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  1. PC [BUG] Tech Wing Upgrade mission is still visible at 100%
  2. PC Constant lag, hits take seconds to register? 180-200 ping wrong server?
  3. On game launh stuck on connecting after a game restart ????
  4. Can't hear other players please help
  5. PC Gear and Weapon stats bugs
  6. PC Cant claim my ubisoft rewards in game
  7. Computer crashes when playing
  8. PC Lexington Event Center (Hard) - Cannot Advance Mission
  9. PC Firearms stat stuck in Inventory screen
  10. PC [Bug] Color blind mode resets
  11. PC The division is not responding
  12. PC [PC] Clothing Texture Bug/Glitch Report.
  13. PC No more tech enounters
  14. PC No stockpile after dark zone session
  15. PC "Current weapon" selection reversed in Character screen
  16. PC Gloves gone after glitch where character hands disappear
  17. Hacker report
  18. PC Crafted High End Firearm Mods Went Missing After Quitting Game
  19. Account Is temp unavailable?
  20. Small intel bug report.
  21. Broken echo bug
  22. PC [PC] Area where enemies can shoot trough building in Dark zone.
  23. Guy stuck in elevator (Police Academy on Hard (Daily))
  24. what is this crap ubisoft?
  25. PC Division ..Game crashes every few mins.
  26. PC what can i dop i dnt want to loose any current data i have
  27. PC Missing Parts on the map. Can't somtimes not even continue the mission.
  28. PC Graphic error
  29. PC Latency issues Australia
  30. Bugged out Echos, unable to collect
  31. PC Crafted weapon does not match stats of blueprint
  32. PC Recalibration Bug on a High end item
  33. PC connection Error
  34. PC MIKE and DELTA errors 60+ hours in. Not fun...
  35. PC Standard gear container cannot be interacted with/opened
  36. PC Cannot switch weapon with shield skill active and under cover
  37. Exploit in DZ
  38. error delta 20000984
  39. PC People Can Get Inside the Building in DZ02
  40. Bug: "Nimble" knee pad armor talent breaks often
  41. PC Nothing happens after intro
  42. PC 2 Bugs i encountered in challenge mode
  43. No Hazmat suit, gold edition
  44. PC Bug bug bug - this is collectors edition??????????????!!!
  45. PC Bugged Michael Dufrane Echo
  46. PC [BUG] "Contaminated" marksman rifle scopes--can't get rid of 'em!
  47. Grand Central seems unable to be completed right now (missing floor)
  48. PC Drop in framerates on GTX 980 Ti
  49. PC [PC] Missing Gun parts at corner of W40th and 11th avenue
  50. Latest driver issues (364.51) and SLI under performing @ 3440x1440
  51. PC Broken extension cord corner of 7th ave and w 31st St
  52. PC Loading Screen Stuck at 10% and Unbearably slow
  53. PC Game connection issue
  54. PC Didn't receive Phoenix Credit Pack from UPlay rewards
  55. Cant scroll down on Item description.
  56. PC Gun completely gone..
  57. PC Bug with finishing collectables :(
  58. PC Reload Bug
  59. PC Unfix-able-Unplayable Graphical glitches.
  60. Menus, Voice Chat, & PTT . . . oh my!
  61. PC Division Crashes when mousing to another computer
  62. Taking too long to log in.
  63. Mod for gear menu is bugged. Scoll down or up don't work
  64. PC [PC] Missing loot box
  65. PC Mouse not working
  66. PC About crashed problem
  67. Sick of falling through map
  68. PC Aim off with my M1A
  69. Error on game start
  70. PC Unplayable graphics glitch
  71. PC Season Pass Popup Issue
  72. PC I cant do nothing plz need technical help
  73. PC The Police M17 that I made came with a scope i cant get rid of.
  74. PC The Division install, stuck on disc 2?
  75. PC PC Menu showing Xbox Controls - Cant get in to game anymore
  76. PC russian
  77. (PC) FIX your broken game
  78. cant interact with Actor
  79. Uplay says im logged out
  80. Character ps4 to pc
  81. PC Strange Gear comparison bug?
  82. PC Freeze game When Entering the Dark Zone!!!
  83. PC Bugged Echo's (3x)
  84. PC What has happend to my graphic?
  85. PC Falling through the map.
  86. PC Few glitches I found
  87. PC The New Season Pass Advertisement prevents playing the game
  88. PC BUG: Recalibration
  89. key bindings
  90. PC Cant unlock the last medical part
  91. PC [BUG] Weapon flying ?
  92. PC Can't start game / DirectX installing forever
  93. PC Dz sais DZ Stash is full but Stash is Empty
  94. PC Only Russian language
  95. PC Tobii EyeX Eyetracker always aims way far to high
  96. key bindings reset to default
  97. Electro turret attacks everyone
  98. PC "DZ stash capacity" is full, but my stash is empty.
  99. [PC] Extended Magazine Bug.
  100. Character Looks Like a Shadow When Game is Paused
  101. PC Microphone bug? Noone can hear me.
  102. PC Backpack stats changed after logging in.
  103. PC Animation and skin issues
  104. PC Lots and lots of glitches
  105. PC Roy Benitez is missing from the base
  106. Cant collect echo 2 and 3 from Michael dufrane
  107. PC Invisible wall - Parking garage
  108. PC Items Missing/Vanishing/Gone/Disappearing from inventory
  109. PC Pls fix these bugs
  110. PC Invisible wall at Kips bay
  111. PC Mouse input error after changing resolution
  112. PC ECHO W 21st
  113. Unlimited ammunition
  114. PC [BUG] Floating Weapon & Player Stuck in between objects.
  115. PC [BUG] Aim Down Sight Camera Twitch
  116. PC Talk about bugs heres one
  117. PC I not get the rewards of beta
  118. PC Last night i insta died ( not downed) in Dark Zone in 1 shot from Mob
  119. PC Aim down problem w/ Razer Taipan
  120. PC Backpack stats change when dealing with extracted items
  121. PC Issues with graphic settings, same fps on Medium/High and Ultra
  122. reward claim vendor bug
  123. PC Error Delta 20000984
  124. PC Missing item bonus and and talent "Nimble" does not work properly
  125. PC Black Screen on Launch - nothing works!
  126. Voice Chat Not Working.
  127. PC Black Screen - game doesnt work !!!
  128. Something slipped past checking?
  129. Cannot login to my Division Account (and lost high-end crafted gear)
  130. PC Delta CANT PLAY
  131. Subway Morgue Mission Uncompletable
  132. Constant DELTA error
  133. Crashes whenever I try to make the game fullscreen.
  134. PC [BUG] Unobtainable Echos in Kips Bay
  135. [PC][BUG] CTD when joystick is not centered
  136. PC [BUG] DPS (and Health) changes without changing gear
  137. PC Phone Recording "Gamers" in Time's Square does not show on map
  138. PC Very frustrating constant UI distortion. Looks like a "3d-setting" is enabled
  139. PC Blue Screen of Death when attempting to stream or minimise.
  140. PC infinite respawn?????
  141. PC Bugged Echos - Unable to complete
  142. Tobii EyeX functions - infinite screen does'nt work in TheDivision
  143. PC Unable to claim Season pass gear?
  144. PC [PC] Won't stop going forward when using backwards or stop keys.
  145. bugged or stupid vendors
  146. No crossfire support is NOT a known issue?
  147. PC Unknow mistake !
  148. PC Medical Wing stuck at 760 points
  149. Upgrade wing tutorial mission stuck...do I quit?
  150. PC Can we please fix the constant crashing issue?
  151. Radeon HD6xxx indoor intense flash lights fix or no?
  152. PC Audio bug after about 40 min playtime
  153. PC Division not running in 144hz in Windowed Fullscreen
  154. PC Can't change language.
  155. PC Keybind problems - Needs an update or help to disable
  156. PC Unknown Signal Bug Mising Weapons
  157. More crashing in the division. please help!!
  158. PC Lagging in place
  159. Delta Disconnection right at the end of the Daily Challenge
  160. PC Echo can't get...
  161. PC language help
  162. PC Box can't be opened + Garage floor bug + echo bug
  163. PC Unable to play on the different PC
  164. PC Unlimited ammo/Max DPS/ location finder hack.
  165. PC Cannot launch the game (Delta 20010186)
  166. PC Can't complete intial TECH QUEST.
  167. Graphical Issues, Falling through the map, Sound Cutting In and Out - Unplayable
  168. PC Question about hardware
  169. PC The Weapon Talent "Deadly" doesnt ADD the CritChance to your Character
  170. PC Lexington Event Center-Graphicaly & Technically broken
  171. PC the division
  172. PC Frame Drops Every Second/Stuttering
  173. Error Code Delta 20000950
  174. PC Black screen on startup GeForce 364.51
  175. PC Lag/Delay DarkZone?
  176. Certain sounds not working (footsteps, radio)
  177. I dont mind crashes...
  178. black screen with sound and mouse pointer
  179. Answer on my support ticket taking longer than usual
  180. PC unable to log in my main character! Help please!
  181. PC No sound
  182. Season Pass outfits
  183. [PC] Stats Incorrect and Unable to Scroll Items
  184. Can't collect Echo
  185. PC Infinite Phoenix Credits Glitch
  186. PC Massive cpu usage
  187. PC freezes at starting cinematic
  188. Mission bugged?
  189. Major input lags (movement, items usage), pretty much unplayable
  190. Missing High Tier Gold items (disapear)
  191. PC [BUG REPORT] Echo signals, Survival Guide's pages, Smartphones and Crates missing
  192. PC crashing.....all the time
  193. PC Why i have to connect an american server when i live in italy? Ubifost need ansare
  194. cheater
  195. PC I hit to kill nearly 500 times boss, I haven't got "Caduceus", my friend already has
  196. PC Can't launch game - probably because DX9?
  197. PC Unlock Additional Content Problème
  198. PC Out of Game Resolution Change
  199. PC game crash
  200. Assault the Stronghold (dead end)
  201. PC Steam controller issues - and I'm not the only one
  202. PC All kinds of stuck.
  203. PC Hacker busted
  204. PC The Division invisible glass bug
  205. PC Still no tech wing...
  206. PC Don't get my phoenix credit and dark zone key.
  207. PC Know no fear achievement
  208. PC Lost my saved game
  209. PC [bug] Im stuck with grey lvl 1 sniper scopes i cant get rid off.
  210. Bullet hit lag medpac lag etc
  211. PC Stats NOT RE-ROLLING correctly
  212. PC Noise when starting game with NVIDIA SHIELD TV
  213. PC Just half hour ago i lost all my marked junk weapons, armor esc stuff. Help?!?
  214. PC Low FPS rate fix?
  215. PC Queens Tunnel quest gate locks after death cannot re-enter for mission
  216. PC No Season Pass
  217. PC Unable to get last echo registered
  218. PC Is it possible to cnnect Uplay-purchased version to Steam version?
  219. PC - No working/no access rope (BUG).
  220. PC Backpack Stats bugged
  221. PC Echo Bug
  222. PC - Hole in a building (Bug).
  223. PC 11 days since release and it still shows a greyed out pre loaded icon with no play
  224. PC - Boots that don't end on your outfits list (Bug).
  225. Would be great to be able to play 33% of the game denied to me due to a bad bug....
  226. PC Lost a few of my gear mods and, nothing can be DC'd
  227. PC Bug]stuck on connecting screen
  228. PC Teamspeak The division
  229. PC Michael Dufrane's Soul
  230. Ballistic Shield and Checkpoint Bug
  231. PC Bug, cannot fire/hold weapons (GAME BREAKING)
  232. PC The Division - Bugs and glitches
  233. PC Physical Discs Fail To Install-Failed to Download
  234. DPS, HEALTH, SKILL power glitch
  235. PC Bug with a mask
  236. PC Lag - Game unplayable
  237. PC ROMEO 10580100 Error - Brand New Install
  238. PC "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"
  239. PC Gas Mask filter level bug
  240. PC Could not load my cargo, lost everything.
  241. PC Unsmooth Gameplay
  242. PC Can't play game. Requires activation code.
  243. PC Issue with weapon skins disappearing in inventory
  244. PC BUG? Getting MIKE 20250383 every time I try to log out via Main Menu
  245. PC FPS problems, reboot "solves it"
  246. graphic issue - unplayable now
  247. A shortlist of bugs I've encountered while using Ballistic Shield.
  248. PC Steam/Uplay error with my game
  249. PC The Division and uplay port forwarding
  250. PC Missing Caduceus from inventory