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  2. Day 1 Patch
  3. Please Ubisoft bring back coop to Far Cry 👏 ? If so think of my ideas.
  4. Mob Respawns Timing
  5. PlayStation Headphone sound profile?
  6. Controversial Content... ??? was this done on purpose ?
  7. Sabre Tooth Tigers maneuverability
  8. Why isn't Deluxe Edition Soundtrack complete?
  9. Unknown location
  10. Story of the game is...meh
  11. WeaponWheel
  12. Saylas Cottage Upgrade 2/2
  13. What huntable animal am I missing?
  14. Lost Aiming dot!
  15. Steath in this game is a waste of time.
  16. This is the best Far Cry game for me :)
  17. All animals gone missing
  18. I want my money back!
  19. Can not get to Batari, please help
  20. Tamed great scar bear
  21. How-to manage pack
  22. Love this game....never played any Far Cry's before
  23. Default Weapons
  24. Will there be any more patches for console version?
  25. Unable to save game on x-box 1
  26. New Update & Saving Game???
  27. Issues with side quest
  28. Suggestion: Make Weapon and Hands Hideable for Screenshot Purposes
  29. Help for last trophy error
  30. Bloodtusk Mammoth skull how do i know i have it?
  31. Weapons Switching?
  32. Missing Minimap
  33. PS4 Trophy Status
  34. Great game, Ubisoft
  35. Is health bar forced in survival mode?
  37. Is Recovery Possible?
  38. GamerProfile.xml keeps resetting
  39. Buy passport online Buy an identity card online
  40. Region locked content?