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  2. Uplay is unable to start download
  3. Error code delta when starting The Division
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  5. PC Multiple inputs on USB
  6. PC Pick up from BETA files?
  7. Can't install using discs
  8. The Division - Will Full Version Play On My Laptop Since Beta Version Did?
  9. disabled gamer needs help
  10. Can't open the division?
  11. PC this cd key or activation code is already active on this account.
  12. PC Pree install?
  13. Wheres pre-load
  14. English only
  15. PC Preloaded game wont unlock EU/Denmark
  16. PC Activated game on wrong account
  17. PC Can't unlock Hazmat gear
  18. nvidia codes not working
  19. PC Laun ch the game and all i get is a black screen
  20. Delta 20010186
  21. Is there a ubisoft admin/employee that can answar the forums. we need too know stuff
  22. PC Mouse Locking To Monitor
  23. PC Stuck in [Location] (Including falling through map)
  24. PC Graphical Glitches
  25. PC Game minimising on launch/during gameplay
  26. PC Blank loot icons
  27. PC Green man Gaming key
  28. PC Russian language / no english
  29. PC Blackscreen like no other!
  30. PC I activated two steam key in Uplay,how can i do???
  31. PC connection game error
  32. PC Error, Service The Division is temporarily unavailable.
  33. PC Stuck on preload, unable to start the game
  34. Failure to synchronize achievements
  35. Delta 20010186
  36. Can't download the last 3 GB.
  37. PC 4K ( CROSSFIRE ACTIVED AMD 390X) game flashes
  38. Preload stuck In NZ NOT USA
  39. Unable to claim Division Gear Sets
  40. 4K SLI doesnt work AT ALL
  41. PC Fullscreen Not Working
  42. No In-Game Audio
  43. PC hazmat gear
  44. PC 5gb Patch?
  45. Hazmat suit not active - Everything else is.
  46. Keyboard Issues
  47. PC No Russian Language
  48. Agent Origins promotion emailed me a nonexistant code..
  49. PC Fullscreen Mode Crash - Windowed Mode Works Fine
  50. PC Division won't preload now won't install
  51. PC Error - Access violation - function-name not available
  52. PC Input delay type of issue? Hard to describe.
  53. PC beta content skins not unlocked all
  54. PC Hanging in loading Startwindow ...
  55. Problem oO no divison
  56. Beta baseball jacket vanished
  57. Division gear set mistake (Help)
  58. PC Missing preorder bonus Hazmat suit, Hazmat go bag and POF P416 Assault Rifle
  59. PC Stuck with Russian language
  60. PC Color mode / gamma issue
  61. To anybody having a keyboard delay!
  62. NO Russian language! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. PC Consistently high CPU usage?
  64. Graphics changed from the beta...for the worsE?
  65. PC Can't install/download game (Physical copy)
  66. Please Help Me , i am Stuck in Uplay Activation Screen
  67. PC Really bad launch AGAIN
  68. PC No dialogue sound
  69. PC Tobii EyeX is not doing anything when enabled in game
  70. Romeo 20310358 Error Code
  71. Purchased Game From Humble Bundle (ISSUES)
  72. PC [PC] Massive Stuttering/FPS drops
  73. Already crashing!
  74. Black Screen!
  75. PC Outfit Email Code? No. A Square.
  76. Played the Beta, preordered the game. Game not working
  77. PC Uplay is unable to start your download
  78. Not unlocking - still saying Pre-ordered
  79. Error Conexion
  80. Downloading...Infinity%
  81. No play/load button. Only Preloaded
  82. PC BlackScreen on Launch/ Keyboard lighting turning off
  83. Error: Mike 20170828
  84. crashes on startup
  85. PC server is down
  86. MIKE 20220360 Error
  87. PC Crashing upon startup
  88. Error Code Romeo
  89. PC Error Code Romeo
  90. PC Out of range =(
  91. PC Audio issues
  92. PC Download wont start
  93. Crackling noises
  94. Why can we not download on Steam?
  95. PC Gamepad? i not even use a gamepad
  96. account suspended for trying add PC key.
  97. PC SIERRA 10710167 - Uplay not available
  98. PC Game is Crashing - nvlddmkm.sys
  99. Uplay reward items not showing up after activating them
  100. pre order rewards not showing up!
  101. Delta problem 20010186
  102. ALT Key not fixed!! help!
  103. PC No Game Access
  104. [PC] Pre-Ordered Collectors Edition NO ACTIVATION KEY INCLUDED
  105. PC Loss of Audio
  106. PC cant collect dropped items in missions
  107. PC displays button setting for dualshock4 and my character just keep firing.
  108. Steam Wont Update The Game
  109. Strobe Flickering in game making it unplayable
  110. uPlay rewards not showing up in the Rewards Vendor
  111. cant activate my agent at the safe house
  112. PC Game crashes on audio cues
  113. No items from preorder or collector"s edition or ubiclub
  114. Language stuck in russian
  115. Still cant connect
  116. PC Please anybody i need help
  117. [PC] NVIDIA Game Ready Driver ver. 364.47
  118. PC Game Crash on Launch
  119. Black Screen loading game. Unable to play. [Game Crash]
  120. Can't download update
  121. PC Game thinks I have controller installed.
  122. PC screen flicker.
  123. PC Cant access the R6 Siege Exclusive Outfit or any Uplay rewards
  124. PC No AGENTORIGINS rewards or Pre-Order rewards at Rewards Claim Vendor
  125. PC redeem.geforce.com cann't connect my uplay
  126. Possible Fix: Delta Error (maybe all connectivity errors)
  127. Failed ty sync Achievments
  128. nvidia kernel driver crash at startup
  129. Constant Crashing
  130. PC No sound at ALL
  131. PC are the servers down for evryone or is it just me, dont troll me pls
  132. Pre-ordered game from retailer, received code and did the stuff
  133. PC The language problem.
  134. Game crashes when put into full screen, or black screens, also "failed to synchronize
  135. PC I need help???????
  136. PC Astro A40 TR headset issues
  137. Linking Uplay and Steam issues, uplay offline?
  138. Framerate issues on PC
  139. game wont boot
  140. Rewards vendor empty, preorder gear?
  141. Terrible performance with GTX 660Ti
  142. PC Succès non synchronisés, et pas de langage français
  143. PC local language not available (KOREAN)
  144. PC Secondary Weapons Scope keeps detaching everytime I switch weapons
  145. Get your ****in **** together...
  146. PC Rewards Claim Vendor Empty - PC
  147. Freezing/Crashing issues on PC?
  148. PC Cursor location wrong on map
  149. Stuck at 71% loading screen
  150. PC THe Division Steam Launch error
  151. PC game's knockdown
  152. PC "File corrupted!" after 1h 30m of playing time??? HELP
  153. PC Don't receive Reward gun and all item Gold Edition pre order
  154. Reward Vendor Don't Have Uplay Rewards
  155. Cant unlock tech wing
  156. [PC] Mod will not stay installed
  157. PC Too many lag
  158. PC GLITCH : Damage not registering to player and enemies
  159. PC Mouse Constantly Escaping to second Monitor
  160. PC Russian
  161. PC How to play with two profiles
  162. PC Extreme Delay
  163. No Rewards from the reward vendor
  164. PC [PC] Game crashes during opening cinematic
  165. PC Mouse Port is horrible! FPS change makes mouse inconsitent!
  166. PC Bad sound problem
  167. PC Russian language in the game
  168. PC one for all - all for one
  169. Game keeps crashing when i leave brooklyn
  170. PC Peripherals stop working, then crash - constant
  171. game crashes on startup
  172. PC The division wont find the folder?
  173. Multiple, and constant performance/ technical issues not present in beta
  174. Black screen when i start division but i hear the menu sounds
  175. PC Download won't start
  176. PC Stuck at Connection Window
  177. [Bug] Scope mod being removed when swapping weapons
  178. The division service are not available at this time
  179. PC The Division and Logitech G933
  180. The lag is unreal
  181. PC Serious graphics bug and game crashes.
  182. Weapon modification being removed on its own
  183. PC 770 GTX Constant Crashes
  184. Beta to full game play
  185. Same Constant Crashing/Game Closeing as Closed and Open Beta (No error code)
  186. PC :confused: Why you cause unnecessary Problems (Language) ?
  187. Download stuck
  188. PC reward unavailable from vendor
  189. PC Tutorial: Upgrade Medical Wing
  190. Stuck under the Map
  191. Bug FPS
  192. No in game sound
  193. PC Regarding ALL client language issues
  194. PC US CST not working
  195. PC Wtf! Mike 20250383
  196. PC Bad performance/stuttering GPU usage drops even on low settings
  197. PC Uplay is unable to start ur download
  198. PC how i can activate the Marine skin pack?
  199. PC Servers still not working for me
  200. Account Temporarily unavailable
  201. PC Problem with pre-order bonus
  202. PC the ****ing game have no chinese in game
  203. PC korean language
  204. Delta 20010186
  205. Uplay crashed ,cant even log in and play other games
  206. PC Crash during installation
  207. Not able to interact with anything ones I enter Manhattan
  208. PC Romeo Error 20310358
  209. PC Game freezes when pressing a key. And it continues when stop pressing a key.
  210. Blackscreen when entering the game
  211. PC Pay for Pre-Order and day of release
  212. Did those who wanted to save money get screwed?
  213. Having trouble opening the game, Oh no, it crashed! Message keep showing.
  214. PC Redeem code 'Server error in "/" Application
  215. PC Missing Divison Agent Code
  216. PC how can I fix it?
  217. PC Textures not loading
  218. Ubisoft despised China?
  219. Did not receive my club rewards via Rewards Vendor
  220. PC Player movement problem
  221. PC Laggy game play on all setting and resolution.
  222. Agent Origin code issue
  223. PC How to access Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Closed Beta and unlock your Hazmat gear set
  224. PC Unable to start your download - Uplay problem
  225. PC Logitech G510 Keyboard Colour Issues
  226. PC Einsatz: Einführung: Flügelausbau nicht abschließbar.
  227. PC Game Breaking Bug
  228. Pre-Order Gold Edition. No items
  229. Automatically shooting in game
  230. PC Upgrade from Normal to Gold Edition
  231. PC My game freeze and crash randomly
  232. Gold Edition issue and agent origin issue.
  233. PC Massive stuttering problems
  234. Unable to get more than 16Fps and after 5-7 mins game is totally unplayable.
  235. PC Graphical bug. Can someone help me troubleshoot?
  236. nVidia timeout
  237. Game not starting from UPLAY
  238. PC Cant get rewards and additional content on PC
  239. PC The Division SLI profile is BROKEN - Massive pc freezings when SLI on
  240. Delta 20010186 (yes another thread. open and help pls)
  241. Horrible Conection
  242. PC Pre-ordered on steam but no hazmat gear set?
  243. PC Change language?
  244. PC Constant Disconnects
  245. PC Can't Play, Stuck in Uplay Activation Screen
  246. Stuck on Complete activation
  247. How to change language?!
  248. NPC facial animation does not work
  249. Sudden Black screen
  250. PC Game does not show up on Uplay launcher