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  1. signature skills dont always work
  2. where the known issues list ????
  3. PC Nomad Goes On Cooldown when matchmaking in DZ
  4. PC Long wait for onject, walls and enemies to load
  5. PC Rescue Operation Shirt patch glitch.
  6. PC Cant finish a single Skirmish/Last Stand game without a crash
  7. texture loading issue in 1.8
  8. PC Quick and stupid question
  9. PC Exotic Gear collection bug, cannot equip
  10. DX12 rendering, when do you plan to fix definitely its problems?
  11. Sent to spawn after revived in Skirmish mode PVP.
  12. PC Possible to use retail game files with a Steam license?
  13. PC CPU hitting 100% when playing
  14. PC Broken Mouse? Only in Division
  15. PC Material Conversion Wrong Text Englisch & German
  16. PC No 5.1 sound on digital out
  17. PC Shadow pop in/ load in issue.
  18. PC Missing Bonus Drops - Named Bosses & Daily HVT's 01/05/2018
  19. PC Gearscore changes again some time after optimizing
  20. Frame Drops
  21. PC Items disappear from inventory, Some gone forever.
  22. Stash is always full when extracting.
  23. PC Can't update The Division
  24. extremly hard bug in game
  25. Delta C 1- 200
  26. PC Delta C 1- 200
  27. Resistance Exploit - Unlimited SHD - Solo-able
  28. Division Keeps Crashing
  29. Classified item turning into non-classified when "Poor connection to host server"
  30. FPS drops and stuttering
  31. PC Unplayable!!! delta error c-1-200
  32. PC The Sellout Commendation (General) doesnt increment if $credit limit reached
  33. PC Game crashing
  34. Bugs
  35. NPCs with no heads or arms and strobe like flashing coming from NPC faces.
  36. PC Rubber banding, lag, stutter while playing
  37. PC Game stuttering - 90% Stuttering on Low and 10% stuttering on Ultra, heh?
  38. Cant Login Via Steam keeps asking the Keycode!!!
  39. PC Why are my settings always saved even if...
  40. PC Can't complete Time Square mission turn in
  41. PC Items not in inventory when teaming up(bug)
  42. PC Items lost permanently after sharing with group.
  43. DLC Outfits not all appearing in rewards vendor
  44. PC So my account was hacked...
  45. PC Please unlock my Fair Play Tom Clancy's The Division.
  46. Turret middle in the air
  47. PREMIUM CREDITS Not coming through.
  48. PC Quarantine Plastic Door [Invisible Wall]
  49. Delta C-1-200
  50. PC [PC] Unable to Collect Echo (General #10)
  51. PC Underground - Weekly Reward - 3 Phases 5 directives without 5 Directives
  52. PC Hackers in Action
  53. PC how do you launch the main game
  54. PC DX12 Fullscreen is still crashing game
  55. Accidentally overwrited my Fire-crest loadout :(
  56. DX12 Texture Flickering
  57. PC NPC Gives me lag
  58. Delta c-0-1296
  59. PC Game crashes on start up.
  60. PC I think I was able to find a fix for Delta C-1-200 error
  61. Pulse critical hit damage mod doesn't work with precision talent
  62. SHD Transmission 2
  63. PC [Op] 204 -228 weapons
  64. PC Trial to full version
  65. PC Game crashes with random colored screen.
  66. PC Game feels really glitchy... C-2-229 DELTA
  67. PC I Cannot Hear Any Diologue
  68. PC Why is the demo as big as the actual game?
  69. PC Rainbow 6 Slots Commendation Bug
  70. PC Reload Time UI BUG
  71. PC Phoenix Credits Pack
  72. Uplay key the division help
  73. PC Resistance boss wave
  74. Freezes when enemies "spawn" in WSP
  75. PC can i get division to steam?
  76. PC Story order/scripting problems Russian Consulate
  77. PC Queens Tunnel Camp a bit aggressive in the server (relative to other content)
  78. PC free Manhunt glitch
  79. hole in the underground.
  80. PC 1.8 Update
  81. PC Graphic Glitch at top of screen since installing a GTX 1080
  82. PC: Sercret Mission didnt give weapon cache
  83. PC Carrying item bug
  84. PC DX12 problems
  85. PC UG restock bug
  86. Jagged shadows
  87. Items Lost Due to Phase Transition
  88. Message: BANNED-C-16-260
  89. Hockey mask clipping issue with the Beanie hats
  90. PC Barrett Hiding in the hallway
  91. PC Invisible helicopter in survival not fixed
  92. Xbox controller X button does not interact (Help)
  93. PC PC: Heavy stuttering when in-game FPS cap settings is enabled.
  94. PC Game Won't Launch At all - No error popup
  95. PC PC (Underground Kinetic Armor modifier not working as intended)
  96. PC PC (Unable to pick up loot dropped inside ECHO)
  97. PC PC (Mask/cap clipping)
  98. PC Audio Delay after 1 hour playing
  99. Interact does not work with controllers
  100. PC Gear ability not optimizable?
  101. PC The Division not showing up on Steam
  102. Season Pass Supply Drops not Happening for me!
  103. Character Transfer
  104. PC Stuck on Launch Screen
  105. PC I accidently delete my character can u please help me?
  106. Underground and Hunter spawns.
  107. PC game resets ingame mouse sensitivity.... over and over again!
  108. PC Account hacked now banned
  109. PC Darkzone Stash Issue??
  110. Intro video and all other videos, are choppy
  111. PC Banned C-16-260
  112. PC Unathorized access mission bug in WSP
  113. PC Reduced polling rate to 125 and still mouse stuttering while movement
  114. Not saving my progress to Checkpoints at Brooklyn police precinct
  115. Secret mission weapon reward doesn't show in recalibration.
  116. World Tier 5 Fully optimized GS 280 on exotic.
  117. PC skill slot becomes unusable after mobile cover disables
  118. PC Scan ability no longer functioning
  119. Secret Mission glitch - infinite caches
  120. PC Ban Dispute
  121. Open my Character on a friend's PC
  122. PC Still no anti-cheat? Ubisoft YOU SUCK!
  123. PC Secret mission glitch: No rewards given (I was host with SHD 1 + 2 completed)
  124. PC "Chromatic aberation" how can I turn off ??
  125. delta c-1-200 the division
  126. Buggy World Geometry Electronics Store 10th Ave & W 49th St
  127. Misplaced Texture Camp Clinton Premium Vendor
  128. PC Sound Issue - slowed down sound
  129. Seeker mines getting "confused" in Underground
  130. PC Resistence does not count the waves
  131. After 2 years, the exact same crash keeps happening
  132. Stuck on either the warning screen or black screen (PC)
  133. PC Infinite score glitch in Survival
  134. Can't log in, because I changed my phone
  135. All Characters GONE after logging back in!
  136. The Game doesn't count my finished misions !!!!
  137. PC Graphic problems
  138. PC Account banned, no reason given
  139. PC romeo c-27-367 error
  140. PC Servers Lagging- India
  141. I lost the loot
  142. game doesn't save checkpoints in Brooklyn
  143. PC Crashing during gameplay
  144. PC West Side Piers - "Investigate the Secret Room" yields no rewards
  145. PC i cant chat in game
  146. Gear Score Drop
  147. PC: Suprising things not on the known issues list
  148. PC crash all day
  149. Still with the invisible walls and invisible enemies
  150. PC Terrible lag
  151. PC My Account Is Being Compromised
  152. PC BUG? - Mass Extraction Commendtion
  153. PC lost item
  154. PC How long to wait on trouble ticket response?
  155. PC Crashed drone
  156. PC The division don't launch
  157. PC Crash on startup
  158. Uplay Activation key
  159. PC The Division Ban Dispute
  160. PC The Division Crashing after scheduled maintenance.
  161. PC Lost Weapon
  162. Lexington Farming - Ambush Event
  163. PC problem about my email
  164. Contaminated items in Inventory
  165. Tech Time commendation bugged?
  166. PC Floating car tracks
  167. Lonestar 6 piece bug
  168. Extremely long connecting/loading screens
  169. PC Unbelievable lag and loading times since GE started
  170. PC Extremely lag (Dublin, IE)
  171. problem log in ubplay's
  172. unable to login in with a specific character
  173. PC Little bit of a reload-cancel bug for LMG's
  174. PC Last stand in GE - Not able to play games - stuck in matchmaking
  175. PC terrible lag on my division that because the issue lag
  176. PC Error Delta C-1-200
  177. PC Framerate Cap Option Causes Stutters in DX11 mode.
  178. PC Audio issue in Lincoln Tunnel
  179. PC Login issues
  180. Bugs From legendary timesquare after the first UG area with tactitians.
  181. PC Tech Time, Technically Doable and Perfect Execution bugged and poopy.
  182. PC Crashes when I change to full screen or windowed full screen
  183. PC "The Division has stopped working" on Startup
  184. PC Fire Coat of Arms
  185. PC Danish Spell check
  186. Mic Not Working
  187. PC Audio Problems with the Division
  188. Items going into extraction bag after landmark cleared on PC
  189. the division crashes in game
  190. Remove the shadow effect over the UI?
  191. PC Fix the gear score reset bug
  192. my gear set 5 & 6 not active
  193. PS4 Pc - ps4
  194. PS Hunter's Faith Last Bullet Bug
  195. PC Alpha Bridge broke, Kills not activating the mini ults
  196. PC Dragon's Nest not marking as complete in GE Vendor > Missions screen
  197. PC Workaround for crashing on game start-up
  198. PC weapon from saved loadout gone
  199. PC Downloading issues. I'm desperate - I've opened 3 cases already and no solution
  200. PC there was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product
  201. PC Gear Disappearing
  202. Game lowered my player level twice.
  203. PC The game didn't admit Global Event #4 "Ambush" points.
  204. GE Ambush Leaderboards problems
  205. PC Sticky Bomb Bug
  206. PC Delta C-0-1296
  207. PC Launching and CPU Chugging issues.
  208. Unable to complete Return to Hell's Kitchen side mission
  209. C-25-414
  210. PC проблемы с входом в игру
  211. Online or Skirmish
  212. PC ISSUES,Delta etc for 6 months.
  213. Possible reason why you get MIKE C-24-134 when finsihing Survival
  214. PC 6 piece AlphaBridge Bug
  215. PC The Division - Controller issues.
  216. Urban MDR BUG ?
  217. PC GE credits per hour not recorded from last full day
  218. GE end - No rewards
  219. PC Yellow material drops not being picked up/showing up in the inventory
  220. GTX 1080 lickering/artifacts and at weapon modification
  221. PC Black screen on starting
  222. west side pier phone recording bug
  223. PC The division will not start
  224. Firecrest backpack skin not showing
  225. PC Lexingtons elevator
  226. PC Underground Explorer Commendation - No Patch Awarded
  227. PC Sin Conexion
  228. I bought the game with Uplay but it won't appear in the library
  229. PC Directive intel
  230. Dark Zone Yellow Cache Box, Closed Box and Div Tech Box
  231. PC Error DELTA C-0-1296 only on french ISP "Free"
  232. PC Flickering Green Light Bug
  233. PC Bulfrog Damage is unstacking with alphabridge
  234. Stuyvesant power plant echo bugged out
  235. PC Commendations not retroactively rewarded
  236. Delta C-1-200
  237. PC Failed to synchronize achievements
  238. Alpha bridge bug
  239. PC Mobile Cover Bug
  240. PC No audio on speaker
  241. PC Survival: Stuck on location
  242. PC directx 12
  243. Skillbuild and Lexington event Center
  244. PC Sometimes items not showing in loot bag after leaving checkpoint
  245. PC (very tiny thing but) Please unlock the door in the Clinton warehouse
  246. PC Super grenade
  247. error
  248. PC Items could be not found after extraction!!
  249. PC 100% CPU usage, Fps drop and Stuttering.
  250. PC Tutorial keeps showing up!