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  1. PC DLC bought all clothes !!!
  2. Items missing character being rolled back to log in entry point
  3. PC Tom Clancy's The Division CTD with no errors
  4. PC freeze when trying to load the game (only with division)
  5. PC 30fps locked and issues with fullscreen
  6. PC Crash/stall when connecting or disconnecting USB sound device
  7. PC Texture Bug on Kneepads
  8. PC First a MIKE 20250383. Then Delta 2000988. After APR5 maintenance?
  9. PC GTX 970 FPS Problems
  10. PC Can't play the game anymore - network issues
  11. PC Connection Issue Zone loading each time switched "Not darkzone"
  12. Graphics ****ches,
  13. Missions not starting
  14. Is there even a technical support at ubisoft?
  15. [PC] Sound issue over headphones
  16. Cheating
  17. Error Delta 20000988 can't log in character
  18. Graphics settings change won't take affect
  19. PC Invisible bugs (walls/ npcs/ textures)
  20. PC Activation Key
  21. PC InGame Voice is not working
  22. PC InGame Voice is not working
  23. graphical glitch (involves explosions)
  24. Help with forum bug
  25. Cpu usage 100 %
  26. minimum network speed?
  27. MatchMaking not happening
  28. PC Replay Unknown signal mission (Warning: Contains Spoilers)
  29. Landmark status is bugged at abandoned gas station in DZ01
  30. PC help me game not run
  31. Why is SLI Poor Performance not on list of "Known Issues"?
  32. 1080p/60FPS Optimization Suggestions
  33. Move installation location
  34. PC False DPS - Game not showing real player stats
  35. PC Lexington Event Center (Challenging) Fail
  36. Accessing chat causes game to crash
  37. PC How to fix hacker Problem!!
  38. PC I feel robbed at this point
  39. PC Mission Sound Drops
  40. PC There is no Chinese option for the whole block
  41. How to change the game PC settings before launch?
  42. PC [Gameplay] Echo Activation / Record We’ve received reports that echoes
  43. PC hacker ]]]] speed running auto pistol killing everyone in the dark zone.
  44. PC Mic dont work
  45. PC Monitor going into power saving when playing The Division
  46. PC Bought DLC Through Steam and Not Getting It
  47. PC Massive lag _only_ when levelling toons other than my 30, no disconnects
  48. PC Missing mission objectives during missions
  49. PC Hackers
  50. PC Keep getting DC or delta mike error every min
  51. PC Remove the "Master Mod Available" dialog
  52. PC light flicker, very bright light
  53. PC UPLAY Download get stuck at 70% then it restarts from 60% when i click "retry"
  54. PC Firearms, dps bug + other stats bug
  55. [PC] Delta 20000988 on one Character
  56. PC [Gameplay][Bug] +% Support Station duration stats from gear don't increase duration.
  57. Gear Item Coloring/Appearance Bug
  58. ShaderCache should not be in My Documents
  59. PC Delta 20000988
  60. PC - AI inside vehicles/objects (Bug).
  61. delta 20000988 post patch
  62. PC Recalibration choose different stat on item 70+ phoenix credits wasted
  63. PC Invisible Walls and Enemies
  64. PC Fix to mouse stutter/lag - Sonic Suite 2 is the culprit
  65. PC Erreur DELTA - FR
  66. PC Flickering to Too bright to see
  67. PC Delta 20000988
  68. Bugged Missions/Teleport to Mission
  69. Random Instance Challenge mode Kicks /W Video Proof
  70. PC Graphical Glitch - Motion Blur, Trailing duplicate image on object/character edges
  71. Ever since April 1st patch, textures not loading and falling through ground
  72. Getting kicked and losing tonnes of progress - losing patience
  73. PC The Division PC - Rooftop Com Mission ammo crate not working
  74. PC radeon flashing lights
  75. Player Unable to move after Dying in DZ
  76. No Transmission Sounds
  77. PC Error Code DELTA 20000988
  78. PC Unable to use First Aid skill
  79. Xfer Game Data
  80. PC Report a Bug (PC) Echos
  81. PC Error Delta 20010186
  82. Randomly freezing in the Dark Zone?
  83. Missions not starting
  84. AMD R9 380 2GB FPS problems
  85. Cant hear npc
  86. PC FPS issues during gameplay
  87. PC Anyone Else lost equipped items?
  88. how do i get a refund on Season pass
  89. PC Black Screen
  90. PC Really annoying aiming issue.
  91. PC romeo error 10590100
  92. PC Black screen after movie cut screen
  93. I know there's already a thread about the supposedly 'fixed' Delta error...
  94. PC Daily Missions not starting
  95. PC so, you lazy ones not gonna fix this hack/cheating problems?
  96. Few problems (keybindings and loading in)
  97. Fenix lost while recalibrating mask
  98. PC voice attack
  99. PC Hacker Report
  100. The Dark Zone, seriously?
  101. Medical wing dosnt unlock , broadway missions reward bug out .. all 82 encounter done
  102. PC latest update ****ed up the game
  103. PC The Division disc 4 not working (two seperate discs)
  104. Division Beta Reward locked for me, even tho I played February open beta
  105. PC Linking game to steam account
  106. PC My DPS are totally bugged, please help ubi
  107. Any news on crossfire support
  108. Matchmaking error / kicked from party and mission was accomplished w/o getting loot
  109. PC Missin Echo's
  110. Invisible Enemies, AKA Ghosts
  111. Bug with mission reward loot
  112. Cheaters, bugs, exploits everywhere
  113. Graphics gltich, have not been able to find a solution since beta. Please help
  114. Ubisoft WHat are u doing ?
  115. PC Darkzone events
  116. Still missing R6 Siege Tactical suit and biohazard chest piece
  117. No loot from Bosses
  118. Kicked after 5-10 minutes of play with Delta 0000988 - Proof it isn't network setting
  119. To everyone that receives the Delta error: Are you all in the DZ?
  120. PC Mouse pointer suddenly appearing messes up my movement
  121. Blocking Chinese based players / IP's
  122. PC Restock Box @ Rooftop Comm Delay does not work as intended
  123. PC не дали Season Pass
  124. Crashing ever since Tuesday 4/5/2016 maintenance,
  125. PC Computer Crashing on Game Launch
  126. PC [PC] Inventory stats (weapons and gear) don't update as they should
  127. Ubisoft...really? Are you NOT going to respond to anyone having a Delta error?
  128. [PC] Constant "Loading," text in bottom right forcing me to jog/walk
  129. Missing Field Data?
  130. PC Error in yellow blueprint for M60 E6 black market
  131. PC Falling through the floor
  132. PC - NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver (Bug).
  133. hacker report
  134. PC Medical Progression bug
  135. PC Bugs I discovered
  136. PC No "Play" button just preload like before launch
  137. PC Russian Translarion Bugs/Errors
  138. PC update problem please help!!!
  139. Account Hacked
  140. PC medical wing 960 out of 1000 for last unlock and no more medical missions ??
  141. PC PC - Constant "Loading.." and falling off the map. Is it my internet, or my PC?
  142. PC Map Bug - Missing Daily / Challenge Mode map markers.
  143. PC DELTA Error 20000988
  144. daily missions did not reset
  145. Enemy taking delayed damage
  146. PC Stuck on black screen after intro
  147. PC Item Deconstruction Bug
  148. Changed username
  149. Multiple Issues today 4/8/2016
  150. PC Stuck at connecting - no chars above level 14
  151. PC Junk Deconstruction desconstructs junk *AND* highlighted/selected item
  152. NPC Characters killing off one another
  153. PC Lost about 30k DZ exp due to Delta 20000988 error
  154. PC constant disconnection
  155. PC Weapons won't fire continuously sometimes
  156. PC My Ubisoft account was hacked, I need my game progress to be reset
  157. Purchased high-end weapon from Special Gears Vendor missing !!!
  158. Delta 20000988 on Alt char
  159. PC Disconnect during i was playing
  160. PC Crash with LiveKernelReports\WATCHDOG ???
  161. my lvl 8 comes up with delta error every time
  162. PC update problem please help
  163. Game is stuck on Loading Screen
  164. Cannot collect Michael Dufrane Echos 1 and 2
  165. Randomly freezing when in the Dark Zone?
  166. Delta 2000988
  167. PC Item Missing
  168. PC xbox one controls
  169. Cant run for long distances
  170. PC The Division
  171. getting locked out of game after leaving my stash
  172. PC Know No Fear Club Action
  173. PC Terrible performance using GTX 980 SLI
  174. Tired of server problems, delta error
  175. Is my support ticket even being looked at?
  176. Missing daily missions
  177. PC No mission narrative, Reload, footsteps audio
  178. PC Delta 20000988
  179. Launches to imaginary monitor.
  180. This can't be true!!!!!
  181. PC Dual monitor scope bug??
  182. PC Game Abuser
  183. PC the easy way to lose phoenix credits
  184. PC daily missions wont show up
  185. PC 背包Bug導致無法登錄超過36小時
  186. PC Exploit/Glitch/Grinding in Darkzone. - will this be fixed?
  187. Talent: Triage
  188. PC Launching game through steam, "Preparing launch"...
  189. PC No damage dealt in dark zone
  190. PC Keyboard Input Lag, when using high quality settings
  191. Dailys Never refreshed again!
  192. [PC] screen flickering when i press "C"
  193. No dailies- Fix your game Ubisoft!
  194. PC What AMD driver for R9 380
  195. Report and Ignore now not working
  196. PC Region lock..unusual question..
  197. PC Invisibile NPC-s on low settings
  198. PC Delta Error after Manhattan transfer.
  199. Is this a joke? GAME UNPLAYABLE
  200. PC Hacking - nothing going to be do about?
  201. Server problems
  202. All textures are blurry 970gtx every setting graphics error
  203. PC Fps drop after fast travel!
  204. PC Hacker in the Dark Zone
  205. PC Division services are not available 20000988
  206. The division and CPU overclock
  207. PC - Comparing weapons BUG REPORT
  208. PC This Game is a Fake or what ?
  209. False Rogue Status
  210. PC Medical Intel unattainable from Broadway Emporium
  211. PC Oh no, it crashed!
  212. Constant white noise
  213. PC - Stuck in Cement Blockade in Street
  214. PC - Trying to join matchmaking for missions(Not DZ)
  215. Seriously, fix your damn servers
  216. backpack, knee pads and gloves finished
  217. PC error with recalibrate items
  218. PC Horrendous performance on VERY high-end system.
  219. PC Microphone issues
  220. PC My character is gone !
  221. [PC][Bug]
  222. PC connection lost frequently
  223. Game is dead.
  224. PC Glitch?
  225. PC The major issues.
  226. This hacker needs to be perma-banned. All hackers need to be perma BANNED!
  227. PC RIP Phoenix Credits
  228. PC The infamous delta error....
  229. PC Unable to open the game - weird service alert message
  230. PC - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Bug and then crash
  231. PC Fps ?
  232. Microphone accessory for my headphones
  233. Hacker Govt..Cheese
  234. fettmasta = hacker. Please deal with.
  235. Aiming resets while I'm looking down the sights, help!!!!
  236. PC Game is constantly crashing my entire PC
  237. Normal for Bosses to full heal self while fighting them?
  238. PC Double Issue - Missing Items and locked on "connecting" screen
  239. PC Bug report
  240. PC 100% CPU usage - Division problem only
  241. [PC] Daily Missions have stopped showing on Map
  242. Game Breaking bug
  243. PC [Dark Zone][Cheaters]
  244. PC he division cant save graphic settings missing configuration file from my documents
  245. Echo in Tenderloin not completing (W 21 Street)
  246. DELTA error code
  247. 'Service alert: Some of the Game's online elements may currently be unavailable.'
  248. PC game will not start and goes into black screen on start up
  249. PC Change language
  250. PC How do i disable aim assist?