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  1. The Division x2
  2. Sticky character!
  3. Gear Mods randomly unequipping
  4. Impossible to take my Barrett's chest...
  5. Character Stutter still present, NPC's teleporting and shooting through barriers.
  6. PC AMD Freesync no longer works
  7. PC BUG Ungerground dead by falling from a rope
  8. PC Game freezes on Orange spinning loading screen
  9. PC Graphics Stutter and Freezing
  10. PC Can't hear reload sound, running sound, transmission sound etc
  11. Change language
  12. PC Cannot Enable DirectX12 :(
  13. Stuttering and Freezing with Nvidia Graphic Driver 376.33?
  14. Google Authenticator Issues
  15. PC Can't access free weekend (dec.15-18)
  16. PC DX 12/11 Benchmarks
  17. Ferocious talent on Scar-H
  18. PC After Update yesterday, can not tab-out
  19. PC Main character deleted or lost
  20. PC Random restock boxes not opening...
  21. PC Colonel Bliss's Holster - Visual Bug
  22. PC Silenced FAMAS - Sound Bug
  23. RAM Usage issue
  24. PC [bug] unable to equip mods on gears
  25. Is there a menu bug fix?
  26. PC No mouse cursor, UI unresponsive
  27. PC CPU priority inhibits mouse
  28. IP address was banned message when in the forum.
  29. PC Healing station / Competent
  30. PC Frontline Glitch
  31. PC Seeker mines not detonating
  32. Problems related to the game audio
  33. PC Localization
  34. PC Bad performance
  35. PC Game Crashes when changing Full Screen to Windowed or Alt+Tab etc
  36. Stock lift
  37. PC Faye Lau voice silent
  38. PC the division ememy issues
  39. PC Cpu usage at 100% after 25- 45 mins of gameplay
  40. Crashing on Startup
  41. 100% Complete?!
  42. PC Bugs in clear sky incursion near end AA site
  43. PC CTD when I try to disable the 'Reduce Latencey' function.
  44. PC Blinking lights - AMD radeon HD 6900
  45. PC Stuck in survival map... and it's not the first time... (video inside)
  46. PC [BUG] Component pickup bug with BS (Subway Morgue, Patch 1.5)
  47. PC Cant Skip Cut Scenes
  48. banned key for no reason?
  49. crashing through out game
  50. PC SLI not Supported?
  51. I Can Not Finish Downloading The Game Due to The Download Link Is Remove!
  52. PC Expired
  53. PC Ultrawide Performance Query
  54. PC Green Screen Startup
  55. PC System Issues
  56. A study about the reduction of the game's framerate
  57. Heavy stuttering
  58. PC Camera always going up?
  59. PC I own the game (on uplay) but steam keeps telling me i do not have it
  60. Performance just getting worse by the day!
  61. Game in Russian, when i am from U.S.A. Possibly hacked?
  62. No credit for extracting with chopper
  63. Crash after Survival Extraction video
  64. Still often getting Mike C-34-134 after Survival
  65. PC MAP don't load / Crash
  66. Larae Barret bugs back on balcony
  67. PC Can't change graphics settings, no my documents folder?
  68. PC WTF Massive is Dead No Reply of Game Lag Lag Lag
  69. PC Transfer
  70. PC Loot dropped....
  71. PC Can't start game "Expired"
  72. QuickNav is not operating
  73. Constant Crashing-in settings menu and gameplay
  74. Grand Central Station Bug
  75. PC Massive DO SOMETHING !!!
  76. PC Multiple game crashes
  77. My lock wtf?
  78. PC Can't get a key for a Rainbow six:Division
  79. PC [BUG] Nomad's set resetting early when dying in DZ or switching activity.
  80. PC fall through map and sprint bug
  81. NPCs Delayed spawning and shooting through walls + angry rant.
  82. Change language to Arabic
  83. PC Intermittent and unpredictable CTD
  84. I need help getting into my account because of the 2 phase auth
  85. PC steam version need activate key?!
  86. Where can report this? see from second 50
  87. Can't get further than character select - Delta C-0-1243
  88. PC Vendor Crashes
  89. PC Typos in "what is being built here?" texture
  90. PC Problem with game installer
  91. PC DX 12 Crashing
  92. QuickNav is not operating
  93. PC I drop frames when there is a group of npcs.
  94. PC Survival Audio out of Sync with whats happening
  95. PC Ballistic Shield Damage Performance Mods not working
  96. PC PCClean player banned
  97. PC Connections problem
  98. PC Delta c-0-1243
  99. Belzer world boss not spawning
  100. PC Unable to pick up Survival Guide
  101. PC Alpha Bridge not giving all weapon talents.
  102. Constant C-0-1243
  103. Indoor enemy audio too loud
  104. False Positive, my account still banned after 8 days after filing an appeal ...
  105. PC Error Delta C-1-198
  106. PC game crashing plus lost most of my money
  107. PC Dark Zone - cannot call for extraction
  108. Game Stuttering (I also found a fix) Windows 10/8.1 FIX
  109. [Glitch] Unable to complete Return to Every Safehouse Side Mission
  110. PC Falcon Lost sli Crash
  111. PC Cant play this game
  112. Can't play Fullscreen
  113. PC Carregamento no canto inferio direito
  114. Zooming function 12x/15x - frame drops.
  115. Are players who like using Xbox 360 controllers out of luck?
  116. 100% CPU Usage is back since Yesterday
  117. PC Total System Freeze when playing The Division
  118. Is this supposed to be like this?
  119. BUG REPORT | defibrillator or support station do not revive players.
  120. PC Perfomance issues
  121. PC revie &
  122. PC PS Pulse headset mic not working on PC
  123. PC Game will not start
  124. PC Freeze, Static audio, messed up graphics and crashes.. Please Help! (The Division)
  125. PC Menu's music constantly playing
  126. Notable PC issues from new PC player
  127. PC Game Crashing Changing To Fullscreen
  128. JTF bugged me onto a pipe through a wall in Underground.
  129. PC Recovery Link bug.
  130. "Uncomplicated" talent name in Russian version
  131. PC Game won't open
  132. How ubisoft works
  133. PC Weapon reload cycle and using skills
  134. PC BUG: Resetting Mission Do Not Reset Skill Deployments(PC/XBOX/PS4)
  135. Random Freezing/Long term stuttering
  136. Xbox Controller Issues - NOT FIXED.
  137. PC Change langauage Rus to Hun
  138. More Armor less Mitigation?
  139. PC What is happening?!!!
  140. PC Tom Clancy's The Division. /Korean language support available?
  141. Can not log in, to my primary character.
  142. PC Bug Report: Larae Barrett Phase Fight Transition AI
  143. Bliss Holster Annoying Visual Bug
  144. PC My account is seized and I'm not sure why.
  145. PC input lag when using mouse and keyboard
  146. PC Can't turn in sidemission at BoO
  147. PC Loading ISSUE FIX ASAP
  148. PC driver problem help me !
  149. PC How am I supposed to do this?
  150. PC It is my last appearance. Do not forget that you can be.
  151. PC Full screen crash
  152. PC Audio bug
  153. PC Do not be too hard. It becomes like me.
  154. PC crackling sounds/fps drops
  155. PC Give me back my account.
  156. PC !!! ****ing kidding me?!!!! Barrets chest dissappear from backpack after fasttravell!
  157. No access since purchase ROMEO P-59-99
  158. Still have not recieved parade pack and other cosmetics
  159. PC I completely ruined my day.
  160. Bought DLC 4 hours ago still have not received it.
  161. PC Found another "Outside Playable Area"
  162. PC When can I get live chat service?
  163. cant run and really slow walk
  164. PC Can I run it?
  165. PC I certainly have never done anything that would permanently stop the account.
  166. PC bug fix 6 talents with no alpha bridge
  167. Crash to desktop --> Enabled latency reduction problem ?
  168. PC Customer inquiry service improvement seems urgent.
  169. seasson pass
  170. PC In-Game chat broken?
  171. PC There is no technology to deal with hackers.
  172. PC Banning innocent players
  173. 17 hours Still waiting for The Division Season Pass key.
  174. [PC] NAMED world bosses not spawning at all.
  175. PC world tiers issues
  176. PC Не понимаб за что Бан
  177. PC Why am i getting loading inside the DarkZone?
  178. PC BugPlayers get thouands of wing supplies unusually
  179. PC Delta C-0-1243 Intermitantly
  180. Skills not unlocking at the proper stat requirments
  181. PC Just bought game, having severe connection issues.
  182. PC Error Delta C-1-198
  183. PC Why I can't play The Division?
  184. PC Why is no one from Massive addressing the "MIKE ERROR" in Survival?
  185. [PC] Delta C-0-1243 randomly
  186. PC Long long Loading ...
  187. PC Sound cutouts
  188. PC Enemies can shoot through the Cabin on the rooftop in Lexington Event Center.
  189. Weird Phone Bug Glitch!
  190. PC Input Lag
  191. PC No Sound At All??
  192. PC Framerate drops & stutter caused by Memory leak.
  193. PC Connecting screen taking waaaaaaay too long to load the main menu
  194. PC My game crashes after I click continue on the character selection screen.
  195. Game crashing
  196. Game won't finish dwonloading
  197. PC Survival crashing after 1h Playtime
  198. Game won't load
  199. PC 2x Worn-out Jeans - Azure
  200. [PC] Incorrectly Banned
  201. I never activated 2-step auth, but it says I did and i'm locked out.
  202. PC [BUG] +dmg to elites does not increase flame turret dmg vs elites
  203. Ok, what the hell is going on with your game ?
  204. Stuck Character
  205. What happened to my waypoint line?
  206. Diverse buggs and crashes on pc i have from the 1st day of launch
  207. PC DX12 too dark
  208. Game won't go fullscreen
  209. Turtle Bay Mercy Mission and outside the playable area issue
  210. PC Delta Error C-0-1243 - How can I get my money back?????????
  211. PC Bought season pass without the game money dissapeared
  212. PC Side Mission AI Issue Garment District
  213. season pass issue
  214. New Delta errors followed by Uniform errors
  215. PC where is my reward badges?
  216. Disconnect in Survival
  217. PC Dps and health falls in the dark zone - out of dark zone it raises up to normal
  218. Does steam provide a cdkey for activation on Uplay without downloading again?
  219. PC DELTA Error Code C-0-1243
  220. PC Game wont launch past a CMD box
  221. PC Low latency and perfect frame rate and yet lag so bad it is unplayable!!
  222. For the... 3rd time...!!!
  223. PC MY copy of the game was accessed on the wrong account. Need HELP!
  224. PC What is wrong with ubisoft support????!!!!
  225. [PC] screen tearing in weapon moding ?
  226. PC Graphic loading issues
  227. i Buy Division gold edition
  228. PC Cannot Play,does not download update after 27 days.
  229. PC PC thinks i have game pad since latest update
  230. Gear specs question
  231. Adept Talent Bug with skills
  232. PC Enemy Level Wrongly Set to 25.
  233. PC uPlay patch for The Division (PC) going incredibly slow for me for some reason
  234. Why are known issues still listed as "fixed" in the updated "known issues" forums?
  235. [PC] NPC Stuck in Spawn Point [Stuyvesant]
  236. PC Origin gold edition
  237. Cant get mission
  238. PC Nvidia Settings adaptive vsync stop working everytime I quit The Division
  239. PC Ballistic Shield not dropping
  240. PC texture loading issues
  241. PC The Division crashes
  242. PC Strange Shapes In Air
  243. Balanced - bug or intended?
  244. PC Controls switching to PS4 on PC game - losing control of character in game
  245. Audio delay, footsteps behind etc.
  246. PC What Massive do with cheaters Interview !!!
  247. PC Requirements of the talent on weapon met, but still locked.
  248. PC Texture loading problem
  249. PC RU Region lock
  250. PC 50 Skill kills bug?