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  1. Will 1.4 fix any visual issues?
  2. PC sound bug
  3. PC gear score changes, item changes and bugs with stash.
  4. 2 bugs found so far 1.4
  5. [PC] 2 bugs
  6. PC ROMEO C-30-116 Error
  7. PC Bug m1a
  8. PC BUG DEFI not working
  9. PC no seeing all mod slots
  10. PC Stock in Verifying files...
  11. My Skills Going into Permanent Cooldown in 1.4
  12. PC N1 way to fix the FPS drop bug (ubisoft POV guide)
  13. Fps drops in dark zone especially DZ06
  14. PC same audio bug (TCTD mutes background audio of all other apps) experienced in the PTS
  15. Pve bosses don´t respawn
  16. PC DZ vendors NON-SENSE (blue vs yellow, downgrade vs upgrade)
  17. Delta Errors
  18. PC Clock_watchdog_timeout
  19. Corrupted files after 1.4
  20. PC Search and destroy targets not spawning again!
  21. Grenade Spam
  22. PC Crashing on load up screen
  23. PC ECHO's
  24. PC Legacy SMGs retaining CHC in 1.4
  25. PC Backpack size issue
  26. Vendor Missing ?
  27. PC Cannot download update and now Uplay does not see game after files verification
  28. PC [B]I am still connecting to Canadian and USA servers from Hungary[/B]
  29. Delta C-1-191 error, was never in the PTS
  30. Regards to the bug with character and background turning dark
  31. Division uses all my memory
  32. Dissappearing Weapons
  33. PC 1.4 Nimble Bug
  34. PC Crooks new cheat are using
  35. PC Keyboard Input Lag - Turning off 3rd Party LED Does Not Fix
  36. PC TCTD is Not Exiting Properly
  37. PC Can someone help me with my Graphics problem
  38. Cache Gear Score Issue
  39. The division please unban
  40. Are you ever gonna fix this?
  41. PC [Bug] Performance Mod Slots & properties issue
  42. Find a Better Server not working
  43. NPCs shooting through objects again/still.
  44. PC Unable to jump through window on 9th Avenue, between W29th & W31st Street
  45. PC Issue with Emeny Level tags on Missions in 1.4
  46. Framerate drop after Update 1.4
  47. PC Outside of playable are.
  48. PC apperance vendor has none to sell today,bug?
  49. PC Wall Bug in UG
  50. Cant Continue DL Of the game
  51. Is this normal?? Division crashes all the time now :(
  52. PC Game making computer rebooting since 1.4
  53. PC Enemy Spawn Not Working As Intended - Patch 1.4
  54. strange npc spawn
  55. PC Windowed Full Screen BUG ....
  56. Bug in supply acquisition mission when picking up telephones.
  57. PC [BUG] Invisible Wall blocking previously accessible route
  58. PC Mismatch names of blueprints + dark character and background in Crafting Station
  59. PC PC (Performance mod - first aid self heal)
  60. Striker bug
  61. [BUG] Health on Kill + Resourceful
  62. PC Ordered the Standard Edition off Amazon, any way to preload the game?
  63. PC [BUG] Climbing certain obstacles while sprinting causes you to fall off.
  64. PC [Bug] Character boosted to UG Level 10129
  65. Weapon inventory bug
  66. PC Why and how to fix? Black textures video inside
  67. Hells Kitchen Echo
  68. PC My Underground rank is 13921!
  69. PC Game Crash since 1.4 update
  70. My new 229 Tenebrae dropped with the removed Steady Talent .
  71. PC False Echo on map
  72. PC 1.4 Cannot Access My Primary Character!
  73. PC can't see last mod slot
  74. PC Sound bug
  75. game won't start
  76. PC Random teleport bug
  77. PC Buy the game and ..
  78. PC The Division takes exclusive sound control after launch.
  79. PC Headset keeps reconnecting
  80. PC strange issue levelling up underground since 1.4
  81. Backpack capacity issue
  82. Not gettng weapons skins in hvt's
  83. Performance mods 33 got same bonus as 32
  84. PC Turret performance mod damage wrong calculation
  85. 163 GS set items
  86. Where is the 'new PC reporting tool' mentioned in 1.4 patch notes?
  87. PC game crashing every 5-10 minutes
  88. Jogo não abre Tela Preta
  89. PC Is there a way to take in-game photos ? (more than just screenshots)
  90. Extract - Loot - Server Transfer - Loot Gone
  91. PC [BUG] Open world PvE boss loot despawns if you die after killing the boss.
  92. PC [BUG] UI Lag when selling at vendors.
  93. PC [BUG] Hitting Escape after you've hit G to throw a grenade takes you to the inventory
  94. PC [BUG] Clicking items at vendor sale menu auto scrolls them to the top.
  95. PC [BUG] Video settings reset every game start if click/press mouse or keyboard
  96. Error While updating
  97. Steam bought DLC not showing in game
  98. PC Cannot complete mission (Return to the Base of Operation)
  99. PC In-game sounds being played at 4x speed with the usage of headphones
  100. Sound Bugs (no footstep sounds and missing music)
  101. PC [Bug] Steady talent still exists
  102. PC [Bug] Can't jump through window
  103. PC I'v got a problem
  104. PC Game plays as if stuck in fast forward.
  105. [PC] Stability and Accuracy Talents on Assault Rifle not working.
  106. PC [BUG] Enemies shooting through walls
  107. PC [BUG] Not getting the talent when having the exact number
  108. PC Freezing when changing settings..
  109. PC Returning player = Missing character.
  110. Delta C 0 1082 Error on Normal Servers
  111. PC Bug report
  112. PC Bug: Predator's Mark chest clipping with every jacket in game.
  113. PC Input lag only in The division
  114. PC DZ Exp - No longer adding to DZ Caches
  115. PC Defibrillator doesn't work sometimes
  116. PC PC Defribillator and Survivor link not reviving downed players
  117. PC Bugs over Bugs
  118. PC update1.4 ....31.10.2016 Bug discovered
  119. PC Strike back talent not working in 1.4
  120. PC Clothing
  121. PC Alpha Bridge talents not procing based on weapon order
  122. PC [BUG] Hit level 40 in Underground and it gave me level 684 instead of 40.
  123. PC Double points deducted when purchasing
  124. PC Game skips once starting combat and makes whole pc lag
  125. PC Accessing Inventory Menu after Status Effect (Bug Report)
  126. PC I can't go fullscreen.
  127. PC Can't claim supply drop
  128. PC Stuttering video with sinper zoom in/out
  129. PC Invisible enemies and walls.
  130. PC 100% Cpu usage
  131. PC Really wonky controller problems.
  132. PC Post 1.4 bugs
  133. PC [BUG] Missão
  134. FOOT Steps ?
  135. PC Bug with Echo
  136. PC Bug report : Player can fast-travel into Underground Operation but as a "Ghost"
  137. Weapons Damage bug in the BoO stash when transfering them to other characters
  138. Video Ghosting / Settings Problem. Please help. Probably an easy fix...
  139. 1.4 Bug list
  140. Inventory Bug...Green guns confirmed!!!
  141. PC Predator's Mark Vest Clipping
  142. PC Cannot log in, showing Delta C-1-191.
  143. PC Flickering UI elements in cutscenes/menu
  144. PC Losing sound on desktop
  145. BUG REPORT | Soda consumable does not work with support station
  146. PC Graphical bugs in buildings
  147. PC Audio acceleration
  148. PC Being pulse don't show anymore ?
  149. PC Field Progression Bugs: Judy Walters #4, Week One #11
  150. PC please help!
  151. Skills still not activating on tap or double tap.
  152. PC [Bug Report] Graphics Error at side mission location
  153. PC [Bug Report] Calling extraction while Ballistic Shield equipped is bugged
  154. PC [bug report]
  155. PC [Bug] Hunter's Faith & Sentry's Call Head Shot Bonus
  156. PC Safe Area - One Enemy Entered While Others Could Not
  157. Main character deleted by accident.
  158. PC Can't Launch Game
  159. PC WT4 Backpack capacity bug
  160. PC Suppressed sniper rifle sounding unsuppressed
  161. [BUG] Shutdown Imminent
  162. PC Named weapon drop with wrong gear score
  163. PC Specific Game Crashes
  164. Game frame rate drops/lags when changing zoom down sights
  165. PC Skill haste not applying to Support Station
  166. PC Missing Weapon Parts
  167. PC Getting Delta C-1-191 Error on game NOT PTS.
  168. Delta C-0-1082 Unable to get ingame
  169. Can't enter first safehouse
  170. Sound is totally cutting out
  171. Server mismatching | Huge latency | Tickrate
  172. Ipad can view forum but can not log in to post, gives login error message, why?
  173. PC high end holster "nimble" is not working properly
  174. PC Visual Bug
  175. PC Diverse bugs i encountered
  176. PC Lighting bug in building / Bugged side mission
  177. PC Ammo while changing servers
  178. PC Performance Armour
  179. PC Microstutter
  180. PC Problem with weekly HVT vendor
  181. PC Geometry glitch outside DZ6 safe room
  182. PC RNG is worth a bug report now
  183. PC Bug with shooting animation in coop
  184. PC Visual Bug - UI not displaying Striker's information
  185. PC Consumables not being shown
  186. Character Wipe
  187. PC Glitched on Connect Screen
  188. PC Delta C-0-1082 during Challenge Mode - Lincoln Tunnel
  189. PC MIKE Error Message - MIKE C-25-360
  190. PC Logical/Gameplay bugs
  191. Game stuttering but no FPS drop
  192. Cant sell or dismantle this item
  193. PC Division 1.4 Rüstung verbuggt
  194. PC high risk HVT auto failed before we even started
  196. My main base Phoenix Credit Vendor never spawned.
  197. PC Struttering 100% cpu usage
  198. 1.4 Game has a BAD memory leak
  199. Skills stop working (found how to reproduce it)
  200. PvE - Bugged Building/NPC behavior
  201. PC Critical Search and Destroy
  202. PC Enemies/Areas loading incredibly slowly.
  203. PC Graphical bug on building / Upd to bug with Echo
  204. PC PC HUD icone bug
  205. PC Graphic errors with nvidia gtx 1070
  206. Unable to complete Encounter after interacting w/ phone while holding mission object
  207. PC i got Blue Sealed Cache In Dz 205 + please fix the bug
  208. PC Sound bug? The G36 with a suppressor attachment is WAY TOO LOUD!
  209. PC Nomads Cooldown Icon not displaying
  210. PC [BUG] Judy Walters Echos
  211. Monitor Keep Turn On Turn Off
  212. PC LAG issue on PC
  213. PC Season pass
  214. Division PTR not available even tho i have season pass.
  215. PC Sound issue
  216. PC Serious issue
  217. PC Cluster Seeker mine problems
  218. PC temp stuck in scenery
  219. PC Major lag/freeze issue with latest NVIDIA drivers
  220. PC SLI GPU Clock speeds
  221. PC underground/mission kicking character out of map bug
  222. reloading after travelling into hub from undergroud
  223. Cant load in to Underground Delta C-0-1082 error
  224. inventory bug down to 40 slots.. why isnt it fixed!?
  225. Xbox Controller has stopped working on The Division, works with steam
  226. PC PVE Boss "BELZER" amazing script ...
  227. PC Stash
  228. PC crash starting the game ( black screen)
  229. PC PTS characters refresh
  230. PC there is no way to add language ?
  231. PC Underground Level Bug
  232. PC нет русского языка
  233. PC (PTS) eneabled DX12 Rendering game not starting
  234. PC How to back up the game? Division
  235. PC Settings crash
  236. PC Hunter's Faith Backpack Broken!
  237. PC Possibly Broken Loot Table for Heroic Clear Sky
  238. PC 30 seconds till respawn issue
  239. PC Lexington Event Center
  240. Cant access game...Google Authenticator
  241. PC Visual bug with explosions in Dragon's Nest
  242. PC gs 229
  243. Game Crash and PC fails completely
  244. PC Losing Ammo when fast travelling to the underground.
  245. PC Delta c-0-1082
  246. PC Continual DELTA errors can't complete a mission
  247. Cant install 2 way authentication stuck and no support this sucks
  248. PC Visual bugs with overlapping / flickering textures & reflections
  249. PC Streets of newyork outfit bundle, not showing "owned"
  250. Lag lag and more LAG but is that the biggest problem?