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  4. Bought DVD version today in a store, cannot play!
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  7. How do I know that I got the DLCs?
  8. Why do i have to download when i have the physical discs help
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  16. To Ubi-whom ever: Game needs a item storage option.
  17. Heres an idea for the DLC
  18. Dah's Hut won't unlock
  19. Primal makes no fun.
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  28. far cray primal freezes my screen
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  30. Add 7.1 surround sound functionality
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  32. A few minor annoyances that need fixing and a major problem (for me).
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  34. Crouch HUD icon fixed
  35. Mouse acceleration causes jagged movement (comparison video)
  36. Please add option to disable fog
  37. AMD Radeon: Latest Drivers Released! (Fixes crashes in the North)
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  39. Did I beat the game ?
  40. Can someone please give me a save file? (any will do)
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  42. Wenja - Search and Destroy Side Mission (Far North)
  43. Hard Copy Installation, no internet, first time Uplay --- Failed!
  44. Ultra HD Texture Pack, Can't tell The Difference
  45. Disappointed - Patch 3 - Skills Removed / XP Cap / Lost Skill Points
  46. where can i download the HD texture pack?
  47. A CPU bug thats been in all recent FC games
  48. New patch for performance improve in the way?
  49. Poor performance on high-end rig
  50. Great Scar "Mafia" Bear
  51. Missing Support for TN Games Tactile Gaming Vest
  52. Where and how do I download patches
  53. Game freezes after exiting the map with Esc
  54. Can't play game
  55. I cant throw spear. need help
  56. Survival Mode bugged?. Pets dissapear randomly
  57. Please Add a Co-op!!
  58. Always a pleasure.
  59. Full Inventory, can't pick up hunters cach?
  60. The mission can't go on
  61. how to craft yellow flower antidote to reach ULL I have a full pack of flowers.
  62. I have an idea
  63. Can't climb vines - Please help!!!
  64. Just One Question
  65. What a let-down
  66. Cave of Weeping Roots
  67. one main mission and one outpost still missing
  68. my computer want run far cry primal sell it?`
  69. Masters of the universe!
  70. unlocking Izila Fort
  71. Will u get rid of Denuvo like Doom has done ?
  72. Sun is WAY TO BRIGHT - Issues with having a good rig and this game.
  73. Bug when playing in 1366x768 resolution
  74. I can not "survive" when I get killed :-(
  75. Player saves not working
  76. Problem with an unknown place
  77. Difficulty level
  78. land of oros conquered - that's it?
  79. 100% completion anyone?..
  80. Sabertooth slowly changing colors?
  81. The game wont surpass 6 fps for me. I have gtx1070 + i7 6700k processor, whatsthedeal
  82. bug 30seg après lancement du jeux
  83. Where is the ultra textures dlc? has it vanished?
  84. Remove a fighter to hire a new one button
  85. Steam Apex Edition and Exlusive Content
  86. Managing the Tribe and Carrying the bodies?
  87. Udam Homeland mission poison question
  88. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online Buy driver's license online
  89. Shaman's Perk
  90. How to Craft Antidote Once Its Received?
  91. Price Not Available when I want to buy on UPLAY
  92. Bluetooth Controller Issus
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