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  1. PC Lost weapons due to a bug
  2. Because ubisoft Is brilliant at fixing bugs.
  3. Refund?
  4. PC Unspielbar
  5. PC Question regarding Sentry's Call
  6. PC Loading ISSUE
  7. PC Can't mod a Hunter's Faith vest
  8. PC Armour values in the negative!
  9. PC Clear Sky - Set items - disappeared
  10. Patch
  11. PC update kann nicht runterladen
  12. PC [BUG] Echo 5 Judy Walters not registered as found
  13. PC HVT Marconi Issues
  14. PC Daily missions missing once again..
  15. Teleporting when entering a zone
  16. PC Graphical Glitch
  17. PC Stuck at Animation
  18. I accidentally dismantled a weapon
  19. PC Graphic Glitches/Errors
  20. PC Graphic Glitches/Errors
  21. Can't Map Scroll/Fast Travel When In Group + Other Complaints
  22. Missing Contamination filter
  23. PC NPCs shoot through walls at 20th and 3rd rooftop
  24. PC Update POST : Known Issues
  25. PC Graphic problems
  26. (Forums Issue)Your IP address has been banned
  27. Problems Teaming up for Dark Zone
  28. PC The Division need CD key after 65H of game time...
  29. PC Missing rewards when finishing HVT missions
  30. PC Armor Stats Displaying Negative Armor
  31. PC temporary fix to ghosting
  32. Probably a known issue (mid match - matchmaking)
  33. Vertical line graphic crashes ONLY in The Division
  34. PC My account is gone
  35. Is there a way to give my Division Season Pass to someone that might play it
  36. PC [Gameplay] Lone Star 4 Piece Reload does not work with Support Station: Ammo Cache
  37. PC Dark Zone - Being put into 201+ with only a 191 Gear Score
  38. invissible wall near the ward safe house.
  39. PC The game has some display issues. See the video
  40. High risk target mission
  41. PC Enemies shooting through ballistic shield patch 1.2
  42. PC It's 2nd day and still no fix for ghosting problem? BAD UBI!
  43. PC HVT Map Logo Bug
  44. CONFIRMATION: UBI are aware of the ghosting issue from 1.2
  45. PC Missing DPS is a game killer
  46. PC i didnt play someting like 2 monthe i get in to the game and i get ban i nver play h
  47. User Hub Almost Unusable Since 1.2
  48. Cannot fast travel after mission
  49. Graphic Glitches
  50. Ras le bol du manque de communication sur les bugs/maintenance
  51. HVT missions incorrectly showing as completed
  52. HVT bugged
  53. PC Cover To Cover based talents stop working after an interrupted CtC move.
  54. PC Something is wrong with my Uplay
  55. PC ISAC Repeating
  56. PC All Set Items gone after restarting the game.
  57. PC cant play the game delta 20001014
  58. PC Double UI
  59. PC KICKED from team; random Daily occurrence, no error message
  60. PC Flatiron District: Search & Destroy Mission Bug - Freefalling in Flatiron!
  61. inventory major problem
  62. PC Electronics parts store teleporting
  63. PC Incorrect loot icon displayed on Intel drops when Intel supply is full.
  64. PC Guns won't Shoot
  65. PC Menu Bug -- (Double Vision)
  66. Game still running after quit or crash
  67. 4 piece Lone Star Bugged when using Ammo Box
  68. PC all days i have error DELTA . cant play :(
  69. Double/Ghost UI workarounds
  70. PC [Conflict - Update 1.2] Outside Playable Area
  71. Graphical Crippling
  72. PC Weapon Vanished
  73. 3 bugs
  74. PC Switch O / X
  75. PC Order of inventory items changes on sell or deconstruct
  76. 15X Scope, no magnification on SMG
  77. PC 100% CPU Utilization
  78. PC Blank screen when i start this game
  79. PC Game restart after close, again again(vicious circle)
  80. PC Ban review
  81. Clear Sky no weekly reward drop
  82. PC Double UI issue resulted in the wrong item being deconstructed.
  83. Storage deconstruction freeze bug.
  84. PC Wont even Load the game
  85. PC UI
  86. Too many shoes / other appearance items prevent scrolling the list to the end.
  87. PC Search & Destroy missions not respawning properly
  88. Item Recover
  89. Day3 Servers went maintaince but don't hope they're gonna fix that ghosting. BAD UBI!
  90. PC Double UI problem
  91. PC Skin pack never showed up.
  92. spammers need to be banned
  93. spammers need bans
  94. PC Matchmaking system is bugged
  95. PC Got unbanned and got banned again
  96. PC Got unbanned and got banned again
  97. PC Gamepad not responding after typing in chat
  98. Bug in side mission - Michael Dufrane part 4
  99. PC Lone Star Set Bonus (4) not working with First Aid Station Ammo Supply
  100. PC RE: Deletion of items by accident (Due to double UI bug)
  101. PC Game crashes when selecting full screen 1920x1080
  102. PC game start to crash whenever i change graphic options
  103. New patch 1.2.1 incoming - UI overlap drama's is ending?
  104. No mission credit
  105. PC Video settings don't save & other UI/control bugs.
  106. Delta 20010187
  107. PC havent recieved reward
  108. PC Is Lone Star Droprate bugged ?
  109. DZ Bracket 201+ with 2 214 set items and no weapon over 183
  110. PC is there any options to get back gear that may have been destroyed accidentally?
  111. PC Graphics Glitch on Log In
  112. PC Could I get banned for excessively shooting the same player?
  113. PC Black Screen after first cut scene
  114. Vanity Drops glitched?
  115. wrong DZ bracket
  116. Randomly dropping trough the map bug is back
  117. PC UI Ghosting/Layering
  118. PC Wrong armor values actual decrease
  119. Items missing from stash!!!
  120. PC Update download not starting
  121. PC Stash is empty
  122. PC Stuck on Connecting / Frozen Screen / Can't get into game
  123. PC SLI Crashing Game
  124. PC Being brought into wrong DZ bracket.
  125. PC HVT Trio Crew mission completed with no final wave of boss meaning no HE loot
  126. PC Game Crashing
  127. PC Cant Update to latest Patch 1.2
  128. PC Random Fast travel to safe house from Electronics shop
  129. Bullets Diownsize
  130. PC Predator's Mark Vest clipping through jackets
  131. PC -Losing mission Wekly HVT
  132. Hey Ubisoft How about you FIX the BUG ???????????????
  133. Inaccessible ECHO
  134. PC Missing Stash Items
  135. 2 PC's 1 account
  136. installing issues
  137. PC Shield bug?
  138. DLC outfits only for one toon?
  139. Heal With Overdose Still Not working RIght
  140. PC Uplay is unable to start your download.
  141. PC Game Quit issue
  142. inventory ARM stats get broken
  143. PC Daily HVT not resetting correctly
  144. PC Lone Star LMG Damage issue
  145. PC Char starts to run slow after a while
  146. PC Error DELTA 20001014 or whatever
  147. PC Flatiron District 20th street search and destroy
  148. Shotgun DMG BUG With shell pellets
  149. PC Consumer fraud!!!! Recail armor lower than minimum!!!!
  150. PC Uplay can not start download new update
  151. Gear score 190, put into DZ 200+ (solo, no group)
  152. PC Stupid death bug costs us challenge incursion on wave 15
  153. Graphic Glitch
  154. control on keyboard
  155. PC Enemies shooting through ballistic shield patch 1.2 RE
  156. PC Left-handed keybinds for interact/deconstruct/map/tabs/junk/etc dont save
  157. My season pass got banned! Pls help
  158. Mac w bootcamp crash
  159. PC U-don't-play
  160. PC Delta error 20001014 without playing the game?
  161. PC [Bug] Stuck in Warehouse (HVT)
  162. Can't chat
  163. PC ROMEO 203000132 case uplay services not detected (diskless pc)
  164. PC Daily HVT's show as completed when i havent done them!
  165. PC Problem with graphic settings
  166. Lack of Fabric
  167. Dantes run safe house
  168. PC FPS Drops
  169. Daily HVT "Completed"... but not?!?
  170. PC HTV Daily not resetting -- 4 days in a row.
  171. Nvidia Issue and HVT problem
  172. Weekly ISAC timer reset but not mission
  173. Civilians and enemies not renderred.
  174. PC Cannot 100% due to in-game glitch
  175. PC Clear Sky Glitch - Fix before challange mode!
  176. PC (SLI problem) Constant crash during Incursion (Falcon Lost)
  177. Daily & Weekly HVT's!!!
  178. PC Invisible Wall
  179. PC My collection of Bugs
  180. Ignore List Full!!!
  181. PC Incurssion start mission issue
  182. PC Missing incursion rewards
  183. PC Tom Clancy's crashed
  184. PC Crash to Desktop (No errors) Please Help :(
  185. PC Missing Person: Michael Dufrane Part 4
  186. PC Lone Star 4-piece reloading to unmodified ammo capacity
  187. PC Any attempt at chatting results in "Unknown Command"
  188. PC Supply stash full?
  189. Banned for no ****ing reason
  190. Healing Bug
  191. In-Game chat stops working
  192. PC Bugged ECHO5
  193. Daily base missions already completed
  194. daily mission complete, then die 5secs later....
  195. PC Unable to Assign Talent to 'T' Key
  196. PC Division Tech
  197. PC No ingame VOIP
  198. PC невидимые боты
  199. PC Changed keybindings, cannot hijack
  200. PC FPS DROPS after update 1.2
  201. HVT Bandwagon
  202. PC Bug report - Falcon Lost vanity item missing from rewards
  203. PC The Division
  204. FPS stutter
  205. Falcon Lost automatic completion
  206. PC Game sound is VERY low!!!
  207. Map and Chunks not rendering??
  208. PC Clear sky incursion
  209. PC new MSI R9 390 8g graphics card & pc reboots when game started....help
  210. Can't unlock The Crypt
  211. PC Bug Report: Items not displaying or utilizing correct armor values
  212. Startup crash
  213. PC Alternative to 'up' key to attach gear to DZ extraction rope?
  214. it doesn't count rouge agents that 'ive killed
  215. Falcon lost only, impressive lag and more disconnections
  216. PC Main Character Can't log in game, but sub-character Can!
  217. delta 20001014 error help me fast
  218. PC New level 30 and level 8 DZ yet put in 201+
  219. Stuck on downloading latest patch
  220. PC Painfully Flickering Lights inside AND Outside Buildings
  221. Ticket, LAG and FPS drops
  222. Stat bug still a problem.
  223. PC Kindly ask you remove\cancel the ban for my account or provide unequivocal evidence
  224. HVT Weeklies - Only two Reset, the two easy ones.
  225. PC Steam overlay refuses to work when added as non-steam game.
  226. PC Constant FPS drop (mainly in DZ)
  227. Weekly HVT have not reset
  228. PC HVT is complete, why?
  229. Search & Destroy
  230. PC Bad ping
  231. PC Delta 20001014
  232. PC Help
  233. PC Delta error 20001014, can login with 2 store chars, but not with my main toon
  234. PC Randomly crashes
  235. Banned for no reason
  236. Fix the Delta server issue.
  237. PC Uplay struggling to download update 1.2
  238. Wrong darkzone level
  239. Background Sound
  240. PC Bugged Med Center/Contamination Filter [Ubisoft Support Ticket: 03348222]
  241. PC Problems with graphix after update
  242. PC Missing DLC gear
  243. PC Missing Blueprint
  244. fullscreen bug
  245. PC BUG: Ballistic Shield
  246. game crashs to desktop every 3-5 mins
  247. PC Constant freeze when deconstructing items
  248. PC Ballistic Shield BUG - enemies shooting through a shield, being shield-tank is pointl
  249. PC First with the backpacks, now with a black screen.
  250. PC (BUG?) The cavern safehouse search and destroy