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  1. PC Death Screen Spelling Mistake (german)
  2. PC Two game breaking bugs for me tonight ....
  3. PC Multiple bugs with new release
  4. PC "This CD Key or Activation Code is already active on this account."
  5. possible bug with S&D quest
  6. PC Ladder bug underground
  7. Do You Even Test Before Releasing
  8. Underground still says offline
  9. Sound bugged in dark zone
  10. PC Keeps kicking me back to Safe House
  11. Does the game still 100% CPU or has it been fixed?
  12. PC Abilities Not Cooling down.
  13. Disconnecting issue
  14. PC Uplay shows season pass and underground DLC as owned. Game does not.
  15. Tried and waited. Still no Underground.
  16. PC Accidental installation of season pass
  17. PC Fps lag every 2-3 seconds
  18. uPlay error during season-pass activation
  19. PC Still a broken Police Academy
  20. PC This game is need more better MATCHMAKING system!
  21. Give me back my phoenix credits
  22. PC Connection Lost...
  23. PC "There was a problem authenticating the ownership of this product..."
  24. PC Movement - Aim Bug 1.3
  25. PC 3rd Weapon Talent Recalibrated not being free
  26. PC Game won't start
  27. PC Underground bug not able to return to base
  28. PC Map bug workaround... of sorts.
  29. PC Map problem (information update)
  30. PC sinse UNDERGROUND update STICKY bomb bug
  31. Improved Iron sights 3 - doesn't fit on any weapon.
  32. i cant convert Divsion tech to other materials like every body
  33. the game not showing in my games library
  34. Toughness Changes depending on what weapon slot...
  35. PC Got a couple bugs to report since the DLC.
  36. PC For 3 days now Delta error
  37. Patch 1.3 keep crashing my 980Ti SLi.
  38. PC Getting stuck when opening caches/crates in the new underground expansion.
  39. wrong gear score?
  40. Intel Lost Bug
  41. Can't event start Uplay
  42. PC dlc underground achievements
  43. PC Post patch No Intel Drops from HVT Enemies ?
  44. "cannot access channel" on every chat channel.
  45. PC Sealed Caches in Contaminated Item's inventory
  46. PC My game always crashing and dont say anything.
  47. Tatiana Atkins, Missing Division Agent
  48. PC Cannot reach Missing Agents #16/#18, teleported back to safe house (Out of Bounds)
  49. Crashing while loading underground operation
  50. Lost DLC intel
  51. PC Stuck on a ladder
  52. PC :mad: Still didn't get the Underground DLC after brought from Uplay Shop (2 days)
  53. PC HELP! Uplay operated game can't start due to missiong "Steam_api.dll" !?!?!
  54. PC Delta Error - Relog - Cant join back into group
  55. PC Lag since 1.3 patch
  56. BUG: Killed during Critical Search and Destroy
  57. PC Gold Edition from origin season pass not working
  58. I have purchased version GOLD , does anyone explain to me what happens?
  59. Unplayable. My character won't stop firing.
  60. PC Ammo reduces when multi directive mission is undertaken?
  61. PC [/B]Sudden Ammunition loss Glitch: Underground Mission [/B]
  62. PC The "Begin with a bang" uplay action is not working for both of my characters.
  63. Please answer massive ..
  64. PC Video settings don't save
  65. PC [Visual Bug] - Inventory Mods - not showing first skin and weapon mod on "left panel"
  66. PC East Midtown - Elevator Bug
  67. PC [Possible Bug] Triage is reducing cooldown of special ammo (consumables)
  68. PC [Visual/Disabling Bug] DZ SealedCaches aren't shown in "Inventory Contaminated Bag"
  69. Encountered this beauty while doing S&D in Stuvesant
  70. PC Stuck at 68% loading
  71. Dlc bug!
  72. mission not working properly (daily)(hard) napalm factory.
  73. Echo on W 21st street, between 5th and 6th Avenue.
  74. PC Strikers Battlegear 4 Piece Bonus not activating.
  75. PC The hell of LAG
  76. FPS drop after patch 1.3
  77. Recalibrate -> Hungry Hog?
  78. Crashing back to safe house.
  79. PC [BUG] Reload Speed Magazine Mods Reporting Incorrect
  80. PC What, my ban got lifted and Ubisoft sent the police to my door
  81. PC Dlc bought with different acount
  82. [BUG]Enemy behind close gates in Underground
  83. PC Crash...Crash...Crash... Report to UPlay message
  84. PC Got charged for seasonpass 2 times, didnt get seasonpass
  85. Potentially DELTA ERROR 20010187 SOLVED FOR PC
  86. PC Map display problem
  87. Gear Score Notification
  88. Strikers set bugged ?
  89. PC PC Shield Bugs out weapon dmg and abilities
  90. alpha bridge gloves missing stats
  91. The inventory Bug.
  92. PC account rollback after uplay fail!
  93. lost dark zone loot after server change
  94. DC in Underground mission kicks you from group
  95. PC Missions : Doors/Gates not opening.
  96. PC Undeground missions : stuck on ladder
  97. [PC] critical S&D mission instant death
  98. PC Reclaimer 4 set bonus affecting Neutral players in the Dark Zone
  99. [PC] Reclaimer 3x BROKEN/Exploit/Bug ALL buffs, Perm. Buffs, Affecting outside group
  100. PC Another DLC issue
  101. Canīt get green items in DZ
  102. PC Delta 20010187
  103. PC Tactical Operations Center Side Mission
  104. PC can i be banned for this?
  105. PC Still Delta 20001082
  106. language pack
  107. PC Inquiry about manhatan status after 1.3 patch update.
  108. PC crash msinfo
  109. Game loading the CPU at 100%
  110. new outfits
  111. PC - Out of the playable area (Bug).
  112. PC My Personal Bug List
  113. PC map
  114. PC Bug/glitch when doing target intel.
  115. PC The Division Graphic Issue
  116. PC cant get any high level loot - am i bugged?
  117. PC [Underground] Enemy does not leave his spawn room, mission impossible to complete
  118. PC can you give me a solution for my problem
  119. PC Stuck in underground mission
  120. PC stuck in the underground
  121. Thanks Ubisoft for a great game.
  122. PC Expansion Intel Rewards
  123. Game is not running
  124. PC BUG: I cant apply Mods On Gear pieces anymore!
  125. PC Wrong LOOT DROPS Daily Missions/Underground
  126. PC Season Pass
  127. PC I cant play anymore The Division, why?
  128. Purchased Underground, Not showing up
  129. Crashing and Corruption issues?
  130. PC Missions are not starting properly
  131. Missing weapons from my bag
  132. Gamma Correction
  133. Bug at Dante's safe house Search and Destroy mission
  134. PC game crashes And you stay in grp but are kick from it?
  135. crap loot
  136. PC - Unaccessible weapon parts (Bug).
  137. PC - Missaligned laser sights (Bug).
  138. PC - Floating Grafftis (Bug).
  139. PC - Oversized smoke wall (Bug).
  140. PC - Floating rope (Bug).
  141. PC - Wrong weapon model.
  142. [PC]Getting stuck on ladders
  143. Bug: Missing Agents - Non playable area
  144. problem with htv
  145. PC 2 weeks and still no answer from support!!!
  146. PC - Invisible weapons crate (Bug).
  147. PC Frontline Outfits Pack has been claimed, game wont start!
  148. PC Inferno - Firestorm Weapon Skin - Uplay Reward Bug
  149. PC I get out of play area when trying to get the last two agents
  150. Beug Knee pads lone star> mask lone star
  151. PC Insta kill on end game notice board missions
  152. Map bug - no solution but perhaps a workaround? Use your 2nd, 3rd or 4th character
  153. Echo Locations - 2 Bugs found
  154. PC Uplay Transaction Failed
  155. PC Search and destroy instant Death
  156. Disconnect in Underground missions and couldn't back to previous group! BADUBI!
  157. PC Delta 20001082
  158. PC Microphone not working voice chat division
  159. PC Level Up Reward Underground Cache
  160. Lincoln tunnel
  161. PC Fps drop
  162. cheaters
  163. Underground Cache didnt appear in inventory - nb: Backpack full
  164. PC Can not get microphone settings to save.
  165. PC [BUG] Mod Slot +1 but not available
  166. PC Lost my progress on underground collectibles.
  167. No Valid Weapons mod
  168. PC Underground Generator "wall glitch"
  169. Origins The division Gold Edition
  170. Consumable Item & Environment Freezes
  171. Economy war of "Lone Star"
  172. Ammo station and LMG reload.
  173. Damage elite NPCs.
  174. PC BUG Falcon Lost APC Fire
  175. PC ARMOR BUG is frequent after 1.3
  176. PC Dismantlling results in no materials
  177. Secure Quarantine Center Mission ON PC does not show on map after purchase of DLC
  178. PC Ubi scam ??
  179. PC Map selection Glitch
  180. PC Big Issue!!! Using medkit opens consumables menu!!!! Big Issue!!!
  181. PC @DEVS When is the map bug getting fixed? Game has been unplayable for a week!
  182. PC Season Pass missing, no support answer
  183. Map!!!!!
  184. Fix Delta 182
  185. PC Keeps Crashing Today?
  186. PC What is the point anymore....
  187. PC Kicked with server maintenance message
  188. Graphical Glitches
  189. [PC] Hard Dive access causes game to freeze within first few minutes
  190. Microphone has severe static in The Division
  191. OP Shotgunners are back
  192. PC Missing the stairs leading to tech wing
  193. PC Missing agent 18 is bug outside playable area and need help on texture bug
  194. PC Graphics Glitches
  195. [PC][BUG] Memory usage
  196. [PC][BUG] Sawed off shotgun + ammo support station
  197. Unable to scroll survival guides properly
  198. Game stuck
  199. PC Bug -> Improperly labeled weapon mods
  200. PC Bug: No Splinter Cell/Ghost Recon Wildlands shoes
  201. Day 8: Map Still Broken, Still Cant play game
  202. PC Unable to redeem store items.
  203. hell's kitchen subway underpass
  204. PC 440k toughness dying quicker than 200k character
  205. PC help please
  206. Stuck loading
  207. PC [BUG] Can't start Underground mission
  208. PC Severe Stuttering - Lag?
  209. PC Random Disconnect from Underground Mission
  210. PC All of my mods where unequipped from my gear and weapons
  211. PC Mod Menu Bug
  212. PC Experiencing Bugs - Tracking an agent / Resetting my position when chasing a target
  213. PC HVT Bluebird not droping loot after latest update
  214. PC Ladder broken
  215. Visual Bug
  216. Visual Bug
  217. PC fps drop
  218. PC the divsion underground BUG
  219. PC Sudden Death Lag
  220. [PC] Locked out from using skills; stuck on ladder in Underground
  221. [PC][BUG] Waste Not Want not
  222. [pc][bug] voip
  223. [PC][BUG] Mad Skills
  224. PC mutiple bugs since yesterday
  225. PC Respawn/Death in Union Square
  226. PC Firecrest microshuttle pack - floating mask
  227. PC After the upgrade, the game appeared bug with the card
  228. PC Underground Stuck from going to 2an Phases Elevator bug (Heroic)
  229. PC Как включить русский язык, его нет!? Tom Clancy's The Division
  230. PC Bug On Ladder "Have To Reboot The Game"
  231. PC Search and Destroy clone armies
  232. Invisible person in the Underground
  233. Walk 20 feet and die
  234. Can't get week 1 phone recording 11 (PC)
  235. Mouse cursor issue
  236. PC Unable to use Skills - Grayed out
  237. PC Map Not Working Properly
  238. Suggestion fix set favoring *Baked in stats based on Category*
  239. PC Game Crashing and cannot play in 144hz
  240. [PC] PLEASE!!! Fix Reclaimer Gear Set 4 piece bonus!!!!
  241. B.L.I.N.D. outfit
  242. PC Skills bug
  243. PC Missing agents is not found
  244. PC DZ
  245. PC Backpack/Go-Bag Bug
  246. [PC] Skip cutscene bug
  247. PC i cant see anithing ingame
  248. PC Don't have russian language in language select menu.
  249. Underground STUCK
  250. PC My Mouse Cursor Is Gone! Help plz.