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  1. PC Napalm Legendary Flawless
  2. PC PC (Mouse Lag/Unplayable Game)
  3. I didnt get what i payed for
  4. PC game code activated, but not showing up in library
  5. Coop Missions Not Sharing
  6. game not starting
  7. PC Division stuck outside area
  8. Weapons keep randomly swapping!
  9. List of current issues doesn NOT include the grenade glitch?!?
  10. PC {visual bug} classified reclaimer support pack shoulder straps are invisible.
  11. PC Every 5 minutes DELTA C-0-1296
  12. PC Dx12 Muddy Textures PC
  13. PC The Division Won't Launch
  14. PC Banned permanently.
  15. Cannot Jump Fire In Underground.
  16. PC The Division say 'running' but not launch
  17. Predator's Mark DOES NOT ignore Bleed Resistance
  18. Crash on Intro, High Ram Usage
  19. PC RPM loadout exploit and Predators Mark
  20. PC could not add my friend in uplay friend list
  21. Whisper System Issue
  22. PC Clipping issues
  23. PC Нашивки
  24. i can`t open any cache Division Tech in DZ HEEELP
  25. No maintenance and it shows.
  26. I can`t open any cache box in Dark Zone
  27. PC Logitech G13 not detected?
  28. application error
  29. NOT account wide commendations
  30. PC No timer on stage 5 (boos) Pier 93
  31. PC Underground weekly missions broken by daily mission bug
  32. PC UI Elements Blurry
  33. Lieutenant is in the ground?
  34. Can't activate DLC from Steam in Uplay
  35. PC extraction point problem
  36. PC WSP Unauthorized Access Mission Bug
  37. PC PC Skills don't trigger or don't trigger but don't activate
  38. So thats this game now?
  39. 1.8 Loadout bug in Firepower/Toughness/Skill Power numbers?
  40. Reclaimer Station fix?
  41. PC Season Pass Missing Sawed-Off Shotgun Add-on
  42. PC Getting Hacked
  43. Error on the last page of the order
  44. Optimazation station not working
  45. game keep crashing after i press continue and loading.
  46. new pc build Is game Acheivements saved after reinstaling the game ?
  47. PC and Xbox controller not working
  48. PC Dark Zone Weekly Not Updating
  49. PC my games be Russian today
  50. PC Can't leave Survival
  51. The Division Distortion sound
  52. PC Character keeps moving after key release.
  53. PC render initialization error
  54. PC The Division wont launch but the process starts
  55. PC Use the first character to start the game, the game crashes when loaded to 14%
  56. PC Banned c-16-260
  57. Characters will not load!! Wants to start new game
  58. PC can I use The Division Cinematic Tools?
  59. Red circles in legendary missions
  60. PC Napalm Production Site mission crash
  61. Key to swap between Primary and Secondary weapon only? (No Pistol)
  62. PC Not getting caches in resistance
  63. Game audio randomly goes quiet
  64. Disappearing Weapons in 1.8
  65. There was an error authenticating the owner of this product
  66. Can't matchmake for custom mission UG
  67. The Division 1.8 | Cheater encounter in Last Stand "Redrum.exe" (2018.02.24)
  68. Heavy lags/stuttering since yesterday?!
  69. PC Last Stand "Hitlist" Commendation Possible Bug?
  70. PC M870 shotgun doesn't display reload speed correctly
  71. PC Seeker mines still frequently stick on the ground and can not be cancelled.
  72. Division PTS
  73. PC cant click anything on menu
  74. Optimization Problems
  75. PC I have been banned without any reason
  76. Sneeze Emote
  77. tetris ultimate uplay link opens Steam
  78. PC crash loading characters
  79. I want my 100 uPlay units back.
  80. PC Cannot interact with Dark Zone Chests..
  81. PC Global event problem
  82. PC [UPlay] Game will not launch
  83. Self clearing landmarks issue
  84. How do you get Twitch Drops to work?
  85. Blocked from twitch Drops ... How Do I Correct?
  86. Stash bug
  87. PC is this a bug?
  88. PC Twitch Cypher Keys Drops Bug
  89. My 3000+ Threadripper PC can not run Division
  90. Missing Character
  91. PC Buying Cipher Keys with Club Units disappeared
  92. Why do we only have 4 character slots? Can we please buy more through dlc?
  93. PC Broken texture on a cosmetic item
  94. PC Game crashing and Locking up
  95. Please do not ban me, I think I've been hacked
  96. PC Uplay Registry installs ID
  97. PC Premiacao level 3 evento global
  98. Error Delta-C-1-200
  99. Loading Issues March 7
  100. Can't Submit Support Ticket
  101. PC Stuttering and Texture loading issue
  102. PC Just purchased...
  103. Performance Issues, Lag, FPS Stuttering on Windows 10
  104. PC [visual bug] Bliss holster on female bodies is bugged
  105. PC Continuous Auto Rogue Status
  106. I keep crashing when booting
  107. PC Lexington Rooftop
  108. PC Pts 1.8.1.
  109. PC collapse simulator does'nt work
  110. Global Event bugs
  111. PC In It Together Commendation Bugged
  112. PC GE Assault - Face time commendation patch never received even though completed
  113. PC Microphone does not work when a particular friend is in my group
  114. PC language
  115. PC My agent runs slower than others?
  116. Emo Commendation reward bugs
  117. PC No Piggy Mask
  118. PC No Clown Mask
  119. PC The Division: Unable to Claim "Sneeze" emote from Rewards Vendor
  120. PC Assault Mini-Event Commendation Fast Mover Bugged
  121. PC [BUG] Dossier > Commendations > GE Assault > Face Time
  122. PC Saved item from my loadouts has disappeared!?!
  123. PC Controller issue
  124. PC Completed Falcon lost - No down (Crucial Assult) But didnt count for - No Surrender!
  125. PC Delta error pls help
  126. Urban MDR exotic bug??!
  127. PC No rewards for global event
  128. Only receiving 1 twitch drop per show or broadcast instead of 1 every 30mins.
  129. PC Global Event Tier 3 Leaderboard ranking but didn't get the vanity items
  130. PC Missing GE rewards
  131. PC Can't install The Division
  132. PC problem with the game
  133. PC Dialogues are missing/skipping?
  134. PC crashing when going to fuillscreen
  135. PC Missing Face Time reward patch
  136. PC Trashing Locked Mods
  137. It has happened 3 times already the UG daily mission does not register
  138. Graphic Flickering on 1.8
  139. PC I can't shoot!!
  140. Picking around commendation bugs
  141. PC Can't collect items while have empty slots in backpack.
  142. Underground audio STILL broken..
  143. PC {BUG} UI not showing emotes icons in emote menu
  144. PC 1st shot fired ALWAYS deal 0 dmg
  145. PC The Division Service is currently unavailable Please try again later
  146. PC [UPLAY] Stuck at 3.03GB when downloading the game.
  147. In game chat is not working
  148. PC [GE Strike] "Call Security!" and "Security Officer" not working for Stolen Signal
  149. PC item disappeared
  150. Not shutting down
  151. PC Bugs in Stolen Signal
  152. Commendation Self-Destruction BUG
  153. PC TommyGun is gone... (((
  154. PC ECHOs Buggy - Cant get collected
  155. Item Disappeared from Inventory
  156. Patch not awarded
  157. premium credit store is empty
  158. Please fix this glitch AGAIN
  159. paul rhodes bug
  160. PC Using D3-FNC set with ballistic shield locks out SMG weapon swap
  161. PC High CPU usage on Threadripper - Crashes and Stutter - Unable to PLAY!!!!
  162. Does support ever bother to respond???
  163. The division causes computer reboot
  164. PC Discord
  165. PC Name change issue
  166. PC Congratulations Reward @ Rewards Vendor Notification
  167. PC Main character got deleted
  168. Lauching problem
  169. Game crashes
  170. PC Detonating 2 powerful BFB bombs causes an error within Lexington Event Center
  171. Mouse Lag. When mouse move, have lag badly(not playable) 1st time buy The Division
  172. PC haven't played since 1.6, now I have very heavy stuttering
  173. Forget google authenticator
  174. Larae Buggy Barrett
  175. CTD near Autumn's Hope
  176. Missing UPLAY POINTS
  177. One dedicated server for PvE players PLEASE
  178. PC Horrible net connectivity
  179. PC Stuck on the wheel of selection
  180. [PC] Face Time Commendation Patch Bug
  181. Fast Mover Commendation
  182. PC So Im a Prime Twitch Member And.....
  183. Missing Firecrest Classified after Maintenance
  184. PC Visual bug on jackets
  185. Using A to Go Cover to Cover or B to vault over quit working after I was activated
  186. PC The Division crashes after Uplay Update ?
  187. PC Cannot interacte with anything in Dark Zone
  188. PC Game volume drops down every time I deactivate Push-to-Talk
  189. crash crash crash... it keeps on crashing
  190. PC Game performance is unplayable after Windows 10 - 1709 update.
  191. PC Pakhan Meticulous Bug Report
  192. PC admin console?
  193. Grenades stun my character before they land
  194. PC A bug with elevator in Lexington
  195. Rogue kills not registering!!!
  196. Anybody else randomly crashing on PC?
  197. PC Help!! Error when trying to start the game!!
  198. PC avatar is gone two time
  199. PC Neutralise lieutenants bug!!! when trying for Unauthorized access mission
  200. PC predatory bug
  201. PC HELP! Purchased Gold Edition, only got the PTS!!!
  202. PC Update Download Failed!
  203. PC Reload Bug
  204. PC Got a slight issue.
  205. account suspended for no reason
  206. PC Division keeps crashing
  207. PC Character Gone and replaced with beta character
  208. PC I deleted my character by mistake
  209. PC Closing/crashing no error
  210. PC Characters Changed!
  211. Romeo Error
  212. PC banned without playing???
  213. PC Website Bug
  214. 1.8.1 Last stand only spawn in base bug
  215. 1.8.1 really?
  216. PC Windowed Fullscreen Bug in latest 1.8.1 (PC)
  217. Crash on Launch
  218. PC Performance regression on latest 1.8.1 patch (PC)
  219. PC Cannot launch game after 1.8.1 update
  220. PC Not Received my Premium Credits
  221. It is impossible to start the game after the patch 1.8.1
  222. PC Delta c-0-1302
  223. Since the update I can't play, graphics are broken and the screen shakes ever so slig
  224. PC High Delay - Brazilian Players
  225. PC Stuck Rioter on 12th Ave
  226. PC 1.8.1 have a bug on the localized audio, no audio voice of ISAC, Benitez etc..
  227. PC Manhunt Clear Bug 1.8.1
  228. 1.8.1 Grenade Launcher Pre-stagger
  229. PC Division keeps shutting down for no reason
  230. BUG: Stuck behind a door at grand central station. (screenshot)
  231. Not getting rewards I claimed from the Ubisoft Club
  232. Warrengate door still bugged in 2018
  233. PC Empty description for blackout global event in last stand matchmaking loading screen
  234. PC Grand Central Station End Lag
  235. no global access with 1.8.1 april 13, 2018 on PC
  236. PC Claiming a reward for mission in Midtown east safe house
  237. PC Game not working - support ticket created - no answer 1 week later
  238. PC Invisible wall or obstruction
  239. PC Loading screen hangs at 99%
  240. PC German dialogue files are missing.
  241. Division crashing: Seemingly tried everything
  242. Roadie Jacket Patch Bug
  243. PC BFB And Cluster Seeker Bugs
  244. PC game not playable
  245. PC Crashses during legendary missions wince 1.8.1
  246. PC <Name Removed> - Hacker Patch 1.8.1 Everyone report him ASAP VIDEO PROOF
  247. Division Tech Not Being Awarded
  248. PC Update 1.8.1 bug with textures
  249. Delta c-0-1302 Error
  250. PC Forgotten South America Players. Extreme lag issues