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  2. Far Cry Primal - KNOWN ISSUES LIST
  3. Pre download ?!
  4. Pre-Load
  5. Can't install game
  6. Linux supported
  7. Will I need Internet Access to play the game? (preload done already)
  8. Release Date
  9. Nvidia SLI support
  10. no DLC coes when i brught the apex edition
  11. Wont let me play the game still preload
  12. No FC Primal added to uplay after buying
  13. SMAA removed ?
  14. Digital Content Code INVALID ???
  15. Game wont launch
  16. Does the game support 16:10 monitors without having black bars?
  17. Game wont launch
  18. Far Cry Primal: Error 88500014
  19. Error 88500014
  20. Mouse issue on start menu
  21. Crash on Benchmark or Start New Game
  22. Ubisoft: "F### the gamers, we already have their money
  23. Movement with Mouse disables keyboard movement
  24. No sound....
  25. No audio
  26. error's in far cry primal
  27. Ubisoft finally responded....
  28. [FR] Far Cry Primal ne fonctionne pas !
  29. Language in Russian
  30. Fatal Error File System Failure
  31. Game fails to start, Black screen then back to desktop...
  32. Nvidia SLI is next to non-existent
  33. Game flickers weird fx colors/black every few frames (epileptic game play ... )
  34. Another person with error 88500014 - Refund time.
  35. product key is broken
  36. product key is broken
  37. Can not download
  39. Mouse 2 Input issue = move forward
  40. Wtb ....!!!
  41. Solution for Far Cry Primal: Error 88500014
  42. Temporary Fix: Far Cry Primal: Error 88500014
  43. Error 88500014!!!
  44. I buy the Far Cry Primal Apex edition via steam and i have probelm with the saves.
  45. 2 borderless modes?
  46. Stuck at preload after release time
  47. The game wont launch
  48. Strange, bright colors in-game
  49. Crashes when I reach the wolves!?..
  50. Again far cry game and again problems
  51. Subtitles failed to show after the first two lines or so of dialogues with NPCs
  52. Not Lunching
  53. Main Menu accepts no mouse or keyboard input
  54. 88500014 - No Issues
  55. Can't find activation code!!
  56. Can't launch the game
  57. UBI you no serious with firewall "fix"???!! when will we get a fix from you UBI?? ETA
  58. The Steam Edition hasn't Chinese lanuage!
  59. Game won't launch
  60. Far Cry Primal Hard Freeze randomly causing me to hard reset PC
  61. CD Key won't be accepted.
  62. Game is freezing, then Blackscreen and after that im getting kicked to Desktop
  63. Graphical glitch (fixed)
  64. Controller-Deadzone while aiming with mouse?
  65. Game freeze after click play
  66. Bad stuttering and random crashes
  67. Game not Launching
  68. Error 88500014 - Any updates??
  69. Black Screen with Sound after cutscene
  70. SLI BROKEN every reply to this
  71. Randomly Started Working
  72. [Far Cry Primal] Error 88500014 Workaround [UPDATED MARCH 3rd 2016]
  73. No Game Sound!?
  74. 88500014 Solved
  75. game works fine till opening menu
  76. New game Crash
  77. Graphical glitch
  78. Low FPS
  79. i acutally got it to work? or did they fix it?
  80. quicksave?
  81. ANOTHER TRY who dont have BITDEFENDER or any like listed at the "SOLVED" things....
  82. Failed Tensay's mission, can't get it back
  83. Cannot start game
  84. Game playing sound, but no video.
  85. Unable to get any controls to work from the main menu
  86. Game in Russian?
  87. Resolution problems
  88. Low fps on SLI titan X
  89. uplay_r1_loader64.dll
  90. Game freezes during first loading screen
  91. Crash at the defend your village mission
  92. How to launch in 1080*720, or safemode
  93. Random bluescreens and game crashes after Farcry installation
  94. 360 Controller / KB + M (simultaneous) unsupported
  95. Connection lost Linking steam and Uplay accounts
  96. Is it possible to change the language of the game? My native translation is bad
  97. Window mode and white screen when launching
  98. Problem with Start the game
  99. The game won't start
  100. [read this before post issue] Workaround Guide
  101. Resolution Error
  102. Fatal Error
  103. Install Catastrophic Failure
  104. problem with release
  105. Farcry Primal Graphic Bug "Colorful" Graphics
  106. If you bind Walk to RMB then <shift> (i.e. sprint) makes you stop moving
  107. Game Crash On Start.
  108. What's wrong with graphics in FC Primal?
  109. High FPS with game stutter, frame drops and tearing
  110. Mouse slow on map
  111. Digital Apex Edition
  112. Game won't display
  113. Can't get the last skill point needed for platinum trophy
  114. No sound in Far Cry Primal
  115. far cry primal
  116. Logitech G602 nouse button bind issue
  117. Unable to progress
  118. Game Crashes After New Game or Benchmark
  119. Game does not start.
  120. Game breaking control issue!
  121. Game Crash: Windows return when i open the map/ retour Windows quand j'ouvre la carte
  122. Game Keeps Crashing in "Attack of the Udam" main quest
  123. Game won't start.
  124. Game Crashing On Find The Stone Woman Mission
  125. Game won't start
  126. Great beast hunt bug
  127. Movement issues when remapping keys (can't crouch or sprint)
  128. I ask the developers for help !!!!
  129. Tamed the White Wolf at the beginning BUG !
  130. Only Splash Screen... Game dont start
  131. Aiming bug makes the game completely unplayable.
  132. no way to disable "bonus" skins on pc?
  133. Search Bug
  134. save problem
  135. Game does not start??
  136. won´t launch
  137. Game Crash: Visions of Ice
  138. Not recognizing my graphics card
  139. Game won't launch
  140. Soooo. Any ideas? (vid)
  141. [FR] Application 16bit ? oO'
  142. I cant play to the game...Please Help.
  143. Crashes at Defend your village
  144. Black Screen with sound
  145. FOV Slider disappears/disabled for Multi-Monitor Resolutions
  146. DirecX Install
  147. If your game won't start, or only shows Far Cry splash
  148. Game freezes on startup, worked fine yesterday
  149. Game won't launch
  150. Autosave/save Problem
  151. Game freeze after open the map (M)
  152. Game hangs after Loading Screen
  153. Zero issues...game plays perfectly.
  154. Game suddenly freezing, worked fine for 4 hours
  155. black screen only when in northern part of the map
  156. Graphics bug... extreme flickering
  157. "foggy" graphics ?
  158. help, mission location
  159. Sous Titres
  160. Far Cry Primal directory not present in user/My Games
  161. Massive framedrop on map
  162. Installing from Disc PLEASE HELP
  163. graphics bug: weird dithering
  164. Game Won't Start
  165. Udam Raider Camp
  166. Farcry Primal Mouse issues
  167. I buy the Far Cry Primal Apex edition via steam and i vhave problem with XP
  168. I buy the Far Cry Primal Apex edition via steam and i have problem with XP
  169. Garra de escalada bugg
  170. Bloodfang Sabretooth permanently unobtainable?
  171. 144hz monitor issue
  172. Cloud sync doesn't work
  173. Xbox One controller issue - please assist
  174. Far Cry Causing PC Hard Shutdowns
  175. Game can't launch
  176. PC - Frame Drop - Stuttering
  177. Potentially game-breaking bug: Brother in Need cannot start!
  178. desactivate film grain
  179. CPU 2 Overloading/Multithreading issue
  180. Downloading full version
  181. Falling through map
  182. cannot see at all hours of the day due to sunlight
  183. NO Ambient Occlusion. Thank you Ubi ;)
  184. falling through map
  185. how to add russian language
  186. game crashes
  187. Far Cry Primal Fps drops
  188. Game crashing problem
  189. thank u so much ubi ..........
  190. Game won't launch
  191. cannot switch between fullscreen to windowed
  192. problem with an udpate
  193. Game does not start after patch worked before
  194. FAR CRY PRIMAL ---> Game don`t run anyway. <---
  195. Mouse lag and loss of controller after 30 min of play needs to be hard reset
  196. Help : Can't Download Far Cry Primal
  197. No sound after the beginning prologue video
  198. Far Cry Primal save game transfer from PS4 to PC..How can I do this ?
  199. I still waiting my serial code from uplay the activation FarCry Primal
  200. Game Crashes randomly in game
  201. SMAA doesn't work with SLI
  202. Game crashes before start
  203. Crashing on seizure warning screen ubisoft support yet to message me back
  204. Flickering vertical lines
  205. Game crashes on death
  206. Why the heck "Cups Lock" button is blocked for reassigning???
  207. VIDEO - 120Hz Causing All Kinds of Graphics and Performance Problems
  208. Activate problem
  209. GTX 980ti Strix free game
  210. Game forces monitor's native 21:9, even though I'm trying to play at 16:9
  211. Radeon 285/380 problem with NO SIGNAL message ONLY in northern part of the map
  212. Issue crashing windows when game closed
  213. Game not loading after displaying splash
  214. No russian lang in game.
  215. nothing after press "play"
  216. Missing Health Bar after Full Upgrade
  217. All texture and 3d models are black, help!
  218. Recorded video with Fraps, but some videos are with sound and some WITHOUT SOUND
  219. GTX980ti Cant redeem code after buying card.
  220. Mouse lag missing which is known issues list
  221. black screen flashes on ubisoft screen, main menu and game (PC version)
  222. problême clavier souris far cry primal
  223. Play with bad fps
  224. Hide fps display
  225. The decision to drop the game when you start !!!
  226. Farcray startet nicht uplay_r1_Loader64.dll
  227. Game is too bright
  228. Cannot pickup or complete hunter caches because pack is full
  229. Doesn't show up in Uplay Library.
  230. Game Crashes During New Game Loading
  231. Game Won't Start After Install. | d3dcompiler_43.dll error |
  232. Error syncing cloud data
  233. Farcry Primal won't run after splash
  234. game crashes when trying to progress through hunter quest
  235. F5 Quicksave not working
  236. Request for MSAA support with upcoming patch and betetr SLI scaling
  237. Dismiss animal companion.
  238. the game won't start
  239. Fatal Error after pressing play
  240. Grappling hook climbing
  241. Game is continuously auto saving (Glitch)
  242. Third Snowblood Wolf is already dead and i can't move on in the game
  243. Bug report: Cave mission map bug
  244. Legend of the mammoth bug
  245. Far Cry Crashes when press start new game => solved
  246. language problem
  247. Neither mouse nor keyboard working in main menue
  248. Saved Game lost!
  249. Crouch HUD Icon still visible
  250. Game freezes when I die or fail - no save options.