinton part 2
  172. HVT buggggsssssssss
  173. Daily Missions
  174. PS4 Serious bug in DZ6 after update 1.2 (influence game play and looting)
  175. Season Pass Holders!!!
  176. PS4 Gear of Nomad 4 piece
  177. A actual funny bug
  178. Being sent back to safe house
  179. Pulse problem in Search and Destroy's. (PS4)
  180. [VIDEO] Locked inside room from HVT Weekly
  181. Bug - Shared item disappears in underground Daily HVT mission
  182. PS4 DPS stat bug
  183. PS4 Bugs so far
  184. PS4 Phoenix credits
  185. PS4 Daily HVT mission bug
  186. PS4 clear sky
  187. Just FYI -- today's patch did not fix the double UI/lag issues
  188. Mute not working on patch 1.2 the division
  189. PS4 Erro delta 20010187
  190. PS4 Map / Radar Lag / White UI
  191. PS4 Unsupported Disc - failure to launch - ps4
  192. Map / UI lag address anywhere yet?
  193. HVT showing completed
  194. Mark As Junk Broken
  195. PS4 Cant talk to npc or billboards
  196. why would you dumb asses cap intel at 99?
  197. PS4 Weekly HVT Bug
  198. PS4 weapons reload when holstered without lone star set
  199. No Loot - Weekly HVT Fallon Night Shift playing with friends who have already done it
  200. PS4 Ballistic Shield Broken?
  201. PS4 Unable to replay clear sky incursion
  202. Map Lag, other graphical issues
  203. Problem with opening caches
  204. PS4 Update to 1.1 and 1.2 impossible
  205. PS4 LOST ALL MODS on a gun!
  206. Repeating Messages
  207. PS4 DZ ratings
  208. PS4 Clinton Electronics Shop
  209. PS4 Medical Wing STILL Glitched after 1.2 (Hudson Refugee Camp)
  210. So is anyone else getting this ?
  211. [PS4] (Nomad set bonus doesn't work at all)
  212. PS4 Mission not completing
  213. PS4 Matchmaking Related Repeating Audio and Frame Rate Bug
  214. PS4 Rewards failed
  215. [PS4] No Sarch & Destroy possible at Grindhouse
  216. PS4 Language missing
  217. PS4 dark zone teleport glitch
  218. Gear Score vs. Grouping for DZ Bug
  219. Map lag / framerate drop
  220. Another teleport problem
  221. [PS4] Hard drive crashed will I loose any progress / data
  222. 4 missing emerald cache after mike 20170241 | PS4
  223. character stops running
  224. PS4 Incursion glitch?
  225. PS4 New Bug - Health Regeneration
  226. BANK DOOR-wont open
  227. Bug with Ammo Cache
  228. [BUG] High lag problems after 1.2
  229. Working as normal or possible Bug?
  230. Search and Destroy - no Hostiles NPCs
  231. PS4 Huge Teleporting Problem When Opening Chests in the Dark Zone
  232. PS4 Can't enter Incursions
  233. loot locked from daily hvt
  234. PS4 1.2 item recalibration issues
  235. PS4 cant even play game
  236. To the game developers: Take all this forum's negativity with a grain of salt...
  237. [PS4] Issue with LoneStar and reloading when using less than 4 pieces.
  238. PS4 Playstation 4 'Clear Sky' Mission Glitch/Unplayable Mission
  239. Teleporting to safe house while trying to collect electronics in clinton
  240. PS4 Accidentally sold my god roll M1A with attachments!
  241. PS4 All my 4 characters disapperead
  242. Missing Broker vanity set pieces
  243. PS4 Is this the new Dark Zone? Player bracket 201+?
  244. PS4 HVT Repay dissapointment
  245. PS4 HVTs not refreshing daily, sometimes not at location. then in progress at vendor
  246. Weekly Maintenance and Server Shutdowns
  247. PS4 Got Kick Out to Blue Screen Every Time I Accepted Agent Invite
  248. PS4 Will they ever fix the bug emote glitch?
  249. PS4 Seeker Mine isn't seeking its just spinning in location dropped
  250. PS4 Missing HVT missions