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  1. Bugs at Grand Central Station
  2. CronusMax
  3. PC 1.8.1 DZ6 Church Safehouse Spawn in Staircase
  4. PC 1.8.1 Underground environment hitbox issue
  5. PC 1.8 Mobile Cover Deploying Bug
  6. PC 1.8.1 NPC Grenade Launcher Pre-Stagger
  7. PC 1.8.1 Turret not affected by disruptor bug DZ
  8. PC 1.8.1 DZ Desync Shoot through truck
  9. PC 1.8.1 Grenade Pre-stagger
  10. PC 1.8.1 DZ Missing Grenade Red Circle Bug
  11. PC 1.8.1 Turret too far bugged skill
  12. PC Since the new update i cant play the game at all ! what is going on ?
  13. PC Stucked outside of the map and in cyclic reloading in the Underground...
  14. Mouse controls dont work....
  15. PC loss of games and Seazon pass
  16. PC I lost my games
  17. New glitch/exploit?
  18. PC The Division Constantly Crashing
  19. PC Mass Delta and Mike errors
  20. cheaters in the DZ
  21. DELTA error
  22. Weekly Cache gone after maintenance
  23. PC Delta Error every 10-15 minutes!
  24. PC Div Tech unuasable
  25. PC GE-Blackout Mask does not show me
  26. PC delta error
  27. PC Loot gone after disconnect
  28. The Division
  29. Full Screen Mode Fix.
  30. PC The division stopped working
  31. PC 500+ Hours without any problems, 1.8.1 arrives game breaks completely down
  32. PC [BUG] Completed commendation for GE mask but it's not in inventory
  33. PC Played for hours yesterday. Today can't even launch the game.
  34. PC error
  35. We Will, We Will Shock You commendation not counting
  36. PC High Voltage commendation bugged
  37. PC Commendation [No Time To Die]
  38. PC Annoying Survival kick/lag Bug/Glitch
  39. PC Non stop freezing
  40. PC 1.8.1 Global Event: Delta, Delta, Mike, Mike, Mike, Delta, should I go on...
  41. PC Losing game progression / Item, etc
  42. PC [GE-Blackout/Random Freeze]
  43. PC Render Initialization failed
  44. PC Striker and Alpha Bridge 6 piece stacked?? I think I saw it!
  45. PC Division Crashes
  46. PC Wrong uplay account activation
  47. PC Falcon Lost ( Bugged )
  48. PC Since 1.8.1 Division always start in Windowed mode
  49. Render Initialization Fail and DX12 issues
  50. PC Getting "Two" Exotic Classified at once from One Field Proficiency Cache?
  51. I'm confused
  52. PC Hunter Kills Survival Commendation Error
  53. Wrong Wing Points rewarded for Amherst and Grand Central on Legendary
  54. Logitech gamepad G13 doesnt work in TD?
  55. Why are posts deleted
  56. Survival Bug
  57. need help
  58. GE Outbreak - Unable to advance Kill Streak
  59. GE Assault - Unable to advance Fast Mover
  60. GE Assault - Unable to equip / wear "Face Time - Flaming Skull" Arm Patch
  61. GE Ambush - Unable to advance past 4/5 in "Full Sweep"
  62. GE Blackout - Unable to advance "High Voltage"
  63. GE Blackout - We Will, We Will Shock Commendation not working
  64. Standard JTF Currency - Credits no longer appear to be increasing / registering
  65. Vanity Items / Clothing no longer dropping during missions etc
  66. Crashing in The Division
  67. PC Render initialization failed. Game won't start.
  68. PC Great big mother-of-Bliss FPS drops
  69. PC Game shutting down
  70. PC GE Credits Per Hour Inaccurate
  71. PC Reward for completing global event Blackout
  72. stuck in connecting
  73. PC CPU Utilization while in a group
  74. PC Why is taking so long to load game after Windows April update.
  75. When is the multi gear set glitch getting fixed?
  76. PC Game keep crashing after the 1.8.1 update
  77. PC Screen stuck on "Warning before play"
  78. damage
  79. Corvus Foreshadowing?
  80. Weird fuzzy screen
  81. PC Missing Kills
  82. Crash Crash Crash.
  83. PC crash before warning screen
  84. Performance issues
  85. PC Level of equipment
  86. PC Delta & Mike errors 5 minutes after onslaught event has begun!
  87. PC Again? really? GE crashes
  88. PC What the Hell is wrong with you guys??
  89. PC Onslaught NPC has no weakness
  90. PC Banned for 14 days and Insta banned permanently.
  91. PC image bug
  92. Come on Ubisoft. I thought we've been over this
  93. Tive minha conta banida
  94. PC Surround sound problem (dialog)
  95. Servers are incredibly bad and broken
  96. PC This doesn't add up
  97. PC Render Issue
  98. Please Help. Weapons missing from my Stash
  99. PC Commendation points incorrectly allocated
  100. PC the division
  101. It's A Gas Commendation Discription Mismatch
  102. PC Commendation Points - "No Account"
  103. Deadeye and on****ht
  104. Cant install game from CD
  105. customer service
  106. PC Communication problems with a specific player
  107. PC cant receive reward of friend invitation :(
  108. Problem authenticating ownership of product
  109. PC The division won't start/ pop ip
  110. Global Event Officer (Onslought)
  111. PC 6 months later...Inventory still bugged
  112. PC Refer problems
  113. I was ****ed by constant flights in the windows 10
  114. PC Extreme stuttering / high disk usage
  115. PC Activating Steam Trial using Uplay Key
  116. PC The Division Delta C-1-200 error need some help pls
  117. PC Bug Report: Weird Door in Underground 1.8.1.
  118. PC Indestructible
  119. West Side Pier Commendation: Someone's listening in
  120. PC ROMEO P-59-100 error code no reply from UBI support
  121. PC Language issues
  122. Pied version running as demo Version
  123. PC Help
  124. PC Can't Build Medical Wing
  125. PC Random Freezes
  126. PC Massive UG Lag after Maintainence
  127. Waiting
  128. Nvidia Surround showing "middle" screen on far right
  129. PC When sharing items with another player, items go missing
  130. PC Multiple button presses on Steam Controller
  131. PC Crashing on Cinimatic
  132. PC Delta Delta Delta
  133. PC Lag (ping) at specific times?
  134. PC [BUG] Audio logs from Camp Clinton area don't play anymore - non english only
  135. PC The problem is still unresolved.
  136. No Interaction With Loot Boxes (DARK ZONE only)
  137. Getting Ban After The Game Crash And getting BlueScreen
  138. PC Store Purchases from in-game Premium Vendor...
  139. Consolidation
  140. PC What is wrong with this game with logitech input lag??
  141. PC Delta c-1-200
  142. PC Multiple problems
  143. PC delta c-0-1302
  144. PC How to buy EU version (while my account already has RU)
  145. PC FPS stutter/drops
  146. PC Weird yellow flashing on ground when facing a certain direction
  147. PC kein sound
  148. Possible Fix for Delta errors
  149. PC The Missing Link
  150. Uplay not connecting, server queues and not able to see friend s since 1.8.2
  151. No friends list
  152. PC Uplay play button instead of an install button
  153. PC Payment fail need help
  154. Game Crashes when switching to windowed fullscreen AND fullscreen
  155. Crashes
  156. Blackscreen
  157. PC Win 10 tranditional chinese input method in in-game chat dialog not work
  158. PC Lost Deadeye Cache due to game crash
  159. Teleported outside of instance
  160. PC can't start the game
  161. Sound bug
  162. Beta
  163. Annoying pop-up screens
  164. PC 16 million Credits missing and not saving new ones earned.
  165. PC registration beta /shields
  166. Opening game lowers sound in other windows
  167. PC Walking Running Issue error
  168. PC "Lockpickable" door not opening
  169. 'Suggested Friends' list not refreshing/updating since 1.8.2
  170. The Division - Starting/Installation Issues
  171. Invisible enemies and walls
  172. PC Commendation glitch
  173. Game wont start
  174. PC All Boss disappeared at Madison
  175. Phone Recording Week one #11 Bug
  176. PC Slow/sluggish movement npc's and myself
  177. The Division PC Text Shadow Issue
  178. Low fps problems sometimes in the game
  179. PC Running as a background process
  180. PC Strange Screen Bugs
  181. PC Black Screen Start Up (Out of Ideas on how to fix)
  182. PC The Division Launch Error
  183. Light flicker glitch/How do I fix it
  184. PC Delta C-1-200
  185. Sound is messed up
  186. PC Error ar start the game
  187. PC Why Game is lagging so badly on pc?
  188. PC Game is not showing in games library
  189. "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product"
  190. PC Textures and enemy AI not loading
  191. PC Freezes for 2-1 seconds every few seconds when I shoot or running around
  192. PC I got a bug echo
  193. Different e-mail addresses between Uplay and Steam
  194. PC I deleted a character
  195. Commendation Issue
  196. PC Problems with streams/videos when playing The Division on 144hz
  197. PC steam
  198. PC Banned C-16-260
  199. Problems with logon
  200. PC Orthograph mistake
  201. steam link
  202. lag? or a bug in outbreak?
  203. PC Settings just Changed
  204. PC Cant redeem Uplay rewards through Rewards Claim Vendor
  205. I am getting Delta C1200 Errors!
  206. PC The Division having trouble activating
  207. PC Game doesn't start
  208. PC Alt+Tab Crash
  209. PC No sound
  210. In game lag problem..
  211. Crash on connecting screen
  212. PC Napalm Production Site vs. Pistol Only and No Medkit achievements
  213. Uplay pop-up crashes game
  214. PC PC Striker's persistence tooltip wrong
  215. Character moves without any movement keys pressed
  216. PC Can't change microphone options
  217. Question about Delta errors....
  218. PC 游戏连接问题
  219. PC Mixed up sounds
  220. PC Gear stats bug
  221. PC "Talk to Jessica Kandel" interaction not appearing after Madison Field Hospital done
  222. Cant redeem Uplay Reward Outfits
  223. PC the division delta c-0-1302 error
  224. i crash when i try to fullscreen
  225. PC Division won't go into Fullscreen
  226. I need help please.
  227. Grand Central Legendary glitches
  228. PC Question about Disappearing bosses....
  229. NPCs all "warp" when you open fire? (PC)
  230. PC Terrible Hunter Flayer? \_(~_~)_/
  231. PC When i do alt+tab the game crash
  232. PC Game will not launch.
  233. PC the division
  234. PC Stuck Place in Survival...
  235. Uplay Friends list
  236. Pressing forward key (w) while leaving cover makes you vault over the cover.
  237. PC Madison Field Hospital BUG: Out of payable area
  238. PC Uplay friend suggestion
  239. Dz Contamination Bug Still Exists Post Patch 1.8.2
  240. PC Decisive Talent
  241. PC Pulse skill
  242. The damascus
  243. PC The Division SP - Uplay Key activation on Steam?
  244. Will using SweetFX in The Division get you banned?
  245. PC Hunter's Faith w/ Devil & Heel
  246. PC Bug Complete Division Shield : Sacred
  247. Games crashes
  248. PC Map generating light bugs - how to fix this problem?
  249. Rewards claim vendor has no caches on the resource tab
  250. PC Error 0xc000007b