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  1. PC Michael Dufrane 3rd Echo
  2. Extracted DZ items not in stash.
  3. Huge bug
  4. PC Rerolled Item - and game picked a random stat
  5. Running Side Mission - game crashed - now error code Delta 2000988 on character
  6. PC Purchased DLC missing after vendor collection? wtf
  7. Verifying Files = 28GB DL?
  8. PC Exploit worse than Bullet King
  9. Annoying stutter in game
  10. PC someone is playing my account
  11. PC Can't Turn in 'Return to Kips Bay safe house' quest
  12. PC Character Corrupted - Can't Log Into It
  13. PC Problem down fps 10 periodic
  14. PC Game won't display at 144hz anymore
  15. PC Crafted items missing, relog than infinite loading screen
  16. Known Hacker
  17. PC Field Data bug
  18. PC My name is Guest-XXXXXXXX
  19. PC Game re-downloading after restarting uplay...
  20. PC Unable to play
  21. PC Urgent character disappeared !!!!!!!! HELPPPPPP
  22. PC PC - Weapon disappeared
  23. PC Crafting might need to be looked in to...
  24. Hacking is out of control! Fix it UBI!
  25. PC Player Hack Report
  26. PC Wrong weapon talent activated...
  27. PC Alt+Tabbing out of game not working 100%
  28. PC [PC] Map icon highlights
  29. better BUG every day losing seondary weapon for PC player
  30. PC Black screen on loading game in Windows 10
  31. UBISOFT ? MAssive ? Will you ever fix BUG preventing me to unlock my medical wing ?
  32. PC Hazmat Suit?
  33. Can I uninstall and re-install if my game that came with my graphics card?
  34. No Phoenix for Daily Quests!
  35. PC Maps not completely loading
  36. PC Echo/Phone/Survival, etc collectables all bugged
  37. PC Stats (sps etc...) changing by themselves ...
  38. Connection Issues
  39. Reviving bug
  40. [How to Install this game, with out downloading it? ]
  41. Slooowwww
  42. Talent requirement bug?
  43. PC Graphic Bugs
  44. PC Intel Collection - Bug with Echos?
  45. PC blank/black screen after launching game
  46. PC Another Division cheater ....
  47. PC Cannot start the game
  48. PC No dialogs during daily missions
  49. DZ items sent to stash are full. Can't see items in stash at base.
  50. Cheater gEr.Marc-S AIM WH Damage Telepor
  51. PC Game crashes on load up
  52. PC Russian Consulate bugged completed all but still bugged
  53. PC When i quit the game, my PC is very slow
  54. New patch notes?
  55. PC [PC] Missing gear chest
  56. DPS on primary weapon changes if i switch secondary weapon
  57. PC Bug rolling items
  58. Brought the The division-Season Pass, but cant figure out how to download it
  59. Brought the The division-Season Pass, but cant figure out how to download it
  60. Joining instances is bugged - no mobs spawning
  61. Recalibration Bug - Rolling the wrong stat, or confirmation window not working
  62. game activated and is in the uplay library , but steam ask for the key
  63. gsync flicker above 30 fps
  64. PC Game Crashes during Intro Video
  65. PC bugs amd gpus
  66. PC Crashing constantly on PC
  67. Says +1 Mod Slot but no active mod slot.
  68. Mod slots empty themselfes from time to time
  69. Group Voip problems when grouped with someone in the same house
  70. PC Collectibles not registering as collected
  71. PC Season Pass Problems?
  72. PC - DZ Cheating / Aimbotting etc.
  73. Falling through map while grouped
  74. Unobtainable Echo's - Judy Walters and Michael Dufrane
  75. PC Can't finish mission: "Neutralize the remaining enemies", but there are no enemies!
  76. DPS calculating
  77. PC Sky flickers blac, Game Looks WAY too bright and cant adjust brightness, locked @ 50%
  78. Continuous pressing of keys despit letting go.
  79. PC Recalibration station issue
  80. PC No Activation Code
  81. PC FPS tips that worked for me
  82. PC Recalibration Station bug
  83. my pc keeps crashing when playing the division and I get Clock_watchdog_error
  84. Crafting or looting items causes immediate disconnect [Delta 20000988]
  85. PC Always more glitch problems coop
  86. PC Unable to Complete Mission / Go To The Midtown East Safe House
  87. PC The wall is flashing on morning
  88. Apparent gun mod dps calculation bug
  89. PC The Division crashes to desktop after epilepsy warning screen
  90. PC Can't colect an echo record and invisible obstacle
  91. PC Downloading bug
  92. Hi F***Soft
  93. Drugs are bad mmkay?
  94. Issue on the Start of a Mission and Matchmaking
  95. PC Update failed
  96. PC Tons of laggs after maintenance
  97. PC Delta error 20000988
  98. Boss/Spawn arent triggering in Missions.
  99. Server Reset then 47/47 up to 64/47 inventory. Equipped weapons gone and stripped WOW
  100. PC PCDelta error 20000988
  101. PC Trying to log in but Delta Error
  102. Cant play for 2-3 days
  103. PC DVD Install Stuck on Disc 3
  104. Missions bugged after maintenance !
  105. Exploit
  106. PC The Division is not starting
  107. PC Vanishing Division Tech
  108. PC The difference Kraft Vector 2000 damage
  109. PC Missing Intel Progress & Locked Safehouses
  110. Russian
  111. PC Lost all Friends !
  112. PC Broken promises ... still waiting for my hazmat suit and my hunter pack
  113. PC Uplay offline :/
  114. PC Sick and tirred of Uplay login issues....
  115. PC Uplay problem and lost weapon
  116. PC Account suspended
  117. List of bugs not in "known bugs" report
  118. Game acting rly wierd after the maintenance.
  119. [POLL] Known Issues Priority
  120. PC [Epileptic Warning] Flickering lights everywhere
  121. PC The Division - Voice chat not working
  122. STUCK ON 73% from 5 days
  123. PC crackling sounds and lag pls help to fix
  124. Sticky bombs not firing. Do you plan on fixing this or what?
  125. PC Minimizing game causes issues when re-opening
  126. What's the point in Looting forever?
  127. Triple Monitor 5760x1200 issues.
  128. Stuttering/Laggy Ragdolls?
  129. Player is hacking please fix that!
  130. Drone #1 Glitched (PC)
  131. PC FPS drop since last patch
  132. Forever alone
  133. PC Mike 20250383
  134. Interesting problem cant figure out a fix help and opinions appreciated.
  135. Season Pass installed but no content - uniforms- at rewards vendor
  136. PC Tom Clancy's Division notebook restarted during game
  137. PC Invisible Wall Bug
  138. PC Game Not showing in Libary
  139. Dark Zone loot vanishing after maintanance
  140. Resting daily missions
  141. PC MISSING mission
  142. Crafted items disappearing unless you equip immediately
  143. PC Weapon skins disappearing and taking weapons with them.
  144. PC MULTIPLE issues tonight
  145. PC Odd DPS Changes
  146. Update loop problem
  147. PC What kind of Sorcery and bulls.. is that?
  148. PC Daily missions not starting, for days
  149. PC Keep Running
  150. Napalm Production Site Extremely Bugged
  151. PC Fresh Download stalls at 29.02gb
  152. PC Error Delta 20000988 - LINE UP HERE PPL!
  153. PC Crashing from in game chat box
  154. Constantly falling through map after update...
  155. PC Game crash to the desktop when using dxtory to record gameplay.
  156. PC Crashing Before Main Menu Loads
  157. Missing Intel in Turtle Bay.
  158. PC Issue with Dual Monitor option.
  159. Uplay Friend list suddenly gone
  160. PC cant patch
  161. PC Bug Report
  162. PC Items gone missing after equipping a crafted HE backpack and joining a group mission
  163. Low FPS
  164. cant complete the base of operation... please help!
  165. PC problem in downloading
  166. PC Game adjusts monitor settings..?
  167. PC Loading ... help badly needed
  168. PC Asian server hit detection laggy
  169. Need help!!!
  170. PC Season Pass Items.
  171. Bug wearing 4 Weapons
  172. Side missions and encounters still showing in the map but i finished 100% already .
  173. BIG Thanks to G1ng3rsnap and Intrepolicious for helping with my issue, Ubi Support...
  174. PC Since crafted HE items missing, games keep on loading screen
  175. PC Stuck on connecting screen going from Brooklyn to Manhattan
  176. Your Game is *******
  177. (PC) Bug report- Personal cover is deployed, double tap to combat roll stops working.
  178. PC My agent has vanished!
  179. PC Rewards Claim Vendor Empty \ PRE-ORDER GAME
  180. PC SSD poor performance
  181. PC Items not being taken out of stash (Uplay please respond, Its getting annoying)
  182. Getting stuck on restock and some boxes
  183. PC keyboard and xbox 360 controller not working
  184. PC The Division Lag issues
  185. How does division calculate total headshot dmg
  186. PC Recalibration Bug: Fix? Possible Refunds?
  187. PC Sounds & Voices Missing : ISAC, Main Characters, Reloading, Footsteps
  188. Logitech keyboard G105 compatibility
  189. PC [PC] Game freezes when moving items from inventory to stash in the HQ
  190. Weapon Disappearing Workaround?!?
  191. PC So many problems I don't even know where to start...
  192. PC Weapon mods bug
  193. PC Division crash then lowers GPU clock speeds (lose over 100FPS)
  194. PC Weapon Issues While in Cover & Out
  195. PC Server transfers for rogues during manhunt have to stop [VIDEO]
  196. Mobile Cover Glitch
  197. Dark Zone Bugged Landmarks
  198. PC FPS Drops
  199. PC Bugged Out Echo's Michael Dufrane 1 & 2
  200. PC Black Screen of Death
  201. PC Almost a month since launch, same bugs still present!
  202. Error Mike
  203. Stash Bugged
  204. amd radeon new driver
  205. [PC] Computer shuts down during gameplay
  206. PC Uplay client cant locate game folder?
  207. PC Falling through world Napalm Site [Daily Mission]
  208. PC Special Gear Vendor
  209. PC Shadow lod and texture load problem
  210. Invisible wall in mission, cant get to mission area
  211. is SLI broken ???
  212. Any plans on fixing the stuttering?
  213. Trooper Shirt Graphical Glitch
  214. How would i report a cheater?
  215. Bug? Stats not changing despite preview showing change
  216. PC Cannot Connect Character
  217. Suddenly falling through the world?
  218. Uplay asking me for cdkey _again_.
  219. Ubisoft/Massive
  220. PC The Division tries to start but jumps to uplay instead
  221. Matchmaker put me into group of more than 4
  222. A new threat in the Dark Zone
  223. PC Unmentioned detail for DEVS regarding crashing at startup
  224. Game Drops 20-30fps after a few hours of play if I restart fps goes back to normal
  225. PC Re-rolling Hi-Ends doesn't save the change
  226. infinite loading window
  227. PC Bugs on Echo Mission
  228. PC Ubisoft not responding to my ticket send in 20 days ago!
  229. PC Weapon and gear talents become permanent
  230. PC Disconnected without been Disconnected BUG
  231. MIKE error again and again and again and again
  232. PC Game still crashing!!! Will there be a fix, ever?!
  233. PC Missing weapons
  234. PC Suddenly game not launching? huh?
  235. PC no loading/crash
  236. HackerjaclDE Cheating in dark zone
  237. Recalibration taking money and not changing attribute
  238. Missing Weapon(s)
  239. PC God makes my game crash via his belssing apparently ...
  240. PC The Division on Windows 10 64bit with GTX 660
  241. game not lunched erorr
  242. PC The Division: Missing items & stuck items.
  243. Possible fix for high cpu/stuttering/lag/everything.
  244. PC RadeonPro incompatible?
  245. PC flickering and popping textures
  246. PC Bug 1st mission
  247. PC Steam Not launching
  248. PC Character stuck on loading between 40-80% and then crashes...any fix for this?
  249. Russian mision auto kick on loading
  250. Players can kill others