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  1. Ubisfot Support Team
  2. PC [MAJOR BUG] DPS, Health and Skill miscalculation after switching items
  3. PC Im sick of these hackers..... (video)
  4. PC Delta 2000988 error, every single time D:
  5. PC DZ01 / Player Bracket 30 - 30 / Landmark NPC spawns missing
  6. PC Bug report: Mask textures missing.
  7. PC Can I use Afterburner/RivaTuner?
  8. PC Hell's Kitchen Echo Bug?
  9. Help~!
  10. PC shield bugs
  11. PC [BUG] Lexington Event Center "Secure the area"
  12. will not buy any more from ubisoft!!!!
  13. PC Graphic error
  14. PC High scavenging stat but still no high end loot even after long hours of play
  15. PC A Reinstallation solved "Mission dont start and Falling through the map" for me
  16. PC Crashing when in cover
  17. Connectivity issues GALORE
  18. I would like my Phoenix Credits refunded ASAP!!!!
  19. PC Female Character Skeleton BUG
  20. Game Crashing Since last update
  21. Snow Flurries
  22. PC (PC) CQBSS Scope - FDE, missing on all guns...
  23. PC Bug?! lost most of my collected stuff
  24. PC Error when loading the game
  25. PC Being shot threw wall by NPC
  26. PC missing secondary weapon
  27. Unable to change mission difficulty?
  28. PC CosmeticS no longer drop in PVE/Can't extract in DZ
  29. PC Mouse wont lock on game
  30. PC Tech issue - codes not working, content missing etc
  31. PC Ran into someone running hacks, real hacks. Not troll.
  32. Agent Origins gear
  33. In Game Chat Not Working
  34. Can i play this game ????????????????????????
  35. PC How do I report hackers?
  36. PC Problem with the "Capable" weapon talent
  37. Game closing out randomly with my second monitor turned on....No error messages!
  38. PC PC BUG: Inaccurate fire from Marksman Rifle while ADS
  39. PC Bugged Echo 03.Judy Walters
  40. Anyone running this game on the Asus X450L Laptop?
  41. Game crashed when I click on players name
  42. PC Getting kicked out to a queue
  43. Daily Misiions cannot be started anymore without waiting queue
  44. PC Queue Simulator 2016
  45. PC Cannot connect tot he game since April 1 Maintenance
  46. PC Terrible latency, only while playing in groups or near other people
  47. Yet another intel bug
  48. PC Multiple explosion / sticky bomb / sound bug
  49. Challenge Mode but no Highend reward
  50. PC Performance problems!
  51. PC cannot connect game with main charactor after April 1 Maintenance
  52. stuck on connecting screen which leads to delta 20000988 error !!!!!!!!
  53. hello i am keep getting delta 20000988 error when i try to loot stuff in game
  54. PC Keep getting Disconnection Delta 20000988 again and again every login
  55. PC Have they fixed the invisible npc, wall yet?
  56. PC Weapons and gear disappearing upon loading into the game
  57. Connected to non-local servers, having extreme latency issues.
  58. TEMPORARY SOLUTION: Missing items & items on the inventory.
  59. PC Valeur des items légendaires craftés
  60. Broken SLI, Memory issues, Frame drops, CTDs, Bsods
  61. 3 support tickes still no season pass rewards
  62. PC Geartalent "enduring" not working
  63. Bug depuis l'achat d'une arme
  64. PC Bug not getting materials for deconstructing
  65. Crashing When Right-Clicking A Name
  66. PC Problem with language
  67. PC [Bug] possible Re-calibrating bug
  68. PC Lighting issues-missing light sources and game appears washed out/too bright
  69. PC Waypoint trail is missing
  70. 100 percent Disk usage
  71. Appearance Menu
  72. PC VX-1 Scope Inventory Bug
  73. AMD Crimson 16.2.3, Crossfire, AFR and default
  74. [BUG] Weapon mod unequips itself
  75. Hacker w/ proof
  76. [PC] Hacker Confirmed lRogue.lHunterl W/ Video Proof Part 1&2
  77. PC Possible Solution for Flickering Texture/Lights
  78. PC Bug - Echo #2 April Kelleher, does not register.
  79. Yet another hacker.
  80. [PC] Issue with the Inventive Talent/Skill Power
  81. PC BUG: Kips Bay Side Missions Not Appearing!
  82. Romeo Error
  83. PC Going Rogue for shooting another Rogue [Video]
  84. Another DZ Hacker
  85. Purchased from special vendor. Lost phoenix credits, no item.
  86. Primary weapon effecting secondary weapon DPS? Bug or feature?
  87. BUG Report - Inventory issues
  88. PC Bug daliy and challenging
  89. PC Hacker Caught In Online Gameplay
  90. PC [Gameplay] - Noncollectable Echos
  91. PC Performance issues
  92. PC in game ehco bug help me
  93. PC Bug - Lincoln Tunnel Daily - Unable to proceed
  94. PC My account got hacked!
  95. - confirmed hacker
  96. +1 cheater
  97. Unreviveble/Skill lose
  98. (PC) Server going down in 50m. Why?
  99. PC Tech issue : Game with small freez every couple of seconds / Detailed bug report.
  100. PC I do not find the Italian language
  101. i got legless this weekend
  102. PC Erro - Pacotes de roupas !!!!
  103. Anyone else have long loading screens ?
  104. PC my item lost? when drops from the server !
  105. PC Mike 20250383....
  106. PC echo not working 3 left to finish mission
  107. PC Side mission(Return to the Turtle Bay safe house) can't be done.
  108. Unstable FPS
  109. Mission bugged/Matchmaking loadscreen
  110. PC Intel Acquisition Issue Verification
  111. PC Mike AND Delta Errors Side By Side?! REALLY?! :mad:
  112. PC Just bought the game, and it won't even load up from Steam or UPlay.
  113. Game invaded by hackers
  114. PC Delta and Mike Codes
  115. PC Chat Window - Languages and spam
  116. bugged out chest in the last zone
  117. PC All Created Characters Missing on Login
  118. PC RAM leak during gameplay & game crashes
  119. PC Stash Glitch/ Empty
  120. PC No support for 21:9 ULTRA WIDE resolution lower than 1080p
  121. Nvidia Geforce Drivers 364.72 Released Division notes for drivers inside.
  122. PC Bad Textures/FPS?
  123. PC Inventory Bug - Can Not Deconstruct [Video]
  124. PK bug not fixed
  125. PC Teleport Caught on Video - DZ Rank 90 [Video Inside]
  126. Not getting a gold item at the end of challenge
  127. Fullscreen bug?
  128. PC Lexington Bug Report
  129. PC when are blueprints/crafting going to produce expected results?
  130. PC Ubisoft...every Ximput compliant device is NOT a 360/X1 Gamepad...
  131. PC FPS Drops when I see a character
  132. PC Various bugs and glitches
  133. PC Crashing CONSTANTLY even after forum suggestions
  134. Game not recognizing I am using keyboard and mouse
  135. System specs vs minimum/recommended... do I even have a chance?
  136. Playing without a driver? @Ubi
  137. PC Missing Weapons and Gear from Bag
  138. PC Echos and doors Bugs
  139. PC Please tell me teleport hacking etc not being listed in known issues is an mistake
  140. Issue with game blocking sound
  141. Liberator damage too low
  142. PC [Known Issue - under investigation] Items missing when I logged in
  143. PC Gear calibration UI bug cost me 60 PXC... and It failed
  144. PC Logged in missing items, twice.
  145. the division not updating
  146. [Hacker] -
  147. Game Broken and Unplayable by me
  148. PC Lost 900ish Phoenix Credits... Spent 30 min trying to submit question...
  149. PC Constant FPS drops
  150. PC Michael Dufrane Echo (3/3) Bugged
  151. No Playable Media?
  152. Refers to sticky thread "Connectivity issues"
  153. PC Fix your god damn server...
  154. ubisoft no help
  155. PC Bug rerolling stats on my backpack
  156. PC MSVCP110.dll and vcredist install problems
  157. Just bought the game (Gold Edition) and I cant even play it??
  158. Contaminated area
  159. uplay keeps stopping my downloads and turns internet off
  160. PC ROMEO 20300116 error when login
  161. [Gameplay] Missing Items
  162. Drop bugged. (Skin camo from Challenging Mission)
  163. PC invisible walls and invisible enemys
  164. Black screen
  165. Game crashes
  166. PC Missing items in stash
  167. PC Notes on DELTA 20000988
  168. Players can kill others: STILL NOT PATCHED
  169. Key ban
  170. PC Uplay Game Statistic is not updating
  171. PC Why I cant change the dealouge lanuage to Russian?there is no Russian language
  172. Bag missing on start
  173. PC Recalibration doesnt work properly
  174. PC Server down forever!
  175. Keyboard Lag
  176. PC cannot install The Division on pc
  177. Hacker named JackRusty
  178. PC Possible falling through map fix ...
  179. PC Crashing, ran the Ubi fixes still happened.
  180. Hackers
  181. PC Graphical glitches, cannot fix
  182. PC Experiencing haavy lag
  183. PC hackers
  184. PC Hackers (I can't submit on the place to report hackers it just loads forever)
  185. PC Hackers Dark Zone
  186. PC Constant game crashes
  187. PC Possible fix for massive FPS drops on SLi systems!
  188. Constant DPS changes on weapons!!!
  189. division error
  190. PC side missions of returning to safe houses not working?
  191. PC Napalm Production site bugged?
  192. 3 weeks and still dont have my DLC outfits.
  193. PC Game Crashes
  194. Fabrics
  195. Death Animations
  196. PC Will prince of persia Warrior within run on Windows 10 64 bit etc
  197. PC Stuttering in Windowed Mode
  198. Game Crashes PC to Blue Screen of Death
  199. PC Glitched up a level?
  200. PC BUG Ammo restock disables keyboard
  201. PC Cat't connect(firewall, etc configure is ok!!!)
  202. Lincoln Tunnel - Finch don´t drop loot
  203. PC Server lag?
  204. FYI everyone, this is transcript of chat with UBISOFT about hackers
  205. PC Hackers, hackers everywhere!
  206. PC cannot collect barret video from (lexington event center mission)
  207. PC completion bug
  208. 2560x1440 graphics issue
  209. fps drop when push SHIFT button.
  210. PC The Division Tenderloin Echo Bug???
  211. PC Michael Dufrane Echo #2 Bugged
  212. PC The Division downloading error
  213. PC [PC] Club Badges not showing (Known No fear & Completionist)
  214. PC Crashed Drone!
  215. PC wtf
  216. PC Trait: Resourceful | Not fully working...
  217. PC Game not loading after the video
  218. PC Loot cabinet
  219. Why am I forced to China and America servers with 300+ ping?
  220. PC Unable to call chopper/extract loot
  221. PC Multiple disconnection, loss of connection, errors Delta and Mike
  222. PC hacker?
  223. Im seriusly starting to give up on The Division :(
  224. Mic suddenly not working.
  225. UPlay Crash
  226. PC Still no Hasmat Suit - Pre Order Gold Edition
  227. PC Missing season pass extras.
  228. PC Random crash with no errors
  229. In game issue with v key circular menu
  230. Full of bugs/problems and f*cking support is ignoring
  231. PC Manhattan/Full game Download Issues Plz Help
  232. Where is support at?
  233. Scavenger crate bug
  234. PC Missing chests in base
  235. PC Really?? What kind of bug hell in the world?
  236. PC Tech Mission Stuck at 960.
  237. PC: rds schematic not working correctly
  238. Recalibration bug?
  239. Lost Blueprint?
  240. PC Hacker problem....Alot of PROBLEM!
  241. PC Gear deselecting mods
  242. Crash To Desktop randomly
  243. PC Look into the hacker repor
  244. PC [BUGS] Long list of BUGS for PC so far
  245. visual bugs listing i know so far
  246. PC Installation Problem [Using DVD]
  247. Graphics bug with video
  248. Another week of no patch or bug fixes?
  249. Ban hammer needed - permanent bans!
  250. PC First ever login, cant login