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  1. PC Directx 12 Black Screen?
  2. 30 min to 1 hours for joine the game
  3. PC Delta Error
  4. delta C-0-1279
  5. Loadouts UI not defaulting to the Equipped Loadout
  6. PC Environmental Collision [Underground]
  7. SURVIVAL - NPCs Take No Damage in Police Station
  8. PC Bought second hand game without being told that Key is already registered
  9. PC Download stucks at 7.50 GB
  10. PC PC BUG: NPC Clipping Through Wall [Hudson Refugee Camp]
  11. Boardway lagged and stopped
  12. PC [Delta C-1-200] Unable to login since The Last Stand DLC
  13. PC GE Assault 10/3/17 Incursion reset
  14. PC PC BUG: Chainlink Fence Sound on Concrete 1.7.1
  15. PC DZ Leaderboards Reset Defect
  16. Live Delta causing corrupt files
  17. PC Game won't open
  18. Failed to synchronize achievements
  19. Last Stand - Critical bugs
  20. UI Defect Unable to pick up items dropped near interaction nodes
  21. PC Premium Credits vendor won't display properly
  22. PC Rip in space and time
  23. Fell out of Last Stand back into base (pic included)
  24. confused on how I became rogue
  25. Global Event starting in 00:00 *Click *Click *Click *spam
  26. Known issues list STILL a joke.
  27. General Assembly Glitch - STUCK
  28. No sound from game! PC only
  29. PC GE Assault no dossier score?
  30. Did Ubi roll back GE?
  31. Locked character
  32. [Appearance] Hokey Mask does not fit under all Hats
  33. PC Mouse stuttering
  34. PC ge supirior caches issue
  35. After 9 months of playing and paying for game - it says I only have trial version
  36. Divison Delta C 1 200
  37. google authenticator isusses
  38. Aggro Issues: Breaks LoadOuts
  39. PC Just reinstalled PTS. Still only version 1.7.1. Do I need an invite to access it?
  40. Stuck at Survival to infinete reloading
  41. Long Distance Commendation not working properly
  42. Character missing
  43. PC The division Delta errors today abundant is there fiddling on the ubi servers/network
  44. PC Character locked in PTS
  45. PC No Surrender | Falcon Lost bugged
  46. PC Falcon Lost ( Clown mask )
  47. Music should play while you're in Stash
  48. Store Page Not Loading
  49. Bug GE Officer
  50. PC Just a tiny visual glitch.
  51. PC Bug events
  52. "My game" have a Season Pass Registration code. Why is it being used as a trial versi
  53. Login/account help
  54. PC weird nade not xploding on live server
  55. PC No surrender falcon lost achievement not registering
  56. PC Hack or lag - what it was?
  57. PC Delta Error On Completing Falcon Lost Flawless
  58. PC Striker bug or bad bullets registering?
  59. PC Mobile Cover can become locked and unusable
  60. Skills won't deploy
  61. PC Account banned
  62. Flawless Falcon Lost - No Mask (all req met)
  63. PC Falcon Lost (or The server) BUG!
  64. PC was in Tier3 but Recieved Tier 2 Rewards
  65. PC GE Leaderboards BUG?! GE Credits Pr hour not accurate!
  66. GE reward Cache (Outbreak, Assault)
  67. Flashing?
  68. Keep getting Delta error on login attempt
  69. PC Hacker in last stand
  70. PC Did not receive caches
  71. PC [DZ] Opera and Armory Frequently Bugged
  72. PC [BUG] If you try to pick something up, but there is still another option
  73. The Division is overwriting my Logitech G502 lightning settings
  74. PC [Bug] Russian Consulate Hard Mode is not accepted for commendation
  75. PC mic still not working
  76. PC Cannot collect Phone recordings "week one #11" and "Survivor Diary #8".
  77. PC Skills Never Off Cooldown
  78. PC problem with fps
  79. PC Steam purchase: FullOwnership (DLC) but no DLC downloadeable/playable
  80. Cannot start ANY ubisoft game.
  81. Occasional screen flickering, only on The Division
  82. PC Weapon Talent - Talented, Don't proc on skills kills now?
  83. PC Content doesn't always load in - AU/NZ (OCE)
  84. PC PC TCTD won't run in fullscreen; stuck in windowed mode
  85. PC Recovery Link Failed
  86. PC Delta c-1-200
  87. PC (Bug) Doors in survival trapping players (pics)
  88. PC Unable to remove from stash 1.7.1
  89. PC Fix Multi-Character Commendations
  90. 6 piece Sentry not working
  91. PC Shield Skills going to bug when 4/4 use D3-FNC equipments
  92. Error Delta C-1-200 pls help
  93. PC My Game Crashes As Soon As It Launches
  94. PC [UI] Classified Icon covered by Quarantine Icon
  95. PC Medved reload time visual bug.
  96. PC Unable to Complete Weeklies and Leadboards
  97. PC Lone Star 6pc bonus bugged
  98. PC Error Code "Delta C-0-1279"
  99. 1.8 update NOT Down loading
  100. PC 1.7.1 bug
  101. PC Survival Trapping Corner (1.7.2)
  102. PC The Division breaks every time i restart my pc
  103. last man standing dlc
  104. PC Weekly assignment - extract 30 contaminated items
  105. PC Kill count - Discrepancy
  106. PC Forums Acting Weird
  107. PC Hands Inside Character
  108. Bad Image issue
  109. PC Google Authenticator
  110. PC [BUG] Classified Striker 6 Piece Self Heal Won't Work. (Live Server)
  111. Simple question regarding Uplay key and language
  112. PC NPC's pushing
  113. PC Assassins Creed Origin activation
  114. Raptor's Seeker Kills After Death
  115. The Division Survival Mode, Stuck 32nd Street, Date 10/28/17
  116. PC DLC do not work!
  117. PC Meticulous Talent "breaks" Pakhan
  118. PC black screen
  119. Incursion rewards didn't reset
  120. PC Return to ... safe house missions bugged
  121. PC PC Restarts when fast travelling
  122. Login Issue
  123. Weapon jamming
  124. Napalm legendary flawless, we did it in 3 but only 1 have obtained the commendation
  125. PC Stuck stuck stcuk everywhere
  126. not enough medical credits to open wing
  127. PC How to make sure game is updated to latest patch (1.7) on PC (using Uplay)?
  128. PC Lost gear marked as junk
  129. PC Gear changing in Stash
  130. Hacker kill marco on stream
  131. PC General Issues with Game Play Today
  132. PC Steam doesn't think I own the game so I can't play
  133. PC win10 ram memory issue
  134. PC The use of WTFast is bannable?
  135. PC Controls on pad buttons switched
  136. PC UPlay is considered as Virus
  137. stolen and new account by hacker pls help
  138. PC Caches in the extension part of the stash may keep you from log in
  139. 4 piece NOMAD bonus not working
  140. GeForce Experience Optimisation crashes The Division
  141. Crashing all time
  142. Continuously returning to 'You are in a Queue'
  143. PC Delta error c-0-1279 сервис временно не доступен
  144. PC enemy do insane damage in dragon's nest
  145. PC Sound lagging behind !
  146. PC Directx 12
  147. PC Last Stand matchmaking is buged!!!!!!!!!
  148. Medkits and ammo on the floor in safehouse
  149. PC Motion sickness
  150. PC How long does it take to respond normally to ubisoft?
  151. Unplayable
  152. All core usage on a D3D11 game with a 1950X???
  153. PC Crashes
  154. PC More Crashes
  155. PC Delta errors
  156. PC Fresses at fast travel
  157. PC Rendering and loading issues status
  158. still broken
  159. Constant crashes. I'm trying to stream but the game keeps crashing HELP!
  160. i've had it with these random crashes
  161. PC Character's in game vanished.
  162. Invisible wall DZ6 + visual glitch DZ1
  163. PC Crashes fix
  164. Teleporting NPCs
  165. PC Crashes with DX12 and overlay
  166. DZ Leaderboard Results still showing last week's Data
  167. DLC Owned but not recognized
  168. PC 2 possible bugs
  169. SLI GTX 1070? Worth it?
  170. PC Own Season Pass / DLC but in-game says I don't
  171. PC Invisible Ai/Players/Walls
  172. PC Pc banned c-16-260
  173. PC Paramedic Gear Set Code
  174. PC Division crash systematically upon character loading - Help
  175. PC Season Pass
  176. PC The Division crash to desktop ramdomly
  177. Recommended Specs ???
  178. PC Tom Clancy's The Division Season pass
  179. PC Some UG Bugs I found today
  180. PC Survival revive bug
  181. PC Delta C-0-1279
  182. PC PTS 1.8 on pc?? help
  183. PC Cannot enable dx12
  184. PC Getting the error "Delta C-1-200"
  185. PC Sprint glitch still works in 1.7
  186. PC Invisible Enemies/Walls glitch
  187. PC Game randomly freezing
  188. PC Micro-stutter mouse ? :SS
  189. PC Invisible Benitez Dialogue in the BoO
  190. PC Stuck in a loop due to respawning inside an AC unit
  191. Crash on start
  192. PC Loadout issue
  193. PC Achievements syncronisation error
  194. PC Bugs problem
  195. PC Sticky Bomb still broken
  196. [PC] Visual C++ Runtime Error
  197. PC Delta C-1-200 error
  198. PC delta c-0-1296
  199. PC Comendation bug
  200. PC Still missing commendation patches.
  201. PC game bugs
  202. PC. Stash is messed up after patch 1.8.
  203. PC delta c-0-1296
  204. Autoresetting to World Tier 4
  205. Twitch !Drops
  206. PC Pulse bugged
  207. PC New Gear Score calculation inconsitencies
  208. PC Underground commendation translation error
  209. PC Underground weekly task - unable to get past 1 daily task
  210. Cannot change Video Settings without Crash to Desktop
  211. Google Authenticator
  212. Melbourne, Australia. Unplayable Server Lag
  213. PC Disappeared equipment after patch 1.8. (CLASSIFIED GEAR)
  214. Shadows popping in from about 10 feet out
  215. PC Weird Recalibration camera angle
  216. Main character missing after patch 1.8
  217. Some items had different stats after 1.8 / items are randomly ordered .
  218. PC [BUG] Bug in UI
  219. Resisstanse effect of support station
  220. Popup / Hints screen appearing while in the DZ
  221. PC [BUG] Corrupt Commendation Description Under Mission Tab
  222. PC Hunter commendations glitched on my account and not being retroactive
  223. Seem to have one is none bug again
  224. PC Frame drops... frame drops everywhere!
  225. PC Encrypted Cache: hi tops?
  226. PC Couple issue
  227. Game keeps crashing
  228. PC A Secret Mission - SHD Transmission 1 bugged?
  229. PC dps_watchdog_violation BSOD
  230. Invisible enemies and Textures/ objects not spawning
  231. PC Manhunted Commendation does not work with Rogue 2.0
  232. The Division error code DELTA C-1-200
  233. PC Free Weekend but my game is still in trail mode
  234. PC Weird computer restarting issue.
  235. PC Runtime Error R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call
  236. Pulse lasts 2 seconds
  237. PC I was never sent my money back
  238. Year 2 and still Delta error
  239. Exotic Cache Disappeared
  240. Caches - So you still don't get the loot you should.
  241. SHD tech - Dream on
  242. PC Poor connection to host server
  243. PC Constant Crashing On Startup
  244. Season Pass
  245. PC Game crash when creating a new character
  246. PC Missing DLC after purchase of Gold Edition
  247. PC Dlc not registered!
  248. Game not Launching
  249. PC You Must be kidding
  250. Survival - Spots I have gotten stuck at since 1.8