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  1. PC Pistol will not reload at bank. Can't open door to rescue hostages/keys disabled.
  2. PC i cant play
  3. bizarre console framerate bug on PC
  4. PC Account hacked? lost everything
  5. PC Server Issues.
  6. PC PC (WINDOWS 10) Controller Disconnect = input freeze
  7. PC screen flickers black
  8. PC Error delta 20000989 ?
  9. Mask possibly all systems
  10. Delta error 2000984 / Connection Issue / Huge lag in game
  11. PC problema con equipamiento del jugador? alguien mas le a pasado?
  12. PC the whole game is in dark blue color
  13. Falling through the world combined with display bug
  14. PC SMG Small Optics Slot Bug
  15. lv 30 agent error lv 5 agent no error ?
  16. PC The division servicies not available?MIKE random number
  17. Stuck at "go to the clinton safe house" mission
  18. PC Bug in the mission "tutorials: reinforce departments"
  19. Constant mike errors
  20. PC Never preordering a game again
  21. All the errors I'm getting so far...
  22. PC Mike Error on Russian Consulate (Challenging difficulty)
  23. PC Mike Error
  24. [PC] Backpack double bug report
  25. Game floods network
  26. PC Uplay keeps asking for product activation key
  27. PC skills problem blocked after releasing the medical wing in The Division
  28. Error Mike 20220360
  29. PC Can't activate TECH
  30. PC Paul Rhodes bug once again
  31. GroupServer not available
  32. PC Managed to fix my issues with The Division...the hard way.
  33. Missing intel.
  34. Server Errors
  35. Door glitch/bug
  36. PC After MIKE Error Item went missing
  37. PC CPU Usage
  38. PC FPS breaking every time (Nvidia crap)
  39. PC Return to Gramercy Mission Bug & Can't log a ticket about it.
  40. Choosing Install method
  41. cant pick up part 2 of Michael Dufrane
  42. PC Dark Zone Lag Spikes
  43. PC minor graphical glitch and question
  44. PC USB Headset microphone will not work
  45. PC Missing weapons and gear
  46. PC [BUG] Rooftop Comm Relay - Taking cover warped me into midair
  47. PC Game switches controls to console mode by itself
  48. PC NPC Spawn Issue
  49. PC Missing Paid DLC Outfits
  50. PC Bug! Lost item
  51. PC PC: Peripheral random disconnects
  52. Huge stuttering because of texture loading/popping
  53. Random 1-2 sec Freezing.
  54. Can't Luanch game ( via steam )
  55. Technical Advice needed.
  56. PC ntprotectvirtualmemory Error
  57. PC Audio - Ingame voices/Transmissions
  58. PC Constant freezing in DarkZone last hope solution found ;)
  59. [PC] Southpaw Safe House restock not working
  60. Permban for 5 replies in 10mins!
  61. Recalibrate bug
  62. Any way to launch without steam?
  63. DZ6 Recipe: Small RDS Scope Bugged?
  64. The game occupies all memroy
  65. cheat , how report ? where ?
  66. PC Recalibration Station need add scrollbar!!!
  67. Nvidia Geforce Experience, cannot optimize game.
  68. PC None of your games work ? whats going on?
  69. PC Stuck at connecting screen
  70. PC BUG and Extremly stupid and wierd.
  71. Pc: Stat roll issue
  72. Delta Error 20000989 Server is Currently Down (PC)
  73. Bug crazy
  74. PC FPS limit (in-game doesn't work, in MSI Afterburner - cause to stutter).
  75. PC Can't finish base not enough encounters
  76. Can't combat roll
  77. PC Grand central turrets still active
  78. PC High-Level or otherwise Gamebreaking bugs (mostly related to Ballistic Shield)
  79. Rewards claim vendor, keeps giving me the same 2 garbage green items over and over
  80. PC Is there any fix for the graphics streching bug?
  81. Massive stuttering after 30mins
  82. PC Bug with the creation of RDS optic bluprint from DZ.
  83. PC Character disappeared?
  84. [PC] BUG - Recalibration with Phoenix credits
  85. stuck at play
  86. uplay update for the division is erratic
  87. PC The Division Multilenguaje
  88. x86 or x64
  89. PC The coordinats do not show on the map
  90. (PC) NPC Enemies shooting trough walls.
  91. PC Game says connecting, but isn't connecting
  92. PC help!my account number Infinite connection
  93. PC [BUG]Talent Stable doesn't work
  94. Stats bug
  95. PC Unable to add Friends on Uplay/In game.
  96. PC Anyone can help to solve this issue: 03083444 , i have waited for three days ...
  97. PC Can i share game with my nephew ? Division question
  98. PC Challenge Mode reward not received
  99. season pass / gold edition
  100. PC Stuck in the connecting section after launching the game I have
  101. PC Hudson Refugee Camp Glitch?
  102. PC Fps Drop.
  103. PC Hunter Pack
  104. PC Filter level fall back
  105. Extremely high cpu usage
  106. Activated Steam Key in Wrong account in uplay
  107. PC Cant scroll item description
  108. PC Dark Zone Lag [half-solved]
  109. The Division Causing Steam to Not Respond and HDD to Crash
  110. PC Eccho impossible to get
  111. PC FPS problems
  112. PC Grafical Bug! unplayable game
  113. [BUG] Incorrect error shows when attempting to buy DZ items with a full backback
  114. DZ vendors items reporting wrong stats BUG
  115. PC UBISOFT what did u do? stuttering with SLI and now with single GPU too?
  116. XBO controller makes PC beep with mouse movement.
  117. PC Comprei como presente o The Division pela Steam e ativei ele pela Uplay!! Scam!!!
  118. PC Bajón FPS de 60 a 2 sin motivo
  119. For the love of God and all things holy, When is someone gonna fix ALT+Enter bug?
  120. PC Texture Flickering, Inconsistent FPS (AMD: MSI R9 390x 8GB Gaming)
  121. Nice Patch coming but honestly...
  122. PC Kips Bay Mission bug and Echo Bug
  123. [PC] Cannot exit Smart Cover "aiming"
  124. PC Recalibration table, dps indicator messed up
  125. The Division has stopped working.
  126. (PC, PS4, XBOX One) Patch Tomorrow, Infinite Connecting Screen?
  127. XBox One Chat Headset audio coming through speakers instead of headset.
  128. PC Issue with re-calibrating gear: specifically backpacks and chest pieces.
  129. [Report] Cheat/Hacking Site for The Division
  130. Missing collectibles
  131. PC Graphic glitch someone help please
  132. PC Some ammo restock boxes not restocking anything.
  133. Fixed Constant Crash (For me)
  134. [PC] Mods stuck in stash. Cannot delete, cannot send to inventory
  135. Task managed display yours group members IP adresses
  136. [PC] Recalibration bug on high-end pads
  137. PC Mods stuck in stash. Cannot delete, cannot send to inventory
  138. PC FPS severely low with GTX 970
  139. PC graphic bugs: concrete-paper walls + floating lamp post
  140. PC Lexington Event Center Challenging Mode Causes the mission to not progrees
  141. PC [PC] Tech tree not unlockable.
  142. PC Delta 20010186 connection error, no solution works.
  143. PC 3 days - 4 crashes
  144. Objects on screen constantly flickering
  145. PC Operator pack not showing ammo capacity on re-roll
  146. PC PC Restarts it self. PLEASE HELP!!!
  147. PC Game won't start
  148. Loading Speed with SSD
  149. PC game getting stuck at 100% loading when fast traveling
  150. PC Sniper scope on Police MK17 stuck in inventory what do i do?
  151. Game will not start
  152. PC Hazmat Outfit not received.
  153. Mobile shield issue
  154. PC Bought DLC not showing in rewards vendor
  155. Micheal Dufrane part 4 bug
  156. PC SERIOUS bug about the TUTORIAL:"Upgrade Wings"
  157. PC Can't login to my account pls help!
  158. Latency lag for everyone or is it just me?
  159. Can't login to my account pls help!
  160. PC Tutorial: Upgrade wing won't go away
  161. resolution issue
  162. Talents- Specialized, Steadfast and Enduring aren't working
  163. Recalibrations errors
  164. Please respec or remove the talent: Accomplished
  165. Please uncap Armor rating benifits
  166. 13.26GB Patch?
  167. [PC] Corrupted file(s) server side
  168. PC dont got your hazmat suit check here
  169. I can't login to my account pls help!!!!
  170. PC 2 Issues
  171. PC Patch Notes 1.0.2 - How big is the patch?
  172. Placing items into your stash (With Mods) Bug
  173. PC cant put a exit game button on the start screen?
  174. PC Didn't get any patch from uplay
  175. PC 1.0.2 Patch not downloading
  176. PC 1.0.2 Patch not downloading
  177. high usage cpu!
  178. PC Bug blink light effect
  179. BUG Rooftop Comm Relay
  180. PC Armor values do not add up correctly
  181. PC Safe Houses Locked?!
  182. PC No tech wing
  183. Crafting System, what do the " ? "'s mean?
  184. PC Complete system crash
  185. PC Chat issue
  186. PC Recalibrate gear using your keyboard with mouse over other stat, confirm msg is wrong
  187. Graphical bug
  188. Stuttering
  189. PC [PC] Mobile cover bug
  190. PC Season Pass and Military Outfit DLC
  191. PC Game wont start - Delta 20000988
  192. Weird Bug. All Safe Rooms locked
  193. problem of flashing light with AMD card
  194. Lost almost all Intel with 1.02 patch.
  195. Delta 20000988
  196. New Patch, New Bugs. But its cool...
  197. PC Xbox interface... on PC?
  198. PC Eternal Patch 1.02 Download Glitch???
  199. PC Ballistic Shield's many many bugs. Is there a fix?
  200. PC Uplay can't start to patch
  201. PC Mission bugged?
  202. PC equipment and weapon disappeared after server restart today
  203. PC Under world problem
  204. PC Bug Item
  205. PC Wtf patch !!!!!!!
  206. PC All my Intel/Field Data got rolled back
  207. PC Patch 1.0.2
  208. Download patch issues
  209. PC Paul Rhodes Not at Base of Operations after Subway Morgue Tech Wing MAIN MISSION
  210. PC Guns not working
  211. PC My safehouses got unexplored
  212. PC I can't update
  213. Unable to reset missions
  214. patch 1.02 -->31.6gb
  215. PC Gear mod bug?
  216. instability
  217. PC All safe house and intel are gone?
  218. PC Stuck in connecting
  219. PC No Mission Voice Over While in Party
  220. PC No language Chinese simple support with Uplay
  221. Daily Challenge difficulty missing
  222. PC Help me please ,cant find game location
  223. PC Crash with GTX 780 3-Way SLI
  224. New patch 1.0.2
  225. [PC] Dark Zone Grenade bug
  226. PC gets to epilepsy warning screen and wont load
  227. PC crash on start up
  228. No big deal, end game PvE won't work. Missions won't start......
  229. PC The Small RDS scope DZ Blueprint has a tooltip error.
  230. Intel display is not working correctly
  231. PC All missions do not start!
  232. Missing Character
  233. PC Error during download the game on Steam
  234. Matchmaking/joining a friend while inside DZ/DZ Check point.
  235. Help please with launching the game (STEAM)
  236. PC Gamebreaking bug regarding health regen.
  237. Downloading patch freezes at 82%
  238. Crash At the start of the game.
  239. CPU at 80 - 100 %
  240. Full pc crash/reboot random
  241. PC Game freezes when opening both Uplay and Steam overlays.
  242. PC Problems after today`s update
  243. PC Cannot update
  244. PC Still no Russian Language after patch 1.0.2
  245. PC Cannot change Screen settings...
  246. PC Recalibration rolling a stat not chosen by player.
  247. graphics bug in patch 1.0.2
  248. PC Mic Permanently open on headset
  249. Stats not updating
  250. Character wont load