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  1. Xbox One Cronusmax
  2. GE Boss Kills.. No Mask
  3. Issue purchasing from vendors
  4. Xbox One DZ Undergrounds are still bugged
  5. Graphics glitch
  6. Fast mover commendation bugged
  7. Field data
  8. Falcon Lost completed, no commendation
  9. Xbox One DZ8/9 Middle Tunnel No NPC's
  10. Xbox One GE No Surrender Mask, bugged
  11. Xbox One Menu pop up
  12. Miserable day on The Division - XB1X- Survival
  13. NPC "immunities"?
  14. Xbox One Glitches - Guns not firing/Delayed damage to self and enemies
  15. Security Officer Commendation not registering
  16. Xbox One Bomb Proof and Frenemies bug
  17. Xbox One Dolby Atmos for Headphones problem
  18. Xbox One The Alley Bugged Out
  19. Xbox One NPC Support Station
  20. severe lag and recurrent deltas
  21. GE Score - my score different to my groups score
  22. Xbox One Sentry Turret does not hit Flying drones
  23. Xbox One Landmark Master Commedation
  24. Xbox One Greenhouse Bugged Out
  25. Xbox One Trapped in/behind door
  26. Xbox One No Weapon Sound
  27. I can't aim.
  28. Xbox One A few bugs I've encountered in PVE
  29. Xbox One Leaderboard Issue
  30. Immunizer broken
  31. Xbox One No Rogue Warning again!
  32. GE score not updating / wrong tier
  33. Broadway Emporium Freeze
  34. Xbox One Optimization Bug
  35. Global Event Matchmaking error
  36. Xbox One Reward claims vendor
  37. TWITCH glitch: not receiving rewards... video proof
  38. General Commendations Issue
  39. Contamination Event Bugging Out
  40. Survival - Turncloak did not register
  41. Rogue after clearing manhunt
  42. Xbox One DZ5 Safe House Stumble
  43. Xbox One Giving up on The Division I can't log in - Mike Errors
  44. Xbox One Division BUG: Freezing state (after two very recent XBOX One preview updates ?)
  45. This is The Division. This is The Division on Drugs.
  46. Delta Login issues & poor latency
  47. my season pass is bugged and ubisoft wont help
  48. Xbox One Resistance leaderboard not crediting completion
  49. Xbox One Delta C-1-200 Enough is Enough!!
  50. 1.8.1 bugs that i have found so far
  51. Last Stand 1-3 bug
  52. Xbox One The Division stuck on connecting
  53. Legendary missions 1.8.1
  54. Xbox One Xbox One Stuttering/FPS Drops
  55. Commendations
  56. Active Sensor Turret still will not hit flying drones
  57. Historian still being dropped from caches
  58. NPC Pushed Character Into Wall
  59. Xbox One Game Lags Severly for a Team Mate
  60. Xbox One Global Event of Blackout and Onslaught found off line in 1.8.1 update
  61. Problems updating 1.8.1 xbox one
  62. Godmode ON
  63. Help
  64. Ubisoft - Problems with XB1 - 1.8.1 Patch
  65. HELP Someone’s Listening In
  66. Xbox One "Sliding" NPCs
  67. Xbox One DELTA C-0-1302 and MIKE C-17-265
  68. Missing Primary Weapon
  69. Xbox One Disappearing Vanity Items
  70. god mode glitch on console apr /21/2018
  71. Problem d-0-1302
  72. Xbox One Server Bombed out and Deleted my Backpack items.
  73. Global Event Credits Per Hour Not Updating
  74. Update 1.8.1 Weekly HVT Loot Drops (possible bug)
  75. Delta error still?
  76. Xbox One Open world season supply drops nor showing up
  77. Xbox One DLC Offline/missing
  78. Xbox One The Division stuck on connecting
  79. Game is on Steroids
  80. Xbox One Yay delta error
  81. punjab+91 9587549251 love problem solution Baba ji kolkata
  82. Xbox One Char deleted
  83. Xbox One infinite connecting screen
  84. Xbox One BLackout Dossier no longer giving credit
  85. Extreme lag when changing vanity items.
  86. Pred Vest Disappeared!
  87. Xbox One Global Event Striker Cache Dropping Same Piece of Gear
  88. Xbox One cronusmax
  89. Xbox One Echo's freezing on Xbox
  90. Echo location problem
  91. Xbox One Higher world tier items incorrectly dropping in lower world tiers
  92. Xbox One Constant survival link
  93. Season Pass DLC uninstalling itself & DLC pack vanity items missing from my character
  94. XBOX One - Game is Unplayable
  95. Surply box
  96. Xbox One Severe lag since this week
  97. Deux bug
  98. Xbox One Broadway Emporium Lag
  99. PC Police Academy Freezes
  100. Xbox One Broadway Emporium Menu Freeze
  101. Xbox One DZ6 Safe House Stuck In Steps and why it happens...
  102. Xbox One 3 Months and still no fix - stuck on connecting
  103. Warrengate Powerplant, Legendary - NPC gets stuck in spawn room
  104. Xbox One The Nest Bugged (occasionally)
  105. The division
  106. (Xbox One) Infinite Connecting screen
  107. Xbox One Path Of The Nomad icon not autohiding.
  108. Xbox One Striker Stack rate between 4pc and 6pc
  109. New Player (Technical issue already)
  110. Xbox One Mall Bugged Out
  111. Xbox One clear sky new bug
  112. Xbox One Active Sensor Turret still will not hit flying drones
  113. Xbox One Issue when im playing
  114. I logged in after the patch and one of my characters is gone
  115. Xbox One After 1.8.2 patch launch issue
  116. BukskinPonyGirl
  117. Xbox One After update Division has removed my purchased license - Your trial period is over!
  118. Division 1.8.2 download trouble
  119. Xbox One BOO not loading
  120. Xbox One Game not loading/crashing
  121. Character missing after 1.8.2 patch
  122. The division
  123. Xbox One Issues logging in...
  124. Loading Issues
  125. Xbox One nová aktualizace big broblem
  126. Xbox One Delta c-1-200
  127. Xbox One Slow load of objects and textures After 1.8.2 Patch
  128. Lost contents of prize caches
  129. Last Stand
  130. Xbox One Problem with the update 1.8.2
  131. The division agressor
  132. The Division Graphics (Xbox One)
  133. Severe lag after monday's update
  134. Xbox One Pre explosion grenade stagger anim
  135. Xbox One Update 1.8.2 bugs
  136. Season Pass - purchased but not accessible
  137. crashed and now wont load up
  138. Xbox One Weekly HVT Dead Eye Division Shield did not complete!
  139. any issues with servers
  140. Xbox one x Game constantly crashing
  141. Lag, crashes, Ubi-support, Mods
  142. Xbox One Issue with skills and other stuff
  143. Xbox One Cronus Max User
  144. XBOX One Missing Player
  145. Bug recomandation EM épidemie
  146. Xbox One Keeps crashing to home
  147. The division crashing after 1.8.2
  148. Hungry hungry hog
  149. Med-kits
  150. Reactivation Cache Missing
  151. Xbox One Is it some kind of new revive bugs?
  152. Xbox One Nomad 6 pc solo not working in UG along with medkits..
  153. Xbox One DZ Contamination Events glitched on multiple servers
  154. Xbox One Bug - Can't Open Locked Door in Chelsea Virus Research Encounter (24th and 8th Ave)
  155. Achievements and Commendations
  156. Xbox One Stuck on connecting months after 1.8
  157. Xbox One ge assault facetime patch cannot equip
  158. Xbox One GE Assault - Falcon Lost
  159. Xbox One - "In it together" commendation bugged
  160. The Division wont load on Xbox One
  161. The Division
  162. Xbox One Some outfits not showing up
  163. Xbox One Some outfits not showing up on The Division
  164. Xbox 1 Installation taking too long
  165. I think I found a bug!
  166. Xbox One Trouble loading manhattan after prologue
  167. Delta
  168. Xbox One Emote menu
  169. Survival is offline on xbox one?
  170. Kicked off ever hour!!!
  171. Xbox One Not healing with gear or weapons
  172. Survival Offline again?
  173. Xbox One Phoenix Shield
  174. Missing cloths
  175. XBOX - Commendation Bug? - You Hunt Me I Hunt You
  176. Xbox One Textures not loading
  177. Missing crypto keys from ubisoft club
  178. Why won't you fix the Delta C-0-1302 problem?
  179. Xbox One Reclaimer Health Box
  180. Accidentally deleted my main character, can you please recover my account?
  181. Xbox One Drones not showing as collected
  182. Xbox One Current Global Event is not giving me credit for Commendations
  183. Gear Score Bug
  184. problems with set sniper game freezes
  185. Graphics issues sines 1.8.3 UNPLAYABLE
  186. Xbox One Bug - NPCs jump positions
  187. Xbox One Low loot drops
  188. Xbox One i can t find last underground urbex photo!!
  189. Xbox One Dropped DZ loot even though revived.
  190. Xbox One What happened to Midtown Clinic west and 1.9?
  191. Missing cloths
  192. Xbox One Problem with Female Agents
  193. commendation- "someone's listening in" is buged
  194. Xbox One I lost my saved game
  195. Xbox One Westside piers someone's listening in commendation
  196. How's the data save on xbox? (Potentially corrupt game, may need reinstalling)
  197. DLC missing.
  198. The divison lag/FPS/delay
  199. Xbox One Cant finish wing upgrades
  200. Xbox One survival stuck-on-environment glitches
  201. Defib not applying HoT correctly...
  202. Xbox One Deadeye shield
  203. Defiler
  204. Xbox One Achievements not unlocking
  205. switched xbox one to xbox one s DLC not available
  206. Xbox One Wall glitching
  207. Please Help! I have no audio in game!
  208. Xbox One Loading times
  209. My character won't fire guns
  210. C-0-1302 Delta PLEASE FIX!!!
  211. Xbox One Can't connect to the servers
  212. Xbox One Unplayable
  213. Xbox One Onslaught Brutal Modifier not working
  214. Xbox One Erro Delta c 1-200 the division
  215. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  216. Xbox One troubleshooting for various issues
  217. Connection issues? Check here!
  218. xbox one X game freezing alot
  219. Xbox One Game chat cuts out randomly
  220. Xbox One Login Issue
  221. Xbox One My Best Character got deleted by the game.
  222. Xbox One Commendation Bug - One Man's Trash
  223. Xbox One Bug - DZ Landmark The Basement
  224. Division gameplay
  225. Xbox One Error- delta c-1-200
  226. Xbox One No Sheild cache
  227. Xbox One Defiler exotic shotgun
  228. Badges
  229. error: 0x82D40007 is shown, all other games start ok!!!
  230. Old xboxlive account hacked. Any way to recover old data?
  231. error mike-01
  232. Chieftain shield not being awarded
  233. Xbox One Beta registration issues
  234. Xbox One I havent received my Access Key Division 2
  235. Cannot connect?
  236. Mike 01 code
  237. The Division Delta coded every ten mins Xbox one
  238. Server issues
  239. Not able to start game
  240. 3hrs no word on xbox server issues.
  241. Gear Score Glitch
  242. Grand Central Legendary
  243. Skill Deploy bug
  244. Xbox One Still stuck at Kelso- please help/advise?
  245. Xbox One Seeker Grenade bugged
  246. Xbox One UI bug with radar and objectives
  247. Xbox One Communications
  248. distinguished service distinction
  249. Xbox One clan xp bug
  250. Xbox One Division 2 Bug report