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  1. Xbox One Nerfing players or glitch/bug/error?
  2. Patch requests....because i'm beyond frustrated
  3. Backpack Glitch with "Inventive" Skill
  4. Players Glitching / Cheating in Dark Zone
  5. Is Midtown East Bugged?
  6. Michael Dufrane Echo part 4 will not pick up
  7. Xbox One Can't complete side mission
  8. Xbox One Black Screen - Game Won't Load At All
  9. unable to play because of bugs in the game!
  10. XBOX ONE - Mod Slot Not Working
  11. Skills achievement
  12. Xbox One Help with constant lag please
  13. BUG: Game hanging (frequently)
  14. Xbox One Scope VX-1 (x12) is stuck in my back pack (can't delete them)
  15. Xbox One Daily missions do not start
  16. Xbox One Backpack talent bug : Relentless
  17. The stutter is real and ruining the Dark Zone
  18. Dz farm
  19. Xbox One Glitches experienced lately and relentlessly...
  20. missing hazmat suit and echo
  21. Season Pass
  22. Items moving during selling
  23. Xbox One BUG: Rapid Gear Talent
  24. Xbox One What will we get as a consolation for being locked out for 2 weeks or more?
  25. Xbox One Ammo Box fly paper
  26. Survival Guide Pages bugged?
  27. This s**t should not be happening ¨¨
  28. Are all of the Ballistic Shield bugs going to be fixed in the 1.1 patch?
  29. Xbox One Inventive backpack talent is not working in PvE and DZ
  30. random ppl showing up on my map as friends
  31. Here is the video that shows "Inventive" talent bug.
  32. Xbox One The Agent Origins codes
  33. Xbox One I kept falling through the floor.
  34. Xbox instant on tries to open old division session
  35. Xbox One Russian Consulate Bug
  36. Need Help!!! 15 days time played character deleted
  37. Xbox One Rogue Corner Exploit
  38. Xbox One Please help - Lost character - disappeared?
  39. cant sprint
  40. Lost primary weapon and secondary mods went to inventory
  41. Xbox One Missing Item Purchased in DZ06 Safehouse....Where did it go???
  42. Xbox One Daily missions arent popping up for me
  43. Xbox One Small glitch - Tools chest in Field Engineers Tech Wing.
  44. Xbox One Map Legend is incorrect... and what are the orange spires mean from older missions?
  45. Gold M44 disappeared from inventory?
  46. Xbox One No damage able to be dealt to agents!!!
  47. Anyone know a good way to get the caduceus
  48. Xbox One achievements not unlocking
  49. Xbox One Canít Connect to The Division
  50. Xbox One Bug_Report= unable to resupply after being downed while resupplying
  51. Xbox One Murray hill safe house
  52. Xbox One Daily Mission Error
  53. Losing Div Tech
  54. Did not receive Supplies or Intel for Police Academy Mission
  55. Missing Field Data
  56. gear stat not showing correctly
  57. Redeem Code Note Working
  58. Issues with daily challenges not appearing on map
  59. Xbox One I lost all my High-End gear bc of the crashing issue
  60. Community Intelligence
  61. Waiting for support ticket reply since 24 March. Useless support team not supporting?
  62. Xbox One Still No Daily Missions?
  63. Missing Echo
  64. Xbox One Help please, The stutter of doom that iv had since ALPHA?
  65. Missing Incident Report LMB # 10
  66. How to stay logged into forums
  67. Xbox One Bug an Glitches i've encountered
  68. equipment and equipment mods
  69. Xbox One Can't leave darkzone
  70. Xbox One Bug: Cannot add mod for recalibrated holster
  71. Waypoint Tracker No Longer Functioning
  72. Xbox One "Neutralize Simon Burris"
  73. Xbox One SERIOUS BUGS/EXPLOITS STILL AFFECTING PLAY - DZ Rank 85 player legitimate concerns
  74. Xbox One Mobile Cover bug
  75. How come nobody can hear me with voip?
  76. Changing backpack changes base damage?
  77. Xbox One Defective Blueprints
  78. Xbox One Deconstructing with Attachments Cancel Means Fail to Yield Materials
  79. Xbox One General ECHO #3 can not be picked up.
  80. Backpack of death glitch is Back and now on my lvl 20 character as well
  81. Can't Extract items.....!!!!
  82. Xbox One Textures loading very long!
  83. xbox one server down
  84. incursion cant join
  85. Xbox One issue with echo
  86. Xbox One BUG - Xbox One Incursion Wave 11 Bug.
  87. Cant get back into game
  88. Due to Server Errors
  89. Xbox One Connection issues
  90. Just in case anyone has trouble connecting to 1.1 update
  91. Dark Zone lvl reset after patch
  92. Napalm mission not working
  93. Xbox One Can anyone confirm no Vanity drops on Xbox?
  94. Reloading bug
  95. Main character deleted by game glitch!!!!!!!??
  96. Xbox One Can`t play, Delta error continue
  97. Ubisoft deleted my main character
  98. Xbox One Lost 7 days of character progression after patch.
  99. For the love of God, fix the "In combat" sequence in DZ.
  100. More Glitches than what it worth.
  101. Xbox One My Hazmat suit code isn't working????
  102. Sprint Broken After Update
  103. Xbox One Anyone still missing Paul Rhodes after new patch?
  104. Main Character Gone
  105. Xbox One Main character deleted with over 350 hours of playtime
  106. Xbox One Character was deleted
  107. Xbox One Character Gone
  108. Can't get weekly Bonus on Alternate Character!
  109. Xbox One Character Deleted after Patch
  110. Can't Place Explosives on APC in the Incursion!
  111. Xbox One Main Character Deleted by new game content
  112. [xbox one] character missing
  113. Xbox One Another one on the list ( LOST CHARACTER )
  114. Xbox One Russian Consulate Boss Glitch
  115. Xbox One I had two people i normally play with lose their main characters.....
  116. Xbox One Dark Zone Level Reset/Not getting Dailies
  117. Xbox One Main Character Missing / Deleted
  118. Xbox One Character deleted after UPDATE!!!!!!!
  119. Dmg not registering
  120. Lost my one and only character
  121. Game says stash is full but when i look at the stash there's nothing there...
  122. Xbox One Daily - Rooftop Comm Mission and Strategic Weekly Assignment not registered
  123. Xbox One dark zone geae score 160
  124. Xbox One Several Issues Since Update
  125. Xbox One [Xbox One] Error - Reload Incursion Bug
  126. New Weapon Reload Glitch After Update
  127. Xbox One unobtainable echo
  128. Xbox One Stash issue
  129. Wont extract items from DZ
  130. Pakhan gone
  131. 175 hour Rank 68 DZ character gone
  132. Dark zone level reset to one
  133. Glitch: Reloading/One is None/Bullet Count
  134. (Xbox one) - Neutral Lights YES/NO !?
  135. Xbox One Another missing character, whats going on UBI?
  136. I lost my character
  137. An update on the Missing Characters issue
  138. Cant join groups since update
  139. Xbox One hi please read this
  140. proximity chat
  141. Unable to scale fences, cover etc
  142. Dps glitching to lower numbers
  143. Xbox One Finished Falcon Lost for the first time, didn't get 214 object and phoenix credits.
  144. No rewards for weekly incursion??
  145. Extracted Items Not In Stash
  146. No Weekly 214 for Incursion
  147. Steve
  148. Loss of saved data Tom Clancy's The Division
  149. Xbox One Error Delta 20001004
  150. Xbox One update not downloaded
  151. Xbox One Dark Zone Credit Disappeared from 450K to 80K. Please check
  152. Xbox One Lost my ammo capacity on respawn? Help Ubi!
  153. Massive lag / weapons shoot by themselves
  154. Xbox One Extra 4.3Gb download AFTER the 3.9Gb patch??
  155. Xbox One "Know No Fear" achievement stuck at 93%
  156. After update the Ubisoft logo has no sound.(xbox1)
  157. Is there a timetable as to when the deleted Agents will be returned
  158. Xbox One Get stuck with 1 bullet in magazine
  159. Refund from Microsoft Store
  160. Xbox One Daily Mission won't start - 1.1 - Grand Central Station
  161. Reward BP not showing
  162. Compensation for deleted character [Sign here]
  163. Xbox One Yannick I have questions
  164. Achievements Stopped Unlocking
  165. Missing items from falcon lost
  166. This is getting ridicilous..
  167. Xbox One Falcon lost
  168. Xbox One HE D-tech when Deconstructing
  169. Unable to strip weapons
  170. Xbox One Looted vanity items disappearing
  171. Xbox One Useless Community Mods
  172. Black screen when booting up
  173. Character deleted? (A survey)
  174. Xbox One turn sprint
  175. Xbox One Falcon Lost Challenging Missing Rewards
  176. Xbox One Bug: Repeatedly instantly killed instead of downed
  177. Delta error OVER AND OVER AGAIN
  178. DZ Stash Glitch
  179. Xbox One errors
  180. Fall through map on Warren Gate Power Plant Challenge mode
  181. Xbox One Broken DPS and stats -- impossible to do damage to other players in DZ
  182. Can't move extracted weapon parts from DZ to inventory
  183. Xbox One About issue with missing agents
  184. Xbox One Lexington Event Center (Challenging) "still in combat" from ads outside the building
  185. I cant even play now yay
  186. At last missing characters
  187. Xbox One M870 shotgun
  188. Xbox One Possible Rogue bug. (Discussion)
  189. Achievements broke
  190. Photos of cheaters in the Dz south east extraction
  191. Character still missing
  192. Xbox One can't connect xbox one after patch today
  193. Bought wrong item Phoenix vendor
  194. Stuck on "Connecting" buggiest game ever
  195. Xbox One 204 crafting bug
  196. Xbox One [Xbox One] Daily Missions not always loading
  197. Anyone got a caduceus to trade
  198. high ping in the division
  199. Xbox One Accidentally deleted character
  200. Xbox One BUG -> [Xbox One] Can't "Send to Inventory" from Stash
  201. Xbox One Unable to revive
  202. DZ stash says 28/30. My stash is empty at the base of operations
  203. Xbox One Bug echo micheal dufrane part 2.
  204. Assignments not showing since update
  205. Changing instance.
  206. Battalion clothing
  207. Server Status?
  208. Xbox One New Bug? incorrect DZ room ratings / missing perks?
  209. Missing character hot fix?
  210. Xbox One lvl30 PVE zone named enemies dont drop High ends
  211. Echoes Achievement at 100% but won't unlock.
  212. [BUG] AUG damage according to distance
  213. Xbox One Can't play Warrengate Powerplant
  214. Xbox One Found these Gamer Tags boosting in Darkzone 4/16/2016
  215. Xbox One BUG: NPC Audio cues cutting out every 10-15min of play
  216. CHEATER, Gamertag Naughty Actions
  217. Issues with new First Wave Vector ACP blueprint
  218. [BUG] - UI, DPS/health/skill calculation issues - XBOX ONE
  219. Xbox One Error codes Alpha-Zoolo
  220. Xbox One Group leaders kicking before mission ends
  221. Xbox One game is unplayable
  222. HE Custom M44
  223. can't do the incursion mission. This is really starting to get old quick. Not worthit
  224. Dismantle Glitch - 29 HE Items = No Materials
  225. Ammo Capacity Bonus not working
  226. Xbox One Crit Chance % shows wrong info
  227. Crashed Drone #1 pickup issue
  228. Xbox One Know no Fear not working
  229. Xbox One Survivalist Achievement Won't Unlock
  230. Xbox One stock/grey 12x zoom scope - stuck in inventory (can't sell or dismantle)
  231. Unable to Upgrade Medical Wing to 100%.
  232. Stuck in the first room of the Incursion
  233. why as my gun damage gone down on all of my guns ????????
  234. Start Mission bug
  235. No more munition Vector 45 ACP
  236. [XBOXONE] Madisson hospital daily bugged
  237. Xbox One Not all Intel showed up on map, and 2 echo's won't go off the map after play back.
  238. Advanced Weapon Vendor
  239. Xbox One BUG: Tacticians Authority 4-Set talent not working.
  240. Xbox One Broken Achievement.
  241. Verbal Abuse in the DZ
  242. Xbox One BUG: Analog Dead Zone Size resets...
  243. Gear Score
  244. Xbox One Bug/Issue found
  245. Agent Gone
  246. [BUG REPORT] AUG has a critical damage problem
  247. Xbox One Bug report
  248. Xbox One Gun lost
  249. Xbox One - Stash issue
  250. Mob spawn when I walk