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  1. PC Audio doesn't work - the division in silent mode
  2. Glitchy GUI
  3. PC Strange Mouse Bug
  4. PC Freeze in 73% Loading screen
  5. DZ vendor`s stcok not rotated
  6. PC Corsair vengeance m65 issue
  7. PC Bought RANK 50 Electronic mod
  8. Major Graphics Issue
  9. PC Out of Control FPS/Stutter Problem
  10. Exploit or no? Lone Star set
  11. PC Server allocation through matchmaking
  12. PC CONSTANT PC Crashes
  13. PC Error Code ROMEO 20300116
  14. PC Game Wont actually launch
  15. PC Weapon damage changes randomly
  16. PC Return to Kips Bay Safehouse problem
  17. PC teleport out of mission area
  18. PC - Armor calculation isnt working
  19. PC HVT Mission issue Hell's Kitchen Building... DZ06 Issue
  20. Delta 20010187
  21. PC Messed up Textures
  22. PC Broken rewards claim vendor, same 3 items over and over and over and over
  23. PC Delta Error 20001014.......
  24. I cant deploy skill
  25. PC I have Final measure gear 4*, but grenades dont trigger in mission.
  26. Account Suspended
  27. PC Season pass not showing up
  28. PC Graphics are a mess
  29. PC Ban - bug abysm
  30. PC No Russian language in game
  31. PC Graphic Distortion Since Update 1.2
  32. Directx10 support
  33. Banned He did not play Alabh ؟؟؟؟؟؟
  34. It's been a week
  35. Issues with HVT drops or Am I just Unlucky
  36. PC FPS Counter (UPlay option)
  37. PC Dark Zone FPS Freeze
  38. Delta Error 20001014
  39. Very odd bug in DZ06
  40. [PC] Missing Club reward???
  41. PC Exchange of game English to Russian version
  42. Possible additional troubleshooting for The Division hung at black screen at launch
  43. PC Not showing the correct amount of Division Tech I've collected
  44. PC UI and in-game graphic tear that doesn't goes off
  45. PC Banned and Ubisoft Support is trash
  46. PC Error - Access violation - function-name not available
  47. The division delta error 20001014 PLEASE FIX "with video"
  48. PC unable to teleport.
  49. PC "Shrapnel" Bleed effect not working with Predator 4pc bonus.
  50. PC Can't finish Muarry Hill so I can see the Seek and Destroy Missions
  51. PC how is this possible ?
  52. Big Performance Drop
  53. one more bug and i uninstall!!!
  54. keyboard crash
  55. PC Stairs
  56. PC Season Pass bonuses not appearing in the base of operations
  57. PC Possible FIX for DZ Voip BUG (massive frame drop / freeze)
  58. PC A New Form of Cheating
  59. Exchange of game English to Russian version
  60. PC Division stats not showing.
  61. PC problema audio
  62. black loading screen
  63. Cannot get Gold Drop HVT in Hells Kitchen warehouse
  64. PC Loading times and bugs
  65. Sold Item in Error due...
  66. PC How does updates work?
  67. PC Black screen
  68. PC Installation failing
  69. PC Friends List Help!?!
  70. PC Game installation from disc
  71. HVT boss stuck behind door
  72. PC I can't raise Echo/Не подбирается ЭХО
  73. PC Can't Strip weapons?
  74. PC Echo Bug/Can't complete Intel collection. Stuck at 290/293
  75. delta and mike
  76. PC Bought the game - installed it - Delta error 20001014
  77. [PC] banned for no reason
  78. 14 Day Ban
  79. Suspended for 14 days?
  80. PC why 14 day ban?
  81. How to play with a ****ing high ping!!!
  82. Seems the hunt for cheaters system is malfunctioning.
  83. Super slow tonight to log on uplay? (2016-06-13)
  84. PC FPS issues 980GTX
  85. PC Screw your customer support
  86. PC Mic seems to not working
  87. PC Bugged Missions/Hack Account?
  88. PC Dalies and half of weekly assignment "compled for me"
  89. PC Cant change language
  90. PC Game places me in DarkZone 201+ Bracket when GearScore = 186 !
  91. PC Daily/Weekly assignments
  92. PC Status effects have extra effects...
  93. Banned for no reason
  94. PC Imposible de lancer le jeu SUR UPLAY
  95. Question about shotguns
  96. PC Skills stop working completely
  97. FPS DROPS 2x970 sli setup
  98. Teleporting bug
  99. Error DELTA 20010187!!!!
  100. more Levels
  101. Friends not appearing online in group management
  102. PC Missing Characters on PC 06/15/2016
  103. Division will not load, no screen ever appears.
  104. Shared item picked up but missing from inventory...
  105. High CPU Temperature
  106. Dailies, ISAC Already completed... Haven't run them. Please Help!
  107. Sound stops working
  108. PC Steam Controller - No Gamepad function
  109. PC DLC Missing
  110. Constant freezing since latest Maintenance 16/06/16
  111. PC The language in the game is not RUSSIAN !!!
  112. My game must be bugged
  113. PC Sound issues
  114. PC phoenix credits
  115. PC Weapon talent Vicious is NOT working/activating properly
  116. PC Why Inventive bug is not added to Known Issues?
  117. Please fix nomad
  118. Possible stats bug
  119. Can't pickup dropped credits in HVT missions.
  120. Error in my stats when change many items
  121. PC Division Graphics totally distorted
  122. Map Issue
  123. PC 2 Weeks, 0 240GS Drops in Incursion Hard
  124. PC Stats are a little off... w/ pic
  125. PC Stat re-calibration
  126. PC Mic "robot voice" issue
  127. Purchased Sportsfan DLC on Steam, never received it, please help!
  128. Last grphics issue
  129. Armor Bug
  130. PC Game has started crashing every time I launch.
  131. PC Isac Weekly bugged in completed without reward and without doing it
  132. PC Suposto Hacker player ''PUNK''
  133. Bug (hvt)
  134. The Division crashing
  135. PC Ragdoll animations
  136. Mouse cursor goes off screen in Windowed Mode
  137. PC DZ freezes
  138. PC Pc Shutdown several times playing the divison
  139. Map bug - Mission Overview
  140. PC Stuck
  141. PC Final Measure 4pc not working
  142. PC Crashing in the Division
  143. FPS dropping again
  144. Care to help?
  145. New forced rogue bug abuse?
  146. Connection Too 201+ players I'm only 174....
  147. PC Timers jacked
  148. PC Fresh os install - where are the division profiles saved
  149. Mic
  150. Red Ring on screen appeared all of a sudden and wont go away "Bug"?
  151. PC Daily HVT Boss never shows up. Dies b4 I see him.
  152. I bought the DLC but did not
  153. Crashing(FALCON LOST MOSTLY)
  154. PC Purchased the Military Outfit pack but have not received it!!
  155. PC Lag of all kinds
  156. Lack of Response from Support
  157. Missing Reward Item.
  158. Huge lag today
  159. PC Echo beacon missing
  160. PC Game wont start up , steam keeps loading up but wont start
  161. PC Invisible enemies
  162. PC Cannot Fast Travel
  163. Game installed missing
  164. Leaving game in DZ after extraction (not in checkpoint/safehouse)
  165. PC A twitch streamer got banned
  166. Matthew@Ubisoft Support
  167. PC Constant Fps drops since launch
  168. PC No season pass content rewards
  169. PC Bought season pass and dlc but can't claim the rewards
  170. PC No response from Support
  171. Base of Operation Close for business!!
  172. PC I Bought season pass and dlc but can't claim the rewards PLZ HELPPPPPP =[[[[
  173. PC Stuck at 73% loading group dc bug.
  174. Un-usable Mod slots on gear
  175. All my CD-KEYS are gone from Steam, wtf?!
  176. PC Problem with DLC with the season pass
  177. PC Game Crashing Only When TeamSpeak is Open
  178. PC No ground around Union Square
  179. PC Sound Issues
  180. PC First Aid skill doesnt heal up....
  181. Darkzone Stutter drop fps
  182. Unreachable gun box and deactivated rope.
  183. [steam] Failed to contact key server
  184. PC stuck just below the ground
  185. PC Candy Bar Status Effect Immunity doesn't work against shock.
  186. PC PC: Mobile Cover disables combat roll on movement keys
  187. Game lags
  188. PC Item listing +1 Mod Slot, but no mod slot available
  189. DELTA still ruins my fun
  190. Steam Season Pass Question
  191. PC Fix ghost recon phantoms online.
  192. PC Game Crashes, tried reinstallting softwares/Win10
  193. Can't Uninstall The Division Beta
  194. PC Currently locked characters
  195. PC Sudden Steam Reinstall of Game File
  196. PC Freeze/Crash to desktop even at lowest settings
  197. PC 20% discount code invalid!
  198. Load times and Broken weekly HVT mission??
  199. PC Season pass
  200. PC Season Pass and DLC conflict between two uPlay accounts.
  201. HOW do I create a second character in The Division, we can have up to 4 on 1 account?
  202. UPLAY season pass
  203. Lag/delay.
  204. PC Smart cover bug on clear sky map
  205. PC Problem with Google Authenticator.
  206. PC Gear Bug, Possibly?
  207. Monitor goes to "Unsupported Mode" Only while playing The Division
  208. PC GAME is JACKED UP xray like graphics!!!SOMEONE HELP!!!
  209. PC Hudson Yards Search and Destroy
  210. PC System Resources
  211. PC Uplay requires cd key ! game bought from steam
  212. PC Question: I have season pass and...
  213. PC Cannot open Map since patch
  214. Underground DLC bug
  215. Stuck in char loading after game reboot
  216. PC double purchased DLC
  217. PC [BUG] Cannot login to main character
  218. PC Stuck in the underground
  219. Delta - Characters stored in a standard safe house will fail to connect
  220. Nix geht Werdet mal wach da
  221. accessing map mode problems
  222. PC Underground: Go To Train, F - Launch Mission - Nothing Happens
  223. PC List of Bugs Update 1.3
  224. 1.3 Bug...
  225. How to find the mission to unlock the underground!!
  226. Underground DLC fov change?
  227. strikers 4th gear set stacks reset when change weapon
  228. PC Delta error when connecting with level 30 characters
  229. Stuck in Connecting Screen! After game suddenly crashed!!!
  230. PC Would Be Great...
  231. can't buy the season pass or anything else
  232. connection problems
  233. is game offline? stuck at connection screen and gettin' delta blabla error msg.
  234. PC Delta Error 20010187
  235. PC Black Screen
  236. [PC] Bag Bug
  237. PC Weapon kits purchased and i didn't recieve them
  238. PC Error Delta 20001082
  239. Error Delta 20001082
  240. PC Connection ?
  241. PC Video settings don't save
  242. PC High base damage on X-45 First Wave
  243. Didn't get my Intel from Uplay Rewards
  244. Can't leave underground
  245. PC Can log into low level Char but not my lvl 30
  246. PC NPC Wierd/Funny Animations "bug/glitch"
  247. [PC] FPS Problems since game release
  248. PC Help *SOS* Steam DLC underground, base game Uplay
  249. PC cant access S&D board bug
  250. PC Gloves with 4 Major Attributes no Primary Attribute