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  1. PC Delta C-O-1296
  2. 1.8 no classified gear set gives me 5th or 6th talent
  3. PC Bit of performance issues.
  4. PC DLC won't register
  5. PC Game Crash
  6. PC Issue, after issue, after issue, after issue.
  7. PC Missing Premium Credits
  8. PC Steam Free Weekend - Cannot start due to Romeo C-27-367
  9. Gamepad Issues
  10. PC Bought Season Pass - No Access to DLC - 05541808
  11. PC missing dlc
  12. PC Error Code C-1-200
  13. PC Reward Deltas
  14. PC Rodie Jacket and patch bug
  15. Blood money commendation not adding all the SHD earned in the game?
  16. PC Missing Season Pass For PC
  17. PC The Secret room and the missing loot
  18. Ignoring financial transactions is semi fraudulent right?!
  19. PC Commendation gone after 1.8 "Clean up on Outbreak"
  20. Crash Upon Launcg
  21. PC Audio Records Bug
  22. PC (SPOILER) After completing the secret quest and opening the weapon crate....
  23. PC I can't get SHD Transmission 1
  24. PC No Transmission sounds and everything sounds like its in a giant room
  25. PC Game not Launching (Possible Solution) ENG-SPA
  26. PC Bought credit pack, but did not receive
  27. Can't access DLC
  28. 90% done with Medical wing and cant complete
  29. No DLC loaded even after purchased
  30. PC I bought the season pass in the steam,But there is no season pass in the game
  31. PC Screen flashing colors
  32. PC Enemy spawn system is broken in West side piers (1.8 update)
  33. The Servers have RUINED this game
  34. Please fix sorting!
  35. PC GU epidemy
  36. Crashing when exiting safe house
  37. Game doesn't Load
  38. Game keeps crashing whenever I change resolution or try to turn off DX12
  39. FPS drop even with smooth experience
  40. PC DX12 doesn't show MSI Afterburner OSD overlay
  41. Gun Mods getting lost, sort of
  42. Items disappearing after sharing
  43. How to play with steam account.
  44. PC Dear Admin!
  45. Constant frame drops
  46. PC Account Unlinking and linking
  47. Cant access Skirmish mode. "Empty Expansion Stash". Stash was removed.
  48. Have game on Steam Uplay can't find it
  49. Error Delta C-1-200
  50. 1.8 Bugs I found this week
  51. PC Image sharpness at monitor boarders
  52. Westside Pier Cache bug
  53. PC Directive Intel
  54. PC always end up connected to server far away from my country
  55. PC Pulse bug , overdose bug
  56. Skirmish Matchmaking is bugged
  57. Known Issues List [Updated: August 9th, 2018]
  58. PC Problem with installation/download/activation
  59. PC Phone Recordings not not obtainble but i did
  60. Delta error
  61. PC Download The Division for the third time
  62. PC Cant unlock the techwing
  63. PC New owner here, Greenish flicker at the top, with picture and specs
  64. SHD transmission 1
  65. BUG: stash, inventory
  66. PC Link a game bought physically to my uplay account
  67. Vanity dissappeared??!?!
  68. PC Annoying mouse stutter
  69. PC Impossible to play, Delta errors all the time, Delta, Delta, Delta...
  70. GE Masks Objectives not working?
  71. Why u doing that (developepers!!!)!!!!!!!????????
  72. PC Friends list disapears
  73. PC Lista de amigos desaparecio
  74. Not getting credit for Security Officer commendation
  75. Delta 1296 Fix!!!
  76. PC Striker's battlegear is broken
  77. PC STEAM - TheDdivision Trial to The Division Gold
  78. the division pyromaniac GE event commedation bugged
  79. GE event Delta code atr end of missions, not recieving any gear or GE credits
  80. Licoln Tunnel Unplayable in GE, Delta Code 1296 over and over
  81. The division GamblingEvent
  82. PC Bought The Division on Steam but would like to launch in through uPlay only
  83. PC [In-game Bug] I cant finish last side area mission.
  84. PC Strange flashing lights
  85. PC Outfit pieces Missing
  86. Commendation points missing
  87. alt-tab causes crash
  88. PC Bug: Expansion Stash Not Empty
  89. PC Character has twitching glitch
  90. Lost my Pakhan
  91. PC Game crashes at first splash screen
  92. PC Wrong tooltip regarding Global Event Vanity Sets
  93. Left click does not work sometime + chat box is clicked while shooting
  94. PC Skill Slot stuck after its deployable was forcefully destroyed by an Heavy Gunner.
  95. The division aplication error
  96. PC Expansion Stash Bugged
  97. PC Stuck on launch screen
  98. BUG Report: Health On Kill Nomad Set Bonus not active
  100. PC Game starts in window mode ,crashes when selecting fullscreen
  101. PC Banned for Game crashes/freezing
  102. PC Cant change missions to hard
  103. PC I was banned "code of conduct".
  104. Commendation for surviving manhunts bugged?
  105. PC Interact, climb, and Use cover buttons not working.
  106. PC Detla_Error
  107. PC Lexington Bug
  108. PC different global event credits as my team
  109. PC In game bugs (not game breaking)
  110. PC banned
  111. PC LED Keyboard Support Option
  112. Banned
  113. in game text chat problem
  114. PC Visual bugs with textures and clipping [PC BUG]
  115. PC mission turn in issue
  116. 2 step verification
  117. PC Lost skill power
  118. PC Black screen, no sound at startup, crashes after around 1-5 seconds
  119. PC MY FUC*** GUN DISAPPEARED... bug... i guess....
  120. PC запрещено
  121. PC LAN ->Single Router with shutdown firewall doesn´t work with 2 PC (guest session)
  122. My account was hacked - i lost my character
  123. Out of map glitch.
  124. PC The house just dissapeared from my invetory
  125. PC Delta c-1-200
  126. PC Lincoln Tunnel Bug
  127. Audio delay/lag
  128. Achievement of Stolen Signal not correct.
  129. PC Jaggy/Distorted Text on UI, how fix?
  130. PC Nomad Bug
  131. bugs of the expansion/bug scorta dell'espansione
  132. bug dell'espansione / bug di scorta dell'espansione
  133. PC UG Issues Today
  134. PC Gear Score bug
  135. Disappearing gear score, help!
  136. D3 FNC 6 piece talent wont proc
  137. Delta Error C-0-1296
  138. Unable to Zoom Aim with 6pcs Classified D3-FNC
  139. PC Bug with achivment security officer
  140. PC ACC lost?
  141. PC Disapperaing items
  142. PC Graphics Glitch Distorsion PLEASE HELP
  143. Some Seeker and BFB bugs
  144. PC Survival BUG in DZ
  145. PC Unable to collect Faction Weaponskins from Reward Claim Vendor
  146. total system lock up when launching The Division
  147. PC (bug) 6 Piece preds not triggering bleed on occasion in the UG (video)
  148. Launcher The Division - Ubi Store (Bug)
  149. PC CPU being pegged at 100% constantly
  150. PC Banned C-16-260
  151. PC Lexington elevator on top, door wont open anymore
  152. PC got hacked.
  153. PC PULSe... and not the multiple activation issue.....
  154. Global Event 3 Classified items droprate bug
  155. flashing colors + bright and dark scenes while playing
  156. Server Side Lag
  157. PC Delta c-1-200
  158. 2yrs after and still ctd at start!!?
  159. PC My progression is gone
  160. PC Stuck at low graphics
  161. Microphone doesn't works
  162. Rewards Claim Vendor does not have my Global Event reward
  163. PC (bug) UG still contaminated, instant death!
  164. PC Did not receive the game when purchasing through Uplay
  165. PC Green Pixelated Flickering across screen + Sound Stuttering
  166. PC help
  167. World Tier 4 Classified gear problems.
  168. Gear score 229 blueprint mis-labeled
  169. PC Delta C-1-200 error
  170. PC Nomad 5 and 6 piece bonus not working
  171. Underground crashing
  172. PC Please remove limit on Phoenix Credits, Regular Credits, and Resources
  173. PC Floating weapon whilst playing, looks funny but weird at the same time
  174. Disappearance of picked up loot
  175. PC direct x 12 issues.
  176. PC Unable to enter Underground as group
  177. PC Bought The Division but i dont own game.
  178. PC Some WSP Issues
  179. PC Division not booting from uplay
  180. Give us option to choose region based servers !!!
  181. ALL audio sounds are slowed in tempo
  182. PC Exclusive character equipment for pre-ordering game.
  183. Reversed Audio Sounds Issue
  184. the division keeps crashing when starting up.
  185. PC White Weapon Skin Removed
  186. PC random crash to desktop
  187. PC z3#A $85tErESc 23slomiNS610 Themed Weapon Rewards NO Re-calibrated or Optimized
  188. PC No prompt to turn in side mission to Shelly Strong
  189. PC HUGE random FPS drops for no reason
  190. PC 22 December 2017 Update Causing Unplayable nVidia Driver Crashes
  191. PC Banned C-16-260
  192. PC delta c-1-200
  193. PC DZ Landmarks and Contamination events 1.8
  194. light bug
  195. PC Division keeps crashing DX11, GTX1060 (6gb) fx8320 16gb ram
  196. PC My game goes into black screen then crash
  197. PC Bug with mouse selecting Gear and Performance Mods
  198. PC Game first wouldn't start, Now it won't reinstall
  199. PC strange things happening after crash in the division
  200. PC Can't play the game
  201. PC Weapons not firing consistently, jamming, stuttering
  202. Fast travel and missions gone
  203. PC Can't roll Skill Haste on Barret's Chest Piece
  204. PC visual mechanical problem
  205. PC Huge lag spikes every few seconds rendering the game unplayable
  206. PC Microphone input not working at all
  207. PC "The Manhunted..." commendation does not count survived manhunts
  208. Game gone from library
  209. PC Light glitch
  210. PC Double reward weekend not working in UG
  211. PC Bug scorte - scorte espansione - non mi fa giocare in schermaglia
  212. PC Various model proxies misaligned
  213. PC Ubisoft pls
  214. PC Long Initial Load Time
  215. PC Classy Predator's Mark Bleed Does Not Apply to LMB Medics
  216. PC Classy Sentry's Stacks do not apply given any elevation change.
  217. "Starting Game"
  218. Fix sorting on stash [My original topic was delete?!!]
  219. PC Santa Coat Clipping
  220. Crash on launch on ultra settings
  221. PC Mouse stuttering lag
  222. PC Does anyone also have issues with the dark zone chests?
  223. PC Incorrect underground weekly tallies
  224. PC Manhunt survived commendation not counting anymore since rouge 2.0
  225. PC, 1.8 patch stability and servers....
  226. PC Appearance vendor selling items i already own.
  227. Soon new year... will incompetent people still be employed?
  228. PC Character Sheet Weapon Stats Not effected by Gear Mods or Skills
  229. Cant connect to ubisoft servers
  230. Will not let me do a underground hard mission
  231. PC Weird crashes
  232. PC Conflicto con Actualización de Windows 1709
  233. Season Pass purchased and activated, but not downloading
  234. Pulse Skill stats are randomly fluctuating up and down at same skill power.
  235. Will not let me go fullscreen
  236. PC Unable to interact with any lootable objects in the Dark Zone
  237. Stuttering
  238. PC Uplay / Steam Compatibility for Season Pass
  239. Thinking of buying The Division - quick question
  240. Frontline Outfit pack purchased, not delivered
  241. PC PS4 Controller Vibration/Rumble not working.
  242. PC The Division will not start
  243. PC PC stuck on geometry in survival, run ruined
  244. PC There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product)
  245. Game crashing on Falcon Lost Incursion!
  246. Having problems with game performance
  247. PC 서버 문제
  248. PC favorited/loadout exotic weapon now missing
  249. grenade stagger
  250. adrenaline not giving immunity