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  1. PS4 Downloading problem
  2. PS4 not connecting to Division service
  3. Ubisoft issued wrong Beta Key region?
  4. Ps4 controller speaker
  5. why cant i download the beta
  6. Mike 20240078
  7. Dark zone bug
  8. cannot redeem my 12 digits code..
  9. Loading Loop followed by Missing Textures + Freezing and Stuttering
  10. Account unavailable
  11. Error Message "The Division services are not available at this time"
  12. Cannot verify license
  13. cant access pistol
  14. Multiple Issues
  15. Falling through ground
  16. Trosport vehicle
  17. MIKE Errors - Please Try This
  18. Map loading error
  19. Access?
  20. Npc's
  21. The Division Beta Error code mike on PS4
  22. Two bugs
  23. [PS4] Game freeze and crash
  24. Clunky
  25. Bugs encountered so far.
  26. The Highligh on objects re retrieve won't Ddsappear
  27. Mike 20240078
  28. [PS4] LAG in taking down enemy’s
  29. no more dark zone loot
  30. Game crashed
  31. Possible issue with enemy spawn rates.
  32. [PS4] wall breach glitch
  33. Beta unplayable
  34. Bugs/Suggestions
  35. [PS4] Control settings
  36. Randomly Dying For No Reason At All? (PS4)
  37. Red Injury when im healed
  38. Dark Zone Problems anyone? Servers & all
  39. Bug Report
  40. Really?
  41. Wall hack - Door pushing me inside wall and couldnt get out with out fasttravel.
  42. Snow Drop Engine "Bug"
  43. Cannot post in the bug report.
  44. DZ No Extraction Bug
  45. Controls
  46. Keep getting DELTA error
  47. Bug and possible suggestions
  48. Mike 20250383 and Mike 20170247 errors
  49. Red low health tint stuck on screen(DZ after death)
  50. Spin Sight
  51. Stuck on environment
  52. Reloading Animation Loop
  53. Dark zone chests won't open
  54. Game hacked already
  55. [PS4]Invisible Players in Dark Zone
  56. Possible group exploit in Dark Zone.
  57. Bug Report - Cant see my Team member but he can see me
  58. Fallen in texture
  59. Weapon in the air animation
  60. Running
  61. After killing enemeis, the loot appears on the map but you can't take it.
  62. [BUG/REQUEST] Play together with more friends in the Dark Zone
  63. Input lag when looking and aiming
  64. retour et commentaires sur la beta et questions !
  65. [ps4] Med wing mission bug
  66. Issue with character animation constantly reloading
  67. Headshots whIle aiming
  68. Menu glitch
  69. PS4 Controller options required.
  70. Some minor bugs
  71. Running throgh the map and black screen
  72. The floating gun/Butt firing?
  73. Damage Projection
  74. The pulse don't show loot crate
  75. Shield glitch - Makes sprint very fast
  76. Group audio chat in DZ broken
  77. Bug report
  78. Collision Issue
  79. Legs backwards
  80. Clothing / Vanity items fail to render/preview
  81. Loot issues
  82. How final are these Graphics
  83. Bug/Issue: Switching to Side Arm
  84. Random crashes, is it happening to you too?
  85. Bugs in the division beta
  86. Trapped Behing Loot Boxes
  87. Couple improvement suggestions
  88. Getting stuck on covers set on planters
  89. information
  90. Thoughts after Beta
  91. Team mate stuck in the wall
  92. Completely Invisible Player Glitch URGENT
  93. I can not play with my friends help please
  94. Crashes
  95. Found Bug
  96. Mike error?
  97. Climbing/vaulting issue
  98. General Suggestions
  99. Phantom Image of Character
  100. Bugs
  101. Stash in Dark Zone
  102. Dark Zone Bugs
  103. PS4 remoteplay
  105. Being stuck in revive animation and being able to enter safe room while rogue
  106. Suggestion
  107. Helicopter Light or Crosswind Killing
  108. Feedback
  109. Being shot through walls
  110. [PS4] Mission "Unlock the Medical Wing" Bugged
  111. Error Mike and Delta Still!
  112. Nice Game
  113. PS4 Glitches/Bugs I've noticed
  114. Some Defects
  115. Glitched off building and was running on air
  116. Weapon Attachments don't add up.
  117. Following in DZ
  118. Spotting Group members in DZ & Lvl Cap
  119. DZ invisible players
  120. Dark Zone Invincibility?
  121. ISAC and the Playstation usb Headset
  122. Shooting through objects in DZ
  123. DZ Lynch mobs
  124. Invisibility glitch*
  125. DZ exploit
  126. Thoughts
  127. PS4 dark zone Bug
  128. DZ: Phantom Health loss glitch
  129. [PS4] Disappearing Squadmate, No Health Loss, No Extraction Option/Skills not working
  130. DZ Stash
  131. [PS4] Mini Map Thoughs/Concerns/Not Bugs
  132. Jumping
  133. Audio and shooting out windows and tires delay
  134. Delta 2000933
  135. I really like this concept.
  136. Invincibilty Bug
  137. Being shot through a building.
  138. Division bugs and problems
  139. couple bugs i've noticed
  140. Errors/Bugs I've noticed
  141. Stuck with a yellow contamination bag since restarting
  142. **game-breaking** INPUT LAG; devs please read
  143. Beta feedback ps4
  144. Choosing apparel
  145. Bugs in darkzone
  146. Controller speaker audio too loud and unadjustable through headphones.
  147. Missing graphics/textures + minor spelling error
  148. Multiple OS crashes and terrible input lag
  149. Bugs, minor changes, and wish list
  150. PS4 bugs encountered
  151. Beta Feedback PS4
  152. Skills not activating and couldn't log out in Dark Zone
  153. Horrible ps4 graphics/graphical glitches? Framerate issues.
  154. No leave game option
  155. Interaction button detection radius needs work.
  156. Intense Path Lag
  157. "The PS4 has overheated, please turn off the system"
  158. [PS4] (Grenades interacting with vehicles)
  159. [PS4] (General environment issues)
  160. [PS4] (Scan ability causing red line to appear)
  161. [PS4] (Mission not available)
  162. [PS4] Incidental dialogue audio glitches
  163. Team Chat
  164. Extraction
  165. ISAC volume
  166. Rogue timers!
  167. Bugs - Control Schemes (PS Vita Remote Play and PS4 w DS4)
  168. Beta bugs and suggestions
  169. [PS4] Minor Bugs
  170. Error Code CE-34878-0
  171. Invisible character model, cannot join group in darkzone
  172. Not seeing team in the Dark Zone
  173. Grey floor appeared blocking game view of ground
  174. PS4 bug near extraction zone
  175. DZ fireteam split into 2 different servers
  176. Ability Usage Issue With Certain Weapons Equipped
  177. Invisible players ruining experience. NEEDS fixing.
  178. team mate frozen on my screen on rope in dz
  179. Invisible "godmode" giltch
  180. team mates appears to be shooting feet instead of enemies
  181. Error Code 20000933
  182. Bug and texture fail report, with screenshots and locations!
  183. Accidental Rogue
  184. Invincibility bug
  185. pick up loot x6 from dark zone went for extraction and i had nothing!!!
  186. Screen stuck red!
  187. Player Stuck
  188. PS4 Corrupted Data
  189. Loot animation loop
  190. Few very minor bugs
  191. Menu loses graphical background
  192. Medic Tree Abilities bug out
  193. Can get in but can't get out
  194. The Division beta feedback
  195. PS4 - Bugs (Mostly movement - with Video)
  196. Major Bug
  197. Unplayable- Delta & Romeo errors.
  198. Being Shot Through Walls- Video
  199. Balance
  200. Lag and rubber banding
  201. Time lag when shooting at car windows
  202. Invisibility Player Glitch!?
  203. HORRIBLE BUG: Invisible Indestructible Infinite Loot Load STUCK IN DARK ZONE
  204. things they can do for the dark zone
  205. [PS4] Fell through the floor several times
  206. [PS4] Audio glitches
  207. Issue trying to collect Echo data in Chelsea
  208. Hospital Rooftop door didn't open
  209. Horrible Beta Experience-Im Shocked
  210. Climbing & Cloths
  211. Stash Glitch
  212. Will the game get 60fps on consoles?
  213. Red screen/filter after dying stays visible (PS4)
  214. [PS4] Ladder Glitch - Getting to the MSG Hospital stands
  215. Got Stuck On Scenery
  216. 2 very minor glitches
  217. Dark Zone crates not opening.
  218. Several bugs to report.
  219. Can't use/select pistol
  220. Invisible Killers? (Videos)
  221. Bugs from my last session PS4
  222. Late damages
  223. Worst BETA/Game of 2016
  224. control layout
  225. Dulicate Assets in Pennsylvania Plaza Office
  226. Invisible Man - Glitch Report (PS4) with Video
  227. Beta feedback
  228. Floating Satellite Dishes - Missing Geometry
  229. Gameplay experience, and issues.
  230. font sizes and looting
  231. The DIvision Freeze kickecd me to XMB after trying to join friend in game
  232. PS4 - Beta Weekend Bug Report
  233. Falling Through Map near Base
  234. No esta mal
  235. (Bug) 12x Scope Distance Same as 4x Scope
  236. Bugs
  237. [PS4] Shield bugs
  238. Dark Zone player Stuck Spot
  239. Floating Assets
  240. Friend "stuck" in building but actually next to me
  241. Beta criticisms
  242. PS4 Gold Headset audio
  243. Encounter - Virus Quest fail
  244. Bugs (screenshot and video)
  245. New bug
  246. Invisiblity/invulnerability bug
  247. The Division
  248. General Bugs
  249. division bug report
  250. Stuck Inside Locker