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  1. PC Game CONSTANTLY Crashing every 5 minutes.
  2. PC crashes during the intro movie
  3. where is data saved?
  4. PC Lost character
  5. [BUG]Russian Consulate "Inspect Hornet's Body"
  6. PC Borderless Fullscreen @ Different resolution?
  7. Unlock all board missions compleat all quest for medical and cant unlock it at 100 %
  8. PC Game crashes within a minute or two of playing.
  9. PC How to enter general chat?
  10. installation bug
  11. Liberator issue
  12. PC Download issue
  13. PC Mouse Camera Control Disabling
  14. PC [PC]Not enough audio channels, Unable to scroll blueprints, Incorrect blueprint stats
  15. PC Some weird texture glitches
  16. PC el ordenador hace cosas raras
  17. PC After 32 hours of playing, suddenly getting ERROR DELTA 20010186
  18. PC Game Literally Won't Start Enough to Crash
  19. PC Constantly 'verifying game files'
  20. PC Issue with Echoe 1° of Michael Dufrane
  21. Alpha Items
  22. PC Minor solution to crash every 5 min.
  23. PC Server lag
  24. Server locations in EU and ping times
  25. PC not enough missions to get to level 30 ?
  26. Ubisoft
  27. PC Pass DLC how to get it??
  28. PC Game keeps crashing every 30 minuets or so help!!!
  29. PC Any way to refund to buy the game again so I can change the language?
  30. PC Huge FPS drop after game crash.
  31. PC Level 30, unable to set challenge mode anywhere
  32. Insanely annoying crash at end boss every single time
  33. bug items
  34. PC 15/03/12 Subway Morgue Daily bugged
  35. The Division jittering for me
  36. PC Delta 20020192
  37. PC Anyone surprised at Lowish FPS? (2)980ti
  38. Plz Ubisoft make a option to turn of the shadows behind all text in game.
  39. PC Falling through world in missions.
  40. PC Game won't appear in ubisoft library
  41. Audio/texture loading problems
  42. PC Uplay asks for Activation Code when the game is already activated
  43. PC My items dissappeared
  44. Bullet registration latency - lag.
  45. PC Activation Code Problem
  46. PC auto teleported away from end of mission
  47. PC There is no Russian language!
  48. Simple Leather Jacket bug
  49. PC Delta 20010186
  50. PC Delta 20010186
  51. PC Starting in windowed mode
  52. [PC] Echo Bug - Echo Beacon points are not recorded
  53. PC Bug Report / Talent not working
  54. Clothing section issue (no items displayed)
  55. I cant connect to the server
  56. Can not get 100 in Security Wing. Help please!
  57. PC Activation Code , U Play Still asking activation code and its already game activated!
  58. Roommate and I can't both talk / listen
  59. PC Freezing and Stuttering Only in Dark Zone
  60. BSoD/System_services_noexception
  61. Recalibration station BUG.
  62. PC Pre-order and season pass issue
  63. PC Fullscreen Problem
  64. PC Ballistic shield bug
  65. PC [BUG] Hornets body despawns - Mission blocker
  66. Since the PC version is a load of crap, would you transfert my licence to my PS4 ?
  67. latency/server issues in australia
  68. Very low FPS issue/texture popping/rendering very slow
  69. My Hazmat gear got taken away. Haven't received it back.
  70. PC Can not complete Subway Morgue
  71. PC switch language
  72. PC Division lagging Discord
  73. FPS prolem sometime
  74. PC bug in mission
  75. 7 Hour Russian Consulate Challenge complete it and get disconnected... Get nothing...
  76. Gtx 970 setting at 3.5mb vram usage constantly
  77. PC Can't play the game anymore. Rage post.
  78. delta error, possible workaround ?
  79. PC The Division - BLACK SCREEN on bootup FIX
  80. PC Progression Blocker
  81. PC Stuck at loading screen after missions
  82. Recalibration cost
  83. PC Low FPS - Please Help!
  84. Agent Origin Code
  85. cant add friends
  86. PC Bugging in graphics while looking at ropes
  87. PC The Division flickering in AMD Radeon HD6850 ..QQ
  88. Horrible FPS drop on high end pc
  89. PC Game keeps crashing to desktop after joining co-op mission
  90. PC Error: Ubisoft services are not available at this time.
  91. PC High-end Backpack Specialized talent not working
  92. PC Preorder bonus hazmat suit not arrived!
  93. ECHO in Tenderloin doesn't validate
  94. PC "Stuck/lag" keyboard
  95. PC Logged out at level 18, logged back in next day at level 15
  96. PC Report a bug
  97. Day 7 ... NO SOUND, NO SOLUTIONS
  98. Keyboard lag/Resolution Crash
  99. PC Can you please be useful
  100. 980Ti @1440p and steady 60fps...you can too!
  101. PC Objectives are not showing up in game
  102. PC Russian Consulate Daily Challenge Broken Mission. Unable to complete.
  103. Map glitches
  104. Marked Junk Dissapears and Sold Junk Credits Way Off
  105. PC Buggy Recalibration Station Doesn't Work
  106. PC Bug Report, invisible wall
  107. Stuch with subway morgue mission / Paul Rhodes doesnt show up
  108. Latency Issue - North UK (16/03/2016)
  109. PC despawning/"dead" chests
  110. PC Title: PC - CRASHING CONSTANTLY- Request a refund
  111. Class action lawsuit
  112. Lost hours of progress from last night
  113. [PC] Falling through map in Lincoln Tunnel
  114. latency issue only with The Division
  115. PC The Division - Falling under the map
  116. Stuck at loading screen 71%
  117. PC Vector, Crit Bugged? self.thedivision
  118. PC Can't group with a friend
  119. PC Bug Glitch Issue - Stable Talent on AK-74
  120. PC Can't download the manhattan patch
  121. Phenox Credit Pack lost
  122. PC deception with the sale of the game
  123. [PC] - Stats Preview incorrect.
  124. distorted textures and faces a´la assassins creed
  125. PC Unable to open large chests within DZ
  126. FPS lowered from 60 to 18 after this mornings server maintenance.
  127. [PC] Incorrect stat manipulation with backpack "Hybrid pack" (High-end)
  128. PC Paul Rhodes and Michael Dufrane
  129. PC Bug report Ballistics shield
  130. PC DLC code issues with ubisoft account
  131. Gun Scopes too low
  132. Can't make purchases from any vendors despite having far more currency than required
  133. My hands disappeared and my hand slot got emptied out b/c this glitch. bye bye High E
  134. PC Playing out of China: Ongoing connectivity issues.
  135. PC keyboard and mouse controls switched out as a controller
  136. Echo Bugs
  137. PC Bug with finished quests (but parts aren't unlocked)
  138. Incredibly Unstable
  139. My whole system is crashing
  140. PC Midtown East: Hugely Bugged Field Data Collectables
  141. game crash before it even start, uplay message "oh no, it crashed!!!"
  142. PC Cannot disable regional chat after activating it once
  143. PC Very slow texture loading
  144. Problem with shield skill and interactions
  145. PC Flashing Artifacts. Maybe Bloom Related.
  146. PC [BUG] uplay achievo not unlocking
  147. PC Got the game on PC but received a Hazmat Gear code for PS4?
  148. PC Cant finish the base
  149. game messed up help?
  150. PC Loading Time
  151. PC Unable to complete mission: Tutorial: Upgrade Wing (Tech)
  152. PC suggestions for improvements
  153. PC Recalibration & Special gear vendor ERROR
  154. PC Camera Stutter When Moving The Mouse
  155. PC [BUG] Invisible hole in gound
  156. PC [PC] (Unable to complete Tech Zone mission step "Speak to Rhodes")
  157. PC i cant use roll and any of the duble tap things can any help me
  158. PC suggestions for pc upgrade
  159. PC Instant Crash Bug
  160. PC Weapon crafting bug?
  161. PC Missing Weapons and Mods From Inventory
  162. PC Pre-order bonuses
  163. Buggy Adventures in The Division Part 3....
  164. Freefalling and the reconnecting
  165. Equipment statistics gets messed up all the time.
  166. PC Issues with cosmetic items (specifically shoes) not showing up when aquired
  167. PC Visual Bug (floating garbage in staircase)
  168. Problem with my keyboard Logitech G710+
  169. white mesh cap is not white/enemys and civilians setting of mines without explosion.
  170. PC Memory and/or pagefile leak
  171. Hit Registry
  172. PC Cant loot..why there isnt any help option in the game.
  173. PC Skill mods available message
  174. People experiencing constant crashing.
  175. PC [Map bug] Building not correctly
  176. PC Re-posting this Every day until we get some kind of response.
  177. PC Aktivierungscode ungültig. Bis heute keine Hilfe bekommen!
  178. UBISOFT PLEASE READ - Common problem. If you're working on it. Please let us know.
  179. Gear stats bug - Gear changes but stats don't update until re-log
  180. PC The Division not listed in my games tab.
  181. PC CTD when holding sprint and moving diagonally backwards where sprinting isn't allowed
  182. PC Map not showing daily mission
  183. Echo bug ?
  184. Empty Division folders
  185. PC Delta 20010186, doesn't even work with a completely different router.
  186. PC Graphic glitches despite new graphic card
  187. PC Mobile Cover Disapears on Enemy Contact
  188. Major Bug with amherst apartment
  189. Amherst Apartment not working hence medical wing not able to unlock. virus report 3
  190. [BUG][PC] High End Recipe Crafting
  191. PC Items missing in Stash but taking up space
  192. Delta 20000984
  193. Startup issues..
  194. PC shortbows outfit not redeeming?
  195. PC The Division,unplayable BIG TIME!
  196. PC Stuck on the Stash
  197. PC [BUG] [PC] Tutorial: Upgrade Wing
  198. PC Game vanished from my uplay library!
  199. Game now instantly grays out ability to click "continue" on start up and goes to
  200. PC PC Question, Running
  201. Disappearing stash
  202. DZ - Crash to desktop was counted as death.
  203. [PC] About to refund, game is unplayable
  204. Lexington Event Center is bugged
  205. PC Meu the Division não inicia!
  206. PC Recipe Differences
  207. PC Weapon Part Cache Bug
  208. Refund Request
  209. The Buggy Adventures of Division part 4!
  210. PC [PC] Michael Dufrane Echo #2
  211. PC Cant claim my ubisoft rewards in game
  212. PC Hazmat gear not received
  213. Footwear is bugged
  214. PC Really Annoying Graphic Bug
  215. Bug report, Falling through world
  216. PC Bug Report: Super 90 shogun showing negativ value in Reload Speed
  217. PC No audio of dialogie
  218. PC Vast differences in crafting schematics.
  219. Yellow items cuase crash at extract in dark zone
  220. PC No language pack on key activation
  221. Unable to add friend - just sits with invite sent.
  222. PC bought the dlc through steam and havent been able to activate and use it!
  223. Crafted VS Actual Stats not correct
  224. PC spot glitch
  225. The Division = LAGvision
  226. PC Encounters not visible after last mission.
  227. Not enough tech points
  228. PC The Division - Purchased items from Vendor not appearing in inventory
  229. PC Black Screen / Mouse crash / G930 Sound stutters / LED Keyboard not working
  230. PC missing person Judy Walters bug?
  231. PC Equipment disappear!!!
  232. Falling thru the floor after doing MM on a mission?
  233. PC Filter level is wrong
  234. PC Where the hell are my uniforms i ordered almost 7 days ago!!!
  235. Unknown signal not unlocked?
  236. PC FPS drop
  237. PC My game crashed, then everything I was wearing (which was recently crafted) is gone
  238. PC the Division from Steam and Season Pass from a friend - Cant connect account
  239. no point left for upgrade wing (finished all side missions,encounters,mainmissions)
  240. They deceive people.
  241. PC Constant crashes to desktop
  242. PC Character missing/deleted
  243. Button functions changed on 360 controller
  244. Disconnected
  245. PC Cant Collect Echo
  246. PC stuck in ''upgrade wing'' mission
  247. PC Microphone doesn't work
  248. [PC] Damage Indicator going off with Turret Skill
  249. PC Bug Echo = Allgemein = 08
  250. PC Sudden FPS drop