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  1. Connectivity issues (DELTA 20000984) while matchmaking
  2. PC Texture flicker, Model Ghosting, and effect pop-in
  3. Game crashing allready loading
  4. PC Delta Error when trying to connect
  5. Riot shield bugs, group bugs
  6. What activation Code?????????????????????????????
  7. No Hazmat email code
  8. PC Issue with video/cinematic sound
  9. PC Anyone have a SLI Profile they are willing to share?
  10. Game is unplayable with G933 headset
  11. PC Black Screen when launching.
  12. PC Constant Crashing every 10-15 mins
  13. PC Can I use the Beta Files for the Official Release Files?
  14. PC disappeared techwing NPC
  15. PC Indoor lighting is strobing/flashing.
  16. Mouse issue while trying to select stuff in game
  17. PC Crashing as soon as I press Play.
  18. Delta 20000984 Error
  19. PC Problems with resolution
  20. PC Initializing Download Forever
  21. PC [PC]Xbox One controller issue with cover
  22. PC Black Screen after Opening Cinematic
  23. PC Delta 20010186
  24. PC Game Crashing After 1-5 minutes of Gameplay - Faulting module name: TheDivision.exe
  25. PC Blocked after only a few minutes playing
  26. Crashing during the opening scene
  27. PC PC-They Charged my and still havent gotten the game.
  28. [BUG] ECHO 3 Michael Dufrane dissappears so it cannot be looted
  29. Hudson Yards Safe House quest
  30. PC Crash.. Crash.. Crash..
  31. Voice chat bug for the same IP address?
  32. No Season Pass Rewards, No Skins at the RewardVendor in Base?
  33. PC 5.1 Surround audio issue, balance front and rear
  34. PC Missing a DVD......
  35. PC Mouse Doesn't Lock to Window
  36. PC So yet again a ubisoft game dont work
  37. PC Audio issue Fay Laue
  38. PC Manhattan area cutscene black screen
  39. PC Bug Report
  40. PC Can't Download Full game....
  41. 2-3 in game, unplayable lag....
  42. Wall Bug
  43. PC No sound in game
  44. Received preorder bonus code, wrong system
  45. PC Отсутствует русский язык\ I can find russian language select
  46. PC Bug Report
  47. PC Crash to desktop in opening cinematic
  48. Game Launch Errors (screenshots)
  49. Could not pickup loot/ammunition
  50. Logitech G910 lighting effect issues.
  51. Mouse escapes game
  52. Could not chat with other player on mission
  53. PC game is choppy slow ?
  54. PC Korean support
  55. PC Black Screen ON Load
  56. PC [PC] Tutorial Quest Upgrade Wing Bug
  57. Toggle ADS is Missing
  58. PC skin , hazmat, non recu
  59. PC [PC] Weapon Mods Detatching
  60. PC Random crashes
  61. PC [PC] I found a spot where you can fall out of the map
  62. Key bindings reset at restart
  63. PC How do i get my rewards
  64. PC Paul Rhodes missing in tech wing.
  65. "Unable to start your download, Please check your internet connection or hard disk...
  66. PC Left keybind stuck
  67. PC Pre-ordered but not showing up in my library
  68. PC Mouse stops working in-game after 2-5 minutes
  69. Stuck at Connecting Screen on Startup
  70. Shoe Cosmetics not saving?
  71. Crossfire 290X shimmering, flickering and micro-stuttering
  72. PC Input lag due to headset
  73. Activation Problem
  74. PC TheDivision KERNEL32.DLL
  75. In game rewards not there!!!!
  76. PC Crashing during the cut scene getting into the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. PC minimap radar
  78. PC Black screen closes
  79. PC Reward Vendor Empty
  80. Character stuck at the start of the game
  81. PC Cannot activate my agent in the first safe house
  82. Installing from disc starts a download instead
  83. PC Asked for refund last month and support ticket problems/understanding.
  84. PC Connexion trouble
  85. PC I get a wierd disortion effect when playin' The Division.
  86. Paul Rhodes Missing can't to pass quest
  87. PC Can't launch game gold edition
  88. PC nVidia keys and Servers
  89. After Direct X Download/Install It asks if I moved my files
  90. PC Beginning of the game Activation on in game pc
  91. PC Game Crashing
  92. PC Crashes to desktop
  93. Mouse Stutter
  94. [PC] Voice Chat Not Working
  95. PC - How to buy the USMC skins pack?.
  96. PC Falling through Street
  97. Servers acting out. getting dc,s now.
  98. [PC] Character was deleted after exiting game.
  99. Disconnected just before the end of a mission
  100. Game refuses to run
  101. PC Tutorial - Upgrade Wing incomplete.
  102. Cant buy your Division game on uplay.....
  103. Incredibly Poor SLI Scaling
  104. PC Choppiness after a long period pf play.
  105. LED keyboard support cause major input lag with some keyboards!
  106. PC Controller issues...
  107. PC Game Still pre-load in uplay
  108. Failed to start download
  109. Periodical freezes (with Afterburner image)
  110. PC Season pack key issue.
  111. during the game takes to load the map
  112. PC Thanks for Wasting 2 Weeks of My Life technical Support
  113. PC Why UPLAY no Chinese version?
  114. PC SIERRA 10710167 Ubisoft services are not available at this time. Please try again lat
  115. PC control and display bugs
  116. PC Kinda Want my money back since i cant play......wtf
  117. Can't enter the first safe house
  118. PC On My Profile But Not On UPlay App...?
  119. Did not get gold edition items
  120. Stuck Mission: Tutorial Upgrade Wing
  121. PC Military SCAR-H and VX-1 scope (12x) not working.
  122. PC XBOX keybindings on PC, GAME BRAKING
  123. PC Completely Blank Screen on Start Up
  124. PC I never got an activation code for pre-ordering the game.
  125. Issue - ROMEO
  126. PC Uplay problem
  127. Double Text
  128. PC Can't scroll down in appearance window
  129. PC NPC Voice file issues
  130. PC Game Crash, then wont load.
  131. PC 100% CPU Usage + Keyboard Delay
  132. Recognize only 1 monitor
  133. PC In-Game crash followed by start-up crash
  134. PC Problem with graphic
  135. player spinning in circle and auto running.
  136. PC Keyboard & mouse not working
  137. PC In Game Activation
  138. PC Disk Write error
  139. Game crash when video resolution is changed
  140. Help me I got a problem
  141. PC Astro A40 tr SCREECHING Problem
  142. Sweet Fx - Will they ban for it?
  143. PC Purchase and Equip [1] Paid but neither equipped, or obtained.
  144. PC Screen Graphics
  145. PC Production Napalm Mission
  146. PC NVidia Black Screen (additional bug)
  147. PC How to fix the game not going into real fullscreen mode
  148. CONFIRMED: Having BDO up while The Division is on causes mouse unlock
  149. PC Everytime game crashes have to restart PC to start up game again
  150. PC Mouse problem
  151. TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive - Game wont start
  152. PC Stuck in a mission.
  153. PC Delta 20010186 (My Info)
  154. PC Stuck in the transition from Brooklyn to Manhathan
  155. PC Uplay asking for Activation code again and won't accept?
  156. Gold Editon Bonus Stuff
  157. PC Created agent before 1st day server crash, played 4h+ (lvl8) Uplay shows 0.1h (lvl 0)
  158. PC Game crash after helicopter to Manhattan scene
  159. missing Jessica Kendel
  160. PC Application Error
  161. PC Bogue - Ecran noir une fois sur deux
  162. PC Cant Register in Safe house
  163. PC Invisible enemies and walls in the middle of roads
  164. PC Does this game work on Vista 64bit OS?
  165. TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive could not be located in KERNEL32.dll
  166. Stuck in queue cant activate agent
  167. PC Is there a relationship with a pc hang xbox one controller?
  168. PC Delta 20010186
  169. PC Got a key already used
  170. really bad lag
  171. PC Mike 20250383
  172. PC M44 Carbine scope unequipping itself.
  173. PC couldn't connect to the game - Delta 20010186
  174. PC Keyboard Movement delayed
  175. Rhodes Missing/Unable To Open Tech Wing
  176. PC Massive graphic bugs - Hudson Refugee Camp
  177. Got most of Claim Vendor stuff except Beta test stuff.
  178. PC Falling off map
  179. PC Really bad mouse issue with UPlay client and Xbox One controller
  180. PC Crash, no windows error, just uPlay.
  181. Garment District Echo won't complete?
  182. PC Steam version not showing as installed
  183. Can't install the game
  184. how to reassign left ALT key?
  185. PC Getting "Game not released" From Steam
  186. PC Division brooklyn area transition
  187. Unplayable input lag with keyboard
  188. PC 2 Second lag, need help.
  189. PC DELTA 20010186 Error
  190. PC Lost about 3 hours of progress and gear.
  191. [BUG] Starting Safe House - Cannot 'activate' agent after speaking with Fei Lau.
  192. game wont start
  193. Jessica Kandel
  194. PC Graphic flashing
  195. Bought Gold Edition, Dont have the season pass!
  196. Full Screen=Black Screen???
  197. PC Appearance menu bug?
  198. Tech Wing Has No Mr. Rhodes
  199. PC Not getting uPlay points despite doing achievement
  200. PC [B]Five Hours waiting for an agent[/B]
  201. This game is melting my CPU.
  202. PC My Delta 20010186 and work around
  203. Game crashed during medical wing tutorial. Now won't let me finish quest
  204. PC CD Key already active on this account but still asking for key.
  205. PC Game not running
  206. PC Agent Origins Promotion: no code generated
  207. CD Key or Activation Code is already active on this account
  208. PC Not getting rewards, rewards vender emplty!!
  209. Pretty big RAM memory leak? *PICS*
  210. PC Small UI Bug when hiding HUD
  211. Help! Unable to activate agent in safehouse. (pc)
  212. Can't Add friends ingame
  213. PC Black Screen While Loading The Game
  214. Game is stuck on Tutorial: Upgrade Wing for Tech Wing
  215. Constant Delta 20000984 Error & Disconnect
  216. Major FPS Loss
  217. PC Download won't start at all
  218. PC (FIX REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY) lighting flash bug
  219. PC Massive memory and cpu issues/huge framedrops (Lots of documentation) Help Please
  220. PC PC version of the Division thinks I am on Xbox
  221. PC Game freezes at any selection screen
  222. UI Text blurry
  223. PC Tech Wing "Rhodes" is missing
  224. Can't play the game.
  225. Le hazmat goodies
  226. My character has been locked due to "server issues"
  227. PC How to fix the Download won't start (check for space and conectivity message)
  228. PC Error SIERRA 10710167 Please help me
  229. PC [Bug] Missing Person : Michael Dufrane, Part 4
  230. PC Ingame latency lag (sometimes 1-2 delay)
  231. Stuck on loading!
  232. PC Unreachable Echo in north Chelsea
  233. PC error at hooking API " NtProtectVirtualMemory" Dumping first 32 Bytes
  234. Paul Rhodes mission glitch
  235. insert a boot media in selected device and press key
  236. PC Enemies will not take damage at the Stadium.
  237. [PC] Computer freezes while playing the game
  238. Nvidia users pl read
  239. PC Cannot finish the registration at the first Safe Zone
  240. Game Crashes at high resolution (nVidia Surround)
  241. PC Preparing to launch on steam and then nothing
  242. PC Crushing Issie
  243. Before buying: Are there still issues with SLI scaling @ 4k resolutions?
  244. PC - Unable to loot bug
  245. PC Crash on statup / Crash in game
  246. PC Graphics artifacts
  247. PC [PC] Lost hours of progress after logging out of The Division
  248. Shortbow Sports Jacket
  249. PC MIKE 20250383!!!!!!!!!!! 24 hours!!!!!
  250. PC Division using 100% cpu