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  1. PC Claimed Item, Not in Inventory
  2. PC Unplayable due to lag on high-end PC
  3. Dear UbiSoft....
  4. Connecting to Wrong Server
  5. Instantly died in DZ twice without knowing why or what killed me.
  6. Lighting glitch
  7. Possible Hacker
  8. Unable to Tab to Windows?
  9. PC PC Sound Issues...
  10. PC Done with this POS game
  11. PC I want my Rose Jacket. ECHOs beacon malfinction report. (Video included)
  12. [PC] Reward Item Falcon Lost not in my inventory?
  13. Reclamation --> PC: I want a refund of my season pass.
  14. Unable to transfer mods (Weapons + electronics ) to stash or vice versa
  15. PC Load times / graphic settings how and why?
  16. Mod strange behaviour
  17. PC Missions not starting entrances blocked off.
  18. Closing game through Task Manager
  19. PC Last Bullet Sticking/Not firing
  20. Stuck in load screen / Circular no exit opions
  21. GAME BREAKING INCURSION BUG ! Enemy grenadier's grenade can damage the APC !
  22. PC Feedback ...
  23. PC Bugged DZ's base Chest
  24. Game UNPLAYABLE due to massive STUTTER
  25. Lost dark zone rank,why?
  26. Another hacker
  27. PC about my DZ Funds
  28. The lag is real
  29. PC All of those Alpha errors
  30. [BUG] DZ brackets not enforcing ( Gearscore player 162 within 0-160 bracket )
  31. denounces sites with hacks for the division !!!!!!!! The thing're easy to more and yo
  32. PC Statement request: Server lag, random disconnects and more
  33. using chat with Group kicks me out of group and map back to safe house...randomly
  34. Mask doesn't show up with the "Striker's Bag"
  35. PC Hackers in DZ
  36. Hackers ruining Dark Zone
  37. Giant lag and problem
  38. PC Session/Mission Start Issues
  39. Hallo wach werden
  40. PC What happened today!!!!!! UNBEARABLE LAG!!!!
  41. PC Hackers in DZ
  42. PC Terrible Lag
  43. PC No crashing since 21th april update!
  44. PC Massive lag - game is not playable.
  45. Dear ADMINS
  46. PC Bug - stratup black screen
  47. [PC] Bug - intermittent stratup black screen
  48. Game will not install from Uplay, Think's it is installed already.
  49. You will be transferred to another server (server full) -> Loot gone missing.
  50. PC Delta Error 2001004 all day :(
  51. PC Falling through the map when fast traveling to group to do a daily mission
  52. PC lost all me DZ levels
  53. Uplay Voice - inaudible to friends
  54. PC Kicked... Again
  55. ubisoft roll back on all glitchers
  56. PC Chinese "gold" farmers chat spamming out of control in base of operations!!!!!
  57. PC Report Hacker and glitch
  58. PC Light flickering a temporary solution for some radeon users
  59. Hacker...again....and again....
  60. Here is why the Division's netcode seems so bad, (LAG, Bad hit reg etc:)
  61. can't change difficulty
  62. Glitch hacker in DZ
  63. PC FPS Drops on Real Fullscreen Mode
  64. Door accessibility problem - in garage at W 49th St
  65. PC Skill: Ballistic Shield | Issues in DZ
  66. yet again a daily dose of hackers
  67. cheater
  68. time for a boycott on the division
  69. Weapon DMG listed on blueprints is wrong!
  70. Solution against momentary cheaters
  71. PC Advanced Weaponry Vendor not rotating stock
  72. PC Constantly getting Delta
  73. stuck in eternal delta error 20010186
  74. PC Dark Zone Hacker - Agent May
  75. Moving files to different drive. Which folders contain saves?
  76. Ubisoft fix the flickering lights in game please
  77. PC High Latency - Windows 10
  78. PC Dz Credits
  79. PC report cheater
  80. PC Graphic go blurry/fuzzy/
  81. 1 hours wasted with game matchmaking
  82. Dz Credits (Fixed Post outline. Issue not solved)
  83. Very slow health regen in to the dark zone and no armor + video proof
  84. DLC Purchase
  85. Increased AI Difficulty & Enemy Damage after 4/21 Hotfix
  86. Dps?
  87. PC Bugged Echoes, Need help
  88. PC Map BUG: Complete All Intel and 2 ECHO's are left on the Map
  89. PC Movement BUG: Invisible object blocking path
  90. PC Movement Bug: Unable to climb rope, from top down or bottom up
  91. PC Rendering Bug (Minor): Depending on character placement, Player object can mask menu.
  92. PC Crash Bug: Map left alone for period of time, black screen on map travel - PC locked.
  93. PC Missing Season Pass Items
  94. PC Game Launches but all I hear is sound
  95. A crashles day
  96. A crashles day
  97. cheat user
  98. Are you guys serious?
  99. 4-23-16 Daily Challenge Doesn't Start
  100. I got my Season Pass refund through Steam.
  101. 4-23-16 Daily Hard Mode Madison Hospital Bugged Start
  102. How can you say the game isn't broken with a long list of known issues?
  103. Bot Spammer
  104. PC Crash
  105. Chat spam, fix immidiatly please!
  106. DZ ... hackers ... ubisoft ...
  107. PC The Division: Rubber banding AI/Agents + Bullets Not Registering Till Seconds Later
  108. Eset Firewall and Division after fix April 12
  109. HELP suddenly next day 100% CPU usage, fps between 1-5
  110. Minimized to desktop, alt-tabbed back to game. Screen zoomed way in
  111. PC Hackers made the game today unplayable!
  112. There is a bug with the yellow bag (dark zone)
  113. PC Can't access Establish Base of Operations.
  114. PC High End Gear from the Special Vendor - Bug ?
  115. PC Shadows not detecting hair, which is overly annoying.
  116. PC Dark Zone Unplayable due to constant lag and game hangs
  117. 100% hacker
  118. One-Bullet Bug and Lag
  119. PC Get disconnected after 5 sec in GAME..
  120. Battalion Shoes not showing in Appearance after receiving it
  121. FIX the cheating issu on PC its out of control
  122. PC Ban this cheater please.
  123. [PC] I keep getting mike 20250383 Error
  124. Duplicate abilities showing for recalibration options
  125. sharing is caring
  126. Would Division run on this gaming laptop?
  127. Please help, unplayable stutter
  128. PC Why doesnt UBISoft even monitor what is happening in their game?
  129. Why am i in the 161+brackets when i have a gear score of 142?
  130. PC Telporting Hackers.
  131. Hackers Everywhere, Please DO SOMETHING !!!
  132. Rogue counter not working
  133. PC VoIP and the Dark Zone. VoIP Causes stuttering/lag in Dark Zone.
  134. PC DZ Stash Problems
  135. PC Missions won't start
  136. PC Weapon DPS keeps changing
  137. demanding a refund for this game and season pass
  138. PC "Oh No, It Crashed" - cant even start the game?
  139. PC Unable to right-click user IDs with a dash("-") in them in the chat window.
  140. Cheater game
  141. PC Pulse Recon Pack mod no longer working.
  142. PC Bonus Error on small RDS scope Blueprint.
  143. Fix the chat
  144. PC Teleporting Cheat?
  145. PC Fps Drops..
  146. Seriously can't play this game without it C2D. Since release
  147. (Tested) Confirmed, "Protection from Elites" INCREASES the damage taken from elites.
  148. Installation Error
  149. Protection from Elites makes you take MORE damage from Elites
  150. PC Game will not start any longer.
  151. UBISOFT - You've had adequate Notice - Delta Error 2001004
  152. Delta Error 2001004
  153. PC Falcon Lost incursion force-respawns players when close to the sewer entrance.
  154. Named no longer give HE
  155. PC Same daily missions over and over and....
  156. PC HACKER changes his name in few secs
  157. PC Error in weapon damage
  158. PC Laggy servers
  159. PC Problem when a died in the dark zone
  160. % Protection From Elites needs fixed
  161. PC Hacker and Cheater,Massive what are you doing?
  162. PC Farmers advertising in General Chat
  163. PC Invisible Enemies/walls?
  164. PC Experiencing dropped frames after update
  165. PC Invisible Boss/Can't Complete Mission
  166. PC simple BUG when leaving a group
  167. I dont have falcon lost.
  168. PC Not recieving Vanity Item Reward From Incursion
  169. PC Appear offline, not be offline- APPEAR offline. Is this possible?
  170. PC still didn't fix Hacker problem?....YOUR DONE UBI. (PC)
  171. PC Some name of spam bot prevent me from ignore and report them
  172. PC New Issue Tonight - Game Crashing Over and Over
  173. PC Bugs and lack of Ubisoft Support
  174. PC Missing Rewards and Clothes
  175. PC latest hack (maybe)
  176. PC game admins?
  177. PC Infinite connecting issue.
  178. Cant hear my party voice but they can hear me
  179. PC Graphical Issue with Striker BackPack
  180. PC Small Error on play
  181. wipe accounts
  182. PC cheaters and more cheaters
  183. PC Some bugs in the divison!!!
  184. hacking people again
  185. PC (PC) One is None is Bugged. A new one
  186. PC The Division PCA2 crashing
  187. PC police academy
  188. Missions still not loading properly.....
  189. PC Mask does not appear with the Striker's Backpack on
  190. cheater
  191. PC Any support on this forum at all???
  192. PC [Mission] Lexington Event Center {Challenging} {Daily Missions} [BUGGED]
  193. PC Frontline Outfit Pack Not At Vendor
  194. PC Dlc
  195. the LAG is back?
  196. PC List of issues with game...
  197. PC Tactical set talent doesn't work properly
  198. PC Judy Waters Echo 2 won't activate.
  199. PC Error more continuous delta
  200. PC Subtitles appearing for one frame and a game exiting issue
  201. So, Massive/Ubi.... Where the **** are my Phoenix Credits?!?!
  202. cheaters
  203. (PC) Character bug
  204. PC Game Settings Not saving [FIXED]
  205. PC No high end loot drop off Belzer lvl 30 named cleaner in Tenderloin
  206. Weekly Error : No Credit for Rikers
  207. FPS Drops
  208. PC Still falling through floor
  209. PC Last 3 ECHO can't be collected
  210. Hacker
  211. Incursion not starting
  213. Can't play with group members
  214. Dropping any group that isn't based in the US.
  216. PC FPS drops every 10-15 mins
  217. PC a new dimension ...
  218. Delta Error while standing outside Russian Consulate Mission
  219. PC Lero999 pc cheater with video evidence.
  220. Did they change the info on what this section of forums is supposed to be?
  221. PC hacker vwvvwvwwwv with video proof THIS IS RUINING EVERYONES GAMEPLAY! BAN THEM
  222. PC The game wont start
  223. PC Random FPS drop [FIX]
  224. PC Reporting Cheaters
  225. DZ level bracket bug?
  226. PC Weapon Damage Scope fakeout, gimmie my 14 HE mats back!
  227. hakers in dz
  228. PC Bug: Missing Incident Report Midtown East
  229. Issues with daily missions for 4-25 - 4-26
  230. Weekly are not completed!
  231. PC Melting through balconies and toll booth structure during Lincoln Tunnel
  232. Friends List not Populating
  233. Activation code already in use????
  234. chat spammers
  235. hmhmh cheaters need to be gone no warnings
  236. ubisoft to nice to the cheaters
  237. PC anti-cheat
  238. Damn Hackers
  239. PC Audio Issues
  240. PC Mini visual glitch within DZ Checkpoint
  241. #RefundHype
  242. you know when hack goes to a new level of embarassment
  243. PC Mission Bug: Napalm Tanks are indestructible if all hostiles killed before...
  244. Port my PC account to Xbox One?
  245. I keep dying for no reason in the Dark Zone
  246. PC [ REPORTING ] - HACKER :Names removed
  247. PC Report hack
  248. PC Movement issue with shouldered weapon
  249. PC Game .exe crash at start
  250. PC Logitech Keyboard Support STILL BUGGED pure latency issues