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  1. SLI patch 1.3 broke again
  2. PC Vendors..
  3. Unbale to get directive intel
  4. PC Enemy refuses to leave spawn?
  5. PC firecrest backpack texture bug
  6. Most of my previously equipped items have been replaced.
  7. PC AI stuck behind door for daily intel
  8. Season pass help
  9. fullscreen bug
  10. PC Unplayable area
  11. PC Season Pass Issues
  12. PC Tactician bonus is not working sometimes
  13. PC refund
  14. PC G36 & pp
  15. [PC] Stuck at Turtle Bay Construction Site and at rerun teleported back
  16. PC Delta error 20001082
  17. Map broken still
  18. PC Has any one run into this issue? Dying as soon as you respawn near target
  19. PC - armor score (underground)
  20. Can't play this game using SLI
  21. Fix the f'ing map
  22. PC - Bugged ECHO 5
  23. PC Can't unequip mods
  24. PC Skill Freezing/Not working
  25. PC Problems with the update 1.3
  26. Delta error 20001082 ...... 24/7 and the support is useless .
  27. Can't get my mic working
  28. Door glitch at Falcon Lost
  29. PC Ballistic Shield disappears
  30. PC [Texture Bug] Windbreaker Cosmetic Items
  31. PC Meret building - Midtown East
  32. PC Possible PC fps drop cause?
  33. (PC) BUG DPS - Clancy's The Division
  34. Free the JTF Agent (already free) underground map!
  35. PC lone Star gear set 1.3
  36. PC Broken ladder -freezes game
  37. PC Toxic (Talent) applying to self
  38. crashing with display stoped working
  39. PC Chat system completely broken
  40. PC Memory Leak since 1.3 is worse
  41. PC Mega lag in DZ
  42. PC Echo Bug Judy Walters Part 3-4-5
  43. Need to Report Glitching/Hacking
  44. [PC] Destroy ammo cache (failed anyway)
  45. Add these to the list of bugs
  46. PC Left arm and right hand of char takes odd positions.
  47. Firearms gear mod gone!
  48. How can I contact a Support Supervisor for a ticket I think is being mishandled?
  49. Can't add mods to new Underground gear items
  50. PC microphone is not working with the division
  51. PC Backpack's "Resourceful" talent isn't working since few months and why no fix for it?
  52. PC reload animation for SASG 12 S no working properly
  53. PC Predator's Mark vest mesh problem
  54. PC please help. :(
  55. PC Weapon damage amount sometimes halved
  56. "Gone Spelunking" achievement not rewarding
  57. Stuck with Underground Instance
  58. PC Season pass not working
  59. Underground Audio Journal and Photos completely crazy...
  60. Can't complete Return to the Murray Hills Safe House side-quest
  61. PC End of NY
  62. PC Underground DLC, cleaners spawned BEHIND our group on two occasions
  63. Not sure whats going on here... video inside.
  64. PC Why Ubisoft Support is not answeing in 3 weeks?
  65. PC Why are Ubisoft servers so bad they need 6hrs a week maintenance?
  66. BUG - BLIND Talent on sniper- blinds yourself every 5-10 seconds
  67. PC No Cosmetic Drops For Weeks.
  68. PC Backpack stuck on 40 capacity
  69. PC Underground run fails upon group member leaving?
  70. PC AlphaBridge Gloves corrupted "1494 firearms" now! I've got some SS.
  71. Season Pass
  72. PC AlphaBridge gloves without stats after reset
  73. PC Underground Mission changing Guns Magazine Size.
  74. Randomly Disappearing Items
  75. Seasson Pass on Twitch
  76. PC Pistol recalibration for Expert does not yeld a free talent
  77. PC Several Gamebreak Bugs
  78. waste of money buying this game
  79. PS4 [Video] The Division- 4 vs 8 vs 4
  80. PC My gun does not shoot so good, please fix.
  81. Map fixed
  82. PC AlphaBridge Gloves with Unusually High Stamina Stat - July 12th
  83. PC 16 GB memory being maxed out after several of hours game play and shutting game down.
  84. PC Video Setting Issues
  85. The Division won't launch/boot
  86. PC Contaminated items outside of DZ and Underground not deconstructable
  87. PC Graphical Glitches
  88. PC NPC RPM possible "ppsh" bug
  89. Getting Lost Item Back?!?!?
  90. Error Codes - Unable to Play
  91. Chat mostly not working
  92. PC Out of Area - Missed Agent can't get him
  93. PC FPS shuttering/Drops
  94. Audio issue (After 1.3 implementation)
  95. PC Surround Sound Support
  96. PC BUG - X key doesn't appeare when i want to unmount all weapon's mod..
  97. PC BUG - Sometimes when i'm going downstarirs through a ladder it remains blocked on it
  98. PC MIssing Agent Intel buged
  99. PC Echo Intel Bug
  100. PC Toxic seems bugged - PC
  101. PC new item in backpack = -700 stamina and grayed out one talent on weapon
  102. PC framedrops with GTX 1080
  103. Fast slide on ladders
  104. PC Consistent crashes after latest patch. Would like resolution ASAP.
  105. PC July 14th Maintenance PVP Damage WTF!!!
  106. PC The Division don't start !!!
  107. Season Pass rewards
  108. PC Crash on Startup
  109. PC One is None Super 90 Glitch
  110. So sick of the instability of the game.
  111. Appearance inventory is FULL
  112. Weapon Stats are Wrong on Stats page
  113. PC can not collect echo
  114. PC Widespread Update Issues - Note to UBISOFT
  115. SET Alpha-Bridge BUGGED
  116. I cannot access the support tickets I have created (404 Error)
  117. PC MIKE 20220342 - Error
  118. PC Mike errors
  119. PC Mike 20220342 & 20210546 repeatedly.
  120. PC stuck on the ledder (bug)
  121. PC BUG Predator 4 pcs and G36
  122. PC 2 step Verification
  123. PC Dead eye set Critical headshot bug
  124. Search and destroys are bugged again...
  125. PC [BUG] Gear Mods removed from "Equipped" Gear slots
  126. Stats Shows lower toughness & Dps
  127. **** Ubisoft, cant even refund a game that I cannot even play.
  128. Report cheater
  129. Another bug ubisoft keep it up ! always funnier!
  130. PC Clear Sky bugged?
  131. PC Skills bug, alpha bridge dps calculation(?) bug
  132. PC Invisible Wall Bug
  133. Operations Bug ; Can't continue to second operation. (2 Operations)
  134. Every Single Group i join i have BAD Network lag, Also laggy movement/strafing.
  135. [PC] Supply drop out of DZ
  136. PC trava no meio do game
  137. PC Stuck: Climbing down the ladder to the Water supply mission in Turtle bay
  138. Out of Bounds
  139. PC 1. There is no enemy / enemies in the game. 2. I can not build a base of operations..
  140. PC The division is not playable !!! No enemies in game. Doors not open or missions !!!
  141. PC The division download stop.
  142. PC dlc problem season pass
  143. PC Stuttering and the game shutdown itself
  144. PC MIKE 20001032/1034 when trying logout
  145. Deadeye bug that allows you to have headshot multiplier with MR
  146. PC Graphical glitches
  147. PC Character Missing for 2+ weeks, no Ubisoft response
  148. Group Management Resetting Privacy to "Friends Only" on Each Game Restart
  149. PC Sawed off Double Barrel bug with the Ammo Cache Support Station
  150. PC Can't play the game
  151. PC [BUG] Tactical Advance character talent, Special Forces underground directive
  152. PC Backback issue / Space
  153. PC- objects loading after teleporting
  154. BUG at ACTIONS .. NO U points nor EXP
  155. PC Falcons Lost... Well we lost the gear we should have gotten
  156. [BUG REPORT] Several detailed bug that appeared AFTER 1.3.
  157. Dragon's Nest, NPC stuck in door
  158. DeadEYE gear set bugged
  159. PC Getting wrong DZ player bracket.
  160. Update on DELTA 20001082
  161. PC Heroic mode; Underground, elevator lift button missing
  162. Bad lag and stuttering
  163. PC Can my PC run ISAC?
  164. PC How do I submit a screenshot in this forum?
  165. PC [PC] Underground Blind/Deaf bug
  166. The Game seems to be crashing my internet.
  167. PC Stuck on top of ladder bug
  168. The weapon jam/skill jam/revive bug
  169. PC Game crash afther 10-15min
  170. UI disappears after closing stash
  171. PC Mission still not starting
  172. PC Skillz achievement Glitch!!
  173. Solving Common Printer Problems | Diagnose Printer Problems
  174. PC Skill Lock Up Bug in Dragons Nest and Underground
  175. PC Shooting Stance graphic problems, arms are twisted and gun is pointed upwards
  176. DPS stacking bug. This is braking the PVP
  177. Recalibration Station bugged ???
  178. PC Unexpected sound volume changes
  179. PC [Bug Report] Ballistic Shield weapon effects persist after ended & will not redeploy
  180. Missing Reward after Chanllanging DAily Warren Powerplant
  181. PC Underground Caches are dropped if inventory is full
  182. PC Underground not activated ingame, but I have season pass.
  183. PC [Bug Report] All skills, sometime, being out of order.
  184. PC Minor sound Issue, Major annoyance.
  185. Underground Elevator not Working
  186. PC List of many bugs, video courtesy of Marcostyle
  187. Serious FPS issues
  188. PC Map UI Bug Returns
  189. PC Midtown East - Underground: "Unplayable Area"
  190. Pistol free talent slot reroll
  191. Flamethrowers through walls/floor
  192. PC New game glitch
  193. PC Vanity Items Not Given to Me After Completing Clear Sky Incursion.
  194. PC Problem of encryption equipment
  195. PC GLITCH nest of the dragon
  196. Graphic and Keyboard settings reset every time I restart.
  197. PC Not launching
  198. PC [BUG] Continuous blinding in the Underground
  199. PC Uplay Store, 20% for 100 Upoints code not working when trying to buy Season Pass.
  200. Striker set
  201. Ubisoft support no help at all?
  202. PC Tactical Authority
  203. PC Mike errors leaving the underground
  204. Serious Connection Bugs(Not Just me)
  205. PC MIKE 20220342 repeatedly...please help me
  206. PC Gold Edition Key season pass claimed by another account who already have season pass
  207. DPS dropping randomly.
  208. Smart Cover destroyed by friendly sticky bombs or granades
  209. PC Bug - Cannot Pick Up Weapon Parts
  210. PC [BUG REPORT - VIDEO] Skill not activating proprely, need several attempt to use it.
  211. PC Messed up Graphics
  212. [ALL platform] Please Staff, KEEP the "KNOWN ISUUE" topic up to date.
  213. PC 2 step authentication & Two Platforms.
  214. PC Tired of Hackers
  215. PC [Gameplay] Strikerís Battlegear buff
  216. PC Stuck on maintenance screen
  217. Underheal
  218. GTX 960 users!
  219. PC Bug: Weekly High Value Targets PC
  220. PC Bad Stutter and FPS drops
  221. PC Audio issues: No voice
  222. PC 4 Piece Lonestar bonus doesn't take extended mag size into account
  223. PC Severe Graphical Corruption
  224. PC Nine Man Morris Issues
  225. DZ4 Vendor - wtf? Not changing gear for sale
  226. PC 2 Phase Heroic Underground Operation (Elevator Door Not Opening)
  227. Crashing in Division (outside of fixes)
  228. Delta Error 20010187 - Can't even get to the character select
  229. PC Delta Error 20010187
  230. PC Ubisoft would you please start supporting the people who bought the division???
  231. PC Stuck in Mission 2
  232. PC multiplayer delay when joining friends/matchmaking
  233. PC I lost connection in dark zone and lost items already extracted
  234. Smart Cover can be destroyed with Explosive bullets
  235. new Secure Quarantine Center side-mission - isnt on my map, cant startet
  236. PC language
  237. DPS changing(Games almost impossible to play like this!!!!!!)
  238. Bag
  239. Level 32 ROF Mag blueprint bug - Mags failing to appear after crafting
  240. PC Tom Clancy's The Division severe GRAPHICS CORRUPTION
  241. PC Steam gifted Season Pass on Uplay
  242. PC daily missions
  243. Re-spawns in the underground need to be added...
  244. Underground DLC?
  245. Commanding is not working as intended
  246. PC all backpacks at 30
  247. PC The Division - Can't Even log on.
  248. Immunizer is bugged when more than 1 is present.
  249. PC Can't text chat
  250. PC Bartholomew Subway Station "out of bounds" error, then reset during/after combat.