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  1. PC Scope out of alignment
  2. PC Graphical Bug - Strobe/Flickering Lights
  3. PC Extreme Lighting effects after patch 1.02
  4. (PC) Mike 20170829 after todays patch (endless connecting)
  5. PC didnt recieve a product code
  6. PC Black screen + No Sound Crash on Start-up after Update
  7. Can't change resolution or refresh rate after patch 1.02
  8. PC Patch-> beginning of problems (A LOT)
  9. PC FPS drop after every fast travel
  10. AMD 7970M GPU Support
  11. Safe House and Intel Reset?!?!?!
  12. PC stat bugs that are really annoying to deal with. anyone else having issues like this?
  13. PC Patch Download Glitch?
  14. PC Inventory bugs
  15. PC Gibts das Forum auch in Deutsch? Downloadprobs beim Patch?! Hilfe
  16. PC You fu****the game!
  17. PC Can not use any scope with my weapons
  18. PC Progress lost
  19. PC 0xc000007b ERROR please help.
  20. PC Dear ubisoft maybe answer your support messages about HAZMAT gear code...
  21. Hunters Pack not able to claim
  22. PC calibration bug
  23. PC Map bug
  24. PC Servers Offline? No right?
  25. Performance issues after latest patch [1.0.2]
  26. PC The Division: No Sound After Game Starts Loading
  27. Game Crash possible fix
  28. PC Southpaw Safehouse - "Outside playable area" loop
  29. PC Return to hell's kitchen safehouse BUG
  30. PC downloading patch 2.23gb now at 12gb and wont stop ?
  31. PC [B] Is anyone else not able to change resolution or refresh rate???????[/B]
  32. PC The Game Start Lagging 2 days ago for no reason at all
  33. PC Using Right Alt for anything
  34. PC CPU Usage through the roof since Patch 1.0.2
  35. PC Unable to Complete Subway Morgue Mission
  36. PC where my game ???
  37. PC Echo issue
  38. PC Cannot start daily mission
  39. PC Daily expert no loot
  40. Problema na atualizaÇao patch 22/03/2016
  41. PC SPECIAL GEAR VENDOR took phoenix credits but did not receive item
  42. PC Disable controller recognition
  43. PC (Post -update-problem) Rendering problem (DZ) (BIG MISSIONS)
  44. PC lost crossfire support
  45. PC Bug in DZ (near The Pit landmark)
  46. blank screen at loading and other problems after patch
  47. Voice chat not coming through headset
  48. Problem after patch
  49. PC Character stuck and can't do anything but move the camera after I get revived.
  50. PC BUG: Echos inaccessible
  51. PC [PC] (Replaying missions do not respawn enemies.) [Gamebreaking!]
  52. PC Challenge Russian Consulate
  53. PC no reward after finishing kips bay
  54. PC Stats displaying incorrectly
  55. PC Modern Sports Sneakers Disappear
  56. Fixed Screen Tearing By Using Windowed Fullscreen
  57. PC Still no Hazmat gear.
  58. PC Talents and Perks are sticking?
  59. PC Flash yellow color and white on my screen after the patch
  60. PC Getting stuck on environmental objects when using Ballistic Shield
  61. PC Map Legend Issue
  62. Fix the Patch Download Issues
  63. NOT PATCHING PC Version
  64. PC [PC] Light Effects aggregate until blindness after patch 1.0.2
  65. Refund / Money back - (Items missing and Locked on Connection screen problem)
  66. PC Lost intel collections, cant fast travel to safe houses anymore
  67. PC Mike 20250383
  68. Patch fail on server side
  69. crash at login, convo with support
  70. PC Missing Geometry on Russian Consulate Challenge Mode
  71. PC [BUG] Blueprint crafting values are wrong
  72. PC [BUG] Restock Medical Kits
  73. Bugged - Tactical M1911 (high end blueprint from DZ)
  74. PC Phoenix Credits Gone/Reset
  75. PC Garment District Side Quest Michael Dufrane Echoes
  76. PC Lost collection element
  77. Strobe Flickering stopped but now extra brightness godlike appears
  78. Mouse and Controller Become Unresponsive On Booting Game
  79. Will be a patch at March 24?
  80. Local server connection issues
  81. About Audio and Chat
  82. PC Bug on the Russian Consulate
  83. (PC) Post-patch 1.0.2 issues (no biggies)
  84. PC Vanishing Weapons And Armor
  85. PC Missions wont start anymore...
  86. Everything that isn't me is delayed & laggy
  87. PC Infinite Patch
  88. Problem with loading screen and fps... Nvidia
  89. PC Say's my dark zone stash is full when it is empty
  90. (PC) Stuck at "connecting"? Check this possible solution!
  91. PC The Division in- game language problem
  92. (PC) Put your full specs in your forum signature
  93. PC Unable to take cover, vault over or interact
  94. Double tap reguarly F's up
  95. PC The Division: Game Freezing
  96. ehco bug/glitch
  97. PC Cannot reach checkpoint
  98. Calibrating gear
  99. PC infinite loading and missing items
  100. PC Not able to collect non-mission Echo.
  101. Help, not getting credit for the Broadway Emporium mission, can't finish medical wing
  102. PC Grindhouse - can't retrieve mission reward
  103. kmode exception not handled
  104. PC Can't enter the game for the first time
  105. PC Can't Start Daily Missions
  106. SLi implemented?
  107. PC Very large icons on minimap
  108. PC Game literally freezes while I shoot after the new patch
  109. PC Disappearing Primary Weapon...
  110. PC Falling through the ground too frequently
  111. PC Forever black screen when starting the game....
  112. PC [BUG] Patch 1.02 Graphical Light Issue **NEW**
  113. PC [Bug] Deconstructing items shows as contaminated in PVE
  114. PC i need help
  115. PC Brought dlc skins not working
  116. PC MM for own region only?
  117. PC Texture loading lag (black streets, brightness flickering, invisible walls and npcs)
  118. About last night
  119. PC Unable to load Characters
  120. Error Code: MIKE 20250383
  121. PC Yellow Puff Coat
  122. PC Enough is enough..
  123. PC [BUG] Lexington Event Centre Mission
  124. PC Hackers still rampant in Darkzone. FIX IT UBI
  125. Thousands cant even download patch.
  126. PC As European being connected to Chinese Ubisoft server since patch 1.0.2
  127. PC Missions Bugged Since Patch
  128. cheters hakin in game
  129. PC The dlc outfits are not showing up in the vendors, even though it says I own them.
  130. PC Delta 20000988
  131. Aim bug - how to fix?
  132. Double vision on words i.e. chat, interface, etc since patch
  133. PC [PC] Unusable rope, Misplaced texture & Elevator bug.
  134. Wrong reroll stat
  135. PC Queens Tunnel camp unplayable due graphic issues
  136. PC Challenge Mode
  137. Great fix on the delta error...
  138. PC Problème pour effectuer une mise à jours
  139. [BUG] Pulse not working. Video included.
  140. PC Graphics (or texture) glitches
  141. [Bug] Game unresponsive after exiting extracted menu
  142. PC Low fps (20-30) issue in Medium
  143. PC Keyboard problem
  144. PC BUG? Pennsylvania Plaza Drone
  145. issues after logging in
  146. PC Constant stuttering after the patch.
  147. PC Patch bugs(whole list)
  148. PC Matchmaking bug!
  149. PC Ignore Text Chat from Specific Players?
  150. PC Intel and safe house progression lost
  151. PC Small RDS scope Blueprint not working correctly
  152. PC Where are the crash reports
  153. PC RIP Computer, Xbox One Control Usage With The Division
  154. PC Sli fix needs to happen
  155. PC Missing Agent 06
  156. PC Graphical buggs = Agent under LSD ?
  157. PC Napalm Production Site Tanks
  158. All darkzone vendor gear requires darkzone level 30?
  159. Can't take screenshots in game?
  160. PC Daily Reset Time?
  161. 100% CPU usage in game 70%-80% in benchmark need help!
  162. That patch rly destroyed the game!
  163. PC Hacker in PVP
  164. Audio but no video
  165. PC bugged and missing crafting loot boxes plus impossible loot to get to and bugged door
  166. Base of Operations Crafting Mat boxes
  167. Post patch 1.02 Air filter level wrong
  168. PC Vendor UI scrolling issue
  169. PC Bullets not Registering Damage after automatic reloads? Post-Patch
  170. Error code DELTA 20000988
  171. PC I can't event continue playing the game after update
  172. PC Graphical Glitches (unplayable)
  173. [PC] Hacker identified.
  174. Dialogue doesn't play in videos.
  175. PC Delta 20000988
  176. Huge mob spawning in inaccessible area
  177. PC CM/Hard Missions bugging out.
  178. PC Graphic's Issues
  179. [PC][BUG] Recallibration gave me wrong stats on knee pad!
  180. Crafted OR Looted Items are Missing after Logging out
  181. Stairrsss
  182. PC Reporting a Hacker
  183. PC Game wont boot up
  184. PC Screen Flickering/Whiting Out
  185. PC Cant play Divison while skype chat is on
  186. PC Fix this broken matchmaking
  187. Small RDS scope schematic from DZ is bugged.
  188. Why is recalibration broken???
  189. Massive Issues - Needs Attention ASAP
  190. PC Mike & delta errors
  191. PC BUG - Intel has done a massive roll back
  192. PC Australian Servers
  193. PC start up pararmeters
  194. PC Endurance character?
  195. PC Items gone after logging in
  196. PC Lamps
  197. PC Possible ctd fix!!! (for some)
  198. PC Tom Clancy's the Division stuck on loading at 10 percent
  199. First aid ability can be a bit off target.
  200. Delta error 20000988
  201. PC Mission Bug
  202. delta/mike errors [cannot finish challenging mission for last 3 hours]
  203. PC Crashing when trying to get to manhattan
  204. PC [BUG] Main weapon with ballistic shield
  205. PC Ignore and Report not working on 1 player.
  206. Moved the Game???
  207. PC 90%+ CPU Usage, since 22 March patch!
  208. Possible BUG
  209. PC Updating past 100%
  210. PC Experiencing constant long lagspike
  211. PC 1.0.2 PC memory leak
  212. PC - Sight/Scope misaligned (Bug).
  213. PC - Clipping arms on NPCs (Bug).
  214. PC - Weird shade on the outfits menu (Bug).
  215. PC Missing texture - falling dawn all the time in som daily missions.
  216. PC - Dissapeared air conditioning sections (Bug).
  217. PC - Carrying objects by stairs (Bug).
  218. (PC)Base Scavenging Crates not Recycling Correctly
  219. PC - Misplaced guns on the DZ (Bug).
  220. PC Verbindungsaufbau
  221. BUG?? Roll From Cover
  222. PC Error Delta 20000988 is supposed to be fixed according to twitter account, it's not.
  223. PC Cannot return to Garment District safe house and collect Echo at Penn Station North
  224. PC ECHO issues
  225. [PC] UI - bugs, discrepancies and inconveniences
  226. PC Account Glitched (No Weapon Updating and Weapon Has Merged)
  227. download patch
  228. Memory Leak Issue
  229. Invisible wall in hudson camp mission, impossible to finish the mission
  230. PC Found an invisible wall
  231. patch downloaded by Uplay : 11.18Gb / 2.12 G....
  232. PC Broken Patching - Unable to download fully
  233. Two division
  234. PC Graphical Glitch & Aim Down Sight Bug
  235. PC impossibilite de telecharger la mise a jour
  236. PC dps and health decreasing automatically
  237. PC Code Delta
  238. PC Missing Specialized Weapon Crate !!!
  239. Weapon Switching/Equipping
  240. PC Huge frame rate drop.
  241. Daily missions not showing
  242. PC Echo in mission Unknown Signal
  243. PC Fix uplay!!!!
  244. PC Unable to get 1 echo
  245. PC Not Receiving The DLC Items I Paid For
  246. PC Flickering textures
  247. PC Cant pickup last echo
  248. PC Some Daily Missions Not Starting
  249. getting error massages
  250. PC Can not log into the game > game not loading