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  1. [Graphical Error] Floating Trash in Hell's Kitchen
  2. PC Can't activate game despite it being in my uplay library.
  3. PC Lag since connecting to a chinese hosting game (I think)
  4. Rampant hacking.
  5. PC When I try to switch to FULLSCREEN it minimizes the game and stays that way.
  6. PC [Bug] Can't complete Missing Person Michael Dufrane part 4
  7. PC [BUG][Quest]Shelly Strong
  8. PC [BUG] [ENCOUNTER] Arms Deal Disruption in Clinton
  9. Changing Region/Server
  10. PC Grand Central Station EXP and Medical Supplies rewards LOST By March 11 Server outage
  11. PC Connectivity Issues - Delta 20000984
  12. PC Game won't start with saved video resolution
  13. PC jai un probleme
  14. Inventory issues
  15. PC [MISTAKE] Lootable Object Out of Bounds
  16. weapon vendor
  17. Computer total freeze in scenematics
  18. PC New Shoes Not Showing
  19. Black Screen on Start up PC
  20. PC No russian!!!
  21. PC [BUG] Police Up - Tech Talent not working like description.
  22. PC Recalibration not working
  23. My microphone stop working.. Anyone with the same problem?
  24. PC Change button prompts
  25. PC Fast travel
  26. PC Marine Forces and Military Specialists Outfits Packs
  27. PC Missing DLC outfits
  28. PC Delta 20010186
  29. PC Appearence missing shoes
  30. PC Key - Left Alt triggers mouse cursor
  31. PC Floating dot next to my character
  32. DZ/Stash Bug After servers restarted.
  33. Missing textures
  34. PC General Assembly Ammo Refill bug
  35. PC 5.1 surround sound not working
  36. PC Weidr full scren bug
  37. Still Massive Lag Since The Servers Went Down Yesterday
  38. PC Cosmetics and Dlc's
  39. PC Marine/Military outfits.
  40. Texture loading delay ! (pls FIX it)
  41. Weird bug/Glitch Sliding NPC
  42. PC Not able to finish last wing upgrade.
  43. Dark Zone Issues
  44. PC Delta romeo...
  45. No shoes been added?
  46. Game is stuttering, Ubisoft respond please (collection topic)
  47. PC Is there a tech support
  48. How can I get a refund? Constant crashes and PC restarts
  49. PC Missing Add-on Content
  50. PC Cant download update
  51. PC Delta 20010186
  52. PC Stuck in 1st part of character creation
  53. PC Black flickering walls while playing
  54. [Allversion - Bug report] Transparent collider
  55. C++ Visual Runtime Error, errors at 3.96gb
  56. PC Downloading the Game Client
  57. PC game won't start up
  58. PC Hunter M44 scope getting unequiped! upon use of weapon
  59. PC The Division constant 90% CPU usage on I7 4770k
  60. PC Le jeu Crash/game's crash
  61. Arms Deal Disruption won't start in Clinton
  62. PC World Bug | No World
  63. Brazilian community is ruining the game
  64. PC: Missing person: Heather Lau Part 2 Not Available
  65. PC Stats/attributes bug!?
  66. PC Character disappeared after server-restart
  67. Can't leave safe house
  68. No transmission sound
  69. Fullscreen Issue
  70. PC Entering the Dark Zone causes Malware Bytes to pop up
  71. PC The division - Shoulder view swap
  72. PC Game won't load
  73. PC The Division causing Overload
  74. PC uplay_crash_reporter
  75. PC No play button, only preload greyed out
  76. PC 3770k 85% - 90% Cpu usage ?? Really? Optimizations needed BADLY
  77. Uplay is causing the game to crash
  78. No more tech encounters left.. but need 20 % for 100 %
  79. Game Crashes on Load Screen
  80. PC The Division
  81. PC Enemies just popped up ahead of me
  82. PC Game Crash at Ubisoft logo since 3/12/2016 patch
  83. PC Falling through the map after join a group (with Video)
  84. PC [The Division] Mouse doesnt work anymore once I disconnect my controller
  85. Mike 20250383 account unavailable
  86. PC Players flipping lagswitches to take no damage.
  87. Mouse Locks~
  88. Constant Delta 20000984 after new patch
  89. PC language change
  90. Strange text glitch
  91. ошибка romeo
  92. Another minor ballistic shield bug
  93. Game crashing with OBS
  94. Survival guide and phones not registered
  95. PC Sound stutters when moving
  96. PC windowed fullscreen locked at 60hz!
  97. Delta 2000984 Every few minutes after logging on (after 40+ hours played)
  98. Lexington event centre mission bug
  99. Still getting error codes Delta and Mike
  100. PC Zone loading
  101. PC Still unable to redeem Season Pass Exclusives from Rewards Vendor in the BoO
  102. PC CPU usage 100% Stuttering
  103. PC Error 0xc000007b
  104. PC Character keep firing (video inside)
  105. PC "Display driver NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, version 364.51 stopped responding
  106. Would like to play...
  107. Xbox 360 Controller left joystick and movement issues
  108. PC The Division graphical bug :\
  109. PC Closed/Open Beta Rewards
  110. PC [ Items Vanished from Inventory ]
  111. lag lag Lag Lag LAG LAG LAAAAAAG!!!!
  112. No main story mission after base of operations establish
  113. Shoes/Boots not showing up in Appearance inventory list
  114. PC UBISoft The division not starting with Steam Link.. ? forgive me for question here...
  115. PC [PC] Echo not appearing
  116. lag lag Lag Lag LAG LAG LAAAAAAG!!!!
  117. PC Blackscreen at load (amd)
  118. Game dont start
  119. PC Lincoln Tunnel checkpoint bug Roy Benitez is missing form base operations
  120. PC Lost Grand Central Station EXP/Security Supplies/LMB video because of Server outage
  121. PC How to transfer the game to a PC with poor internet connection?
  122. PC Installation problem with disc 5
  123. PC Hazmat gear code not received?
  124. PC Crash to black screen
  125. PC No sound in game
  126. PC Hell's kitchen bugged quest
  127. PC Gold itens
  128. PC [PC] Unable to unlock Tech Wing (Done Subway Mosque quest 5 times!!)
  129. Crashes in 5 minutes or less.
  130. PC No pre order items.
  131. Delta 20010186
  132. PC Teammate crashes when he destroys my mobile cover
  133. Unable to load game.Procedure entry point...
  134. Cannot complete unkown signal mission
  135. Servers down for anyone else?
  136. MIKE Error cannot connect
  137. Filter level Help
  138. PC Stash is full when stash is completely empty
  139. No sound, no sound, no sound!!!
  140. PC No dialogue after a while
  141. My Account Got Hacked?
  142. PC Not enough credits to buy a 1.9k cred item, when I have 51.5k.
  143. PC Install Direct X every time i launch the game
  144. PC Bug with the Values shown on weapon blueprints
  145. Unable to collect last 3 Echos
  146. DirectX 10.1 support
  147. How long will I have to suffer this?
  148. PC Boots (possible other clothing) not appearing in inventory
  149. Hard copy install without CD ROM?
  150. PC Account suspension
  151. PC AMD Radeon HD 6900
  152. Darkzone freeze
  153. PC Very low voice chat volume
  154. PC High End Gear disappearing from inventory. Now my character has hollow body
  155. PC Game doesn't start: Windowed black screen appears then disappears.
  156. [PC]Bag shrink?
  157. probleme
  158. PC Phoenix Credits disappearing
  159. PC ***POTENTIAL*** fix to issue of not getting past the Epilepsy warning
  160. PC buggs i found and i will be verry happy if you can see to fixing them
  161. PC (SPOILERS) Side Quest - Missing Person: Michael Dufrane Part 4 bug?
  162. Hazmat gear help me
  163. PC Possible Black screen on start up fix... (on WIN10)
  164. PC redeems not working? (hazmatgear etc...)
  165. PC Game crash when I start it (black screen)
  166. PC Game acitvation issues with PC
  167. Invisible Enemy NPC.
  168. Forced controller input & connection issues.
  169. [PC] Arms Deal Disruption Bug, Won't start, No Activation button.
  170. PC Graphic Bugs AMD Radeon HD 7850
  171. PC Character Missing
  172. PC The division, problem with start game.
  173. Open ports on home router?
  174. Lag and Connecting infinite.
  175. no idea where to post bug so im gonna pot it here. (endlessly healing)
  176. PC Crashing everytime when game starts
  177. [PC] Arms Deal Disruption potential bug!
  178. Darkzone stash upgrade not working
  179. mike 20250383
  180. mike 20250383
  181. PC Game randomly mutes itself, other programs still producing audio
  182. PC "Outside of Playable Area" Repeating Issue
  183. Mike 20250383
  184. Still not getting rewards
  185. MIKE 20250383, Server errors revert save?
  186. PC Game will not download in U-Play client - pissed off
  187. PC Delta and Mike server errors, can't log in now
  188. PC Dark Zone Freezes
  189. PC Theres a hole in your world!
  190. PC Dark Zone Freezes
  191. Mike 202050383
  192. PC Radeon R9 380
  193. Quest Bug
  194. PC Arms Deal Disruption Bug
  195. PC fast travel bugged
  196. PC Really dark shadow and invisible wall
  197. Security Wing Upgrade Tutorial... Says I haven't completed [bug]
  198. Servers Dead again?
  199. PC Why my character is disappear ? ERROR 2000984
  200. PC Completely unplayable....please help
  201. PC Downloading patch getting stuck repeatedly
  202. PC Family Share via Activation code
  203. PC Introducing My Buddys, Named Cleaner! (Feat. F ucken Lousy Ubiplay Server)
  204. PC Error message.. dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL
  205. NPC's do not load!!! Game Unplayable!!
  206. Windows {Fullscreen} mode - glitches
  207. PC Recalibration bug?
  208. PC The Division PC Freeze/Locking up
  209. PC All Intel in the map gathered.. Still Missing 1 phone recording.. (Directive 51 #07)
  210. PC Problems with the technical branch
  211. PC Grand Central Station Fall Through
  212. PC Crashing to desktop after 20-45min of gameplay
  213. PC [PC] Wing complete, but Wing Upgrade Tutorial isn't finished.
  214. Loading screen stuck at 10%
  215. High read/write on hdd after fast traveling
  216. SLI stutter
  217. PC Can't finish side mission Return to Camp Hudson
  218. PC Stuttering in the Dark Zone ONLY
  219. PC Weird mouse problem game breaker
  220. PC Glitch: Ballistic Shield
  221. Steam & DLC Outfits
  222. PC Return to Gramercy Safe House Issue
  223. PC Requires update - won't update
  224. Server Error
  225. Delta 20010186 Error after logging in
  226. PC [PC] Backpack Specialized Talent Bug Report
  227. PC Hazmat outfit
  228. PC Chat Keyboard Input
  229. Bug on Flatiron Mission
  230. Core i5 6600k maxed and FPS drops
  231. PC Cant complete mission: Missing person Michael Dufrane Part 4
  232. PC Stuttering and bad performance
  233. Tutorial: upgrade wing. "Bug"+Darkzone
  234. PC ]Skins and Mods invisible (not only dark zone)
  235. PC No Military Specialist or Agent Origins Gear
  236. PC Freezing in Dark Zone
  237. PC Multiple gamepad buttons triggerd when pressing one button
  238. PC ALT+TAB shut down the game
  239. M44 not reloading fully
  240. PC Black Screen Crash After Intro ALT+ENTER Not Working
  241. Model Bug - High End mask, you can see through the bottom
  242. PC Bug with mask filter (medical)
  243. PC Account temporarily unavailable
  244. PC BUG Blur text + blur graphics
  245. PC Download beyond 100 percent
  246. Black Screen upon game launch with nVidia driver 362.00 -- Audio can be heard
  247. Fix the servers!
  248. [BUG] Missing Person mission pt.1 and pt.4 completed, cannot complete pt.2-3
  249. [BUG] UI glitch in Mission Overview map screen
  250. Unable to 'Restock' at Safe Houses