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  1. Patch 1.7.1 and RPM glitch is still there!
  2. Pack Animals Commendation
  3. Delta error (Delta C-2-229) PS4
  4. Re: Help in improving
  5. PS4 The Game Keeps Sending Us To A Different Region
  6. PS4 Respeito com o Consumidor / respect to the consumer
  7. PS4 Loss of audio during gameplay
  8. PS4 Not able to play the Division on a different PS4 with my own account
  9. PS4 Son deleted my character
  10. Stuck on ladder (Times Square: 53rd Street Sewers)
  11. Why does it say I have the season pass?
  12. PS4 Potential Game Breaker / Inflated Stats in 1.7.1
  13. PS4 Classified gear drop rate none existent
  14. PS4 Division BUG in DZ and GAME
  15. Upgraded to PS4 Pro and cannot access Season Pass content
  16. PS4 Installing Manhattan 42%
  17. Using first aid blocking shooting
  18. No down state in DZ
  19. PS4 Purchased DLCs and got NOTHING
  20. Delta Error, and then Positioned in Queue...?
  21. Dont get my bought credits
  22. PS4 Global Event issue
  23. Evento globale bug maschera
  24. Xbox problems
  25. PS4 Weird Bug Trying To Log Into First Character
  26. PS4 My main character is missing
  27. GE Leaderboard bug
  28. PS4 GE assault commendations(Mask)
  29. PS4 Action prompt stuck - Ruined my GE farming run
  30. Assault cache
  31. PS4 Classified Gear Restoration
  32. Skill kils trophy and accommodation does not show and I can’t complete the game 100%
  33. 1.8 pts
  34. PS4 SHD Tech issue in Resistance game mode
  35. PTS 1.8 Bug tactician
  36. Online friends list not working
  37. PTS: Resistance. Boss in wave 15 not spawning
  38. Consumables tips anyone?
  39. P4$ - Bug: Legendary Napalm Production Site - Progress/Objectives frozen
  40. PS4 game wont start after completing pre-missions
  41. Flawless commendation (legendary)
  42. Bug in last stand respawn
  43. PS4 Lone Star chest/vest visual bug/clipping
  44. PS4 DLC - Underground Does not Work on my console
  45. PS4 DZ Leader-board Reward
  46. The Division PS4
  47. How long will it be ps4 be update 1.8
  48. PS STORE bug the division+R6 pack
  49. Infinite loading screen still
  50. PS4 (Pro) Contamination Events issue
  51. PS4 Manhatten content not ready 43% - time to complete 00:00:00
  52. PS4 Losing Audio using a 2 man team in DZ
  53. Duped by the premium vendor
  54. LS Lag
  55. Missing exotic from season pass
  56. When Are We Going To Get a PS4 Audio Fix?
  57. PS4 Bug: Entered an area with no exit
  58. In game friends list
  59. Bullfrog DPS
  60. Bullfrog DPS
  61. PS4 Stuck in Survival (force quit)
  62. Stuck @ 253
  63. Stuck in emote menu
  64. The Division Dark Zone access
  65. PS4 is the mod stacking glitch going to be fixed soon?
  66. PS4 Controller Input Lag still present?
  67. DLC's not working, they used to work earlier
  68. Installing Game Data
  69. PS4 Patch 1.8 PS4 Download
  70. PS4 DELTA C-1-200 Error!!!!!!!!
  71. Legendary mission with other characters
  72. PS4 gear score optimize error?
  73. PS4 GE Assault Face Time Commendation 1.8 changed the patch reward did not grant the new
  74. PS4 Spawn Death Issue with West Side Piers Pier 93 Fast Travel Point
  75. Free dlc til dec 10
  76. Pulse Turret and Resistance
  77. PS4 Invisible Wall but arrow shows through
  78. PS4 Resistance and The Pulse Turret for the Ubi's.
  79. PS4 Gold Edition Disc to Base Digital - Any Issues?
  80. PS4 Delta c-0-1296
  81. No new Patch
  82. Can we get a comment regarding cronusmax shotguns?
  83. PS4 Global Event not available
  84. Bought the wrong exotic weapon?
  85. PS4 Gear Score Discrepancy
  86. PS4 Dark Zone Extraction Bag Bug
  87. lost my character when i reformatted my ps4
  88. PS4 [BUG] Gate with piece of tissus transparent to NPC
  89. secret mission
  90. PS4 Season Pass not working
  91. PS4 Cannot complete secret mission
  92. Ce-34878-0 :-(
  93. Known Issues List [Updated: August 9th, 2018]
  94. PS4 Skirmish's expansion slot
  95. PS4 Classified set extracted and then disappears??
  96. PS4 ps4 dlc not working
  97. Booster shot timing in skirmish
  98. Did not receive rewards for watching over an hour during 24hr stream
  99. Skirmish Is A Gimmick (at least for now)
  100. Dualshock4 bug
  101. PS4 If i purchase the season pass, can i share it between accounts?
  102. PS4 Delta Error C-0-1296
  103. Tuesday Maintence is happening?!?!?!
  104. GE Strike Commendation: Spray and Pray not achievable for SOLO Players
  105. Duplicate jacket from vendor
  106. PS4 Hlep om my account "Your account is temporarily unavailable"
  107. The division 1.8 expansion stash bug
  108. PS4 Your characters are currently locked
  109. PS4 Stuck at Loading Screen
  110. [PS4] Lexington in Underground
  111. Commendation patches
  112. Slingshot of Times Square Power Relay not spawning
  113. Season Pass Items Unable To Be Claimed.
  114. I cant "return to Safe house and claim side mission gear
  115. Can't clear manhunts
  116. Enemy dissappear en masse
  117. PS4 The Input Lag on PS4 that was there since the Beta and never fixed or addressed
  118. Delta errors
  119. Season Pass suddenly missing
  120. PS4 Massive amounts of microstutters/Sutters with this update for the ps4.
  121. PS4 Matchmaking Algorithm Ignores Mission Modifiers Made By Player
  122. PS4 Invisible Wall / Gate in the Underground
  123. Contaminations events, npc not showing.... been 3 days already
  124. Horrendous input lag on PS4
  125. Basement landmark
  126. Underground daily bug
  127. PS4 Bug Reports
  128. Subway Morgue.survival.STUCK
  129. Inventory/Stash Sort Order is Frelled
  130. Missing gear?
  131. Sound bug
  132. HUD issues/bugs
  133. Heel (exotic weapon) gone
  134. [PS4]Secret mission bug
  135. Can't even access the game :/
  136. The patch that Deleted my main character - PS4
  137. Fix server lag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  138. PS4 Not Getting Playstation 4 Trophy for Killing a Rogue Player
  139. ps4 pro 1.8 framerate too low
  140. Cannot activate/ complete West Pier Event "ENEMIES ARE GATHERING"
  141. ps4 pro overload
  142. Manhunt and rogues kill not counting
  143. missing char.
  144. PS4 Can't play 10 min without Delta Errors please help me fix it
  145. PS4 ps4 exotic caches not receiving help please!!!
  146. The Division Season Pass isn't working after been bought(Amazon) and installed
  147. PS4 Manhattan Glitch - 37% 0:00:00 -- PLS HELP
  148. Manhunted Patch glitch?
  149. PS4 ManHattan Glitch WORKAROUND is *FINALLY* here!!!!
  150. PS4 Why can't I get SHD Transmission 2?
  151. PS4 5.1 Surround Sound not working?
  152. No survival weekly cache
  153. PS4 [BUG] Grenade pre-stagger still present in 1.8
  154. missing purchased emote
  155. PS4 The Manhunted Commendation not progressing with Rogue 2.0
  156. The division operator lost
  157. DZ Extractions Not Finishing
  158. PS4 MIKE error c-25-414
  159. Fps Lag
  160. UI icons
  161. sound after clearing manhunt remind
  162. Missing Optimization
  163. Ce-34224-5
  164. 99% loading screen & Matchmaking issues?
  165. PS4 PS4 Teleportation Bug
  166. PS4 missing character please help
  167. Can’t download Manhattan
  168. Been stuck on “installing game”
  169. The Division map bugs
  170. Gold edition problems
  171. Dps not updating
  172. DZ loot disappeared
  173. Charging screen hangs at 99%
  174. PS4 Can't get into game
  175. PS4 Issue: Padded Scarf Vanity Item Disappear
  176. Gear gone Rogue
  177. Surgical Strike underground bug
  178. New video about Godmode in 1.8
  179. PS4 Stuck at 99% after Character Selection
  180. Losing optimizations (PS4)
  181. Daily Undergound challenge not available to level 40 character and 400 intel
  182. Ce-300005-8
  183. Reclaimer mask opttimization bug
  184. PS4 UnderGround COMMENDATIONS not shared accross caracters
  185. Survival Revive Bug
  186. Installing Manhattan
  187. PS4 Healing box not deploying | Resistance ammo not refilling
  188. PS4 LAG: Unplayable Game
  189. Resistance Glitch; MINOR, don't read and feel trolled if you're looking for exploits
  190. PS4 Pakhan with meticulous talent and one is none
  191. Optimization eating div tech
  192. Heal Delay not listed in Known Issues
  193. Commendation progression not account based
  194. WSP phone recordings glitch
  195. Loosing Ammo
  196. Sticky Flashbang
  197. PS4 Playstation 4 Resistance Hunters Bug
  198. Stuck at 99% after picking character
  199. PS4 Sound Issues
  200. Xim4 wrecking console pvp
  201. Manhattan transfer stuck 00:00:00 time
  202. Huge lag on ps4
  203. PSN Down
  204. LIMA, Lag & server maintenance
  205. lag switch?
  206. PS4 Can not choose modifiers on Ambush!
  207. need help invisible ai and loading during missions
  208. Fixed for / Waiting for Patch The Manhunted Commendation.. still not working
  209. PS4 Need help guiding line invisible
  210. Dragon's Nest no one down
  211. Large game glitches/lag
  212. PS4 Tactician 6 piece bonus bug
  213. Queens Tunnel - Ambush Behavior (Covert/Strategic)
  214. my damage changed....wtf...
  215. PS4 Named Bosses will not spawn
  216. PS4 Ps4: Nomad set bonus (2) bugged
  217. PS4 Seekers getting stuck, turrets taking a long time before shooting
  218. PS4 Slow loading of textures (PS4 Pro)
  219. PS4 Very annoying clicking sound when playing
  220. PS4 Dragons nest GE
  221. PS4 Error - ce34878-0
  222. PS4 2-piece nomad bug
  223. PS4 Global event ranking system does not function well?
  224. PS4 My nomad 6pc classified gearset not giving me overheal?
  225. Crispy commendation bugged
  226. rogue being killed then revived and being killed again... bug?
  227. Is weekly maintenance finished?
  228. PS4 What exactly is Courier Intercept?
  229. PS4 Daily Mission Russian Consulate's Hornets body disappeared.
  230. PS4 Weekly assignment - No rewards cache
  231. 284 got optimized to 278
  232. Second character
  233. The House drop rate or bug
  234. Optimisation bug
  235. Midtown east civilian rescue mission church gate issue
  236. Bug: Appearance Gear Missing
  237. Alpha Bridge Talent Stack Glitch
  238. Manhattan content unable to load
  239. Can't end manhunts in UG.. area contaminate failure
  240. feb 6 2018 issues/crashing
  241. PS4 Classified AlphaBridge 6 piece bonus not working.
  242. Application Update
  243. PS4 PS4 bug, Logged into find my House is gone
  244. PS4 [PS4] Bugs in my toon
  245. PS4 [BUG] Gearscore difference: Character selection vs. inventory
  246. PS4 Loadout Error
  247. Missing Navigation Line on Map
  248. PS4 [BUG] - Wrong stats on Classified D3fnc set almost fully optimized
  249. PS4 the boots loves me
  250. Camp Clinton leader board not updating