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  1. PC Cannot play the game!
  2. Keep crashing during Russian Cosulate (Challenging) [Delta Error]
  3. PC Laptop missing in medical wing for final upgrade
  4. PC Hackers in the GOD DAM Dark Zone!
  5. Character Disappearance
  6. PC Outage schedule is rediculous
  7. PC ECHO Icon not disappearing from map
  8. My Pc Completely crashes when playing
  9. PC Strange jitter / lag while using WASD to move the map around
  10. PC Refunds?
  11. PC Sentry Set bug
  12. PC Crashing? Fuzzy textures? Computer goes to black screen and can't get out?
  13. Spammers website.
  14. PC Judy Walters ECHO no.2 can't collect - But others fine.
  15. PC Falcon Lost not reset?
  16. PC Can't Download the Game
  18. Delta Error, Unable to get past character selection screen.
  19. PC FPS Drops Dark Zone -- What others have seen from me.
  20. PC Talents not working as intended and figures shown are corrupted
  21. PC Phoenix Credits Reward for Strategic Assignment (Weekly) Not Being Given
  22. PC One is None Perk
  23. Am i on payroll?
  24. PC Can't collect the phone recording
  25. Cant play my secondary character since update
  26. Would like my money back for Season Pass
  27. PC Set chemical protection
  28. Hacker
  29. PC Chater....
  30. Can a CM do something please
  31. PC Flashing graphics
  32. PC your game is a f#c*i%g joke!!!!!
  33. PC Mic team and VoIP not working
  34. PC Talent Vigorous
  35. PC I can't use credits phoenix, sellers do not sell items by credit phoenix
  36. Incursion: still get kick to desktop
  37. PC PC Cheater !! what do ubisoft
  38. My own "Hall of Cheats" channel
  39. Division weapon issues
  40. Troubleshooting issue
  41. The Division .exe file not working
  42. still can't connect
  43. PC UBISOFT.....company that create games for HACKERs...not for Players
  44. PC error 20010186
  45. Problem Evade with G13 after 4/21 update
  46. [PC] Hard restarts when using push to talk
  47. PC Weekly assignment not completing?
  48. PC falling thoug ground
  49. PC Delta errors continually since last patch
  50. PC Refund please!
  51. Cheaters in Division
  53. Game Crashes When put in Fullscreen
  54. Tom Clancy's Division Update Issue
  55. PC There is no point on complaining this game is dead
  56. PC Killing a named NPC will guarantee a HE drop... doesn't work!
  57. Missions with matchmaking from the map didn't start or reset the mission!
  58. PC Cant abort login after fail login
  59. Reviving a player with the heal box + the revive heal ends in no revive!
  60. Chat: Right klick doesn't work on names with "-" in it!
  61. Blocked Account
  62. PC Mike in the enter!
  63. PC Why does ubisoft suck so much at making games?
  64. PC Audio glitch
  65. uplaying wanting second activation key? been playing for weeks now wants key again.
  66. PC says i am banned which is ********..
  67. Weekly Assignment complete - no rewards?
  68. PC Can't start division (cant see even the title screen)
  69. PC Cheater Report
  70. 14 Day Ban -- Haven't Played In A Week?
  71. How do I contest a ban?
  72. PC Crashing, freezing, loading, graphics glitches, falling through floor, slow walk
  73. No daily missions?
  74. PC Recent Mass of Bans
  75. No daily missions showing up on the reset today?
  76. Friends missing
  77. PC How do I get a refund for "The Division"
  78. I unfairly banned who else will happen?
  79. PC Gloves bugged stats (images attached)
  80. PC Loot crate weapon skin not working
  81. PC Clinton Intel all gathered but doesn't show up in achievement
  82. PC Chest mod problem
  83. 14 Day Ban -- Haven't Played With Hack why do this to me
  84. 2 missing weapon nodes on the map.
  85. PC Game wont update
  86. PC Mike
  87. Fps
  88. PC Path of the Nomad 4 Set bonus
  89. PC Still hackers!!
  90. PC Reload bug!
  91. [Bug Report] Resource Map Marker Bug
  92. Division load screen black, has audio.
  93. PC Low FPS and stuttering (AMD)
  94. [Bug Report] Resource Map Marker Bug 2
  95. No help from your site.
  96. PC Division doesnt show in my games
  97. Thank you very much Ubisoft/Massive
  98. PC [Graphicsl Glitch] Flickering stretched geometry
  99. PC Not happy with game. Paid for season pass and would like a refund.
  100. When is patch 1.2 comming?
  101. PC ARX Fault
  102. PC connection issues
  103. Hacker located (video proof)
  104. PC Weird Input lag
  105. Bannissement abusif et injustifié
  106. 204 High-End Vest major attribute bug?
  107. PC Hacker and Glitches
  108. Dark zone daily assignment reward not crediting
  109. Can´t trust Gear & Gun stats
  110. PC The Division and Windows 10
  111. PC hacker
  112. PC Falcon Watch Bug
  113. Delta error 20001004 due to being in a wrong server .
  114. PC cant choose default screen name in the forum.
  115. graphic glitch
  116. PC Primary fire not working?
  117. Unable to Redeem
  118. PC Missing Item: Battalion Boots
  119. PC i want my money back
  120. Major bugs when teammates die in a mission
  121. Bugs in Lexington Event Center (LEC) (and Challenging mode)
  122. Seeker Mine Bug
  123. PC Hackers - hackers - hackers
  124. PC Character Model seems 'bugged'
  125. Another hacker, took out an entire squad of 170-180s.
  126. constantly falling through the floor, pavement, catwalk
  127. PC In game wallet shrinking without spending.
  128. PC [Gameplay] Missing Reward / Incursion
  129. Hacker
  130. PC im not hacker why ban me
  131. Daily challenge reward bug
  132. PC Got Banned , can i know the reason ?
  133. PC Просто так бан?
  134. PC i got a ban coz my freind Help me plz
  135. PC BUG: using medkit destroys smart cover
  136. PC Crash to Desktop no error
  137. PC Delay nos tiros
  138. PC Compte banni sans raison apres incursion
  139. PC English speaking servers.
  140. PC Completed Challenge mode missing items
  141. Hey Massive! Just making you aware of two bugs, please fix :).
  142. PC I don't know what you did but...
  143. PC English Language
  144. PC Falcon lost bug
  145. PC Library Glitch (DEVS PLS)
  146. No dailies f'ing daily missions again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  147. Out of Playable Area - DZ
  148. [bug] Interrupting Skills Breaks Them.
  149. PC Connection to my account keeps going down
  150. [PC] Falcon Lost loot glitch
  151. PC Vanishing stats
  152. PC Paid for Millitary & Marine gear
  153. PC Banned, without a explanation, no way to dispute it.
  154. Your characters are inaccessible due to a server error
  155. Crafting Materials missing from the map.
  156. account was lock due to server error
  157. PC HELP: got DELTA at end of Challenging Incursion and now account is locked
  158. VOIP/microphone Problem
  159. PC Assorted bugs
  160. PC Lootcrate Skin
  161. PC Omg so many hackers
  162. PC [BUG] DPS fluctuating Bug
  163. No Response From Support
  164. PC - The extraction points stopped working
  165. Reset servers - Lagging REALLY bad.
  166. PC Banned but never hacked!
  167. PC Banned but never hacked!!!!!!!!
  168. PC Pc dark zone cheaters....
  169. Cheater report
  170. PC DZ Funds disappeared...
  171. PC Cannot log into Character in 1st Slot
  172. Tom Clancy's The Division has stopped working on launch
  173. PC why i banned?
  174. PC ECHO Problem
  175. Missing BP and PC"s
  176. Nomad 4 piece bonus not working
  177. PC Game crashes at startup
  178. PC The game does not start!
  179. PC Small RDS scope DZ blueprint fixed attribute not working
  180. PC Back and to the left...
  181. PC Not detecting DS4/PS4 controller via bluetooth. What do?
  182. PC Ubisoft account breach
  183. PC Didnt get Military pack
  184. PC I receive Invites to games but.......
  185. Huge FPS Drops
  186. PC Names in chat that I can't click on to ignore etc...
  187. Constant crashing on hard/challenging difficulties
  188. PC Graphical Glitches in the Dark Zone, Windows and 3D Assets.
  189. PC Graphic settings not saving at all!
  190. no dailys yesterday AGAIN!!!
  191. PC What The ****? Banned?
  192. PC Talent "One is None" KNOWN but very important to fix it
  193. Cant log in on my man char. but np on my alt?!!
  194. PC can't find other player
  195. Maintenance = Delta
  196. PC Division,FC,AC and all of your unfinished games
  197. The division of Errors, glitches and cheaters
  198. [Bug] Input lag
  199. PC In russian consulat I have no floor to walk on! AND...
  200. DZ Named bosses dropping normal credits?
  201. PC Mike error when logging out with 1st character
  202. PC Multiple issues
  203. PC Constant Lag Spikes
  204. PC Dissapeared loot
  205. PC Game crashes during intro Video
  206. PC Mike and Delta Errors galore in the DZ
  207. PC cheater report
  208. PC NY Trooper Shirt Button wrong positioned
  209. PC Game stays black screen after virus cutscene
  210. Outfit Redeem Issue
  211. PC [Lincoln Tunnel] Often problems with "bomb defense" part
  212. PC Misisng loot from HM Falcon
  213. PC My game will no longer load beyond the epilepsy warning
  214. PC Invisible units?
  215. PC [Matchmaking] Problem with infinite loading after a team is found
  216. Rant (ish) Why the fuq should we play?
  217. Rant (ish) Pc glitches, cheats, etc...
  218. PC annoying flickering
  219. Dailies....Maybe
  220. in-game lag for the last few weeks.
  221. PC [Bugs] Some bugs we have found
  222. The Division fps
  223. PC Can't start game
  224. PC Crafting issue
  225. PC Banear a los hackers de una **** vez
  226. PC Banned
  227. PC Sentry mark bug
  228. PC Loot Crate Skin Help
  229. PS4 And PC account conflict
  230. Stuck on 73% loading screen
  231. Fps drop
  232. PC 980 ti SLI Fixed
  233. technical support сосёт
  234. Here is how Ubisoft might fix the Stuttering and lagy feel in the game for many users
  235. PC Deleted characters
  236. Matchmaking from NA to EU?
  237. Stuck in Connecting: Username screen and then Delta 2001004
  238. holes in the ground everywhere
  239. Aim and shoot
  240. Could not Extract
  241. I cant play the game
  242. Incursion Weekly not reset
  243. PC DELTA 20010186 - Division Services are unavailable at this time
  244. Xbox 360 controller input...trouble turning to the right
  245. PC Stuck on epilepsy warning
  246. PC BUG: Extended Pulse w loot box scan broken
  247. PC BUG: Vigorous & Resourceful Talents
  248. Dark zone special gear vendor not selling gear for phoenix credits
  249. Incursion crashes
  250. Healing Bug