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  1. Contamination Events Bug
  2. Medkit issues
  3. PC [BUG] Since 1.6 Uplay isn't updating playtime.
  4. Mini map bug - ongoing 1.6 alpha testing
  5. PC Lost Season Pass
  6. PC [BUG] Last stand player cap
  7. PC FPS directly affects CPU usage, even in loading times [VIDEO]
  8. [PC] Legendary Times Square - No Exotic Cache on first clear
  9. Sick of dying in survival due to stuck in objects! Need /UNSTUCK command!
  10. fps lag
  11. PC [B]Last Stand glitch fix ASAP[/B]
  12. Last Stand stu ck at loading screen when respwan
  13. Cannot go to fullscreen or 144GHz anymore?
  14. Supply Drop Daily Mission - Unable to secure crate
  15. PC Final Stand - Unable to respawn
  16. PC Clear Sky Heavy NPC gets stuck behind bus.
  17. PC DirectX 12 causes mass shadows and darkness
  18. PC Emote wheel on PC. Thought it was suppose to have 2 extra slots added?
  19. Still cannot fix full screen on PC?
  20. [Stolen Signal] "Stop the Heavy" Heavies spawning incredibly late.
  21. accomplished kneepads not working. Not tripling my accolades.
  22. The Division Desktop Icon runs dual instances of the game
  23. Season pass rewards unavailable
  24. PC I can`t see the enemy
  25. Last Stand infinite xp generation
  26. PC Survival Queues soo long game times out
  27. PC Things that has to be fixed since last patch!
  28. How to buy premium credits on steam?
  29. Insane score on Last Stand,possible cheat
  30. Why i cant Start my own match anymore in underground?
  31. Clear Sky - ongoing 1.6 alpha testing
  32. PC activasion code already been used ????
  33. PC Delta C-1-200 after installing patch 1.6 (no PTS installed)
  34. PC More problems..
  35. last stand
  36. PC Report cheaters - help them to help us
  37. PC Boosters in Last stand
  38. Will you be fixing Rewards Claim Vendor?
  39. PC I need help CDK 我的游戏重复激活了怎么办?
  40. PC Uplay downloading corrupt File
  41. [BuG] open caches takes long time in stash box window
  42. FIX YOU GAME !!!! Set player in safve house in SURVIVAL when game crashes !!
  43. Dark Zone - ongoing 1.6 alpha testing
  44. PC Rewards Claims Vendor is missing!
  45. PC Game Crash Failed to validate json?
  46. PC Game is not in the library
  47. PC Проблемы со звуком
  48. Can't change video settings
  49. PC When you switch weapons while using a medkit, you do not get the medkit.
  50. PC Loading texture still exist.
  51. PC FPS drop not fix yet on 60 fps + lag drop on low graphics on 1980 x not fix yet !
  52. Pakahn Glitch
  53. PC I will not buy any Ubisoft games.
  54. All forms of VOIP not working
  55. PC Render Initialization error
  56. PC Xbox wireless controller weapon firing by itself when moving forward or get's stuck.
  57. PC Daily HVT Kremlin
  58. PC Claim your reward?
  59. PC where's my microphone?
  60. PC " Resist all " bug
  61. PC Last stand loading screen......
  62. PC this gabe dx12 gone on my document + on the division start it
  63. PC Can i switch my localization(from russian to global)?
  64. Medkits not working after Heal glitch
  65. PC Survival Q
  66. PC Crashing and 100% CPU Usage
  67. Seriously irritating "stuck on Loading after death" makes Last Stand unplayable
  68. PC Delta C-0-1276
  69. PC Friezes and loss of control, cpu load 100%
  70. PC Game doesn't start anymore
  71. Unable to Purchase Premium Credits Using PayPal Credit
  72. PC [BUG] i7 7700k suffers up to -30 fps vs i5 7600k in ingame benchmark
  73. PC PC sound problem
  74. PC Quest/assignment list is broken
  75. PC NPC's One shoting in DZ09 Plaza
  76. Cannot get into LS game since maintenance yesterday
  77. Weekly HVT Bugged out
  78. Critical Search and Destroy not on map
  79. PC Daily Story Missions: list is broken/Lexington bug
  80. PC Delta C-1-200
  81. Not launching
  82. (pc) Rewards Claim Vendor Report Zero Size Resource Stacks
  83. Shop overlay
  84. PC endless loading screen, last stand
  85. PC Restock; ESC in Inventory; Underground elevator
  86. PC Graphical Issue
  87. PC Performace isues
  88. PC Last Stand match making not working
  89. More health related problems in game today
  90. PC Exotic boxes and legendary missions
  91. Some massive framedrops ingame out of the blue
  92. Need help with delta c-1-200
  93. PC HBAO+ looks and performs bad
  94. PC Daily missions 3/11/17 Bug?
  95. Cpu 100% usage (causing stuttering aim)
  96. PC Fast Travel Reboots My PC
  97. delta c o 1276
  98. PC Still got error C-1-200 in Mar 11th, already delete the PTS from the disk
  99. You calling this a matchmaking ?
  100. PC I need so files
  101. PC Unable to buy Premium Credits...
  102. PC hi guys i have question for browser + all browser
  103. Dz 230+??????
  104. Authenticator Added - How to get help?
  105. PC Crashes after startup logo
  106. Stuck on random items in Survival
  107. PC If you cant buy Premium Credits and you have Steam here is one fix
  108. PC Get rid of the stupid Burst Fire MP5
  109. PC Stutter when moving the camera or aiming with perfect framerate
  110. PC Game Crashes after 30 mins, Doing this after 1.6 update. Tried everything mentioned.
  111. PC Ammo bug still not fixed?
  112. PC Bugs that have been around for a long time but drastically effecting Last Stand
  113. PC Dark zone weekly rewards.
  114. PC Running in slow motion since the last Server Maintenance
  115. No Hazmat Gear
  116. PC Game is overheating my GPU
  117. PC Solution to not buying premium credits in Uplay
  118. PC Server lag, poor connection, etc.......
  119. PC [BUG] Mag size lvl 34 still not fixed !!
  120. PC [BUG] Tactitian's gloves recalibration : can't be recalibrate with skill haste
  121. PC [Bug] Game Breaking - Burst weapons are broken on pc
  122. Lag is bad once again, no surprise really, just look at this 12sec clip
  123. PC Bad CPU optimizations or something I can do to help?
  124. PC Stuttering, freezing, crashes= pathetic
  125. PC Sound issues
  126. (Apparently) Ongoing Bug: My character moves slower than my friend's character.
  127. Daily Missions UI Bug
  128. PC Stuck in loading screen in Last Stand
  129. MG5 Headshot base bonus
  130. Game breaking bug
  131. PC To Gabe and Devs team !
  132. Just spent hours downloading demo.........Not able to enter the first Safe House!
  133. PC So many crashes with the new patch!!
  134. PC The Division Mission overview Bug
  135. PC Unable to use skill
  136. The division pts closed since 10th february
  137. C-0-1276 every time
  138. Sniper Damage is low when looking at the numbers
  139. Underground
  140. No Rewards Dropped on the ground after Napalm Production Site legendary difficulty
  141. the division rewards
  142. How to get the containers of an experienced agent for a fast one!
  143. PC Survival loot missing
  144. PC mike c-25-414 error - no login possible
  145. mouse control problems
  146. PC Loading Lag
  147. Servers down?
  148. PC Mouse Lag and Loading issues
  149. PC Cannot launch The Division
  150. I need as many volunteers as possible to test some tweaks, SLI and no SLI users, FPS+
  151. PC My weekly cache got stuck
  152. PC Reward vendor bug. DZ key count became 0
  153. One year anniversary items missing
  154. PC "How to play windows" are always comming back
  155. PC News Feed consume too much traffic that affects gameplay
  156. Forum Ban for Responding 5 Times in 10 Minutes
  157. PC No Currency Recieved when code entered and accepted
  158. PC Great game ubisoft! 10/10 crashes!
  159. PC Game started to download again ...
  160. Undeground daily missions are not working
  161. PC The Division Crashing
  162. PC Field Proficiency level reset
  163. PC Discordance in choosing missions
  164. PC Nomad 3pc bug?
  165. PC Game errors - DELTA & MIKE
  166. PC Nerd rage!
  167. PC Burst-Fire MP5 Reaches Unnatural RPM on PC using Mouse-Wheel or Macros
  168. PC the jacket of Larae Barrett changed healt in all resistence....
  169. Question to devs: No more division support then?
  170. Legendary rewards broken or nerfed?
  171. PC Division Trial keeps sending to Steam store.
  172. Final Mease 3 piece can act as the 4 piece [Video]
  173. Final Measure bug [Video]
  174. Shooting Range Bug [Video]
  175. Type of lag source/FPS drop [Video]
  176. Falcon Lost Graphics Bug [Video]
  177. Dumb AI in Russian Consulate [Video]
  178. PC ubisoft is unable to start your download
  179. [PC] Bug/Glitch - Last Stand - No Team Assigned
  180. PC GTX 1070 low GPU usage, low fps.
  181. @mattshotcha Problem with Reward vender
  182. PC this product was already activated by another account
  183. Last Stand Signature Skill bug
  184. PC last stands: some problem to show the result
  185. Problema com conex„o Ping - Problem with ping connection
  186. PC Missing Graphics at Russian Consulate
  187. PC The Division problema installazione tramite dvd
  189. Latest AMD Display driver crash game
  190. PC Skills Jammed/Revive Bug (Defib)
  191. Match Search Survival DLC!
  192. [...] Is A Cheater and Exploiting
  193. PC I Buy Gold Edition and only received PTS version
  194. Playing a game before full download
  195. PC My exotic cache disappeared
  196. PC Cannot log in the server, error delta c-1-200
  197. PC I cant see game on my library.
  198. PC Is my account baned?
  199. PC Crash to desktop without Error
  200. BUG -DZ Landmarks not clearing - Possible cause
  201. PC Takes a long time to connect
  202. PC Continuous Delta disconnections
  203. Key Mapping not saving?
  204. PC Missing a lot of wing points even though I completed all the missions and side missio
  205. Last stand - weapons fire stutter/jamming
  206. PC Reset purchase
  207. PC DX12 Crash Testing Results with GTX 1080 (v378.78) FYI
  208. Weird DZ Contamination Event Bug
  209. PC BUG! Napalm Production Site "Weaver" Sticky EMP Skill Bug Support station
  210. PC Erro delta c-1-200
  211. PC Keep having Delta C-1 - 200 error message when trying to reconnect to server
  212. PC ( PC)Double Snakeskin Mangrove skins?
  213. PC Map Objective Levels changing from 10 to 25 (intermittent) while in-game
  214. Aiming through scope not accurate. Hit constantly at some distance right from center.
  215. PC Get new AMD drivers it might solve dx12 issues.
  216. PC Uplay x Steam problems, The Division not starting
  217. PC Last stand loading screen after you die bug
  218. PC Issue with quests description
  219. PC Can't buy season pass.
  220. Confusing Ballistic Shield mods behavior when using D3-FNC 4 pieces
  221. Fix Survival deaths even when you have medkits extremely annoying.
  222. Joining a match of last stand
  223. PC Error ROMEO C-30-131
  224. PC Fullscreen
  225. PC Cannot log in the server, error delta c-1-200
  226. PC Skill Haste on Vest.
  227. PC Huge FPS problem with DX12 after 1.6
  228. Game not launching from Uplay, When it does, nearly 100% CPU usage
  229. Amazing lighting glitches makes game unplayable
  230. Stagger before grenade explosion [Video]
  231. PC (BUG) 6 talents on one weapon
  232. PC UI Issue! Map "Mission Overview" Text Placement is Off
  233. PC Cutscenes audio stuck on first used Audio Device
  234. PC paysafecard on uplay not disponible not yet on it
  235. PC Crashing
  236. PC Water like smudges on screen in game
  237. PC Invisibility pvp glitch
  238. My game contrast got a lot darker
  239. PC using microphone in game instantly restarts my pc
  240. Survival Queue
  241. Falcon Lost Audio Bug
  242. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)
  243. last stands: gun turret indistruttible
  244. PC AI Stuck in The DZ06 Extraction Point
  245. PC Error code Delta C-1-200
  246. PC Crash followed by Your game has been hacked or is corrupt
  247. PC Random flickering and epileptic spazzes on screen
  248. I can not play the game
  249. The game won't start. Stuck in loading Uplay window
  250. PC Closed door blocking path in WarrenGate Power Plant mission