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  1. PC Weapon disappears bug
  2. PC Backpack Issue - possible lock of character
  3. PC help !season pass!
  4. PC Bugs for a long time
  5. PC Steam overlay - Stuck
  6. Can't see my friends in the division and uplay
  7. Text Chat Issues - Several Unanswered Posts about Text Chat
  8. PC 2 echos bugged
  9. CLIPPING: Predators Mark Chest-Piece Clipping
  10. Window Bug near Hudson Refugee Camp Electronics pickup
  11. PC Client not updating after DLC purchase.
  12. PC Bugs with textures / UI / mission
  13. [PC] Bug Report : Stuck Underground Level (cant interact with anything)
  14. PC Game crashing using only 1920 x 1080 resolution on startup and alt tab.
  15. PC Invulnerable NPC weak points
  16. PC UnderGround,sounds Delay.
  17. Bug UI
  18. game out of sync lag so bad since 1.4
  19. PC Tutorials after using the PTS.
  20. PC Can't get people to hear me.
  21. PC Daily Assignment
  22. Tutorials popping up everywhere in 1.4 game
  23. PC Audio SLOW
  24. PC Survival Guide page 3 bug
  25. PC double menu letters
  26. PC Multiple bugs/glitches experienced in live game.
  27. PC Bought the Frontline Outfit DLC Pack & haven't received it
  28. PC Audio Bug, Can't hear ISAC or Transmissions
  29. PC Couple of MIKE
  30. [release] Precinct Siege - Replay bug
  31. PC Giving up on Division due to persistent delta errors
  32. Division when hit play loads for a second and shuts down
  33. Bug report Hudson Yard electronic parts
  34. Death by Proxy talent is broken
  35. PC Tom Clancy The Division PTS Failed To Start!
  36. PC Skills can't be immediately used after refresh
  37. PC After fast travelling, secondry weapon always equiping
  38. PC Frame Drop while extracting during survival
  39. PC I can't see other players in DZ.
  40. PC Locked to 60Hz In Windowed Fullscreen ?
  41. PC Not getting any UPLAY points to unlock rewards
  42. PC Stable/Stability Weapon Talent not working.
  43. PC ingame sound problem
  44. PC LATENCY ! Latency ! latency! ... late.... Do something plz massive
  45. PC More Loot Table Questions
  46. PC BUG REPORT When climbing tall ledges character is forced to jump back down.
  47. PC Please assist (Low GPU-usage spikes causing stuttering)
  48. PC UI bug in lvl requirement for the mission on the map (video)
  49. PC Performance Issues, LAG in Main and Underground, random Delta and Mike errors, FPS...
  50. PC [Visual Bug] Texture missing in North-East part of the map
  51. PC [Bug Report] DZ02 Extraction Teleportation Bug
  52. PC Please Fix C-1-191 Error Game Worked Fine Previously
  53. PC 1.4 Gear mods not displaying
  54. PC I need help!!!!
  55. Wow did you all mess up with 1.4 or what roflol
  56. PC Division has stopped working problem
  57. can't connect to PTS anymore - error Delta C-1-189
  58. PC Game loads characters late and invisible enemies
  59. PC PC Stuck in corner
  60. PC Error Code Delta C-1-198
  61. Not getting anywhere support regarding Steam linking to wrong UPlay account
  62. PC The case of the mysteriously disappearing ammo.
  63. Division not in My Games tab
  64. PC Question about the season pass
  65. Serious issue - Aiming weapons causing "cover vaulting" instead
  66. PC Game does not start (Launcher works)
  67. Heal.
  68. PC Ultimate gltiched
  69. nVidia Surround 3 Screens 5760x1080 working wrong with 2 Screens on right side
  70. PC Two Step Auth Preventing from logging on
  71. PC New Installer Corrupted
  72. #hackers
  73. Did I get double supplies?
  74. Sticky bomb and lag
  75. PC Any official cheaters list anywhere?
  76. Cannot complete Echo Intel Rogue Agents
  77. IS the mouse lag ( input lag ) fixed ?
  78. PC Inventory screen turns grey and character turns black
  79. Tech Support talent is broken
  80. PC High CPU usage (80%-100%) on an Intel i7 4770k!
  81. Just Installed after several months
  82. PC Division is not running atall
  83. [PC] Intense weapon talent bug
  84. PC Kips Bay Echo Map Glitch/Bug
  85. PC Running the division on this laptop???
  86. PC Moving Season Pass from PS4/PSN to PC
  87. PC constant fps drop and graphic stuttering
  88. FPS Increase Setting for minor to not noticeable cost in immersion.
  89. PC Error Code Delta C-1-198
  90. PC [ERROR] Romeo c-30-255
  91. PC Game Crash on Death
  92. PC Crashes on Startup
  93. Side mission and Echo will not progress. [Missing Person: Alexis Kwan]
  94. PC [PC] Inventive backpack buff will stop activating at random
  95. side missions(return to safe house) won't activate
  96. PC c-1-191 all the time
  97. Napalm production site progression (generator)
  98. PC FPS drops at Stuyvesant
  99. PC The Division mutes all other programs, bug since 1.4 PTS, copy paste again...
  100. PC 1.5 cant change brightness
  101. Wt 5 drops only 229
  102. PC Can't stretch out the resolution
  103. PC Delta C-0-1243
  104. PC Update 1.5 Downscales itself, and crashes before the ubisoft logo shows up!
  105. PC Delta Error: Trying to forward ports.
  106. PC 1.5 Controller on PC causes constant crashes
  107. Steady is still being rolled on the Tenebrae in 1.5
  108. Delta, couldnt connect and now in foreign language
  109. Game wont go Fullscreen and this causes FPS Drops and more...
  110. PC No DX12 option under Video
  111. PC Stuttering after 1.5
  112. PC Can't change to fullscreen mode, game stays at 30 fps, extreme stuttering
  113. Bug from 1.4 and 1.5
  114. PC Black Bars and deformed image in 1.5
  115. PC Survival Offline
  116. 1.5 fullscreen doesnt work
  117. [PC] Triage - Vigourous
  118. Bug in 1.5 patch same as in the PTS
  119. Extracting Survival - Crash C-24-134 No caches :(
  120. frame rate of 15 fps
  121. PC Problems with graphics since 1.5
  122. PC Constant Delta C-0-1243 disconnects!
  123. PC These deltas seriously gotta go
  124. You want feedback ? !!
  125. PC BUG - Stuck in outbounds
  126. PC Screen tearing and Graphic glitches
  127. PC BUG: Graphical - Alphabridge backpack
  128. Since 1.5 Problem with Directx !
  129. My experience so far
  130. PC Game can not be landed
  131. PC cant by DLC
  132. PC Bag with the purchase of DLС
  133. PC Inventory Quick Nav doesn't work
  134. PC Can't collect the final Judy Walters ECHO
  135. PC i finish update 1.5 ,, crash.. cannot open game
  136. PC PS4 Controller on PC
  137. Game crashing......
  138. PC 1.5 XBox Windows Controller doesn't work
  139. This product is already claimed by....
  140. PC almost ended mission/ disconnect and start again??
  141. PC Directx12 not present on Build 1.5 PC
  142. Glitch spot in Survival at Abel Rooftop
  143. SUrvival - Crash on extraction
  144. Survival - Items dissapear from inventory
  145. how do i activate/enter survival (PC) ????
  146. PC Controls not responding for a few seconds
  147. PC Bug Fest 1.5: skills bugging, not usable
  148. PC Division 1.5 crashing early due to UplayService.exe
  149. PC Nothing new AGAIN Performance and bug issues !!!
  150. PC Horrible performance
  151. PC Stuck in Stairs Glitch, Church Safehouse in survival.
  152. PC Game not loading
  153. PC Game will not start after 1.5 update
  154. crash the game
  155. PC unable to change brightness level
  156. PC Error Romeo c-30-256
  157. PC [Bug] Slow Down of Right Click After Exit from 1.5
  158. Disable V-Sync + new drivers fix
  159. Can't re-connect - Uniform C-35-1239
  160. PC Australians Survival Matchmaking issues.
  161. missing achievment for master score in survival
  162. Enemies can shoot through doors were you can take cover behind in Russian Consulate
  163. PC Stuck on the loading screen at 63%
  164. PC Recovery link not working for solo.
  165. SURVIVAL Crashed lost 5 loot caches
  166. PC Survival - Antiviral DZ03 ?
  167. PC DELTAS are killing us
  168. PC Multiple bugs found since Patch 1.5
  169. First Aid Skill
  170. PC The division update 1.5 xbox one controller not working
  171. PC Voice chat constantly disables itself
  172. Falcon Lost no rewards
  173. PC Talent Accomplished on Kneepads don't work?
  174. Delta errors again
  175. weekly HVT failed due to Gamesrash
  176. PC [BUG] Cant change brightness WITH FullScreen
  177. PC Missing translations for D3-FNC pieces
  178. Game ownership issues can not login
  179. PC Mike error always when loding score screen after survial
  180. PC Larae still in spawn room then teleported back to balcony bug.
  181. PC [BUG] Lexington Boss comes down then goes up to her little room again sometimes
  182. PC Bug: Vigorous Chest + Support Station not working.
  183. PC Talents not activating with exact stat requirements met
  184. PC Born Survivor Uplay Club Action not activating
  185. PC The Division becomes unresponsive at startup
  186. PC [Bug] Ballistic Shield
  187. PC The Division BAN
  188. why did i got banned i didnt did anything
  189. PC Help game will not allow me to adjust brightness to higher level
  190. PC Constant loading
  191. [PC ] BUG: Stuck in DZ checkpoint PLEASE HELP
  192. Quick Nav
  193. PC No arranca
  194. barrettes bulletproof vest
  195. PC After 1.5 Steam Controller no longer works with the Division
  196. PC [Underground] - [Audio]: Voices and some sound effects are being delayed
  197. PC [UI] - [Player Stash]: Quick Nav feature does display its menu
  198. PC Purchased through Steam, but will not launch
  199. PC Survival - is it a Bug? different antiviral locations for members of the same team?
  200. PC Lag everywhere
  201. Mike C-22-395 Division Services Unavailable?
  202. PC BUG: "Survival Game Finder Cancelled" and group disbanded
  203. PC Error Mike C-22-395
  204. is division server are down on this minute ???
  205. Stuttering since patch 1.5
  206. Patch 1.5 - Bugs & Issues
  207. Possible Glitch - Hearing Hunter disruption down in Underground?
  208. Error: Mike C-21-644, The Division services are not available
  209. Stuck in brooklyn
  210. Group Servers are unavailable
  211. PC The Division crashes to desktop
  212. Survival Group bug
  213. PC Uplay is unable to start your download and...
  214. PC Restock box blocks looting
  215. Joining group and getting mike error
  216. Stuck in a Wall at Survival Extraction [Video]
  217. Potentially gamebreaking bug with reclaimer/coolheaded
  218. PC PC (Instantly receiving all the supplies needed to complete all 3 wings)
  219. Damage can go thru Ballistic Shield
  220. PC Movement frozen after entering DZ
  221. Outside of playable area street
  222. Mike Error Code
  223. Bought The Division this morning.. DOES NOT WORK, HELP.
  224. Blackscreen after cutscene when moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  225. PC Constantly crashing to desktop!!
  226. PC delta c-1-198
  227. PC recovery link issues
  228. genade animation missing
  229. Just got the game, all im getting is a black screen.
  230. PC Cover issues
  231. PC SWAT Pants - Female
  232. Survival Invisible Helicopter Pickup at Extraction [Video]
  233. PC Control problems
  234. PC Multiple crashes (since yesterday) , finalized with FREEZ
  235. im so done with surival man error code "uniform"
  236. PC The Division Graphics Distortion + Glitch + Flickering. UNPLAYABLE.
  237. PC Black Screen when leaving Brooklyn--During the Helicopter Cutscene
  238. PC Characters are locked but i can revert and lose progress?
  239. Cant login!
  240. PC Inventory Bug-Mod Drops Not Showing Up In Inventory and/or Not Marked As New
  241. PC Problème de latence et le jeux est saccader. ( I can read english )
  242. Server error! Character locked.
  243. PC Field Progression Bug - Week One #11 Phone Recording
  244. PC Birghtness - darkness bug
  245. PC [Bug] "Damage bonuses are now additive instead of multiplicative."
  246. PC Crash on startup warning screen
  247. Seeker mines deployment sticky
  248. Error Delta C-1-198
  249. PC Error 404 while purchasing DLC
  250. PC [BUG] Survival "ends" with Error (Mike C-24-134)