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  1. Falcon Lost Incursion change?
  2. Frame stutters in the dark zone
  3. Asia connection issues
  4. No map since launch of new content
  5. Xbox One UPlay Account merging
  6. Xbox One Missing intel
  7. Xbox One *** Search and Destroy*** In Hells's Kitchen: 42nd Street
  8. Xbox One Please Read!! about map glitch
  9. Missing Uplay Badges
  10. [Bug] Decontamination Portal in Subway E55th & Park is Outside Playable Area
  11. Xbox One Xbox one under ground session bug
  12. Xbox One Tactical Operations Center Issue
  13. Cannot reach and pick up collectiables
  14. Xbox One game freeze
  15. Xbox One Situation Board/Search and Destrot Mission Instant Boot/Death Glitch
  16. Xbox One Stuyvesant: First Avenue Loop instant death/teleport bug
  17. Xbox One Higher DZ then gear rating
  18. Ballistic shield still bugged
  19. Xbox One Bug
  20. Double mod slot problem; ladder glitche
  21. Why cant I access DLC???
  22. Xbox One Loading icon/unable to sprint
  23. Underground Ammo Bug
  24. Xbox One Underground, NPC not dropping from spawn point, then dies leaving no loot
  25. Xbox One Xbox One Primary weapon doing no damage
  26. Xbox One I had to buy the Underground DLC - Although I have the Season Pass?!?!
  27. Xbox One Missing Agent: Aaron Kleener ; Outside playable area
  28. Xbox One Upper East Side Outfits Not Showing
  29. UG ladder bug
  30. Instant reset on search and destroy missions
  31. Xbox One Weekly hvt officer glitch
  32. Xbox One Search and Destroy Mission Bug
  33. Server stability
  34. Xbox One Constant Blind/Deaf bug in the Underground
  35. Xbox One ECHO, Midtown East, MISSING AGENT at 2390 2178
  36. Xbox One Underground, starting mission, and Deltas
  37. Map
  38. Xbox One Underground not loading mission
  39. Xbox One Underground not loading, Delta codes.
  40. Xbox One Critical Search and Destroy not showing
  41. Xbox One Voice comms gone after 1.3 patch
  42. Xbox One Underground vendor stole me phoenix credits
  43. Xbox One Underground Ladder Bug (Video)
  44. Underground missions on hard feel more like challenging???
  45. Search & Destroy Missions - Getting Kicked Back to Safe Room
  46. Dragons Incursion won't start
  47. Xbox One Wrong talent given at recalibration station
  48. Delta
  49. Echo in Tenderloin un-collectable
  50. Xbox One Still getting intermittent freezes in the DZ - it's worse than ever in fact
  51. Death Star Shock Mine
  52. Xbox One Map issues
  53. Xbox One No stamina and electronics on gear item
  54. Xbox One Underground Collectibles
  55. Xbox One BUG: After logout, can't restart The Division w/o reboot xbox.Logout loses Checkpoint
  56. Says i need to buy DLC but i own Seasonpass
  57. BUG: Missing Agent Tatiana Atkins
  58. Half way through Lincoln Challenge Mission - Games hangs
  59. Delta Errors while in underground
  61. Character Stuck in the underground forever. (xbox one)
  62. B L I N D Vanity Item Missing
  63. Xbox One The Division - Localização de todos os Relatórios de Incidentes
  64. Xbox One List bugs/glitches
  65. Xbox One UG Bugs: Revive, Grenade, 4pc BLIND proc, Invisible Enemy, Enemy Hit Damage (Videos)
  66. Xbox One Enemies Still Shooting Through Walls...
  67. Xbox One Clear Sky loading/teleport bug
  68. Badly bugged stats???
  69. echos missing and not registering
  70. Xbox One - no Intel directive drops in underground
  71. Xbox One i was robbed
  72. Underground cant enter the operation
  73. Xbox One DELTA20001082 error on underground
  74. Xbox One DELTA20001082 error on entering the underground
  75. Xbox One no connectivity
  76. Delta 20010187 xbox one
  77. Yesterday in 201-230gs DZ today in 231+gs with no gear change to my current gs of 214
  78. Xbox One Backpack Storage bug
  79. Xbox One Stats keep changing
  80. Xbox One BUG: Wrong weapon damage stats
  81. Xbox One BUG: Primary, secondary and sidearm stats are wrong
  82. Xbox One Cannot Pick Up Survival Guide #14 in Gramercy
  83. Xbox One BUG: List of contaminated items in DZ is empty
  84. Xbox One occasional 1-2s lag spikes?
  85. Main Character is Missing
  86. Chat ID problem
  87. Gear score exploit in the Dark Zone
  88. Player Mesh / Skin Problem In UG ONLY
  89. constant Delta errors
  90. Xbox One Footsteps Sound Issue
  91. BUG-dz midtown music
  92. Every day the "Ladder glitch"
  93. Recalibration breakdown
  94. Return to the Stuyvesant safe house - cannot talk to
  95. Xbox One HVT Bugged
  96. Xbox One BUG: Top Weekly HVT Mission & Vanishing Icon
  97. Lag unplayable
  98. Whelp, time to get hated. What is Ubi doing about low level gold gear?
  99. Xbox One BUG/Glitch: UI Gear piece and Primary weapon disappears
  100. Xbox One Analog Dead zone setting is not saving
  101. Xbox One Achievement bug/issue/glitch
  102. Unlimited credits glitch
  103. Xbox One Glitch - Critical S&D house not showing again...
  104. Xbox One Bug: Not showing up in Friends Online list within the game...
  105. Xbox One Skills bug (skills unusable)
  106. LAG in DZ and Underground
  107. Xbox One Weekly Falcon Lost Disconnect
  108. Tactician 4 set bonus does not work.
  109. Xbox One Tactician Bonus not Activating (+video)
  110. Xbox One Xbox One Error Crashed Drone #13 & Survival Book #16
  111. Are you going to update Known Issues?
  112. xbox one stutter
  113. skills not working
  114. match making failing
  115. missions not starting
  116. Xbox One Stash space gone back to 60
  117. game freezing, crashes
  118. dps number bugged
  119. Xbox One BUG: When logging on gear mod drops from chest piece
  120. Xbox One No response on support case
  121. Arrrrgggghhh!!!!
  122. Needs a proper balancing already.
  123. Xbox One I am locked in an underground mission, character cannot get out?
  124. Xbox One Underground
  125. Xbox One HVT missions disspearing after purchasing them
  126. Xbox One Bug Daily Missions
  127. daily missions on map saying they are not done
  128. Skills Fail - Dragon's Nest Challenging & Heroic
  129. Xbox One Underground & Ladders
  130. Xbox One Tom Clancy The Division Black Screen Issue
  131. Xbox One Division Game Play is not link with UBI Club
  132. Support ticket response time
  133. Xbox One In Game Chat not working...
  134. Character froze on 2nd phase - Underground
  135. Any Word on...................the Dark Zone................S-t-t-uddering......... ??
  136. Sub level 30 with High End gear.
  137. Xbox One Continuous Delta Error
  138. Xbox One Missions not starting properly/doors not opening......again
  139. Xbox One Severe Latency or Stutter
  140. Xbox One Stuck in the UG, FrameFreezes everywhere, no server maintenance this week, etc
  141. Insta death lag issues etc
  142. Xbox One Ammo Disappearing
  143. Season Pass Download
  144. Stuck in underground mission
  145. DPS is still bugged
  146. Xbox One Delta only in DZ
  147. Xbox One Underground NPC's not taking damage/skills not working
  148. Xbox One how do you post clips from x1 to prove cheating
  149. Missing Underground DLC
  150. Xbox One Bug? Backpack numbers incorrect?
  151. Xbox One B.L.I.N.D power pack bug?
  152. Xbox One Bug: Open Stash in DZ & accepting group invites - DZ
  153. Xbox One Bug: DZ - NPCs close to non-hostiles will trigger you to rogue...
  154. Xbox One DZ6 Extraction Wall Glitch/Breach
  155. Bugged Intel
  156. Xbox One BUG: Shooting through walls evidence
  157. Daily mission problem. No bird bucks?
  158. Deconstructing Items (Contaminated)
  159. Xbox One Worlds toughest elite enemy.....
  160. Only 220 cache in underground leveling up
  161. Xbox One HVT Daily vendor bug
  162. Xbox One Unable to remove cosmetic items/pick up new cosmetics
  163. Xbox One Screen freezing during the game
  164. Stutter
  165. Xbox One Stash - bug?
  166. Bug: Backpack high end resourceful
  167. Xbox One Commanding Weapon Talent Not Functioning
  168. Xbox One Can't continue in the Underground / Elevator locked
  169. XBox One The Division
  170. Xbox One No S&D Criticals showing on map post server maint.
  171. Xbox One Uplay Rewards not working
  172. Xbox One daily missions bug
  173. Xbox One Toxic Talent and Sickness Directive
  174. Xbox One Double barrel sawed off shotgun broken
  175. [Xbox One] No sound when firing weapon or controller rumble
  176. Xbox One Maybe UBISOFT should do something about this....
  177. Xbox One No underground intel
  178. Xbox One Skills Unusable During Gameplay
  179. Xbox One Help - My Map Icons have all vanished
  180. Losing Dps
  181. Delta and Miked Xbox 1 Texas
  182. Season Pass Missing unable to access underground
  183. Game Chat broken with Kinect, Party Chat works
  184. Xbox One Ballistic Shield Glitch, Can't use abilities.
  185. Daily HVT - fails
  186. Holster Armour Changed with no Re-Roll
  187. Some ind of Weapons DPS Cap ???
  188. Xbox One : Question - Is it possible for Xbox hackers?
  189. Xbox one search in destroy board
  190. Blind skin from UG missing
  191. Xbox One Unable to add Optics and Skin to the M44 Hunting Rifle
  192. Division Echo's glitched
  193. DLC not available
  194. DZ Lag- Not the normal stutter lag.
  195. Lost the underground?!?
  196. Xbox One Cannot Install Division - error Delta 20010186
  197. Xbox One Game Freeze Error
  198. Xbox One I have a weird problem....
  199. The Division
  200. Xbox One The Division randomly freezes and crashes to the homescreen
  201. Xbox One Underground bugs
  202. This lag is uncalled for
  203. Xbox One ( Weekly HVT Issue)
  204. massive lag since pts
  205. Delta 20001082 Please help!!
  206. Main character disappeared
  207. Delta error 20010187
  208. Xbox One 90 Intel gone/Weekly HVT
  209. Xbox One Unable to be seen by friends in Group Management while in game?
  210. Currency glitch in DZ
  211. Xbox One Numerous Delta errors today... is there a reason?
  212. Can't open my Stash Box 1.4
  213. Xbox One Error Downloading Patch 1.4
  214. Xbox One Game freezes after Powerplant mission
  215. LAG Freezing is extreme.
  216. Xbox One DZ Freezes NOT Fixed
  217. Xbox One BUG/GLITCH: Performance mods not working after 1.4 update
  218. Daily HVT mission vanished - Xbox
  219. Xbox One Side missions reset for alt character and can't be turned in
  220. Xbox One Constant Beeping.
  221. Aim sensitivity no longer works
  222. Xbox one issues since 1.4 update
  223. 1.4 upgrade issues
  224. Xbox One [BUG] Character/Weapon Silhouette when in Menu
  225. Still lose credits and XP when dying in DZ
  226. Xbox One 1.4 Feedback
  227. Xbox One "Issues" found with 1.4 on Xbox
  228. Xbox One Self heal is still not instant
  229. Turtle Bay Hostage Rescue Encounter - Hostage Key Glitch
  230. Xbox One invisible Wall in underground
  231. Xbox One Vigorous gear talent not working on squadmates with support station/smart cover
  232. Xbox One Graphical bug when using inventory
  233. Xbox One Timeout Issue
  234. Xbox One Stach box graphical error
  235. Xbox One Frame rate seems to drop when playing HVT
  236. Xbox one banshee talent not working
  237. Xbox One Weapon mods marked as favourite can still be marked as junk
  238. Xbox One Opening Stash causes framerate drops and stutter in the whole game
  239. 1.4 skills still getting stuck on cooldown
  240. Xbox One - Opening stash causes multiple freezes
  241. Xbox One SIde missions
  242. Xbox One skills not activating
  243. Xbox One Stash - Extracted items - Cache opening - Inventory overflow not appearing on floor?
  244. Unable to match make with people in other countries
  245. [Issues] Falcons Lost lag
  246. Xbox One Double UI gitch preset upon starting the game
  247. Bug: Vigorous Doesn't Apply Overheal to Teammates
  248. Sound Bug-Can't hear footsteps!?
  249. Xbox One audio cutout after calling up in game menus
  250. Stable not in the game. Removed?