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  1. Forum Rules
  2. So Proimity chat..
  3. No inspect button?
  4. Movement
  5. Anybody else felt kind of underwhelmed by the ballistic shield as well?
  6. Flamethrower in front of DZ Entrance Trick
  7. Character creation question
  8. Error Codes Explanation
  9. Add a way to inspect friend gear and gun
  10. Turret
  11. Open Beta Glitch?
  12. Amount of NPCs has significantly increased in the DZ?
  13. Possible game Improvements
  14. Is the Open Beta open yet?
  15. One of the "Best" Solo Builds in the Dark Zone (works well in groups too) - Thoughts?
  16. Opening Car doors instead of only closing?
  17. Clan options in Match Making and co-op gameplay.
  18. Red zone teleporting fixed?
  19. Will eye tracking hardware support be available in the Open Beta for PC?
  20. Starting Level
  21. Why does Xbox 1 always have a lead in beta releases?
  22. Different level group members in Dark Zone?
  23. DZ solo? I think not!
  24. Android device drone companion?
  25. Colorblind mode
  26. Ballistic shield bug
  27. Going Rogue Needs adjusting
  28. Loot Drop Nerfed?
  29. adjusting screen size
  30. Focus issues?
  31. Not a fan...
  32. What are the new High-End weapons available?
  33. Posibilidad de Comunidad Espaņola en los foros????
  34. Environment and the game world becomes uninteresting and repetitive really fast
  35. Invisible walls/ballistic shield.
  36. Cant Join Groups - Xbox One
  37. preload pc beta problem
  38. Stash box in safe house and in DZ checkpoint
  39. The division
  40. Dark Zone complete waste of time now?
  41. Time to Open Beta?
  42. Button Mapping
  43. Why no Morgue hard mode?
  44. Servers not available? Xbox user.
  45. Small moan
  46. Inventory: Character Appearence
  47. enable fast travel to DZ
  48. the division beta error code delta xbox one
  49. Dark zone missions
  50. So far...SO good!
  51. Abusive Rouge players need punishing
  52. Lotsa Potential.......
  53. Dark zone a waste of time if you don't add other PvP modes.
  54. Increase squad size to 5, mark friendly squads
  55. DZ update
  56. Xbox One or PC.
  57. What happened to Prox-21
  58. Rolling
  59. Bugs and glitches
  60. Am I the only one who can't see waypoint Help
  61. Quick mod switch, compare etc
  62. Turret Pick Up
  63. Screen Safe Area Setting
  64. HUD Settings
  65. Can't sign into beta.
  66. Add drivable vehicles
  67. Crouching
  68. Subway morgue glitch
  69. Subway Morgue not unlocking Tech Wing
  70. 5 Praises : 5 Issues / Overall Beta Score: 8/10
  71. video capture on pc fixed?
  72. PLEASE remove the snail walk into the Base of Operations
  73. Select fire modes
  74. Thank you for letting me test division
  75. PC beta start time
  76. Rogue agents/non hostiles, how are the changes?
  77. Beta Cover Based Shooter
  78. I'm very impressed by this game. 5/5 With some problems listed.
  79. Top Tier Loot Generation.
  80. Unable to do matchmaking/join friends
  81. Division techniques seen in movie short
  82. Saved Story Available On Official Launch?
  83. Question about multiple platforms
  84. disappointed, and sad. open beta!!
  85. Horrible Dark Zone sportsmanship at extraction zones!!!
  86. No Melee attack? Are you effing kidding me?!
  87. 2 small DZ changes
  88. Friendly Fire In The DZ
  89. Live Streaming Permission
  90. Sniper rifles getting used unscoped as single shot hand cannons.
  91. the changes since the closed testing that i like and dislike
  92. Something doesn't seem right about what triggers rogue
  93. Problems
  94. Stiffer penalties for going rouge
  95. Feedback on Division Open Beta - Gameplay/techincal issues
  96. Any way to set default difficulty for missions and open world?
  97. FFS Xbox Live just went down.... Wow
  98. Still needs more & patrolling enemies.
  99. Is it just me or do scopes feel worthless?
  100. Going Rogue seems off?
  101. Current issues with dark zones
  102. Is it me, or are too many people abusing the grouping feature to kill and loot solos?
  103. First Impressions - Thoughts on Gameplay
  104. OMFG How many bullets does it take to shoot someone!
  105. Specific Points for the Devs for Improvement and Commendation
  106. Post your Open Beta Builds Here
  107. Dark Zone "Rouge" Is a little unfair and unjust
  108. Perfect Amount of Tension: Thank you Massive
  109. Dark Zone Extraction
  110. Rogue Festation
  111. DZ: Remove Ambient Explosions
  112. Going rouge
  113. Friendly Rogue Trouble
  114. What's everyone's current play time?
  115. Time release for open BETA
  116. Cover-based Shooter?
  117. Open beta start time?
  118. Daily mission objectives
  119. Dark Zone Spawn Kills
  120. Can't start game?
  121. DZ loot/Extraction
  122. Encounters becoming Random events
  123. Why cant i play ?
  124. The Division Open Beta Characters
  125. i like tom clancy s the division.
  126. Couple small additions that I think would be nice
  127. Rogue Rewards.
  128. It needs a crouch/prone button.
  129. Please extend the open beta period!
  130. maintenance
  131. The fun for everyone Dark Zone
  132. Beta Open Play in UK
  133. So you know when...
  134. Changes to how rogues camp
  135. Observations from the XB1 Beta
  136. Head-shots doing my head in
  137. OBS and open beta
  138. More gore wanted!
  139. What are the "grey bags" you sometimes find whilst looting?
  140. Server on maintenance
  141. best stuff you've found
  142. The Division Guild Hangout
  143. Server Maintenence (19th Feb)
  144. Are you having a tough time in Dark Zone?
  145. My 2 cents..
  146. do we need to download the beta again if we alredy played last beta and preordered!!!
  147. Trading gear
  148. Can you gift items?
  149. Sentry Turret
  150. The division Double text in menus
  151. Still Colorissues at the screenborder
  152. FOV or Camera Distance.
  153. The HUD is horrible , got dizzy after only 5 minutes playing .
  154. So...are the PC servers up?
  155. Product Activation: "Please enter your CD Key or Activation Code here"???
  156. If you have a specific bug, or a problem with getting the game to run!
  157. So yea. GG on the launch guys... the forum says it all.
  158. Subway Morgue Suggestion
  159. Minimum System Requirement
  160. my only complaint from what I've played
  161. AI Losing ability to path find to your location [Open Beta PC]
  162. Did you even have a single PC play tester before this beta?
  163. Improvements? (My Opinion)
  164. Disable assisted aiming when using a controller
  165. More rooftop access?
  166. Massive please (Cheat Enginge Thread)
  167. Open Beta Download Deadline
  168. Cannot kill any enemies. Guns dont do any damage at all
  169. Toggle zoom option for PC mouse
  170. Kick/push back button
  171. Modifying appearance
  172. PC needs toggle aim.
  173. No auto-aim for controller?
  174. The lines that take your hand and guide you through the mission
  175. Nice job Devs! This game is starting to come together.
  176. SLI still needs work
  177. Screen ratio
  178. In Game Invites dont work?
  179. How does this game reach beta
  180. SUGGESTION - See Clothing As You Scroll In Appearance Tab
  181. [SUGGESTION] - Switching Grenades
  182. Flashlight mod for weapons?
  183. Rogue Agents & Players with shoddy ethics and morals
  184. PC: Need to bind the Enter key
  185. Is there proximity chat for xbox one on the open beta?
  186. Loading when joining a team?
  187. the game isn't bad BUT why does your squad become dots in a safe zone
  188. Are the Server down?
  189. Cheaters
  190. Fantastic game but one problem (for me at least)
  191. Mouse Sensitivity Still Fast and no toggle ads/aim?
  192. People Cheating The Rogue System and Still Getting Your Stuff
  193. Switch Climb to (X) and Roll to (Circle) on PS4..
  194. Takedowns
  195. Concern about DZ in endgame at mid/log term
  196. (xbox one) suggestion. Quick sell for junk items
  197. Possible fix for Delta 20010159 (PC Only), just fixed mine.
  198. Uplay club open beta action 0/1 problem
  199. Auto shoot when leaving starting zone
  200. Feedback
  201. Pvp?
  202. Control Settings [PS4]
  203. Activation code ?
  204. Aim Down Sight toggle
  205. You really need to work on in-game mechanics.
  206. Interact with other players outside Darzone and Bases of Operations
  207. Ledge near W 34th Street DZ Entrance
  208. [Bug] Story mode 8 players?
  209. How to win DZC and infuriate people
  210. DZ Question
  211. "Serving" up issues
  212. Framerate issues on Ultrawide 21:9
  213. SUGGESTION - Allow to hide UI/interface via hotkey
  214. Feedback
  215. Division Beta
  216. 3 Things That NEEDS To Be Added ....
  217. Vapid disappointment
  218. Dark Zone Gameplay Suggestions/Ideas
  219. Dark zone stuttering - back from the closed beta
  220. weapon level vs dps question
  221. Two recommended changes
  222. What the fudge...
  223. Open World Hard Mode
  224. Revive time too short
  225. Head shots are disappointing
  226. Will the DZ full game be the same as the DZ beta?
  227. Fix you God damn game
  228. List your positive and negative impressions in this thread
  229. PC - Uplink Chelsea 24th / 8th Cant find way up the building to work on tower
  230. Don't release it
  231. Not using this forum until your super aggressive Captcha policy is changed
  232. World textures may render very slowly
  233. Dark zone sucks in closed beta sucks in open beta
  234. Good game, but it needs some features
  235. Division and the cheating!!! I will cancel the pre-order
  236. Closed vs Open
  237. Dynamic Skill Descriptions are going to be a must.
  238. Turret bug
  239. Auto Hide HUD
  240. One Day After the Open Beta
  241. First thoughts, future thought, recommended changes, and bugs
  242. How do you even exit online lobbies?
  243. Clothing System Fix
  244. My Waypoints Don't Show Up
  245. Potential Bug?
  246. Turret is being exploited to force you Rogue
  247. So,about the hype?
  248. This is not open beta, is hack fest beta !
  249. MUTE loud MIC trollers
  250. Something NEEDED in DZ!