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  1. Xbox One Logging in drops gear mod on chest ...
  2. Possible Recalibration issue
  3. change dz server
  4. Losing Underground and Field Proficiency Caches when killed by Rogues in DZ
  5. Death by Proxy and Nimble gear talent not working as intended
  6. Xbox One Achievement Gone Spelunking not unlocking
  7. Xbox One Heavy flamers shooting through walls
  8. Xbox One - mssing Faye Lau, Paul Rhodes, and Captain Benitez
  9. Xbox One Accuracy on Custom M44 not working
  10. LMB Elites has Special Powers
  11. Xbox One Continuous Delta issues - new errors starting with C
  12. UG not properly cycling factions? (Challenging Mode) other observations too
  13. Xbox One black shapes for guns and player character?
  14. Xbox One Stutter and Lag getting worse and worse by the day
  15. Xbox One Clothing Items
  16. Xbox One Encountering invisible mobs from time to time.
  17. Xbox One Clear Sky/Medved bug
  18. how are they moving so fast?
  19. Xbox One Game breaking LAG
  20. One is none and Precision talents are broken???
  21. Xbox One Recovery Link and Medkit issues.
  22. can't log into the game
  23. Xbox One Undergrund [Bug] Elevator
  24. Xbox One Underground level up cache bug
  25. Xbox One Experienced Lag After Zooming
  26. Xbox One BUG - Unable to use any skills and go into cover etc
  27. XBOX One lag issues
  28. UG Weapon/Gear Box Graphical Bug?
  29. Procurement UV Filters: Part 2
  30. Server Shutting Down
  31. Xbox One UI bugs in inventory and character sheet
  32. Xbox One Can't pick up medikits
  33. Xbox One 4 pcs nomad bug
  34. Xbox One Delta c-1-191 error
  35. Xbox One Daily Hard/Challenging Missions not rewarding correctly
  36. Gone spelunking achievement not unlocking
  37. WOW and not a good WOW...
  38. First aide heal skill
  39. Xbox One Lag and crashing
  40. Xbox One UI display error.
  41. Xbox One Loot Drop with No Loot
  42. Instant death falling from safe house in the dz
  43. Underground overhead stats panel glitched
  44. Tactician's Authority Gear Set Broken
  45. Xbox One Glitch fixes for the 1.5 patch...
  46. Xbox One Upgrade Supply Glitch (Requires a good explanation)
  47. Matchmaking not working in Underground
  48. Xbox One Player not showing
  49. Xbox One Kips Bay Safehouse
  50. Xbox One UG Bug: Intense Weapon Talent sets the PLAYER on fire!
  51. Xbox One Frame Rate/Stuttering on Xbox
  52. Please help
  53. bug.
  54. Xbox One Unable to jump through window
  55. Restock Ammo After Loading?
  56. Restored Is still an option when rerolling weapon talents
  57. Xbox One Missing clothes in appearance menu
  58. WT4 Vendors selling mostly purple items
  59. The Division "Delta C-1-191"
  60. Xbox One Impossible to get collectible (phone)
  61. Xbox One Challenge Mode - Hudson Refugee Camp
  62. Xbox One Xbox One servers are in bad shape.
  63. Xbox One Game Distorting
  64. Inconsistency in grenade fuse time
  65. Xbox One Incursions not working
  66. Player freezes when opening weapon crates
  67. Xbox One *bug* Sustained and Predatory not proccing properly
  68. Xbox One Echo Glitch CANNOT pick up lat one to complete everything in game.
  69. Xbox One Hungry Hog talents weapon switching bug.
  70. Skills stop working
  71. Survival Offline, DLC coming soon
  72. XBox One - Quick Navigation Failure
  73. Survival not working
  74. WT5 Vendors
  75. Xbox One Skill Talllents Bugged
  76. Xbox One Screen overlay glitch
  77. Larae Barret getting stuck in Lexigton Event Centre
  78. Xbox One Restock Box in Terminal inop
  79. Toughness drop
  80. Xbox One Survival queues...
  81. Xbox One Larrae Barret Teleports, leading to no loot.
  82. Survival bug 256gs items not showing up
  83. Major graphical bug in Survival
  84. Xbox One Stash and Restock in the DZ not accessible...
  85. Xbox One Missing players in Group Management - not listed
  86. Stat glitch
  87. Xbox One Stash Quick Nav (RT) don't Work
  88. Xbox One Shrapnel Bug (No value over other Targets)
  89. First Aid not firing
  90. Xbox One DZ Studdering
  91. Xbox One Lincoln Tunnel (Challenge mode) mission freezes
  92. Xbox One Blue division tech drops in World Tier 5
  93. Vigorous chest piece not working
  94. Xbox One Survival Empty Gear Slot
  95. Xbox One Various Bugs (XBOX1)
  96. Xbox One Scavenger chest has incorrect gear score.
  97. Not getting daily rewards from challenging missions Solo world T5
  98. Xbox One Error Delta C-1-198
  99. Item deleted on vendor reset from my inventory
  100. [Xbox One] Firearms limit or DPS calculation bug?
  101. (Xbox) Alpha Bridge and Deployable Shield bug
  102. Xbox One Predatory talent proc with Turret kills & incendiary bullet no longer burn targets
  103. Barret's bulletproof vest
  104. Xbox One 93R Pistol skin/camo not selectable
  105. Xbox One Gear mods unequipping from Chest when I log back in
  106. Steadfast not working
  107. Various BUgs
  108. Missing main character
  109. Xbox One Armour bug/portable cover bug
  110. Glitches like this are why I'm done
  111. Xbox One Long loading times, invisible characters
  112. Can't access the survival mode
  113. Really?
  114. Xbox One uncomplicated bug
  115. Xbox One Lexington Event Center Loot Drop Bug
  116. Xbox One Sticky Bomb Bug
  117. Lexington event boss issues Larae Barrett doesnt come down
  118. Xbox One Underground 2 phase didn't complete...
  119. Xbox One XP-Counter Sound Bug
  120. Xbox One Survival: Extraction issue
  121. Xbox One Delta Error code C-0-1243
  122. Xbox One Bug - Really Bad Lag, Game Crawling at 1 Frame Every 1-2 Seconds.
  123. Xbox One Skill Stat Bug - Increasing Skill Power Not Affecting Skills
  124. Xbox One ug glitch
  125. Xbox One- Random Freeze Screens
  126. No quick nav
  127. Xbox stuttering thru open world missions.
  128. Xbox One Player instant death instead of going into down state.
  129. Xbox One Repeated Delta errors
  130. Double reloads after popping heal
  131. Xbox One [Survival] Weird Door in the Garment District
  132. Xbox One Why has the game gone to such a broken state post Survival release ?
  133. no game voice chat!!!
  134. Guns stop working
  135. FPS dropping during missions - Reloading with scopes
  136. Nomad gear set bug
  137. Xbox One Lower Dark Zone Brackets
  138. Xbox One Stash sort and vendor sort
  139. Xbox One Survival Lag/loading
  140. [Xbox One] Tactician's Authority 4-Piece Bug
  141. Xbox One Delta Error Code
  142. Balistic shield not allowing support station
  143. Xbox One How does 'Threat' work coz I doubt it's working ...
  144. XBOX Lexington Bug
  145. Xbox One Larae Barrett Stuck on Balcony - NOT FIXED!!
  146. Survival loot delay
  147. Xbox One Search and Destroy Invisible AI
  148. Xbox One Insta killed by Hunter in Survival.
  149. Xbox One (Survival Glitch) - My agent clipped into the walls...and I wasn't able to get out.
  150. Xbox One "For The Hoarder" Achievement Not Progressing
  151. Xbox One Using a health pack pops Recovery Link
  152. Virus Measurement Equipment - Midtown East
  153. Xbox One the division game is lagging a lot after the maintenance today on xbox one
  154. Xbox One Talents can't be set
  155. Xbox One I am getting a lot of FPS lag for no reason
  156. Xbox One ballistic shield with seeker mine bug
  157. Larae Barret still teleporting to balcony
  158. [BUG] Mark as Favorite / Stash
  159. Xbox One Please Fix AlphaBridge Chest Bleed Through Issue
  160. Xbox One Hudson refugee camp glitches
  161. Level 34 Weapon Mod Specifically magazine % size
  162. Lexington Event Center Boss Bug
  163. Xbox One helicopter extraction not arriving in survival
  164. colonel bliss holster emp effect not working
  165. My Account Was Hacked
  166. Xbox One Division freezes/crashes on startup every time
  167. Hotfixes without a patch? o_O
  168. High end Military G36 DPS values fluctuating
  169. Game crashes after activating echos.
  170. Xbox One Stop Survival timer even though Game says you have infection.
  171. Lexington bug got me
  172. Xbox One Missing Audio
  173. Xbox one alphabridge bug in the division
  174. my named weapon % drop is a big fat 0
  175. Xbox One Invisible NPC's, Video/location. gabelikes input would be appreciated.
  176. Xbox One heal bug
  177. Xbox One Return to Base Operations solution?
  178. Xbox One Not Getting Achievments
  179. Xbox One Exotic Damage Resilience not working vs LMB
  180. Xbox One fero's mask bug
  181. Xbox One Heal Delay Examples Videos
  182. Field proficiency cache DPS display bug
  183. DDOS'd this morning...
  184. Xbox One severe stutter in missions
  185. Huge Glitch in Turtle Bay and The Russian Consulate!!!!!
  186. Capable Talent on Scar H not procing when using Support Station
  187. [XBoxOne] Final Measure 4 pc procs on your own grenade
  188. Xbox One How is this a logical death?
  189. I'm not even sure how to describe this
  190. will I loose progress if I reinstall...
  191. Xbox One Turtle Bay Mercy Drop bugged/glitched - outside playable area
  192. Xbox One Glitch into stairs when exiting DZ06 Saferoom
  193. Xbox One Devs!! Please fix the Quick Nav in the Stash!!!!!!!
  194. major server delay and non registering shots
  195. Xbox One Survival - Starting Pistol Stuck at Zero Bullets
  196. First shot (almost) always misses.
  197. Xbox One Yet another report of the ongoing UG missing report issue
  198. Xbox One Quick Question
  199. Exact weapon talent requirements met BUG
  200. Xbox One Delta Error Code C-0-1243
  201. Xbox one, Stuck in inventory
  202. Xbox One Quick Nav still not working
  203. Xbox One Midas unfavourites in stash
  204. So ps4pro gets supported. Where is HDR support for xbox one s?
  205. Odd enemy placement and no loot!!!
  206. Xbox One Another Heal Delay Example
  207. Xbox One Drop in Frames//Screen Lag, is all too common
  208. Reclaimer gear not working
  209. Xbox One Survivor DLC not available
  210. A problem I encountered
  211. Seeker Mine Suicide
  212. Xbox One Larae Barrett Still Getting Stuck After 1.5
  213. Xbox One XB1 Underground Vendor 0:00:00 Restock Only Bundles
  214. Uniforem c-35-1239
  215. Halfway through reviving my teammate, my character opened a nearby chest
  216. Survival glitch
  217. Another set of heal delay example videos
  218. Where is my Division Season Pass
  219. Survival wait times
  220. Show me the money badge locked
  221. Xbox One Healing delay
  222. DZ06 safehouse: stuck in stairs
  223. Rerolling "Expert" Talent on Pistol
  224. Xbox One Stuck at the precinct, sent back to beginning of mission every time get a delta error
  225. Xbox One Belzer no longer spawns
  226. Xbox One Accidentally deleted Character.... Help!!
  227. Xbox One Striker gear set bonus not working
  228. Delta error still.
  229. Glitch, Glitch and More Glitches & the rumors of a 2nd season pass is starting.
  230. Xbox One Unable to heal.
  231. Xbox One Delta's abound.... C-0-1243
  232. Xbox One Lexington Event Center Glitch and Delta error
  233. Connectivity issue
  234. Xbox One Always getting a Delta C-1-198 error, and cannot play at all
  235. loot sharing in survival
  236. Damage glitch?
  237. Xbox One Can't enter Dark Zone (message: I need XBox Live Gold - even I have one)
  238. Xbox One List of latest annoying bugs/glitches
  239. Xbox One Losing items
  240. Xbox One Gold Edition Hard Copy Question
  241. Xbox Frame rate drop area specific
  242. Xbox One Survival glitches - World won't render or renders wrong, stuck in a door, plus more
  243. Xbox One Gear Mods unequiping Themselves
  244. Weapon Skill Glitch
  245. Xbox One Survival/Hunter bug.
  246. Skill bug (turret and support station)
  247. Delta C-0-1243
  248. Ubi-gablikes: follow up on reload issue
  249. Xbox One NPC voices and other in-game audio lost after leaving Survival session
  250. Xbox One Survival: Stuck in bags