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  1. Ubisoft i pay $ 80 for could not play?
  2. PC Game stays in window mode, no sound
  3. PC Club and Game Progression Actions not recognized
  4. Queue bug still not addressed or responded to
  5. Appearance Loot wont drop for me
  6. Issues Found
  7. [Bug] Echo Location in Chelsea
  8. Unable to unlock tech wing
  9. PC Cannot load into Camp Hudson, Loading stucks at 73% or 99% or 10%
  10. PC Game Does not Show on Uplay Library
  11. Complete PC freeze when launching / random times in Division
  12. A few small issues.
  13. PC Huge problem (Loosing hours of progress @ Log out)
  14. Freezing, does not respond
  15. PC Division dont run
  16. Unable to sell/deconstruct mod BUG
  17. PC the division This CD key or Activation code is already active on this account
  18. PC Agent Origins Code
  19. PC The problem of rendering.
  20. PC Mouse keys stop working after closing the game
  21. PC FIX For Stretching and Flickering Graphical Error
  22. Lost Levels
  23. PC Stuck on preload
  24. [BUG] Health Bug when switching gear
  25. Messed up during character creation, now what?
  26. PC Scope unequipping by itself
  27. Cant Buy Clothes DLC
  28. The Division, after 1-2 hours gameplay game freezes and can't reopen.
  29. PC Crossfire and extreme flickering
  30. PC Product Downloaded, no key to activate
  31. Is pc collect's edition a cheap xbox port? the game shows xbox ui/controller
  32. Day 1 patch will not download frmo Uplay
  33. PC Fullscreen = RMB and LMB not working
  34. PC Lags when move and turn camera left/right.
  35. PC FPS drops every few minutes
  36. Game Crashing
  37. PC Taking a Screenshot with no HUD
  38. PC Logitech 910 profile
  39. PC Manhattan content is stuck loading
  40. PC Activate at start game problem
  41. No Audio (FIX with Razer Synapse)
  42. PC XBOX keybindings on PC, GAME BRAKING PLEASE help
  43. Keeps Crashing
  44. Stash items disappeared
  45. PC Cannot use the laptop activate my agent at the 1st safe house : PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  46. Bug with health stat randomly changing while looking at inventory?
  47. Hangs game when reloading weapons
  48. Flickering in Safe Zones, AMD Card, Pls send help
  49. PC Strange Interface Shadow
  50. Game Is Unplayable On My PC
  51. SLI Stuttering bad scaling
  52. File corrupted
  53. PC Memory Low Errors
  54. PC Virus Research Encounter in Chelsea bugged
  55. PC Bug report
  56. PC Double Text in menu's
  57. SLI Game starts to Spike and Stutter after playing for about a hour.
  58. [BUG] JTF Soldiers shouting different factions during encounters
  59. BUG (PC) Complete the Activation in first mission...
  60. [PC] Echo won't disappear from map after discovering it, Tenderloin.
  61. PC Can't open restock Crate in Hudson hub
  62. PC New thread same issue !!
  63. PC Strobo lights ot flickering lights.The lauinch party never ever ends..:D And other.
  64. PC Can someone help with how to get refund? (Activate at laptop issues).
  65. PC Can't find Paul Rhodes after Subway Morgue mission!
  66. Bugged Quest
  67. Chelsea Echo - W 23rd and 10th ave- unable to collect or find it
  68. PC Mic is not working when Push to Talk option is off.
  69. Crashing after 5 or so minutes of gameplay
  70. Cannot access exclusive content
  71. PC Conncectivity Error - Delta 20000984
  72. PC Loading stucks at 73% or 10%
  73. PC Nvidia Surround : The Division
  74. Already downloaded through steam, Uplay is prompting me to download when I launch
  75. Hazmat DLC code not working
  76. PC Is somebody else has working game, who pre-ordered in Uplay?
  77. PC Falling through Ice Textures
  78. SKILL KILL not unlocking in UPLAY Club ...
  79. PC Scope is removed when scrolling through weapons whilst zoomed in
  80. PC Crashing after trying to Load Manhattan
  81. CPU High Usage, Overheating and Shutting Down
  82. PC Issues with Shoes that doesn't appear in my outfit
  83. PC Persisting Connectivity Issues
  84. PC Graphical Glitches / Artifacts
  85. Rescue Civilions against the Rikers, and....
  86. PC The Division Digital Gold Edition Steam - Uplay Activation Error / Glitch
  87. Voice Chat Device
  88. PC Purchased season pass, Items not available.
  89. PC The Division Crash (Windows Low on Memory)
  90. PC Random CTD Issue
  91. PC Computer locking while loading the game.
  92. PC Crash ?
  93. PC Uplay - Error starting
  94. PC Dante's Run Notification Board
  95. msvcr110.dll is missing
  96. PC How to turn off drop shadow effect in UI?
  97. :mad: AMD r9 290 crash and locked fanspeed results in need of reinstalling driver
  98. PC Blue Screens after playing for 1-2 hours
  99. PC TheDivision.exe stopped working
  100. PC I dont see the IA
  101. PC [BUG] Mission can't be completed
  102. PC The Division Stamina Glitch - Stamina not adding properly from items
  103. PC Random reboots while playing
  104. PC Crash to desktop
  105. Where is my stuff
  106. PC Can't redeem my code yet
  107. Never received Hazmat Gear
  108. PC PC restarts after starting game for first time.
  109. PC Not released?
  110. PC Blackscreen on startup
  111. PC Still choppy still studdering
  112. PC Game crashes during intro video
  113. PC Invalid Key from Steam
  114. Bugs with echos , i cant pick echos
  115. i cant run my game
  116. PC Seeker mines not doing damage
  117. [Bug] Item stats not accurately updating the total Primary DPS/Health/Skill Power
  118. Medical wing Graphical issue
  119. Constant loading during gameplay
  120. PC Error at hooking API "NtProtectVirtualMemory"
  121. PC Napalm Production Site progression bug.
  122. PC Delta 20020192
  123. background sound stopping during gameplay / cutscene sound stopping and "catching up"
  124. PC Keyboard bug
  125. Female PC Left Arm bug
  126. PC shortbows weapon skin
  127. PC Language
  128. PC Can I run it?
  129. PC Crash at warning screen
  130. PC Missing Reward Vendor stuff
  131. Game drops to 30fps after 15~20mins of play time unless the PC is restarted
  132. PC i cant get my game rewards
  133. PC "FIX" for the suddenly Frame rate drop.
  134. PC game feeze when joining coop
  135. PC (PC) - No Config File Created
  136. PC stuck on loading screen after cinematic betweet brooklyn prologue and manhattan
  137. PC Can't take cover; automatically climbing any climbable objects I'm near.
  138. (BUG)Scope unequipping / Character Placement upon entering matchmaking
  139. Support ticket
  140. PC Burn you Muther!!! grrrr [video]
  141. PC Logitech Keyboards Go Haywire while in game.
  142. Game not responding to commands well.
  143. PC Activated game isn't activated.
  144. PC Logitech G600 mouse and epic lags
  145. PC No Rewards @ Reward Vendor
  146. PC Tutorial Quest Upgrade Wing - quest will not complete bug
  147. This game is absolutely borked on PC
  148. PC Enemies wont spawn
  149. Game will not lock to fullscreen, can't engage Crossfire.
  150. PC Game not Launching.
  151. Can't turn in side mission at Base of Operations
  152. PC Game Won't Download
  153. PC downloading issues
  154. PC my agents character AGENT ORIGINS REDEMPTION
  155. PC Plays intro then screen stays black
  156. PC Crashing and freezing computer
  157. Crazy artifact bug
  158. The Division bought via Steam, now not playabe from Uplay client?
  159. PC Can't finish tutorial mission
  160. PC Start the workstation service if you can't start the game.
  161. PC Objects wont load and character stops running
  162. Bug with locked room
  163. PC 12 hours played and after Uplay want activation code
  164. After Windows updated today! BLACK SCREEN
  165. PC I got only u play key but no steam :(
  166. Attribute bug
  167. Can't 'Activate Agent'
  168. i cant get in to game~~~
  169. PC No Voices ...
  170. PC Agent Activation
  171. Bought the game , activated the key , but the game does not show
  172. PC Game loses all sound
  173. PC PC Completely freezing after awhile of playing
  174. PC The Division doestn apear in uplay client
  175. Cannot get past Tutorial: Upgrade Wing
  176. Can't complete activation
  177. No more Encounters?
  178. First Quest bug (Most ridiculous way to start a game ever)
  179. PC DZ vendor just have rank 30 items
  180. Delta Error
  181. PC Covert SRS heavy magazine spring model missing
  182. PC Delta 2000984
  183. PC A visiting player on my map, but not in my group
  184. PC Please explain more about the "Delta" Errors.
  185. PC Доброй ночи! Предзаказ.
  186. PC How to link physical bought game to Steam account?
  187. "Oh no, it crashed!" Error ...
  188. Game only stutters when i go into the darkzone
  189. PC FIX for DELAY keyboard problem
  190. Got an unavaliable key!!!
  191. PC Blackscreen and crash on startup - Solved temporary
  192. PC The division BIG BUG o FAIL SERVER?
  193. Military Specialits and Marine Force Outfits Pack are not part of the Season Pass?!
  194. PC BUG: Stuck on Tutorial: Upgrade Wing
  195. PC Falling through the ground at Pennsylvania Plaza
  196. PC massive fps drop
  197. Click play and windows stops working
  199. PC Subway Morgue - Stuck in Elevator
  200. Steam Download has been hung for nearly 48 hours
  201. PC Game Crashes when going to Full Screen
  202. [PC] No more Encounters, Security Wing cannot be upgraded
  203. Lexington Event Center Mission - Stuck on "Secure Area", no enemies to kill
  204. PC Delta 200000984
  205. PC DLC - Outfits?
  206. PC Stuck on splash-screen; game never starts
  207. PC Outside Playable Area
  208. PC PC Crashes, mouse beeps, on Controller power off after exiting The Division
  209. PC FIX for repeated crashing after 2-5mins of gameplay.
  210. PC Lag!!!
  211. PC Missing Season pass skins!!!
  212. Got an unavaliable key!!!
  213. PC npc for tech wing wont show up
  214. Error 0xc000007b
  215. Graphic changes won't save /Motorcycle Police Set
  216. Background sound/music cuts in and out randomly.
  217. PC Stuck
  218. PC Unable to start the game
  219. PC My game wont even start.
  220. Unkown Signal Quest
  221. [PC] Random and persistent fps drops
  222. PC Crash when i start the launch the game
  223. PC Can't select the language.
  224. URGENT: Game breaking bug that NEEDS to be fixed.
  225. PC Crashing on Startup - Faulting Module - uplay_r1_loader64.dll
  226. You owe us.
  227. Launch, open and close...(3 sec black screen)
  228. PC Mouse cursor problem
  229. PC keyboard input lag without g933 headset or logitech keyboard
  230. PC [BUG] Michael's ECO Bug.
  231. Bug/Glitch Stuck on debris & scope permanently stuck in my inventory
  232. filter level....
  233. PC Crash at startup
  234. PC Problem stats on my character
  235. PC Dont see the game in UPLAY libraly
  236. PC Stutter / Freezing for a few seconds now and then
  237. Bug found at Napalm production site.
  238. PC Delta code 20010186
  239. Sierra Error
  240. PC Trying to find my origins 4 Free Division Agent Gear Sets
  241. how come it shows 60hz when in fullscreen borderless?
  242. UPlay not giving me the option to play
  243. Solved why my game crashed on startup, might solve yours!
  244. Graphical Glicth/Flickering
  245. Rewards Not At Rewards Vendor In Game
  246. PC Game crash -> Found a [temporary] fix
  247. Game Activated on a non-existent account
  248. Shoes not showing up in inventory
  249. PC Group members invisible
  250. PC Not Fully Getting my Gold Edition/Season Pass Exclusives