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  2. game smaller than fc4 twice? Size only 11.97GB? Really???
  3. Native resolution 1600 x 900?
  4. Has the console FOV been expanded?
  5. Far Cry Primal - KNOWN ISSUES LIST
  6. My Digital Content Code is not Working.
  7. far cry wont play
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  9. stuck in rock ps4
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  12. Can't ride the sabertooth?
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  14. Multiple save files?
  15. Main missions not showing on map (small spoilers)
  16. wolf pack beast hunt bug
  17. Blood Shasti Club false Advertising ???
  18. Reinforcements spawn at Ring Wall outpost glitch
  19. Can't always heal my animal companion
  20. Can't earn XP on Xbox One...
  21. Problem installing on PS4
  22. You can upgrade to 4 health bars ON EXPERT if you switched to expert ...
  23. Armorer achievement not unlocking
  24. Achievements not Unlocking on XBOX :(
  25. Not getting code on my e-mail
  26. Missing ULC/DLC contents??
  27. Digital Content & Code Issues?
  28. Screen Flashing PS4
  29. Unable to call beast after DLC Install Legend of The Mammoth
  30. Endangered Trophy doesn't work
  31. Progress halting bugs!!!
  32. Unable to connect to Ubisoft online on the PS4
  33. Health Bar Gone
  34. Corrupted Data.
  35. No main mission showing up.
  36. No Disc in Deluxe Edition
  37. Screen flashing and crashes (Xbox One)
  38. Bloodfang Sabertooth died and mission can not be done
  39. NPCs disappearing
  40. Far Cry: Primal - Snowblood Wolf Hunt Bugged
  41. Longbow disappeared (glitch?)
  42. Not Earning XP Anymore
  43. Help Wenja: Beast Kill quests broken
  44. Bloodfang Sabertooth cliff death bug, plausible FIX!
  45. snowblood wolf pack leader bug
  46. Unlocking Ending/Credits/Scene
  47. Weapons not working correctly??
  48. I have a glitch with the XP bar
  49. Problem whis graphics
  50. [PS4]Skill trophy Bug
  51. Found the cause on missions glitching and no trophy/achievement pop!
  52. Glitched Skill point rewards
  53. Sayla's story incomplete
  54. Last Missing Skill Point
  55. Bug with quick heals
  56. copyright strike on far cry primal LIVE STREAMED video
  57. Jayma skill tree is locked
  58. Extremely Slow Install
  59. Tears of shame not unlocking.
  60. (bug?)Wenja event, untie prisoners 1 -3 (xbox 1)
  61. Rare lion skin glitch
  62. Far cry primal Great Scar Bear Glitch
  63. Xbox one frame rate problems
  64. Dah's Hut glitch?
  65. Water Cinematic Bug (PS4)
  66. Animal AI Patch?
  67. (PS4) Game freezing
  68. Animals lose health when preforming take down
  69. David and Goliath Achievment
  70. achievement Endangered didn't unlock on the X1?
  71. Progress halting bug/quest disappearance (spoilers)
  72. Death loop bug
  73. 11/12 totems found. missing last collectible.
  74. How to get the special reward Bloodtusk Mammoth Skull
  75. Black square on my screen (Digital edition) (PS4)
  76. Disappearing Rares
  77. Blood Wolf DEAD glitch
  78. missing outpost 14/15?
  79. Sayla's Story bug (PS4)
  80. Can't collect hunter's cache's
  81. Can't kill ull, poison antidote disappeared
  82. Payska River Outpost xbox One
  83. Endangered trophy glitch
  84. Weapons locked and unusable
  85. Bow doesn't work after abandoning mission
  86. Infinite Death Loop Far Cry Primal (PS4)
  87. All animals gone [Xbox One]
  88. can't earn XP and learn new skills -ps4
  89. outpost and fort glitch/bug
  90. game crash/frezzing
  91. Izila Homeland Quest Triggered Early
  92. Suggestion a sticky thread for reporting minor bugs and glitches
  93. Endangered trophy keeping locked!!
  94. Second Patch ?
  95. FC Primal, XOne, Taken Wenja, Failed
  96. Can't earn XP and no more skill points.
  97. Death Loop(PS4)
  98. Rare Stripe Wolf Skins never collected
  99. Animals gone
  100. missing skill point
  101. Seeds of the sun mission glitch
  102. Seriously? Ubisoft is getting cheaper. You guys need to take a look at this
  103. Roshani not showing on map
  104. No animals
  105. Language
  106. Glitched achievement
  107. Problem accessing final mission (Temple of Batari)
  108. Deleted World
  109. Skills won't unlock
  110. Rescue captured wenja
  111. Skill points and Snow blood wolf
  112. Roshani is nowhere to be found, not on map, not in the fort
  113. Day One Patch- Cursor!
  114. Bow Glitch
  115. Bugged achievement ashes to ashes
  116. Only 1 save file per profile?!
  117. Batari Boss Fight bug one shot dead bug
  118. Outpost stats glitched
  119. Bloodfang sabertooth
  120. [RESOLVED] Farcry primal game breaking crash Xbox One
  121. Blood Shasti Club still burning up after patch?
  122. Farcry Primal Mammoth Pack DLC
  123. Grapple Hook Death?
  124. My pack is full.
  125. Endangered trophy glitch
  126. How do I obtain the Big Teddy trophy now that the Great Scar bear glitch is patched?
  127. Far Cry Primal PS4 "MAYBE BUG"
  128. PS4 Wenja Learned glitch skill point
  129. Game freeze
  130. I die immediately game save loads! Glitch loop!
  131. Help! All my Sabertooth Tigers are Bald!! [BUG]
  132. There are no White Deer! [BUG]
  133. Takkar's voice morphs into...Jason Brody?? 😖
  134. DLC issue
  135. Mission Bug
  136. Cannot get Platinum Trophy
  137. Cannot complete a Hunters Cache Due to Full Pack
  138. Cannot obtain stripe wolf skin
  139. PS4 DLC code legend of the mamouth is not working
  140. Ubisoft Club problems
  141. Wenja's last skill point bug/glitch solved
  142. Secret achievement didn't pop
  143. All progress in game suddenly lost - back to the beginning (xbox one)
  144. Roshani missing
  145. Any chance of getting a FOV slider for PS4 version?
  146. language
  147. Immersive Bow Reticle Disabled After Using Owl To Tag Enemies (PS4)
  148. physical vs digital savegame
  149. Choppy frame rate
  150. 5-10s Choppy Framerate.
  151. How to change interface language?
  152. Can not unlock fighting skills or crafting skills
  153. Game Update 1.3, now can't load old saves, saves still on hardrive
  154. Help for last trophy error
  155. Urgent issue with new difficulty skill trees
  156. Perdi todo meu progresso do jogo far cry primal.
  157. Far Cry Primal 2 achievements not unlocking
  158. freezing and choppy frame rate
  159. Disappearance of missions
  160. XBOX ONE after trying to ride Sabertooth can`t move
  161. ้help me. far cry primal bug loop death
  162. Temple of Batari Glitch
  163. Xbox - FC Primal. Unable to climb vines
  164. Huge PS4 Glitch!! No weapons wheel!
  165. PS4- Ambient Music Not Working
  166. Survival of the fittest achievement (ubi club) doesn unlcked after finishing the game
  167. Achievements not Unlocking on XBOX ONE
  168. far cry primal taming the wolf mission (beast master)
  169. Can I transfer game progress to another PS4 account?
  170. Ubisoft want google authen... code wtf?
  171. Dah's Hut
  172. PS4 - Saved Game
  173. No animals!!
  174. Progress
  175. Patch 1,2,3
  176. Stealth
  177. Double Horned Rhino glitch
  178. Pack Far Cry 4 + Far Cry Primal
  179. Special Edition- Legend Of The Mammoth missions missing?
  180. Achievements don't pop up
  181. Far Cry Primal 1.03 Ps4 Aim Assist Not Working ?
  182. stuck
  183. Install Progress
  184. Black Screen Far cry primal
  185. fechei o jogo, mas agora não consigo pegar nenhuma habilidade
  186. game slow down
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  188. Expert Wenja - Missing last skill point
  189. http://www.supplement4order.com/livali-cream/
  190. Splash screen crash
  191. Broken Mission - Into Udam Land
  192. Game turns off during snowblood wolf activity
  193. 2 Locked Achievements...what do I do?
  194. Far Cry Primal não abre
  195. compound bow gone
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  197. Expert wenja trophy glitch
  198. Some bugs, and other feedback [Xbox One]
  199. Good Neighbor