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  1. PC Why buy Premium points in China for Euro settlement?
  2. PC Can't download The Division
  3. PC Various Commendations problems
  4. PC Bug - Some Commendations count each character separately, not one total for account
  5. Minor text fixes required
  6. STEAM: Bound to a wrong account?!
  7. PC Outbreak Leaderboard not updating
  8. question from constant client.
  9. ponytails for females disappear with any hat cosmetic equipped
  10. PC AK's using wrong loot icon
  11. PC GE Credits per hour
  12. PC Stash Bug
  13. PC Ammo Bug
  14. Didn't get my masks
  15. Outbreak caches not appearing in my inventory or stash
  16. PC Didnt get all my masks
  17. PC Combat daily mission is broken
  18. PC Leaderboard didnt update?
  19. PC PC: Audio Bug when reach low HP
  20. [pc]after the tier percentage update should be in the tier2,but only got one mask.
  21. PC Commendation Bug
  22. PC global event bug
  23. Leaderboard / Cache Bug
  24. PC pc bonus payment issues about global events
  25. PC Why I in tier 3 but only get 1 mask?
  26. game said i got 2 caches cause i was in level 3 or something
  27. PC Missing Items
  28. PC Bug Commendations totaling incorrectly
  29. Can't launch game after geforce optimization
  30. PC Commendations not registering when joining and completing an already started mission
  31. PC Game update wont download
  32. Failed to sync to cloud
  33. PC global event bug
  34. Games crashes or freezes on the "Connecting: " screen
  35. Surivial Lag
  36. PC Possible Lonestar 6pc bug
  37. Commendation Bug
  38. PC Underground generators health !
  39. PC Can not exit recalibration station
  40. PC 150 item box letting Equipment masks dissappear
  41. PC Windows 10 Power Option Being Changed to High Performance?
  42. PC Low performance on decent hardware
  43. PC Were my tier 3 mask Ubisoft ?
  44. PC Shield Bug
  45. PC Flawless UG commendation bug
  46. PC No sound for Classified/Exotic drops
  47. Commendation Translation Bug
  48. HVT Mission without named endboss
  49. Still have not received my tier 2 medium box
  50. 100% CPu usage as always
  51. Masks clipping with some hats
  52. PC Support Station deploy bug
  53. PC All my exotic weapons dissapeared
  54. crashing in the division
  55. Assault Event Comendation Active
  56. PC Stuck in a wall
  57. PC Last Stand commendation description - MVP
  58. No bleedout
  59. PC stuck in truck?? => ban??
  60. Classified Gearset don't seems to dropp von UG Bosses / Mission Bosses
  61. Rapid Bugged/broken
  62. servers
  63. PC Bug - LS kill text
  64. PC Suck in a box [BUG]
  65. PC [BUG] Underground explorer achievement bug
  66. PC 1.7 Destroid my game
  67. PC i admit
  68. (Bug) Passage Blocked
  69. [BUG] Russian Consulate - Hornet boss bug.
  70. PC Game crashing on startup
  71. PC [BUG] Target ignores damage
  72. PC Problems and Bugs
  73. PC Division Delta C-1-200
  74. PC Consistent location where (DX12?) stutter appears
  75. Survival bug
  76. PC "Land of the free" shoulder patch didn't unlock..
  77. PC The Division Delta C-2-229
  78. Server C-2-229, the server is not connected, the compensation mask is not made, a lit
  79. PC C79 scope (3.4x) sensitivity on marksman rifles
  80. PC Lexington issues
  81. PC Whats with all the purple drops now?
  82. Commendations Errors
  83. Ubisoft when you make a compensation for this list BUG, when the compensation mask
  84. PC Global events lve.3 BUG,RANK Rewards and does not conform to the actual
  85. PC Mic does not work in Dark Zone, but does in LZ
  86. PC CPU intensive game options
  87. PC [BUG] One of assault global event event commendation are active
  88. PC Flawless UG Commendation
  89. skills still bugging out during status effects
  90. PC Visual Glitch at Amherst Apartment
  91. PC The worst survival experience I've ever had [Video]
  92. PC help
  93. PC Slooooooooow Running
  94. Please, hurry up and replace the mask
  95. PC BUG Tacticians Cap clipping through character model
  96. PC Masks?
  97. PC BUG on GE asultcomplition.
  98. Can not open the game launcher
  99. PC Problems when saving loadout
  100. Game restarts my PC when I fast travel
  101. Bad Npc game mechanics etc
  102. PC Noe Japanese WTF
  103. PC Uniform C-35-1275
  104. PC GE Assault delayed? in advance you mean :)
  105. Need Help!!!
  106. PC Using a controller and my gun won't stop shooting
  107. PC Losing loot in Napalm Production
  108. PC Daily HVT bug
  109. PC FREEZE! 2nd screen uses HWacc
  110. Stats on mods changed
  111. PC please fix the delta c-1-200 error
  112. M700 Optimal Range
  113. Adept and Competent not working ?
  114. Pc error - Can you help please. Games crashes here is the log.
  115. PC [BUG] No-exit area
  116. PC Caduceus
  117. PC Audio issues when using an audio interface
  118. X1/PC Controller issues
  119. Failed to synchronize achievements ... WTF?
  120. PC 4 piece striker is broken
  121. Game Crashes to desktop When changing to Full Screen
  122. Crashed in Survival - would not let me back in
  123. PC Stutter /lag on Div
  124. PC Delta ERROR C-0-1279
  125. Bugged Echo
  126. Flawless UG Challanges 5 directive 3 pashe bug
  127. not login
  128. Controller Issues after 2 deaths.
  129. PC PC - bug report - there is a way to ommit skill reset directive in UG
  130. Connection Screen duration question (PC)
  131. PC Global Events offline?
  132. PC Napalm production site Legendary Bug
  133. PC Not able to use skills
  134. PC Bad Spawns & Game Crashes (Dark Zone)
  135. Lost Loot when shot by Rogue wearing Banshee
  136. PC Patch 1.7 DeadEye 5 & 6 piece bug
  137. PC Survival Player Deaths
  138. PC please fix the delta c-1-200 error
  139. Reinstalled after a few months, can't get past epilepsy warning without crashing
  140. What actually works in the game?
  141. PC List of bugs that needs to be fixed.
  142. PC Error mike C-24-134
  143. Mike C - 25 - 414 error
  144. PC Mike C-24-124 ERROR
  145. Delta errors ????
  146. PC Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold Edition become Demo version
  147. PC NPC not taking damage
  148. Holster won't mod
  149. Cant get past loading screen
  150. PC So many crashes....at least crash reports were done.
  151. I'm Also having this delta error C-0-1279 problem
  152. TheDivision.exe - Bad Image
  153. Tom Clancy's The Division:I need help with this Graphics Glitch
  154. PC Poor connection to host server?
  155. PC Mask
  156. PC did not achieve
  157. PC Black Square Glitch (Sight Blocking Glitch)
  158. PC cheater report
  159. Crashing when DX12 Renderer Enabled
  160. PC Flawless UG Commendation not working
  161. Game won't start.
  162. PC Hacker came back with everyting, and TDyou're dying
  163. PC Delta C-1-200 Error
  164. PC Bug "Smartcover" (Recharger mod) is Broken in 1.7
  165. smart cover concealment for Ghost Commedation
  166. PC Primary Stats are not moving?
  167. PC Character Transfer for PC PTS
  168. Deadeye 6pc bug
  169. PC Change language
  170. PC Cheaters/glitchs
  171. PC The Grenadier commendation not completing
  172. Sound Issues
  173. PC Dx12 renderer crashes the game
  174. Fix mobs in dz
  175. PC PC: Legendary reset time
  176. PC Strikers still doesn"t work
  177. Dragons nest green fire bug STILL in game
  178. PC Bugged Armour Talent
  179. PC Transaction Failed
  180. Microsoft Engineer Confirms Win 10 Game Mode can cause LAG/STUTTER
  181. PC Bug related to falling through textures and invisible textures report
  182. PC Game Feedback
  183. PC Commendations -> General -> Sell out
  184. PC Weapons not firing consistently, jamming, stuttering
  185. PC GBPlayerClient.dll not found!!
  186. PC On Free Weekend and Purchased Game, MIKE Error on Launch
  187. DLed free weekend but brought on steam
  188. PC Overheal bug, cheat or exploit discovered in PVP
  189. PC Do I need to re-download after Steam license expired? I bought & activated key Uplay
  190. Desync soo bad.....
  191. PC uplay and steam
  192. PC Daily not reseting
  193. PC The Division unplayable, with SLI, after recent Windows update.
  194. PC Character movement changed?
  195. new RPM glitch, or UI bug + Mods missing loadouts
  196. PC My marksman rifles are still jamming!
  197. PC The Division Update Where?
  198. PC Loadout Bug / Glitch found in 1.7.1 - Magazine size over 100+
  199. Aim down sight bounce bug
  200. PC Strange graphic bug in the Division
  201. PC Optimization and Bug problems
  202. PC 4 Horsemen Commendment
  203. PC The Division
  204. Another stuck in survival mode.
  205. thanx for helping making a dicision
  206. The Opera and Armory in DZ 7 and 9 bugged!
  207. PC Cant login
  208. PC Stuck at Ubisoft logo after the new update.
  209. PC Upper East Side Outfit (buy, but dont have in inventory)
  210. PC PC - Performance Mod Loadout Glitch
  211. Lag in general
  212. PC Pay and do not play
  213. PC [BUG]Signature skill bug
  214. PC cant play the game
  215. PC survival - still too many places to get stuck :(
  216. PC cant play game!
  217. Ability bug, DX 12 crash and 6`Lone Star bug.
  218. PC Heals not working properly since 1.7
  219. Loadouts defective since release
  220. ADS glitches since 1.7
  221. RPM Bonus Lonestar
  222. PC Downloading content, verifying files general brilliance of UPLAY
  223. PC Delay in sound.
  224. PC Blueprint vendor
  225. PC movement on down
  226. PC Delta C-1-200 Not PTS Version
  227. PC Game crash on load up
  228. game freezing for 1-2sec.
  229. PC very very bad frames
  230. 1.8 PTS Issue
  231. PC Forever loading upon login
  232. PC Can't Download PTS
  233. PC Game randomly crashes after non-certain time
  234. PC PTS Predator's Mark bleed fails to proc against NPC healers
  235. PC UPlay updating issues
  236. PC Unable to download game thanks to Steam interference.
  237. PC Stuttering Help-me PLS OMG
  238. Unable to Fulfill Mission/Leaderboard Requirements when Pouch is full
  239. Hackers Comeback to Last stand mode
  240. PC I Bought An Uplay Code From G2A For The Game
  241. PC lone star classified not working. jamming
  242. Delta error C-0-1279 26 Sep 2017 and multiple crashing random
  243. PC Voice Chat stop working when a particular friend joins the group
  244. PC DELTA C-1-200 all afternoon today (26.Sep.17)
  245. PC Sound Volume Dialoges ISAC Systemwarnings and Audiologs
  246. PC Being hit after killing with turret
  247. PC Error code C 0 1279
  248. Resterende purchases
  249. PC Stuck in invisible wall in Underground
  250. PC The Division SLI