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  1. Micro Lags with gaming notebook
  2. Delta 20010187 No fixes work.
  3. PC Graphic bug
  4. Unsable ammo box in mission (russian consulate iirc)
  5. PC BUG NPC spawn gate did not open
  6. Banning Update
  7. PC Uplay - Bought Division but dont see my game in library ( 29 hours ago)
  8. PC Bad FPS since 1.3.1
  9. Daily missions don't give reward and after log out / in they are again available
  10. PC 33 Days, 10 hours, 50 minutes played. Tutorial activated upon starting my game today.
  11. full inventory bug?
  12. Gone Spelunking Achievement Not Unlocking
  13. Cant take Issaak Hat because reach item cap!!!!! WHAT!!!! HOW????!!!!!
  14. Known Issues thread....
  15. PC Entry point not found. _crtCreateSymbolicLinkW not found in DLL error
  16. PC Season Pass / Underground no longer showing up...
  17. PC [BUG] Ballistic Shield disappears
  18. PC [BUG] Performance Mod Loot table
  19. PC Game cant confirm my ownership of the game !!
  20. PC Division-Dark Zone
  21. I have a bug who lowered my life this happans without i do something
  22. PC Just Started Playing - Can't Access Any Missions
  23. PC I can not start the underground
  24. PC [BUG] Body still blocking gunsight reticle
  25. PC Cheater in game video inside speed hack
  26. Underground- Can't Interact with World
  27. PC Game freezing from lounching screen to gameplay
  28. PC ROMEO Error 20300255
  29. resolution scaling Issue??
  30. PC The Division não abre.
  31. PC Division asking for activation key
  32. PC 229/268 gear
  33. No Chinese Translation in my game
  34. PC Error 20010187
  35. PC "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product"
  36. PC What you've done again !!!!
  37. PC Disabling modifiers in Underground matchmaking has no effect
  38. PC Microphone disables after few minutes when using Voice Chat in game
  39. PC Lone star bonus 100% ammo capacity
  40. PC Sound in loading Interface but no sound in game?
  41. PC Showing DLC not owned
  42. different ranks can play with each other
  43. PC ERROR Delta 20010187
  44. PC Game will not save where I actually got to
  45. Health or Armor bug
  46. I accidentally deleted my M1A...
  47. PC When are you going to fix/acknowledge the 40 slot backpack bug?
  48. PC underground cache
  49. PC Lags + Freezes after Underground update
  50. Cannot get to next phase
  51. PC So..... when you gonna fix that echo bug? It's been 5 months.
  52. PC I might have group with a hacker in the DZ... I am in danger too ?
  53. Stuck on "Installing Manhattan"
  54. FPS drop...still
  55. PC The division
  56. PC Different bugs on my character and gameplay
  57. The Ladder bug
  58. PC Unable to start The division
  59. PC Medical Wing Tutorial Problem.
  60. Unreachable location because of nearly invisible mesh collision
  61. PC SLi Performance woes
  62. PC Roadie clothes set missing boots.
  63. Battallion clothing set needs it's own set in listing.
  64. PC frozen DL
  66. PC Negative armor bug
  67. High end gear exploit
  68. Riker Inactive & BOSS out of section
  69. PC download problem
  70. PC FPS and Cpu Load when party missions!
  71. PC Keyboard lag?
  72. PC [DZ05] Door glitch prevent from shooting while doors are wide open
  73. PC The division gold edition
  74. PC Glitch leading to possible exploit
  75. PC Unable to post screenshots to forum
  76. ERROR UplayInstallerImpl.cpp (101) InstallerInit: installer api is not available.
  77. PC Appearance Items Full!
  78. PC LoneStar 4 piece bonus does not take the extended mag size into account.
  79. Crumbled Polygons
  80. PC When will this cheaters get PERMA BANNED
  81. sawed off reload bug
  82. Accidently Deleted Character
  83. PC Unplug all accessories?
  84. Fixing issues with small patches like DOTA2 and CS:GO
  85. PC A new bug with a rifle G36C (trade)
  86. Season pass went missing?
  87. Delta Error 20001082
  88. level 14 dvision exploiting high ends
  89. PC [Bug] No more GPS route since a few days
  90. PC Where is My Season Pass Ubisoft??
  91. PC BUG: Activating a health pack while getting downed left me unkillable in downed state
  92. Lone Star Insta-reload and Support Station with ammo cache mod not working
  93. Please help me!請幫幫我!
  94. PC Intel Taken, No Location Given
  95. PC Season Pass Supply Drop Loot Disappeared after crash?
  96. Missing Helicopter Story Mission
  97. Can't Connect Delta Error 20001082
  98. PC Lexington Event Centre Glitch
  99. PC Google Authenticator.
  100. Weapons going missing?
  101. PC ive got 2 bugged echo's
  102. SLI Support?
  103. PC Multi-revive no revive bug at end of underground phase 3/3
  104. PC Not able to do S & D in certain Zones
  105. Wrong DZ bracket
  106. PC Most Probably Fix for FPS-Drops - PC ONLY
  107. PC Division Beta Account
  108. PC Impossible to proceed past a door in Underground
  109. Uplay and Division Tracker Errors
  110. NPC Push Bug
  111. Season Pass
  112. Question for UbiSoft and Massive about cheaters in DZ!
  113. PC PTS - Elite Task Force Early Access
  114. Found a bug: JTF officer can't be freed in UG operation
  115. PC I can't believe this rediculous error.
  116. PC UG reward chest bug?
  117. PC delta 20001082
  118. PC Secure Quarantine Center Error
  119. unable to log in
  120. PC Glitch at 53rd sewer
  121. PC Fix the SPAM in the chat box
  122. PC Can't access underground
  123. PC Deaf & Blind-Bug in the Underground with toxic-talented sniper.
  124. PC Character Screen/Game screen glitch The Division
  125. PC 2-Step Verification
  126. PC Delta error
  127. PC Can't access game, Division services unavailable
  128. PC Extreme Lag - unplayable
  129. PC "DELTA 20001082" error
  130. 1 week with out awnser
  131. PS4 Unique profile between platforms
  132. mike 20220342....SO LOVELY
  133. PC I just deleted my main caracter :(
  134. PC RE: Body posture when holding a weapon
  135. PC Missing the navigation orange line
  136. PC Tactician's set bonus "buff" icon disappears after a bit of time while in effect
  137. stuttering on gtx 1070
  138. PC Darkzone Brackets
  139. PC I can not start the game by asking for uplay key.
  140. PC Hardcore Flickering
  141. PC FPS Drop
  142. PC DELTA 20010187 error
  143. Abnormal end UG mission
  144. PC DNS issue with The Division - game crashes upon start
  145. Stolen account
  146. PC Русская локализация
  147. Cheat or lag? Strange teleporting.
  148. [French translation] Dead Eye - Hunter faith talent
  149. Loggin reset and now I cant logging............
  150. PC Drop's FPS, Friezes, Return to the desktop while playing.
  151. PC The computer Jam
  152. PC Language pack
  153. memory leak issue
  154. Character Model arms broken in Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint-Hard, solo
  155. PC I've been hacked...
  156. PC Stats missing
  157. PC Performance Issues
  158. PC Game Hangs/Not responding every few minutes
  159. PC [Technical Issue] Bullets shooting through walls/buildings while in cover.
  160. PC Weapon not reloading or weapon won't fire glitch. Will 4.1 fix it?
  161. Cannot login to ubisoft to play the game
  162. Let's talk about Crossfire
  163. PC Rouge kills dropped down..!!
  164. PC PC Unable to collect field data
  165. Is a question on game play ??
  166. PC Logitech Gaming Software crashes every time the game starts.
  167. PC [PC] VOIP Causes Server Stutter
  168. Have you noticed getting bugged more?
  169. Flickering problem
  170. PC PTS intstall problems
  171. Didn't get anything Massive (PTS?)
  172. Some gear still having Skill power bonuses
  173. Deconstruction Yields No Material - Contaminated
  174. Can't play at 2560x1440 at 59hz anymore?
  175. pls get rid of lv.14 glitching
  176. PC PTS Still not working -
  177. PC Game won't launch from Uplay
  178. Supply Drop Error PvE
  179. PC The Division don't work on Windows 8.1
  180. Game will run on steam but then close for no reason
  181. PC game doesnt launch
  182. PC Division freezes/crashes.
  183. PTS is importing character from Xbox?
  184. uplay crashing
  185. Stuck on Direct X (1/6) install (PTS edition)
  186. PTS activation Code
  187. PC Delta error 20001082 for months.
  188. banned 20160236
  189. New memory requirement?
  190. Uplay - Friends list crash
  191. Memory Corruption when starting game
  192. Error DELTA 20001082
  193. PC What's happening? how to fix it?
  194. French translation report
  195. My players guns are pointing down and behind me
  196. PC Graphics bug
  197. Can't find anybody online
  198. PC Crash at mission checkpoint
  199. PC Black screen in vendor menu (no crash)
  200. trying to play on the PTS server
  201. PC Season Pass Question
  202. Error Delta: 20010187 Server unavailable.
  203. PC Anybody experiencing frame drops / stutter in PTS and live 1.3?
  204. PC Remove steam link !
  205. Want to Transfer game to another partition.
  206. Error DELTA 20001082 getting all the freaking time!
  207. PC CPU topped at 100%
  208. Help? How do I chat with teammates?
  209. Character Glitch ? The Division
  210. PC Possible dark zone graphical glitch?
  211. PC [BUG] talent requirement reach but not activated
  212. PC All my stat has been reset to before PTS
  213. PC Unable to startup Division - Uplay crashing.
  214. Cant equi mods on Gear
  215. PC [B]Hungarian gamers get droped on Canadian and Chinese servers in DZ[/B]
  216. [PC] Server Lag
  217. PC Delta Error always at 2pm CET
  218. PC report a bug
  219. Single player constant lag problem
  220. PC Problemas Con SobreBrillo en el juego
  221. PC Massive Texture Pop-In. Need help please!
  222. PC Sounds Problems
  223. Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha Sound Problem
  224. PC Problems with uplay
  225. Crashing after altering settings
  226. Constant Delta Errors
  227. PC *Important Deaf Awareness*
  228. PC Game language and localization
  229. PC Massive input lag on my keyboard only, not my mouse
  230. Stuck at loading screen 5-10%
  231. PC "Can't access Chat"
  232. A question regarding the FPS issue
  233. Calibration Station Bugged?
  234. PC Detal 20001082
  235. Freezing/CTD after launching game from uplay
  236. Known Issue List
  237. PC New install can't play - server error - PC
  238. Can't play youtube while playing the division
  239. PC Someone PLEASE address the current state of SLI in this game
  240. PC High Value Target - Disapear
  241. Fullscreen issue please help!
  242. PC Season Pass Supply drop available after 25/10 (1.4 deployement)
  243. FPS drop - Inventory screen
  244. I can´t sprint
  245. PC Localization issue
  246. Randomly crashing after pc reset
  247. PC Napalm Production Site Bug
  248. Dear massive will you ever fix the medical points missions on my lvl 30 caracter ?
  249. PC Game crashing in intro cinematic. No working solution
  250. Game not syncing to uplay servers