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  1. Get your self over to Subsim for new content
  2. I was REALLy excited about SH5... Until...
  3. sh-5 the same game as sh-4
  4. 134 Silent Hunter V Ship & Aircraft Screenshots
  5. Nothing more to say on DRM...
  6. Language-edition
  7. New screenshots
  8. You're in for a soaking and its not sal****er(seawater)
  9. ASAP ASAP , I Will Buy the SILENT HUNTER 5 Game ASAP
  10. Create your own emblem
  11. DRM question......
  12. Question regarding Pre-order from Romania
  13. DRM
  14. System Specs
  15. SH5 Collector's Addition for the USA
  16. The future of this kind of DRM.... If we allow it to continue...
  17. I think (sure) that the playable Uboats will be ...
  18. No officers wardroom in the u-boat?
  19. Silent Hunter 5 and STEAM
  20. Supported Resolution (native 720p) 1280x720 ?
  21. New Video of Torpedo room and torp being loaded
  22. Kinda Off topic: Rise of Flight sales results
  23. System requirement help
  25. English voices? NO!
  26. SH5 Banner Comps......Special Announcement
  27. Message to UBI
  28. Massive singleplayer online
  29. Idea: Online Career mode.
  31. DRM: objections to the FAQ posted
  32. Positive preview at SIM HQ
  33. Negative preview
  34. Check out the U Play forum, is this what we have to look forward to?!
  35. O2 UK MOBILE broadband
  36. Didn't BioWare try this type pf DRM and fail?
  37. Attn UBI..40% of US homes dont have broadband
  38. Attention physics coders!
  39. What Type of DRM Would You be Willing to Accept?
  40. Deleted.
  41. Comic Mischief in SH5!!
  42. New Walkthrough video by Neal at subsim
  43. Silent Hunter 5 video, is that a health bar on a ship?
  44. Yet another SHV preview
  45. Can I use a crack?
  46. Let's talk something that does not involve DRM or OSP...
  47. Royal Navy submarines
  48. can anyone answer these?
  49. Useful Links & Information (Updated 28-06-10)
  50. Gameplay video, anyone wonder why there isn't any yet?
  51. will my rig be able to run SH5?
  52. Am i to understand you have the same crew for ever?
  53. Digital DL Version?
  54. U-Boat Booklist on Amazon
  55. Silent Hunter V Screen Resolutions
  56. Provisions for beginners and Noobs.
  57. New Crew management video and info
  58. Alternative submarine weapons
  59. The Underlying Ubi Attitude Through The Development of SH5
  60. Size of save games? All online?
  61. Why are the u-boats dark grey on the inside?
  62. Bummer, man, Bummer!
  63. 'The Casual Gamer'
  64. SH5 release so soon? Or is this a hoax? You decide!
  65. Been a long time...
  66. Got to be German in SH5 ?
  67. I work on a real submarine.....
  68. Silent Hunter 5 on shelves in Walmart Birmingham AL
  69. STEAM Download version (localized language)
  70. First ingame video is up on youtube
  71. direct X
  72. Not only Internet outage , what about power?
  73. SH5 Screenshots & Videos.....POST HERE!
  75. Only type VII U-Boats in SH5?
  76. I have dial-up internet - can I play SHV?
  77. question about single unlock terms & conditions
  78. My fears, your fears, 2 days to go!
  79. DRM - Whats the problem?
  80. Downloable Gold Edition in Europe? Where??
  81. Not long now it's out Friday!!!!!!
  82. Shipping in the UK
  83. New tadpole To play
  84. Just Shipped!
  85. Phew, managed to cancel my SH5 order in time!
  86. Again no crew on AI Boots
  87. DL From UBI Directly
  88. When online services go worng
  89. cdwow order
  90. Silent Hunter 5.will my machine run it.
  91. To the wonderful developers of SH5...
  92. Will my PC be able to run the game decently?
  93. Cannot get settings to work :(
  94. Wine support
  95. Gramaphone and Radio not working
  96. Ubi Digital download
  97. First patch fixes and more
  98. PC Requirements
  99. Be prepaired to buy a new video card.
  100. NM
  101. Can't use Deck Gun
  102. Quick action buttons
  103. Return to previous plotted path?
  104. Remap keys? Reverse camera contorls?
  105. Will my computer be able to run the game?
  106. Soo ahhh....
  107. UBI store is actually IGN IE Direct2Drive.
  108. Déjà Moo………….
  109. OK so its the 2nd why cant i DL my game
  110. How do you launch the game?
  111. Steam Version Voices?
  112. UBI download problem.
  113. depth to keel, free camera, navigation
  114. CO2 levels no decressing
  115. Please help - totally confused - targetting/tdc
  116. Map
  117. Crash Dive!
  118. How do I select new destination folder?
  119. White water
  120. periscope distances to all targets the same
  121. Unhappy with performance
  122. What do the white numbers mean in the tac map?
  123. Online Play
  124. UBI did it again, go back to silent hunter 3 controls
  125. crew stay on deck as sub dives
  126. where did the extra material for the "gold" pack go
  127. Shift key makes me tap dance?
  128. Sucks
  129. The game is out already?
  130. why am i not able to get this anywhere?
  131. Deleting my saved games from the server?
  132. Engine Room
  133. STEAM - Other retailers
  134. Is there no way to invert the mouse?
  135. Couple of Rants so Far Hope UBI takes into account. And Patrol Problem.
  136. is there way to change voices to german?
  137. Patrol End Problems
  138. Newb Questions
  139. hydrophone
  140. Uplay sub skins era oriented?
  141. EDITOR: Is It Possible to Make Multiplayer Versus
  142. can figure out game please help
  143. Recon?
  144. Cant Patch D2D Ver?
  145. sales
  146. Low FPS?
  147. Ubisoft Game Launcher problem
  148. How do you determine "Rudder" Input w/ new interface...??????
  149. Where's the Tutorial?
  150. Difficulty
  151. Ubi password change borks the game
  152. Where do I start:
  153. Plot course dosent work ?
  154. So much for your drm, hacked already
  155. Naval game with no compass? Seriously?
  156. problem getting online multiplayer
  157. What Say You UBISOFT ?
  158. NO external torpedo load??
  159. How to(crew)
  160. U-Boat Upgrades
  161. SHV - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  162. 12 March release date for New Zealand?
  163. How long before the Modders can FIX this mess of a Game...?
  164. What ports to open
  165. Garbage in middle of screen
  166. Terrible manual
  167. The sub sim fourm should make the next sub sim
  168. Stuck in Harbour
  169. What The Heck DID the do TO Silent Hunter 5
  170. Ubi's 'brilliant' new DRM scheme lasted.. *drumroll* 25 hours.
  171. feel ripped off
  172. CO2 bug and magic transport from Kiel to Williamshaven
  173. SH5 - Really bad performance
  174. Diving
  175. What were the Devs doing for the past 3 years of development...???
  176. A few control discoveries and manual TDC repost
  177. German Voices - Steam Version
  178. This feedback sums it up at present:
  179. Via Subsim: Interesting Info and A Keyboard Mod
  180. Patch won't work:
  181. External Cam & Tips questions
  182. Auto targeting video at subsim
  183. First 3 hours session
  184. So is does DRM work ok or not?
  185. One guy overview
  187. Game freezes at Sync
  188. Silent Hunter 5 Official Feedback Thread
  189. Nav officer - how to shut him up ?
  190. Auto TDC Video Lesson Up
  191. Idea to ubisoft
  192. Actually Like the Game
  193. How the hell do you get the deck guns to work?
  194. ubi sinks even lower
  195. Just what I expected
  196. This is the best review ever
  197. Single core question
  198. Failed Detection Grrrr
  199. Bug collection so far
  200. Wheres the head.
  201. Steam Support
  202. playing SH5
  203. playing SH5
  204. Stupid A.I?
  205. Some questions
  206. moorpg submarine ?
  207. Questions and Comments
  208. question about real u boat equipment
  209. Silent Hunter 5 Collector Editio
  210. Extreme speed ahead
  211. how too?, key commands
  212. Wolf packs exist...
  213. No voices at all ? (Steam ..)
  214. It's an Epidemic!!
  215. DRM crap has to go
  216. Best Buy will accept returns due to DRM
  217. Hydrophone Sound causes computer lockup
  218. Ok, so we have a patch for the DVD version....
  219. How do I get on the Uboat?
  220. multiplayer not working
  221. First mission, help!
  222. How do I get the map to zoom.
  223. PlEASE help,targeting
  224. Sporting wood
  225. First time game play
  226. Identifying ships
  227. Silent Hunter Arcade!
  228. Full length digital manual ?
  229. AUTO TDC Disappearing
  230. Where is the screenshot folder located?
  231. Disappointment
  232. Beta of SHIV interface for SH5 is at subsim.
  233. A lesson to be learned
  234. I am surprised
  235. U-Boot Specification
  236. URGENT: key mapping please
  237. How do these things get done?
  238. Cannot complete mission "Blockade Germany" - anyone else?
  239. Snorkeling?
  240. No rudder no compass....impossible
  241. Why do i still need the CD/DVD
  242. Dock at Kiel
  243. The Best and only form of 100% effective DRM
  244. Can I?
  245. Ports required by DRM?
  246. Connecting to OSP via a HTTP Proxy? – Read Here
  247. Yeah, another complaint
  248. The soundman "special" abilities
  249. Anybody have anything good to say?
  250. DRM secure??