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  1. PC The division keeps randomly crashing.
  2. PC No daily missions
  3. PC BUG: Smart Cover skill stuck
  4. Unable to login- infinate connecting
  5. PC Mouse appearing / not locking duringgameplay
  6. PC Delta error: 20000988
  7. Fix the cheaters in the DZ.
  8. PC Ubisoft/ no acces from menu in game
  9. Problem launching the game
  10. PC crashing
  11. PC Loading Times
  12. calibration puts wrong mod on....
  13. no mission briefings
  14. PC this is why most of EU players suffer with lag
  15. PC Tip an Ubisoft
  16. PC Russian superman! drops. Aka Fnuggie VS Superman
  17. PC Graphical glitches
  18. PC Update available, but can't download
  19. PC Incorrect patch size
  20. PC First bug/glitch found after the patch for the weekly assigment
  21. No combat roll outside of combat zones post patch?
  22. PC Side Mission Bugs
  23. PC Game pad not working after todays update
  24. PC Cannot play after patch
  25. PC Delta 20001004
  26. PC Can not login delta 2001004
  27. PC Incursion bugs, random disconnects, ect
  28. PC Voice chat / push-to-talk issues
  29. Turret Bug
  30. PC Uplay is unable to start your download.check that you have an active internet......
  31. Falcon lost keeps loading
  32. PC mike error 20250383
  33. Entire inventory missing
  34. Graphic settings reset help
  35. "Fixed an issue where players could move UI elements out of the visible screen area"
  36. Mike 20250383, plz help!
  37. PC New Incurssion update not downloading
  38. PC "Preload" bug no help at all!
  39. PC Small RDS scope description wrong
  40. Game is unplayable with this Lag
  41. PC Stash bug with camos
  42. mike error locked out
  43. Delta Errors on Russian Consulate.
  44. (PC) Cant log into division account Mike Error
  45. PC Lost DZ rank after Mike 20250383 error
  46. PC Dark Zone Rank reset
  47. PC Keeps on downloading even more then displayed
  48. PC Again no russian language in gold edition version after patch
  49. PC [Delta 20010186] and the sticky thread doesn't help
  50. PC 23GB Patch Update bug?
  51. PC Mouse pointer not synced with game
  52. Incursion bug, infinite load screen
  53. Incursion beta test
  54. Too many DC's with this patch.
  55. PC Aim assist is enabled on PC now?!
  56. PC Russian Consulate Doors Closing
  57. Tom Clancy's The Division has stopped working after patch 1.1
  58. PC One is None Bug Unable to Reload Weapon
  59. PC change
  60. (PC) Game has complete blackscreen after startup
  61. PC Infinite Loading 3rd Week
  62. Crimson 16.4.1 and patch 1.1=snow blindness
  63. Help please-> How do I fix this UI issue?
  64. General Asembly
  65. PC rescued item lost
  66. PC Napalm Factory mission halting bug
  67. Missions never loading
  68. PC [BUG] Nimble talent is bugged !
  69. DPS Gamebreaking Bug Still Rampant
  70. [PC] Aim Assist
  71. I am currently sharing my account with someone?
  72. PC Update 1.1
  73. What the F*** is going on with Uplay and The Division server? Neither of them startup
  74. PC So many bugs make this game unplayable.
  75. Hacker JIJIJIJIJIJ (Known By So many Has been teleporting all day)
  76. No Transmission Sound
  77. PC No more green / hospital missinons.
  78. PC Challenge mode. irritations
  79. PC bugged item - craft 1.1 incursions
  80. PC Russian consulate bugged
  81. PC Bugs Galore in v1.1 !!!
  82. PC outside playable area
  83. PC Really? WTH...
  84. Downloading problem!!
  85. PC Craft bug???
  86. daily crafting bugged
  87. PC BUG With Weekly loot
  88. Falcon Lost resetting
  89. PC Mike Error always
  90. Bug Report - The Division - Recalibration Station Rolls
  91. PC Unable to access Stash
  92. Since the update I have been getting no Dialogue from NPC's.
  93. PC Delta Error after recalibration reverted stat change, took money and increased cost.
  94. PC Weapon does not respond since Falcon Lost update 1.1
  95. Incursion Bug
  96. PC MIKE 20250383 Your account is unavailable
  97. PC Slow loading textures + falling through map.
  98. PC Incursion Wave Bug MIKE
  99. PC Mission Overview Fast Travel Going Insane
  100. Game will not load since the latest update.
  101. 3rd Party VOIP Problem VENTRILO
  102. PC PC Falcon lost. Upon destroying the ACP got kicked out of group.
  103. PC Audio Issues After 1.1 Update
  104. PC ECHO BUG . General # 3
  105. PC Atualização 1.1 - Uptade 1.1
  106. PC Incursion - Wave 15 - Infinite Spawn?!
  107. PC Aim assist always on - KB+M
  108. PC Incursions - 'Outside Playable Area'
  109. New group members can't enter Falcon Lost if in progress
  110. PC Problem Downloading Patch
  111. PC Dark Zone credits gone.
  112. hud position configuration broken after patch?
  113. The Division PC - Game no longer loads
  114. PC DPS Stat bug
  115. PC My stash wont work cant send anything extracted to inventory
  116. PC Performance issues since patch
  117. Incursion not awarded LOOt! WTH!
  118. PC PC Falcon Lost possible exploit
  119. Falling through world/Bugged Daily Assignment Missions. ARE WE BETA TESTERS?
  120. Items Disappearing
  121. PC Sick of the latency
  122. Cannot move stuff to stash
  123. join with steam
  124. PC Reload 1 round jammed bug after patch 1.1
  125. UI bug in stash interface.
  126. PC Some crafting material stashes in main base wont open.
  127. Bad Update Bad Ubi
  128. PC CPU usage 100% and losing dps
  129. Can't enter Incursion - Falcon Lost
  130. PC No Loot week
  131. PC Bug Stairs
  132. No loot from Incursion quest (first time)
  133. PC [Bug] DZ4 Safehouse shop not using Gear Score but Gear Level
  134. PC Terrible lag spikes only in Dark Zone.
  135. PC From Dark Zone level 60 reset to level 1
  136. Game keeps crashing since latest update!
  137. Cheaters e Hacks - crime evidence
  138. PC Stash showing 27/30 full, nothing in Stash when opening it
  139. PC Beat incursion on challenge and received no loot (240) or jacket :(
  140. Falcon Lost: Teleported back to spawn point when trying to enter subway
  141. Black Screen When Launching The Division
  142. PC Lexington event center bug
  143. What is the correct procedure to ask for a refund?
  144. PC Cheater Agent :D
  145. Character refuses to move after playing for a bit
  146. errors
  147. servers
  148. PC Multiple Incursion bugs
  149. Help, Challenging Mission Troll
  150. Getting kicked out
  151. PC ~Pull my plug Doc'~
  152. shame you Ubisoft
  153. Special gear vender error/bug
  154. None of my characters can see Daily Challenging Mission
  155. Aim Assist on PC......
  156. PC DZ problems: cant call extraction, cant extract even if some one else calls it
  157. PC Server problem on PC Europe
  158. PC Incursion did not reward listed loot, boss loot did drop.
  159. PC [BUG]backpack slots and DE of items issues
  160. "mike 20250383"
  161. [PC] Bug? Health changes when switching weapons.
  162. mike 20250383
  163. Fix your ****......
  164. PC The Divison crashes on startup.
  165. PC Stash issues
  166. No music since patch 1.1?
  167. PC DZ rank incorrect on main menu
  168. PC Mission won't start Bug
  169. PC Cheats Cheats Cheats
  170. MIKE 20250383 Error
  171. PC Item Level is destroying Group-Play
  172. Matchmaking Dark Zone {Dark Zone Mismatchs}
  173. Extraction zones disappearing and choppers not spawning
  174. PC [Bug] Aim Assist with v1.1
  175. wrong clip(magazine) size on blueprint description
  176. PC [BUG] Recalibrating 1 stat and getting charge money 2x
  177. people cheating
  178. PC An error occurred while updating
  179. PC Cheating Rogueplayer Endless_X2222
  180. PC The Division PC: Mission Overview is not showing any Assignments after 1.1 update
  181. Whats up with the crafting?
  182. PC After patch update my Dark Zone level went from 30... back to 1. What happened?
  183. Disappearing DZ credits?
  184. PC delta 20000988
  185. Servers Keep Crashing - Do you hate PC players Ubisoft...
  186. PC Double narrel sawed off and repo reaper do not work together
  187. Can't Obtain Echos
  188. PC Unable to sent to inventory
  189. PC Cant download update 1.1 Plz Help
  190. Lexington Event Center unable to progress.
  191. Games freezing
  192. PC Help with Black screen on start + slow loading textures
  193. [PC] [BUG] "Skill Mods Available" Tutorial Prompt Reappears Each Session
  194. PC BUG not standing up after revive
  195. Server Error's and character is locked....
  196. PC Dismantled wrong Item
  197. [PC] BUG - Wall Collision Failure
  198. PC Never Received Weekly Bonus from Incursion Hard Mode
  199. Missing Encounters and Events
  200. Incursion glitch for farm after HOTFIX
  201. PC CPU on fire with the division
  202. PC Unable to Start download
  203. Rollback Request Please
  204. PC [Purchased] Sports Outfit Not Appearing In-game
  205. Cm daily bugged?
  206. PC Agent game deleted
  207. [PC]Always spawning in northern DZ safe house
  208. PC Team died in Incursion and got respawn in the Boss area and cant start the fight.
  209. PC I got scammed by Special Gear Vendor at Base of Operations
  210. PC frontline pack missing.
  211. PC No Game to download after redeeming code
  212. Missions won´t start
  213. Patch 1.1 not downloading and or installing
  214. Can't enter game, and friendslist not working
  215. Cant play anymore
  216. Is SLI Scaling still an issue? Anyone else having trouble with 980 / 980m's?
  217. PC The division. can't start the game
  218. Graphic glitch
  219. [PC] Stats of recipes are not correct
  220. PC cheaters
  221. PC Echo still bugged
  222. Incursion BOSS Glitch ASAP fix
  223. GTX 970 low settings 17 fps at peak ...
  224. PC I'm 260 Medical Supplies short of 100% Unlock, Help!
  225. No Police bag from purchased season pass
  226. PC The first Season Pass Exclusive Content (I did not receive it!)
  227. PC AMD Crimson 16.4.1 LOW FPS?
  228. PC Why Aren't You Banning People
  229. Falcon lost massive issue "loading loop"
  230. PC Hackers dominating this game.
  231. For the love of god FIX missions.
  232. Players can kill others
  233. PC character blocked on stairs and door
  234. PC Crashes causing Nvidia drivers to corrupt.
  235. How is anyone even able to play this game?
  236. cannot create screen name on forum
  237. PC TheDivision.exe hangs; game will not start.
  238. PC Enemies taking time to realize they died
  239. PC somtimes, i cant see anything why it happend?
  240. Mission reward issue
  241. Accidentally sold my Cadeuces
  242. PC Weapon Statistics is weird under the Character Tab
  243. Sound not working whilst in game [PC]
  244. Help - Massive FPS lag
  245. [PC] Mic always on, even when set to push to talk
  246. Killcount on Rogue Player not syncing/registering
  247. PC Weapons "Jam" Intermittently - Unable to Fire or Reload
  248. Some persistent bugs I encounter
  249. PC Update infinite loading over 100%
  250. PC WTF. Server donw do falcon mission