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  1. PC romeo c-30c256 error olus achievements not synching to cloud
  2. Fix lexington boss loot drop
  3. PC I own the season pass but unable to play survival
  4. Graphic Glitch
  5. PC bugs - key board, mouse, graphics, fps drops, disconnects and loading
  6. Just bought the game, it freezes when selecting a language
  7. PC Barret's bulletproof vest broken
  8. Mike error after finishing a Survival session.
  9. PC PC - Competent Weapon Not Working with Turret (all mods)
  10. PC Survival mode: My pc reboots after 15 mins of playing.
  11. Entire group kicked from Survival instance
  12. PC Texture loading / Pop-in issues on PC
  13. PC Steam CD Key Problem
  14. Survival Music Continuing to play in Terminal (Bug?)
  15. Mobile Cover can be destroyed from enemies walking past it or right through it.
  16. PC Movement Controls Bug (1.5)
  17. Invisible object on the Barony in Russian Consulate
  18. PC BUG: weapon talents do not activate if the player has exact requirement
  19. PC Destrucive Recalibration
  20. PC Survivor problem??
  21. PC invisible stash, no interiors, slow loading
  22. PC Delta C-0-1243
  23. PC Survival - Invisible Helicopter is back!
  24. PC Xbox 360 Controller Not Working!!!!!!!!!
  25. White Screen and 100% cpu usage when I start the game fixed with Alt+Enter
  26. PC Sound cuts out
  27. PC Enemies glitching into terrain/buildings in Murray Hill E 38th St.
  28. PC Loot disappearing on touching
  29. PC there is some lag in the game of division
  30. Stuck at Connecting Screen
  31. PC Bugs after 1.5
  32. PC Cache inventory menu missing navigation
  33. Can't use pistols with Frontline/DFNC gear set
  34. Sudden death in survival
  35. PC The Division Survival DLC Hax? PLS FIX!
  36. PC The Division Insta-death-ladder-of-doom: Survival
  37. PC Can't start the game
  38. Drop rate on set pieces
  39. Ballistic Shield -- Can't Choose Other Weapons When In Cover
  40. PC Crash on any input
  41. PC Tower in General Assembly
  42. PC 30FPS Locked?
  43. PC Game crashes on cut scene
  44. Barret's Bulletproof Vest issues observations
  45. Game freezing
  46. Main Char stuck in Car
  47. PC CTD after selecting agent
  48. Black screens on load up and quit
  49. PC Error at hooling API "ntprotectvirtualmemory"
  50. PC When you will FIX you GAME ???
  51. PC Cant load game
  52. Sooooo many bugs in the DZ
  53. PC UI bug after choosing HVT mission
  54. PC Alpha Bridge + famas bug
  55. I paid for this game, I paid for the season pass! FIX YOUR GAME!!!!
  56. The Division won't go into fullscreen
  57. Underground lvl 40 issue + bugs & your lies
  58. PC Missions restarts after every exit
  59. PC Local 4K monitor fullscreen compatability Issue
  60. PC Issue with invincible level 34 npc's
  61. PC Game randomly crashes since 1.5
  62. PC Words Duplicated/Reflected in the Inventory Screen
  63. DPS issues
  64. PC Fullscreen mode users can't play game with stabilization.
  65. PC Performance issues.
  66. PC Anyone else having issues hearing/being heard via voice chat since latest patch?
  67. PC Game doesn't start.
  68. PC NPC level locked at lvl 25?
  69. Survival Stuck Between Objects [Video]
  70. PC Controller Stops After Taking Screenshot
  71. PC DLC Not Working
  72. Stuck on connecting
  73. PC Predator mark bug from 1.2 still not fixed and we're in 1.5....
  74. Survival savegames??
  75. PC Cant even open the game.
  76. PC hi fix resolution
  77. PC Unable to get on Survival
  78. PC Blackscreen in middle of mission
  79. PC Division says Uplay not installed?? Please help. ROMEO C-30-132
  80. PC Automatch no longer has Challenging as an option
  81. Survival Boss Battle
  82. PC Weapon talents not working with "Turret"
  83. PC the division
  84. BUG REPORT - Geting stuck in mission and survival.
  85. PC Game messed up yesterday 11/26/16
  86. PC Problem with 1.5 update Full screen Brightness
  87. PC Mouse clicking issue since launch
  88. PC Skill deployment bug in UG with mad skills
  89. None of my uplay games work on steam
  90. PC My season pass got linked to the wrong account by default.
  91. NO Daily Supply Drops
  92. PC The patience that was infinite is over. Unplayable from 1.5
  93. PC D3-FNC set Crit chance bug (Using pulse)
  94. game always crashing after clicking play
  95. PC Unable to open Stash in DZ Checkpoint
  96. PC Plzzz fix the xbox 360 controller
  97. PC Ballistic Shield + SMG bugg - cannot use pistol if I have SMG
  98. PC Stuck in connecting to account screen after changing graphic settings
  99. Error Delta C-0-1243 From Season Pass Purchase.
  100. PC Can't Complete Lexington Event Center Mission Due to Bug
  101. Engineer Stuck in Elevator at Napalm Production Site [Video]
  102. PC Chat or Group Chat Bug
  103. PC Barret's Vest bugged
  104. Survival & live game bugs
  105. Login as another user?
  106. PC - Inventory Quick Nav Broken
  107. the division 1-10 FPS no matter the graphics card or settings
  108. Echo tape issues
  109. Fast travel makes my Mic Mute !
  110. PC Crashing when picking character
  111. PC Patch 1.5 Error on Settings Area - Brightness (Fullscreen error)
  112. PC Can't log-in in uPlay
  113. cant log in
  114. PC Unable to launch the game
  115. Overheal Shoot delay
  116. Unable to complete this quest.
  117. PC Survival - Meds bug
  118. PC performance issue, Low FPS, Low CPU usage around 27%
  119. PC a couple of bugs ...
  120. When will the Fullscreen bug be fixed?
  121. PC Not seeing unconscious players in Survival
  122. PC Losing Control Character or mouse input issue
  123. PC 1.5 and the game crashes since
  124. PC No Staggering fire
  125. Outside playable area
  126. Clipping/getting stuck in Survival
  127. PC Echo in lexington event center
  128. PC Bald head graphical artifact issue in Underground
  129. PC Paysafecard payment
  130. PC game freezes when i play it for first time
  131. PC Survival - Stuck in Time Square (behind a truck)
  132. PC [bug]d3-fnc
  133. PC Windowless Fullscreen not correctly filling entire screen.
  134. PC Game freezes, with sound..
  135. mouse randomly stops working
  136. PC Just Bought a game ! WTF
  137. PC Weapon reloading when magazine not empty
  138. PC Bugs I've Encountered
  139. PC Named Elite jumping through walls
  140. The Division mutes all other computer audio
  141. multiple name errors and disconnects
  142. No "challenging" option for missions (map > autmatch > missions)
  143. Frontline set issue (smg requires 2 clicks to start firing after a reload)
  144. PC Crashing after Character Select 1.5
  145. PC No Supply Drop
  146. PC Average FPS went down with todays patch.
  147. PC Fullscreen error/crash
  148. PC The Division not launching.....
  149. PC "Resourceful" talent not working on Mobile Cover
  150. PC Underground daily mission bug
  151. PC Signature Skill no longer activates when taking lethal damage
  152. PC Ammunition Bug
  153. [Uplay crashing PC] Launching Division from steam
  154. PC [BUG] Ladder need to be fixed !
  155. Found bug in Turtle Bay
  156. PC How to Fix Mike, Delta, Infinite load, error. *TEST*
  157. PC This product is already claimed by
  158. Xbox one controller no longer working
  159. Bug report for mission Lexington
  160. [PC] Underground mission (unable to complete)
  161. Gear Quick Nav does't work
  162. Sometimes when starting a mission in the underground or when join a group my ammo cap
  163. Bad graphics/collision bug in the DZ
  164. PC Grey screen when entering the inventory
  165. PC Cleaner with axe and shield hits and ninja moves
  166. PC Invisible Enemies
  167. PC High CPU Usage
  168. PC Map Bug in Survival - Kips Bay
  169. PC can`t play in fullscreen anymore after the last patch
  170. PC Issue - Hard Crash on bootup/Soon after bootup
  171. PC delta error c-0-1243
  172. No Dialog Audio
  173. PC Delta error c-1-198
  174. PC Can't login to PTS
  175. Audio issues AGAIN!
  176. PC Constant Stutter.
  177. Overdose Skill not healing the right amount
  178. In game cheaters report system
  179. PC Profile wiped!!!
  180. PC Menu Character is blacked out with Blueish Background
  181. PC Fierce Bug
  182. PC Stuck in Brooklyn / Can`t get in the other side of the city .
  183. PC video proof hacker report on a guy named TorwaK.
  184. PC Don't share any issue here!
  185. PC Invisible chopper in survival
  186. MIKE Error after Survival Extraction (Always)
  187. PC A NPC pushed a player into a object and the player was trapped in the object forever
  188. PC Colonel Bliss' holster - no EMP effect
  189. PC "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"
  190. Won't connect
  191. PC Windows 10 lagging and auto run issues
  192. PC Ballistic Shield lets bullets through
  193. PC Constant Crashes
  194. PC Survival Badge bugged?
  195. PC bugs not being addressed in today's maintenance that should be prioritized ?
  196. PC Cpl Dorsman cheating - LMB wall hack?
  197. Low HSD rolls on HSD main attribute scopes
  198. Lexington Event senter Boss bug
  199. PC Lara Barett still stucks in balcony
  200. PC Recovery Bug still there
  201. PC Problema em mudar resolução do jogo
  202. Problems with echo 17
  203. Positional audio is messed up when using headphones
  204. PC Lexington Event Centre
  205. PC Missing Tech points - Game breaking bug
  206. PC 1.5 the division crash
  207. PC New bug in Lexington Event Center after Maintenance today:The boss is invincible!
  208. PC Unplayable stuttering/hitching
  209. MIKE error
  210. Coolheaded on Pistol not working
  211. Overheal
  212. PC Deconstruct not working inside Terminal
  213. Larae not spawning bug is back
  214. PC ERROR Romeo C-27-367 Cannot Get to Character selection
  215. Game is crashing whenever I ALT+TAB or change video settings.
  216. PC Benchmark says ok but stuttering + freezing as soon as there is enemy encounter
  217. PC BUG - Clear Sky defense gun in the roundabout bugged
  218. PC BUG - Dragons Nest Four Horsemen encounter - unable to res players
  219. PC The Division files getting corrupted
  220. PC General Assembly - Helicopter inside the building
  221. PC Roll Max Armor. Get Delta'd. GG.
  222. PC nao consigo baixar o DLC
  223. PC Keyboard input lag
  224. PC T Quick Nav not working since first 1.5 patch
  225. Holding Tab to lock weapons while in survival Qeue kicks you from the group or..
  226. Static sound/noise ingame background
  227. PC Sealed caches in the DZ scale to GS regardless of your world tier.
  228. PC Elevator ceiling texture in Lexington Event Center changes after transition
  229. PC Barret armor Bug!!!!! ( Serious Bug)
  230. PC application thedivision.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware
  231. PC Larae Barret dropped SHOWSTOPPER but it is unlootable!
  232. PC Delta C-0-1243 problem
  233. PC My game doesn't work anymore !
  234. Every single mission is marked as level 25 content while inside a safehouse
  235. Larae Barret still stuck upstairs!
  236. "Poor connection to host server" issue
  237. Another new Lexington bug
  238. PC Possible shield bug?
  239. Full Screen broken again?
  240. game is still crash after click continue game or after click fast travel
  241. PC Modding Items
  242. PC D3-FNC + tactical link: Cant fire, even when switching guear, weapons etc
  243. PC Turtle Bay Tech Encounter auto Failure - Cause Mobs Stuck in Spawn Point.
  244. PC Larae Barrett Balcony Bug (video evidence)
  245. PC bug en supervivencia
  246. PC Game crash when alt-Tab or change to widows size.
  247. two ballistic shield bugs
  248. Words Duplicated/Reflected in the Inventory Screen :mad:
  249. PC MAJOR: Picking up fuse boxes with ballistic shield deployed
  250. PC Survival: Instance Purged players, premature death to infection.