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  1. PC Paul Rhodes Missing - Can't unlock Tech Wing
  2. PC Falling through the Environment Outside of the Base of Operations
  3. PC Character stuck in a dead zone?
  4. PC AMD issues / Fixes
  5. PC Character wont stop shooting and the game will only display controller inputs
  6. this game is unplayable for me ... I can't control my player
  7. PC Constantly Freezing.
  8. Mission Briefing Audio Not Playing
  9. PC After Update game says files are corrupt
  10. Appearance items not showing up in inventory
  11. Won't respawn
  12. PC language pack problem
  13. PC Game gone from library
  14. My microphone stop working today
  15. [PC] Dark Zone, Stash is Full
  16. PC Can't Patch
  17. downloading issue through steam?
  18. PC Help - Steam Skins (Specialist and Marine) not shown ingame
  19. [PC] Unable to collect echo
  20. PC The oddest issue
  21. Sound bug
  22. PC PC Bug: Floating Radio
  23. PC keys do not always function
  24. delta error code 20010186
  25. PC Unable to complete: Return to Hell's Kitchen
  26. I bought the gold edition on steam, day one dlc not being added to rewards vendor
  27. PC Bug sound
  28. PC Good God man - what is up with taking a gazillon shots to kill anyone?
  29. Clothing list Hiding New Looted/Rewarded Clothes
  30. Texture bug
  31. PC Mesh Caps Not Textured Correctly
  32. PC PC would freeze regularly after playing The Division
  33. [PC] Bug: Broadway Emporium Echo (AFTER mission)
  34. PC [PC] Can't sell, deconstruct, or store one specific item in my inventory
  35. PC Controls freezing when connecting with players
  36. Headset not working in game..
  37. PC Recalibration of gear isn't recognized correctly
  38. PC Clothing Not In Inventory (Bug?)
  39. Unable to download game
  40. PC bug
  41. FIX THE TECH WING PLEASE! Calling for patch!
  42. PC Bug Report: First aid ability not healing properly
  43. PC NPC unable to be activated
  44. PC DVD Installation Runtime Error
  45. PC Delta 2000984/20020194
  46. Cant play after thursdays patch
  47. G Sync Enabled Constant Flickering
  48. PC Patch won't download on uplay
  49. PC 3 Bugs
  50. PC Unable to complete installation through steam
  51. Blocked players showing as friends on city map (PS4)
  52. PC Collectibles doesn't show up in Kips Bay
  53. Framerate Catastrophe
  54. Optics bug
  55. PC I can't interact with my Base of Operations and boxes.
  56. PC The game doesnt even launch
  57. PC The Division Activation Code
  58. 1920x1080 looks bad
  59. Delta 20010186 Error
  60. ECHO W23rd street broken
  61. PC Side Quest Bug - Cannot Complete [Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 4
  62. Fabric Dispenser in Medical Wing Broken.
  63. PC I have activated the CD key but it does not show in the game directory
  64. Firearms rank not updating/displaying only secondary firearm number
  65. PC [BUG?] All Dark Zone Containers/Vendors require Rank 30
  66. Game crash at launch. Never got to see the game for 3 edays straight.
  67. PC [Bug] Re-calibration bugged?
  68. PC Over 20 hours played and then constant crashing starts
  69. PC hELP.Помогите с игрой
  70. PC Downloading The Division
  71. Game not launching after march 10th 600mb update!
  72. PC Shield with Boost Bug Shotgun Sidearm
  73. DLC Content
  74. PC Cant download the division patch
  75. PC Server lost my save completion
  76. PC Game closes automatically
  77. PC Seems like memory leak? Please help
  78. Can't fix delta 20000984, need refund please.
  79. PC Can't collect echo
  80. Can't launch the game, Uplay constantly asks for activation code.
  81. PC overlay64.dll error from uPlay?
  82. Constant C2D'
  83. PC wrong code for hazmat gear
  84. Problem with controls since last update.
  85. PC Game crashing with no errors
  86. Fix your ****ing terrain.
  87. PC Can't rebind Enter
  88. PC Question about Rewards
  89. PC Bugged echo (W 39th St / 7th Ave)
  90. PC [BUG] CLINTON / Arms Deal Disruption
  91. PC Recalibration bug
  92. PC App crash?
  93. PC Minor - Radar/Contamination visualization
  94. [BUG] ECHO in STUYVESANT doesnt appear
  95. PC Missing the Settings file and graphics settings won't save
  96. PC Not launching. Help please.
  97. PC [BUG] Stats
  98. PC Mission Glitch: Objective freezes
  99. constant CTD with no errors
  100. PC Can't get a reward for a storyline mission
  101. PC Fullscreen fake?
  102. PC Keep gettin stuck between many props !
  103. PC [PC] Bugged Echo's
  104. PC Unable to download The Division latest patch.
  105. PC No Sound on "The Division" help
  106. PC Texture loading and performance drop after 10 march patch.
  107. Graphical Glitches The Devision
  108. PC The Division vs ASUS GeForce GTX 570 Direct CU II
  109. PC GamePlay Issue: Finale quest: unknown signal
  110. PC Screen Flashing & Strange Things
  111. PC Bug When check blueprint from npc vendor
  112. PC Latest patch wont stop downloading
  113. PC Error code Delta 20010186
  114. PC The Division Weapon Talent Bug
  115. PC ECHO bugs
  116. No DLC on Uplay? Unable to "BUY NOW"
  117. PC Invisible Wall
  118. No video sound
  119. PC Echo cant collect
  120. My homebase is doing this for 2 days now
  121. JRF Friendly NPCs use incorrect dialogue for enemy factions
  122. Weird Gameplay issue
  123. PC Low FPS (max 15) | AMD | Hardware problem?
  124. Cosmetics
  125. PC [BUG] Crafted High End Knee-pads modslot not working
  126. [PC] Bug: Cannot access locked door after finishing Police Academy
  127. PC the 3 sets
  128. PC Scope keeps unequiping
  129. Microphone does not work
  130. PC Stutter/Choppy gameplay
  131. PC Stuck in spot
  132. MAIN MISSION BROKEN (Gamebreaking)
  133. PC Secondary mission 'Return to Flatiron District' not showing/activating
  134. PC Agent Origins PC Code
  135. Cosmetic items not showing up or changing in appearance tab
  136. PC Xbox One Controller - no trigger rumble.
  137. PC Abilities lock up / fail to activate
  138. PC Need a fix.
  139. My game is stuck on the uPlay launch screen. Any fixes?
  140. Sometimes Ballistic Shield will enter cooldown without giving you the shield
  141. PC Stuck in mission "Grand Central Station", objective "Defend Grand Central Terminal"
  142. Seeker Mines explode too far away from enemies
  143. PC Kernel mode driver
  144. PC Unable to select grenades or consumables
  145. PC Getting kicked out of a Mission/Group?
  146. Lag
  147. PC Game tries to download it again although I have installed it already
  148. PC Menu turns grey
  149. PC [PC] Invisible walls, Invisible NPCs, and Graphical Bug
  150. Mouse lag and beeping.
  151. PC Constant Stuttering ever 2-3 Seconds.
  152. Controllers on PC are broken now, invisible walls, etc
  153. PC Thank Ubisoft
  154. PC PC Restarts within few seconds of loading level
  155. PC BUG: invisible wall in parking
  156. PC Crafting Bug?
  157. Have not received DLC items.
  158. PC No answer from Support after support request 3-4 days ago. -Hazmat suit not granted.
  159. PC Menu turns Grey
  160. PC [BUG] S key terminates autorun on key up instead of key down
  161. [PC] Repo Reaper talent not working with Sawed Off Shotgun sidearm
  162. PC FPS Dropping when moving mouse
  163. Wrong Region Connection?
  164. PC Massive FPS drop in darkzone/missions when fights are crowded
  165. Multiple sound devices in system cause voice chat issues
  166. Bug/Glitch Mission: "Site de Production du Napalm"
  167. PC Invisible Wall in alley
  168. PC Graphical issues - Dont know what to call it
  169. PC Unusual Lag/Performance Issue
  170. UI bug showing wrong stats needs to be fixed ASAP, as it affects blueprint stats too.
  171. Are civilians supposed to have no legs? (Bug)
  172. Re-calibration Bug
  173. PC graphic bug black screen with multi color flickering
  174. What's an optimal Object Detail Setting at 4k?
  175. PC Reporting serious bug: Side Mission Bounty: Axel Wallis
  176. PC Intel failed to be recorded in field data
  177. PC Power Encounter Hells kitchen-Bug
  178. PC Russian translation
  179. PC Design fault
  180. PC CPU usage and Fram Drops
  181. PC Unavailable account
  182. PC PC Hard Lock (Freezing) when launching the game
  183. Ubisoft get your act together
  184. PC Characters are locked, but you force unlock them and go back to an earlier save
  185. why am i not getting the performance i should be?
  186. [BUG] Abilitys not working sometimes after revive
  187. PC Gun talents requirements met, shown as met, but not unlocked
  188. PC Possible Mike Error solution
  189. PC Red screen
  190. PC Twitch Streams and YouTube Videos Freezing While Playing.
  191. PC Booting up the Base of Operations mission bug
  192. PC Logitech Keyboard and Mouse issues
  193. PC Patch download stops. Uplay not responding. WHEN RELAUNCHED STARTS AGAIN AT 0%!!!FCK!
  194. PC Insane Cpu usage
  195. [Bug] Stats displaying incorrectly
  196. PC Season Pass Content (some Missing)
  197. PC Just return the game
  198. PC High ping for EU
  199. PC "Stuck" keys
  200. PC Garment District echos bugged cant 100% echos
  201. incorrect work Crossfire X
  202. Crash when using map
  203. PC Cant play anymore, stuck in a mission help me pleaaaase :(
  204. Unable to retrieve "Shortbows Sports Cap" even though participated in closed BETA
  205. PC Frame rate issues after patch
  206. PC Bought on Steam and activated on Uplay but Uplay says I need to activate it again
  207. PC Got no loot and exp on main quest
  208. PC Uplay Download Keeps restarting
  209. PC GPU is really hot in this game
  210. PC SLI Broken gtx 690
  211. visuals broken need repair ( dual monitor)
  212. PC Crash + monitor turn off
  213. PC Full screen really broken, windowed full screen is not a fix
  214. napalm production site mission (spawn point fix)
  215. Cant turn in "return to the hells kitchen safe house"
  216. PC Will beta hard drive data help in downloading the whole game ?
  217. PC Missing Person Michael Dufrane Part 4
  218. PC My Game does not appear in my library
  219. Skill Bug - Skills become unusable until reloading the game
  220. PC Cannot download patches
  221. anticheat
  222. PC UI Customization for Minimap
  223. Missing audio
  224. Shuttering Issue after 3 days of playing
  225. PC Recalibration Bug!
  226. Invisible walls
  227. High CPU usage/ low GPU usage.
  228. PC Lag - multiple purchases
  229. PC Never got a License Key and Ubisoft isn't any help.
  230. PC Playerstats are not changing
  231. was playing fine up until today
  232. PC Unretrievable Echo
  233. PC Lag/Disconnect
  234. PC Trying to report a hacker
  235. Connectivity Issues
  236. PC Delta 20000984 not connect
  237. Items disappearing after logout and crashes on 3/11 at around 9:30pm EST
  238. PC Codes aus Collectors Edition und Preorder Code funktionieren nicht.
  239. PC Haven't received my hazmat set, and parts of the other sets.
  240. [PC Bug] Echoes
  241. PC Invisible NPC,Real player and walls all time
  242. PC Judy Walters missing person quest glitch
  243. PC Unable to redeem the "AGENTORIGINS" code.
  244. PC account suspended?
  245. PC Game Crashes When Recording or Streaming
  246. Agent won't stop walking + other stuff
  247. Character Locked
  248. PC Unable to turn in Quest: Gramercy
  249. PC Incredibly poor performance since last 600MB patch...
  250. PC: Unable to extract loot from DZ, even though Stash is empty