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  1. Issue. Unable to Start game from Steam or UPlay. Haven't had this issue since launch
  2. PC [BUG] Optimal range weapon mods wrongly applied.
  3. PC Special
  4. Heavy Cleaner weakpoint bug
  5. PC empty friendslist
  6. English lang
  7. PC Game Wont Load
  8. PC error delta c 1 200
  9. PC Loss of character control on update 1.6
  10. PC Game is unplayable, keeps crashing
  11. PC Content locked
  12. PC Uplay cannot start the download, please check your internet connection and ..
  13. PC Entire game unlocked permanently after Free Weekend
  14. PC Why my game doesn't have Chinese?
  15. PC C-1-200 error
  16. PC Bug: Mute Audio When Focus Is Lost Does Not Work After 15 Minute Time Out
  17. "Trial Weekend Is Over" Yet bought the game after Trial ended?
  18. PC Cheaters in The divishion
  19. PC 1 year+ and still no end to cheaters in The Division
  20. Game issues
  21. Stuck DZ08
  22. PC Game gets stuck on loading at around 60%
  23. NPC enemies stuck in spawn zone
  24. PC Seeker and Sticky
  25. PC BUG - Daily Underground Hard Missions not showing as done
  26. PC (BUG) DZ Contamination Events without any NPCs to kill
  27. PC (BUG) Stuck in DZ1 extraction west area
  28. PC Fix connection time and loading time Ubisoft! and this game is crashing too much!!!!!
  29. Outside Playable Area - Hudson Yard
  30. PC Division Keeps crashing my PC
  31. PC BUG Issues
  32. PC Underground mission troubles
  33. the division gtx 1080 4K UHD particle detail ultra lag why ?
  34. PC AI Rifleman shotting through cover without peeking out
  35. Grenades deactivate StickyBomb
  36. PC >Nvidia has artefacts into the new drv.
  37. PC Seaon Pass as a gift through UPlay
  38. PC Error Delta C-1-191
  39. legendary Napalm Survivve the wave Not spawning
  40. PC Napalm invisible wall on top floor
  41. PC Return to safe house bounty rewards bug?
  42. PC Game crash
  43. continue crash
  44. transfer from uplay to steam
  45. PC C-1-200 after new patch
  46. PC DELTA C-1-200 Error
  47. PC wrong ak74 visualized when die
  48. PC Weird Sticky Bomb
  49. PC One can effectively curb cheaters
  50. PC is direct 12 fix frame all on the whole game gabe
  51. Sticky Bomb Bug
  52. Dumb AI
  53. Weird LMB Noises
  54. The lonely lonely streets of New York
  55. PC sound
  56. PC Not getting my weekly reward caches when complete the missions.
  57. PC Sound problem
  58. Will the ammo capacity bug be fixed anytime soon?
  59. PC Black screen
  60. PC will the lag fix on 1.6.1 on may 23 tuesday ?
  61. PC nvidea not better on the division games
  62. PC Random Crash.
  63. Focused bug?
  64. PC The Division keeps crashing on connecting screen.
  65. PC i had to sent to ubi pls check this ubi pls
  66. PC Hack... !
  67. PC Signature skill bug?
  68. PC Really bad pop-in delay with objects, enemies and inventory
  69. PC @DEVS - Please look this link and fix this glitch...
  70. PC Crashed so bad i needed to restart the computer.
  71. PC Resource Signature Gain are limited on Open World as well
  72. PC Crash in DX12 after 1.6.1 update & other
  73. PC Prformance and Graphic Issues
  74. Grenade stagger
  75. PC Loadout rename key doesn't work
  76. Still stuck in Combat Lexington
  77. PC [1.6.1] Memory leak on loading screens?
  78. PC Ninja Bike Backpack Still drops in DZ 9 on boss
  79. [PC] 1.6.1 - Graphics Bug
  80. PC Delta error
  81. PC (BUG) Lexington- JTF clipping
  82. NPC stucked behind wall in Warrengate
  83. Weekly HVT - Harrier Mission - No NPC
  84. Mouse not working
  85. PC Division down
  86. PC FPS Lock works not correctly
  87. PC Underground, Unable to Complete Challenging Daily Mission
  88. Alpha Bridge visual DPS glitch
  89. PC Australasian Servers for Matchmaking in Last Stand
  90. Same Graphics setting of 1.6 and loose 1/4 of FPS with 1.6.1
  91. PC Sell loadout item?
  92. Grenade pre stagger
  93. PC The Division Crashes
  94. Skill/Medstation Bugged in Legendary napalm 1.6.1
  95. PC Day after new patch...
  96. PC a ask for Far Cry 2
  97. PC 1.6.1 Ballistic Shield Broken
  98. Issue report
  99. PC Underground - Daily Missions Not Updating
  100. PC Pc banned c-16-260
  101. PC Network lag in the underground
  102. PC Crash on Character switch
  103. Animal kills now stack gear set bonuses in 1.6.1
  104. PC Game is out of sync
  105. PC Steam Controller Fail after character lost conscious
  106. PC Tabbing out and changing resolutions results in crashing
  107. PC Camera Shadow
  108. PC 1.6.1 DirectX 12 Crashes
  109. Crash every 4-30 secs
  110. PC Desync - New to game (frustrated)
  111. Cant log in again
  112. PC Russian Consulate - jump to death (kill yourself)
  113. I have some problems that need to be addressed
  114. Survival Performance Issues
  115. PC BUG:Last Stand "impossible to deliver message.Please retry later.
  116. PC Brooklyn and Underground are unplayable
  117. Serious lag issue
  118. Lots of clipping
  119. PC PC - DX12 - Nvidia 378.92 - no graphic issues
  120. "Fixed" - as stated in State of the Game.
  121. Brooklyn (tutorial area) COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE
  122. Unable to use skills bug.
  123. PC Larae Bennet Stuck
  124. PC fps is not fix yet on 1.6.1 for lag
  125. PC Crash in Survival
  126. PC BUGS! 4 of them Falcon Lost,Grenades & Loadouts issues (with videos)
  127. PC Mouse issues since update
  128. Need Help with with Power Plant, Can't finish
  129. PC Delta c-1-200
  130. PC front door to BoO closed
  131. PC Grand Central Station 1.6.1 [Bug]
  132. Underground still lagging..
  133. PC dx12 on me its not fix on me gabe pls fix me
  134. Shields are buged in D3-FNC set
  135. Weapon talents not unlocking when equal to requirement
  136. PC Underground lagging badly - posted video capture on Youtbue
  137. Error DELTA C-1-200
  138. PC sidemission: Return to Hell's Kittchen
  139. PC DZ Extraction - All Items Lost For The Whole Group By Freeze
  140. PC Permanent game crash
  141. Delta/Uniform error in Survival - tag team 29/5/17
  142. PC Bug, Warrengate Legendary
  143. PC [BUG] "Mute audio when focus is lost" no more works
  144. I got hacked
  145. Another Bug. "Raise the Floor"
  146. Underground is unplayable with lag right now
  147. PC lag and broken
  148. Bug! Dragon Nest Insane Fire DMG!
  149. Lexington: NPC Stuck in location
  150. Revive Station, Defib and Recovery link all bugged
  151. Alpha Bridge bug
  152. Innate Signature Skill Resource Gain Gone
  153. PC Times Square Boss not spawning
  154. PC No reset on NOMAD Luck
  155. PC Account gone?
  156. Underground audio broken and or weird! audio lagging by 5 minutes
  157. Clear Sky bug
  158. Delta C-1-200 in main game NOT PTS
  159. Regional Chat is BROKEN
  160. PC Speed Glitch in the Darkzone.
  161. In-game cheat reporting broken?
  162. Survival Announcements/Map
  163. PC State of the Game made no mention of performance issues with 1.6.1
  164. PC Camera movement with stuttering/low fps.
  165. talented proc without talent on weapon(s)
  166. PC Loadouts wont save equipped weapon mods
  167. PC Running / Sprinting Glitch - This glitch make player run faster than Survival Link..
  168. PC Game simply doesnt start
  169. PC Bug: Underground Assignment - Challenging Reward is Incorroct
  170. PC Cheater
  171. PC There is no chinese for me in the language setting.
  172. Nomad 4 piece not working
  173. Hungy Hog loses Glutton stack by switching from Shoudering to Hipfire while standing
  174. Hungry Hog Reticle Jump whilst switching from Hipfire to Shouldering
  175. PC Lags in Survival Mode permanent
  176. PC Game still running after closing
  177. PC Recurring error message
  178. PC Performance Issue! Gas Grenade causes Insane FPS drop.
  179. Division keeps crashing, and now it doesn't even start!!!
  180. PC Game settings
  181. Graphics issue since new patch
  182. Patch update
  183. PC i7-3770 @3.4Ghz 8Gb Ram, 1080Ti, Memory Leak crashes game...
  184. PC 1.6.1 update ruind nivida sourand
  185. Ferro's mask is bugged
  186. Trial Period Ended???
  187. PC fix the facking lag pls ubi all devs
  188. Purchased Gold Edition no DLC
  189. PC tHE dIVISION
  190. Losing My Control When Playing Last Stand.
  191. PC lost my ubisoft activation code
  192. PC Survival Crash
  193. Underground Matchmaker Still Not Functional
  194. PC Cheater Report (aimbot)
  195. PC Dark Zone extraction with ballistic shield
  196. Season Pass and DLC
  197. PC BUG: Can't move and no damage to enemy (Time Square Mission)
  198. Purchase from UB iSoft and there is no activation key Key for Steam
  199. Last stand bug
  200. PC Loadout Muzzle Bug
  201. PC Skills glitch
  202. PC cheater/hackers - no possibilityto report ingame
  203. PC Aphla Set
  204. PC I can't play free weekend.
  205. PC Can't play more than 2 minutes
  206. PC Talent Battle Buddy
  207. PC Stolen Character
  208. PC Full skill haste and still spells at their highcooldown
  209. Fix rapid chest !!!!!!!!!!
  210. PC Game keeps crashing
  211. PC Game-breaking graphical glitches
  212. PC Defibrillator Does NOT Revive if Target is Downed with Status Effect
  213. PC Exotic did not sell for any money
  214. PC Error: Delta C-1-200
  215. PC Settings
  216. PC [BUG] Mid town music wall glitch 1.6.1
  217. PC Weekley container
  218. Talent Demolition Expert does not reproc when already active
  219. PC Crash reports
  220. PC (PC) (The Underground) Hard Freeze.
  221. PC Cant go fullscreen.
  222. PC Help please
  223. PC Survival
  224. PC lack of loadouts, and the ever-reloading weapon...
  225. PC Nomad Issue
  226. Pakhan Exploit
  227. PC Incursion
  228. Sealed Cache Minor Bug
  229. PC [BUG] Wrong Named Boss Cleaner "Beans" among LMB Faction
  230. PC [BUG] Napalm Legendary
  231. PC BUG Survival
  232. PC G600 programmable buttons not working in game
  233. Pc_ game will not start
  234. PC Error at hooking API..... Game not working
  235. PC My Predator Knees DISAPPEARD !
  236. Enemy AI still dubious...
  237. Division crashing when launching OBS.
  238. PC Key mapping
  239. ROMEO C-30-116 (Can not connect to the uplay sv for some reason??)
  240. PC Give a look on two picture , the division and resolution .
  241. H8's Bug Discovery Thread
  242. PC Extrcting in DZ
  243. DZ Subway filter failer
  244. Gsync broken on loading screens
  245. PC [BUG] Grand Central Station, turrets don't disable so I can't progress
  246. Last Stand Lag
  247. PC Fullscreen won't work, selecting the option immediately crashes the game
  248. Forum is Dead?
  249. PC BoO - No Trespassing
  250. PC Shoots Fire out from behind