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  4. Mike20250383
  5. Mike Error 20250383
  6. Needs colorblind mode
  7. Searchable Items Stuck Issue
  8. Save
  9. Side Mission Rescue Hostages (Key Issue)
  10. Delta 20010159
  11. Got some beta issues
  12. Error Code 20000950
  13. Civilian Artificial Unintelligence
  14. Not able to DL the patch or Open the Beta
  15. Error Code: 20150579
  16. Stuck
  17. Wrong Default Language
  18. Bug Report
  19. [BUG] Morgue Subway Boss
  20. Cant get through doors
  21. Beta issues
  22. Interface screen doubling
  23. Small turret bug
  24. Sticky Bomb bug
  25. Cant climb ladder to complete mission
  26. Can't complete Virus Reseaech
  27. Xbox one services not avail
  28. Ballistic shield bug
  29. Error Message: Delta 20020192
  30. Error Code (Mike 20250383) - Can anyone help!?
  31. Error Code: Delta 20020192 -- Can not connect
  32. Xbox blocked players appearing on map as friend (not good).
  33. Error Code (DELTA 20020192)
  34. cant adjust screen size
  35. Focus issues?
  36. Cant log on...
  37. Stuck On Luggage After Opening
  38. Subway Mission Bug
  39. Strange "Friends" glitch...
  40. getting kicked, error MIKE, then going back to infinite 0% loading :(
  41. the division server down
  42. Can't extract items from DZ
  43. Server dropping & getting lag
  44. Delta 20000940 server dropping
  45. SIERRA 10680921 Xbox live services are unreachable
  46. Party/game chat
  47. Trading
  48. Can't Extract
  49. Glitches through terrain
  50. trouble opening toolboxs
  51. Delta 20010159
  52. [Xbox One] Unable to gather crashed drone intel
  53. Infinite Reload bug
  54. Falling through terrain
  55. [Xbox One] DZ - npcs not seen but are heard.
  56. Connection Issues
  57. Bug Report
  58. Stuck in a glitch on Madison Hospital mission
  59. Bug: continuous reload animation
  60. How To Link Videos (Xbox1)
  61. xboxone extraction
  62. "Side Mission" bug
  63. frame stutter only in Dark Zone
  64. MIKE 20250383 after using logout options
  65. Title: Xbox One - Hostage Rescue Key not being recognized once picked up
  66. Rogue Icon 10 seconds delay BUG
  67. DZ "Dz mismatch" glitch
  68. Server load in Dark Zone causes micro stutters?
  69. Glitched Texture
  70. Reload animation for other players is on repeat. Video included.
  71. Audio and Visual issues with The Division Beta
  72. Delta Error at startup
  73. [Xbox ONE] Compilation of some bugs found
  74. Bug/Oversight/suggestion
  75. Error code MIKE
  76. [Xbox One] Micro-stutter in Dark Zone
  77. Way point
  78. Title: [Xbox One] Sentry Turret won't deploy
  79. Audio settings in The Division
  80. Final Boss of Main Tech Wing Mission Was Stuck..
  81. Turrets are a litly skittish
  82. [Xbox One] unable to scale platforms
  83. Fast Track Issue
  84. Joining Friends Gives Error Code Mike/Delta
  85. [Xbox One] Error code mike
  86. Missions stuck at medical upgrade tutorial
  87. Connection Issues
  88. Cheat or Glicth and not possible to change server
  89. MIKE and DELTA error messages
  90. GPS navigation impossible route out of DZ, entrance only
  91. Bug: Hostage Rescue Key Picked Up But Can't Open Hostage Door.
  92. Minor Issues with world exploration and object interaction
  93. Class B Collision
  94. Hostage Rescue - No Enemies
  95. Error code ROMEO10580100
  96. Lima 20150579
  97. Can't load in
  98. Lima 20150579
  99. Entering Dark Zone - DZ01-West
  100. Romeo 10580100
  101. Kinect problems with game chat?
  102. Screen boundaries not lining up?
  103. Day one error codes time observered
  104. [XBOX ONE] Medical Wing Mission Stuck at Talk to NPC
  105. All raise your Notebooks to great loot (bug) Plus...
  106. Hostage mission bug: XBOX One Beta v1.1
  107. Graphic glitch: XBOX One Beta v1.1
  108. Graphical Glitch: Posters on Wall Disappear
  109. Floating guns
  110. Several bugs noticed so far...
  111. NPC spawn issue
  112. Cannot Call for Extraction
  113. NPC spawn issue
  114. Turtle beach headset not working.
  115. Minor Xbox issues
  116. Graphical Bug: Posters on Wall Disappear
  117. Major Glitch/Bug Still Present
  118. Matchmaking MSG mission
  119. Xbox one Weapon skin not showing on other players
  120. Climbing walls
  121. Invisibility in the Dark Zone is back...
  122. Missing persons mission
  123. Looooooooooooong Wait Times
  124. DEVS, MODS, serious question - rogue issue with teammate
  125. Xbox one lag
  126. Collected Findings - day 1
  127. Med Kit Glitch/Bug Report, Tomnician, The Division Open Beta
  128. Rogues not showing up as rogues
  129. Initial Bullet Stability % inconsistency
  130. Fell through map during MSG mission
  131. Emergency Broadcast texture misspelling and unneeded word
  132. Group Management Friends Online random player
  133. Screen background and character goes black
  134. Getting points without shooting / Walking in the air
  135. Bleeps,bloops{bug report xb1 day one open beta}
  136. No Scope Zoom in Beta ?
  137. matchmaking not workinig
  138. Sentry Turret DMZ
  139. Small glitch
  140. Delta error
  141. [XBox One] Join friend but cannot get into same DZ instance
  142. MIKE / DELTA errors look here first!
  143. Skipping every few seconds in the DZ
  144. (suggestion) add quick sell command for junk items
  145. Unable to do anything on the start-up screen
  146. [BUG] Darkzone people shooting through walls
  147. Bugs
  148. Xbox One Dark Zone micro stutter frequently
  149. Bug: gray background
  150. Agent Appearance Texture Bug in BoO (and zip line animation bug)
  151. [Bug] 8 Player Story Mode?
  152. Shield glitch and other things I noticed
  153. kudos to Stature doing work in these forums
  154. enemies glitches
  155. Combat Problems
  156. Stuck in [Location]
  157. Unable to unlock tech wing
  158. fell through ground and got stuck
  159. Map display issue
  160. Stuck inside a car
  161. Bug Report: Second story mission and new ability.
  162. Texture pop oustuide of Post Office Base
  163. Can't leave the DZ
  164. Tried to jump over a patrol car.. I ended inside of it!!!! plus one more thing
  165. Crashed after boss kill/relogged...loot was still there (Thanks!)
  166. Xbox1 Mike / Delta When Joining Group (With Video) + Server Lag
  167. Title: [XBONE] Invisible Extraction Rope
  168. Overhead Waypoint line indicator not showing
  169. game crash when using scope view
  170. A way to leave the dark zone?!
  171. Mask not working
  172. [BUG] People getting you rogue with your turret
  173. [BUG] Constant Static sounds
  174. Falling through floor
  175. Unable to retrieve loot from chests
  176. Cannot Extract
  177. Cannot retrieve dropped items from dead body
  178. List of Bugs from my Experience in the Open Beta
  179. Bugs
  180. DZ Magic
  181. bug
  182. Assorted bugs
  183. [BUG] DZ Extractions and Safe House
  184. Forced into Rogue Status by Turret
  185. [Xbox One] Can't go through doors and climb the last stair
  186. DZ entrance issue
  187. [BUG] Emote Wheel stuck on screen?
  188. Dz NPC Freezing Issue
  189. Gamertags are gone
  190. Bug Report (additional issues) XB1
  191. Wont let me progress in the story.. which is very frustrating
  192. Texture Bleed
  193. Looting
  194. Weapon models not displaying correctly (XB1)
  195. Bug? Players do not see side missions.
  196. Grenade equipped, can't switch to gun?
  197. Xbox One - Seeing players through wall without using pulse skill
  198. DZ players shooting through buildings
  199. DZ issues
  200. Agent Lobby Prim Weapon Texture
  201. [Xbox One] Screen glitch/falling under map after subway morgue mission
  202. Jack IN Notifications
  203. Way point line not showing up..
  204. Audio Settings not adjusting
  205. Strobe like flashes that disrupt gameplay
  206. People are able to shoot through walls.
  207. The city opened...
  208. Shot through walls into the Safehouse in the DZ
  209. Unable to switch controllers
  210. Hostage voice changed repeatedly
  211. ACOG 4X Scope Doesn't Zoom
  212. [Xbox One] Loaded into game and fell through map
  213. [Xbox One] Game froze entirely (two times on one evening)
  214. Invisible PLAYERS SHOOTING and MELEE
  215. Tom clancy the division Beta servers are down
  216. [XBOX ONE] Downed enemy players moving at full running speed
  217. [XBOX ONE] ECHO "haze" still in effect while outside of the ECHO playback area
  218. Joining a Player
  219. Floaty Players
  220. Bug with security sheild perk
  221. Anybody else been shot through walls?
  222. People I block/remove still see me
  223. Open Beta Feedback
  224. Controller Bug?
  225. Weapon affecting Stamina and Electronics stats?
  226. [xboxone] rogues not appearing
  227. Unable to call for extraction in DZ
  228. Garment District - Player Clipped in to the floor
  229. spotlights and street lamps
  230. Open Beta Cheaters 100m up in the air
  231. Party Chat Issues
  232. 2 Bugs, 1 Exploit
  233. Report bug - Down and unable to revived
  234. Going rogue when shooting rogues
  235. Morgue mission glitch
  236. Error code LIMA 20150579-- havent been able to play, please help
  237. Small Bug With Inventory And Purchasing From Vendors
  238. Grey background
  239. Dark Zone framrate lag
  240. Stuck on tutorial upgrade tech wing
  241. Xbox one mission disconnects / mission already done
  242. Cant upgrade medical wing
  243. Loot Disappearing
  244. [Xbox One] Unable to progress in Madison Field Hospital
  245. Stuck in the Dark Zone?
  246. cosmetic items from DZ not showing up in my stash
  247. Turrets targeting friendlies then your forced into rogue status
  248. Unable to drop off cetain crates
  249. Bug
  250. audio