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  1. PC Lone Star 2 pieces Bug?
  2. Multiply Crash!!!!
  3. PC Couldn't Move
  4. PC Tutorial keeps showing up
  5. PC PC crashes while downloading / game cannot be played
  6. game closes/crashes while doing weekly HVT
  7. [RESOLVED] Can't hear the main character talking to me
  8. When you move the screen, it moves like a picture.
  9. Exotic Weapons Missing after Logon - HELP!
  10. PC Underground disbanding group bug!!
  11. PC Crashes
  12. Items being deleted and random items added to your saved loadout?
  13. DELTA'S - 4 vs 3 in LS - Huge lag
  14. PC What is going on? - Delta problem after Delta problem
  15. division wont launch
  16. Division no ingame chat!
  17. PC cant start game
  18. PC The Division crash :(
  19. PC La configuracion esta bloqueada en alto
  20. alt tab crashes your garbage uplay platform
  21. Survival BUG. Major Glitch.
  22. Survival BUG. Major Glitch.
  23. Strange thing going on with Friends list?
  24. Legendary Amherst's Apartment BUG (went thru wall)
  25. Weird PC issues... no tech wing laptop, Striker 6pc not working
  26. PC NO SOUND when talking in Skype
  27. Sound
  28. PC Event Cache??
  29. Bug in Contamination building ate my keys.
  30. PC Unable to unlock "Someone's listening in" commendation
  31. dx12 renderer crashes when going on fullscreen [windowed] or fullscreen mode
  32. PC Commendations not awarding the correct score
  33. PC Account hacked!
  34. PC For that ban? What's with the antichit then?
  35. PC Division Gold disc installation issue
  36. PC The division keeps crashing in startup
  37. PC [RESOLVED] Ubisoft cloud saves doesn't work
  38. PC Problem launching the game (it crashes)
  39. PC Survival Phoenix Shield
  40. Delta, Mike, Romeo errors after maintainance
  41. PC Vsync Issue
  42. Lots of abends after latest update of The Division
  43. C-16-260
  44. PC Posting Images
  45. Extremly annoying shadow pop in bug
  46. PC My graphic settings and key bindings got reset everytime i launch the game
  47. PC Game crashing. Faulty display/graphics card driver & Windows Update Failing
  48. PC Account compromised. Unauthorised login
  49. PC Problems with gold edition
  50. PC Streets of New York Outfit Pack Not Claimable
  51. Global Event: Strike Jungle Mask not Tracking
  52. Commendation points not being rewarded
  53. PC No Account?
  54. HTTP ERROR 400 On Forum
  55. Game Breaking Glitch - D3 9K stamina + 10k firearms at the same time
  56. Game Lag After Update
  57. PC D3-FNC attributes bug
  58. The Division collectibles
  59. PC при запуске приложения юбисофта игра де
  60. sades mic not working
  61. PC It says trial ended when im playing during free weekend
  62. PC Вне диапазона
  63. The Division crashes in free weekend version
  64. PC Trial has ended
  65. PC Lower FPS Than on Review Sites
  66. [FPS Problem] I'm lagging with minimum configuration
  67. PC Language issue
  68. how to fic the didvison c-1-2-0-0 error plz help....
  69. Delta c-1-200
  70. PC dz9 bug
  71. PC how to install DLC from gold edition
  72. PC Is it possible to get a ban for this?
  73. PC Reporting a hacker
  74. PC Language problem (regİon locked)
  75. Survival multiple stuck player issues
  76. PC Load areas = low FPS?, screen freeze for 2 seconds.
  77. Double-purchase of the game
  78. PC Charged Full Price on Sale Day - No support response in > 48 hours.
  79. Severe Texture loading issues.
  80. the side mission rewards for m4521a design bugs
  81. Help your system purchased wrong item
  82. PC Romeo C-30-256 error
  83. PC failed problem paid DLC
  84. PC Help, i think i made something wrong
  85. PC the division delta c-1-200 error
  86. PC Just bought the game. Experiencing hard crashes where entire PC locks up
  87. PC Failure to load the game?
  88. PC My agent disappeared after turning off my pc!
  89. PC delta c-0-1302
  90. PC I've lost my Defiler
  91. 2018/9/19 game lag issue
  92. PC Hyper Threading - How does Snow Drop Engine deal with real cores vs Hyper Threading
  93. PC Never received purchased DLC, no response from CS on my ticket in 4 days.
  94. PC Black Screen
  95. PC Suporte - Intro
  96. PC Crashing after latest nvidia update
  97. PC Camp Clinton: Discover Camp Clinton
  98. your game is broken
  99. Unkillable Nomad Cannons
  100. PC Division Tech verschwunden
  101. Found Gandalf in the Division ????
  102. PC exotic weapon disappeared and twice didn't get weekly assignment cache
  103. PC Hoping to talk with someone in charge
  104. PC Game not loading .... :/
  105. PC HFTS Shadows crash game on RTX 2080
  106. PC Persistent UG mission
  107. PC Downloading Steam do download the game?
  108. PC purchase Season Pass The Division
  109. PC Meu Personagem Desapareceu... My character disappeared... :( :( :(
  110. PC RTX 2080 crash
  111. PC Enemies damage lag
  112. Want to play the Division? Mike says no.
  113. game crashes
  114. my items are disappeared from stash to inventory
  115. PC Gros ►BUG◄sur les evenement de contamination ..
  116. PC Gros ►BUG◄ sur les évènements de contamination ..
  117. Bug from 2015... Still not fixed and isn't in the "Known Issues List" !?
  118. Why is there no Stereo option for this game?
  119. PC Graphics Benchmark question
  120. 2k Gaming -- Direct x12 Render enabled -- BEST SETTINGS WITH NO CRASHES? Let's Do It
  121. PC Cannot complete agent activation first 5 minutes of the game
  122. PC ►BUG◄ sur les évènements de contamination ..
  123. PC HDR turns of when game starts
  124. PC the division камера поворачивается рывками
  125. PC What the **** is this?
  126. Uplay crashing?
  127. PC Disappeared The Division
  128. PC Lost friends
  129. PC The division não está abrindo
  130. PC Phone recording unavailable
  131. PC DZ Bug in The Deck Landmark
  132. Posters, clocks, firehoses, things on the wall looking ugly/not rendering?
  133. PC The Uplay games all crashing Orgins/The Division
  134. PC Completing a 3 phase 5 directive Challenging bug
  135. PC Bug Complete Division Shield : Hazard
  136. PC The remote name could not be resolved: 'uplayoverlay.ubi.com'
  137. Delta error
  138. hard to find any all update patch note
  139. PC Main Story Game Progression stuck at 94%
  140. PC Commendation bugged
  141. PC Undergorund Weekly Assignment
  142. PC Textures not loading properly pls helpppp.......
  143. PC Problem with game's progress
  144. PC Unplayable
  145. bug on resistance
  146. PC Does the game crash try this
  147. [RESOLVED] Game doesnt load after latest NVidia drivers
  148. crash too many times in a days
  149. uplay bug or somthing
  150. PC Onslaught GE Brutal Modifier, Non-funtioning
  151. language problem
  152. PC game missing
  153. PC cannot buy premium credit.
  154. PC I don't hear my own character sounds since couple days
  155. PC Disappeared - Recently Played - Friends Uplay
  156. Survival Consumable problem
  157. PC lag spikes
  158. PC Trying to start The Division, starts PTS instead
  159. PC Crashing when opening the Settings menu
  160. PC resolution bug
  161. PC Delta C-1-200
  162. PC Steam Uplay "crossover"
  163. Isn't commendations progress supposed to count across charactes?
  164. PC Errors
  165. PC [bug suspected?)west side hat trick achievement
  166. Constant Forced closes
  167. [PC] Invisible chopper in Survival
  168. PC Crash every 15/20 mn
  169. PC Game Crash on Launch
  170. Division closes to desktop with no error every 5 to 10 min
  171. delta c-0-1302
  172. PC Colors glitching across top of screen
  173. PC GE- OUTBREAK Commendations
  174. PC how to report cheating in DZ
  175. Keyboard in chat turns from AZERTY to QWERTY or cyrillic
  176. PC Neutralize Lieutenants but there are none to be found at coordinates
  177. PC "Talented" talent on a weapon does not trigger
  178. PC Kit Bonus not working with Material from same group
  179. PC medikit survival bug
  180. PC I can't log in to uplay
  181. PC Keyboard Input lag
  182. Enemies getting shocked status effect then 'skating' to destination
  183. PC CHEATER name;chasewd
  184. Phoenix Shield Survial Time Not Counting
  185. PC Insane LAG for the past couple days
  186. PC Bug report: Missing golden parts in pouches, inventory
  187. PC Selected for Tech Alpha not showing in Library/noKey
  188. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  189. PC troubleshooting for various issues
  190. Connection issues? Check here!
  191. PC Game crash without Event in Event Log or error
  192. PC Regarding Platform
  193. PC No server connection
  194. PC There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  195. PC Trial Period Time
  196. Experiencing crashing on the division
  197. PC The division still crash after all those years
  198. PC Stuck moving forward, for x amount of time
  199. PC Entry Point Not Found???
  200. PC Having trouble starting the game from Steam
  201. PC log in issue on steam
  202. PC WSP phone recordings problems.
  203. PC The Division Is Crashing For Every ~15 Minutes While DX12 Renderer Is On
  204. Tom Clancys The Division (1)
  205. PC Frozen game when trying to connect
  206. PC Paul Rhodes
  207. PC Receiving Uplay Crash Error when starting The Division
  208. PC developers please help me to play with my friends :(
  209. PC Graphics problem (missing textures)
  210. Windowed (Fullscreen) returns to Windowed everytime you restart the game.
  211. PC jam bug in survival mode
  212. PC Stuck at 122/168 phones - cannot pick up remaining phones.
  213. Tutorial bug on testing primary weapon
  214. All Players Currently Bulletproof
  215. Problem with Crates and Consumables objects
  216. PC PC skirmish sometimes gun can not shoot
  217. Have all Exotic but no new shield
  218. Need more space in my bage for complete the shield
  219. PC Problem when I try to play
  220. PC story mission (replay), NPC fire from wrong way
  221. PC Game keeps crashing randomly
  222. PC Game Randomly Crashing every 10 minutes
  223. PC Multiple Monitors Issue! Game Unplayable
  224. PC The Division Screen Is Tearing Up Out Of Nothing
  225. PC Issue: Return to Flatiron Safehouse not completable..
  226. PC Jessica Kandel missing
  227. PC Bad playing condition...
  228. PC Nvidia Drivers crash - Every now and then. Unplayable.
  229. Button space as cover
  230. 1 Ticket for 3 hackers???
  231. PC Graphic artifacting with DeadEye backpack
  232. PC [RESOLVED] Crashing
  233. Crashing
  234. PC Trial timer is active in non-trial game
  235. PC Main caracter not available anymore | disappeared from the mainscreen
  236. PC Reinstalling game, having trouble connecting it to UPlay.
  237. PC strike GE, strike boss killer achievement issue
  238. Since maintenance issues
  239. Perma Banned - Don't know why.
  240. PC Stuttering followed by a crash
  241. PC GPU at 99% and power usage high
  242. PC Crashing after upgrade to RTX2070
  243. PC Cant Download The Division per Uplay
  244. PC Got Banned ?
  245. pls help
  246. Freezing.. and freezing.
  247. PC Game crashes after main missions.
  248. PC division fps drop, gpu dropping to 0 for a second or so
  249. Got The Division from Humblebundle, activation doesn't work
  250. PC Blackscreen On game start