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  1. Xbox One Loading
  2. Keep getting "Mike 20240058" Error Code
  3. Beta Glitches
  4. My first bugs and problems
  5. Madison Field Hospital Bug
  6. Can't launch the game and I get a error code
  7. keep getting " MIKE 20240078" error code
  8. Resuppy Crate Bug
  9. Keep getting stuck on stairs
  10. Still getting "MIKE 20240078"
  11. Virus Research Side Mission
  12. love the game
  13. "Unavailable" in xbox store
  14. The Division twitch stream error
  15. [bug] Boxes disappear with camera pan
  16. Keep getting error code delta 20000933
  17. Xbox Error Code Delta 20010159 and Mike 20240078
  18. Vendor Graphics Glitch
  19. Bugs
  20. Anyone getting error code Delta 20000933 while playing the game?
  21. Stuck with red tinted screen
  22. Invisible Walls
  23. [Bug Report] Unable to extract
  24. [Xbox One] Can't Cycle Through Menus (Request)
  25. [Xbox One] Tools Disappear (Bug)
  26. [Xbox One] Loading Issue (Bug)
  27. [Xbox One] Health Skill Continues to be Marked as New (Bug)
  28. Xbone crate opening
  29. Friends list
  30. Beta Access not working
  31. Unable to interact with Dark Zone Chests
  32. Can't Leave Group
  33. Freezing in dark zone
  34. Error Code: Mike 20170247
  35. Wrong language
  36. [xone]texture pop-ins
  37. Game chat issues
  38. I've tried everything.. Still no access
  39. Bugs/Glitch
  40. My character broke can no longer load into my main character.
  41. Unable to interact with anything in the contaminated zones.
  42. Y-axis inversion bug
  43. Bugs
  44. Xbox One Bug
  45. [XBOX ONE] LOD Loading Issue
  46. Dark Zone Bag Extraction unlimited
  47. Red Hue on screen after respawninh
  48. Froze at reload container during gunfight.
  49. Floating guns
  50. The configuration is not saved, then reappearing
  51. Screen went blurry after being in dark zone
  52. Constant Stutter in DZ zone
  53. [XBOX ONE] Total Performance Degredation
  54. MIKE 20240078 Errors When Launching Game
  55. Appearance Bug?
  56. Fallen through building floor. Can't move
  57. Error codes Delta and Mike
  58. Madison Square Mission - Cant get off the roof
  59. Can't get to the roof
  60. [Xbox One] (Bug report - Virus Research in Chelsea)
  61. Fast Travel has insanely long loading time
  62. Going ROGUE For Defending Your Self
  63. Red Screen on respawn
  64. Shooting Lights
  65. 1-28 Beta feedback
  66. Weird emotes bug
  67. Xbox One/loot/Language Settings/display
  68. Dz mismatch
  69. Red screen on Death
  70. Starting Language bug
  71. Grey background
  72. Unable to launch game - Tells me I need disc - Solution (probably)
  73. XBOX ONE: Multiple bugs report
  74. Waiting on game
  75. [XBox1 - Bug] Game Freezes when viewing player profile
  76. Xbox1 bugs found so far and some feedback
  77. gameplay bugs
  78. Dz missmatch
  79. squad members and dark zone
  80. Xbox One: The division beta, bug report: Red screen on respon
  81. Xbox 1 Crashed Drone Bug?
  82. Fire extinguishers & tiny trees
  83. Some NPC and Cinematic voices not heard when using headset
  84. [XBox1] Invisible to other players in Dark Zone (I Assume)
  85. **Belongs in Technical Forums** - Freezing at dashboard
  86. MIKE 20240058 error messages
  87. Some minor issues with BETA but no access to BETA Technical forums
  88. Error Code Mike 20240078
  89. Xbox One Player: Game Crashes
  90. Very annoying Red Screen
  91. Mike 20170247 Error
  92. SIERRA 10680921 Error
  93. A couple of issues I ran into
  94. DZ loot disappeared
  95. Problems With Sprint
  96. Dark zone chests
  97. Screen stays red after iv been downed and the revived, Xbox one
  98. Dizzy screen after a echo
  99. Dark Zone Keys and Crates
  100. HUD not disappearing
  101. [Xbox One] Infinite extracting loot bags
  102. [Bug] Extraction DZ [Suggestion]
  103. [XBox One] Echo Glitch during "Establish a Base of Operations" Mission
  104. servers are down again
  105. Progress on game release.
  106. Annoying menu issue
  107. Rogue Player Down, Crawls At Full Run Speed
  108. beta bug- red screen, game restarts XB1
  109. XBOX One - Game Chat Issues
  110. Bystanders always threatened
  111. Problem with Darkzone instance
  112. Xbox one dvr
  113. Red Screen on Death (Xbox One)
  114. Shield Removing
  115. Random Ragdoll Issues
  116. Xbox - AI Teleporting Guns/Glitching
  117. Xbox One: Game completely crashed/locked up while in combat.
  118. Friend of mine keeps getting an Error Code
  119. Xbox One: Can't pick up loot on the ground/try to pick up loot & get nothing. 2 bugs
  120. Buttons not quite right
  121. ODEA floating laptops
  122. Color Washout
  123. Some few things...
  124. Group Partners animation/Rig problem
  125. Beta bugs
  126. Invisible player glitch.
  127. can not go up some stairs in houses
  128. Game freeze on map
  129. Drone missing
  130. [XBOX ONE] Start Menu closes when pedestrian bumps agent
  131. DELTA 20020192 - Cannot even play the darn game :(
  132. MIKE Errors - Please Try This
  133. STUCK in a WALL no way out!
  134. Delta 2000933 error
  135. DZ Lag, every 30 seconds {Xbox One}
  136. Bugs I found
  137. Key for Hostage Room
  138. Infinite loading screen after joining a random matchmaking session
  139. Bugs
  140. DZ Crate Duds
  141. [xone]various beta bugs
  142. DZ bug
  143. Some graphical, interface, and mechanic issues, ending with things that I'd like.
  144. Black screen after title?
  145. Delta 20000933 when i try and join a group in the dark zone.
  146. Invisibility Glitch !!
  147. XBOX ONE - Invisibility Glitch
  148. 2 small issues
  149. Roadie run
  150. Enemy Stuttering and Conversation Breaking while in Mission.
  151. Grenade toss unavailable
  152. [Xbox One] Dark Zone Sketchy/Streaming Stuttering (Bug)
  153. Bugs and Problems in the DZ
  154. [Xbox One] Random Lockups, Freezes and Crashes (Bug)
  155. Return to Camp Hudson Side Mission
  156. Still don't have beta code
  157. Bugs/Issues so far
  158. Issues i've encountered (Love your game)
  159. Missing options
  160. Way points
  161. [XBOX] Extraction Error
  162. PRoblems with Dar Zone TRansfer bracket
  163. stairs and ability
  164. The Beta Access Blues
  165. Persistent Delta Errors XBOX ONE - all day today - mostly in DZ.
  166. Invisible glitch
  167. Glitched into shelving at extraction point
  168. Poor performance under specific conditions
  169. Good job!
  170. NPC Dialogue
  171. Unable to complete Virus Mission
  172. Xbox invisible glitch
  173. Red screen bug.
  174. Could not call for extraction or extract loot when others call
  175. Dialogue Volume Bug
  176. Sound issues
  177. Reload Repeat
  178. Technical Issues
  179. Need more AI
  180. Walking in the air.
  181. 4 Major Bugs highlighted from stream tonight - VIDEO
  182. Falling through floor while joining missions
  183. Climbing Over Things is Very Buggy
  184. Went through air-vent on first mission at roof. (Pic included)
  185. Mysterious Death
  186. "There is no sidewalk..." (falling through the world glitch - video included)
  187. Contamination Zone W 21st Street clipping
  188. FPS Drop, Safe Zone
  189. Emergency Broadcast texture misspelling
  190. Enemy no longer active and missing weapon
  191. You can run faster with a equipped greanade
  192. Hud not fading (Xbox One)
  193. Bugs, crashes and glitches so far
  194. HUD Error in Dark Zone
  195. Personal Consolidated Bug List
  196. Stuck on Road Barrier
  197. My SUV won't drive anywhere.
  198. Hitch Killing BUg
  199. Xbone got stuck in crates...again (same as alpha)
  200. Some bugs...
  201. AI Bug (photo)
  202. Item bought from vendor disappeared
  203. The division Xbox one bugs- red screen and weapon sounds
  204. [XBOX One] I got completely reset
  205. Ai and game balance
  206. [Graphics] A Few Graphical Bugs I've Come Across
  207. Extraction Helicopter never shows up, Unable to extract items.
  208. issues switching side weapons
  209. XB1 - System Freezes
  210. Dark Zone chat bug.
  211. Stuck in gesture selection screen after closing inventory
  212. unable to connect to servers
  213. Red screen after death
  214. Pressing start button would sometimes fire a shoot from my weapon
  215. DZ System Reboot Issues
  216. dont know if this belongs here.
  217. Dark zone cash drop rate too low
  218. Dark zone play
  219. Turning Invisible
  220. Tear Gas Grenades
  221. Stuck on top of resupply crate in safe room
  222. uPlay Beta Badge Missing
  223. [Xbox One] (Invisibility)
  224. Various Bugs I Have Encountered Thus Far
  225. Division beta glitch - underground
  226. Haven't seen these problems listed yet
  227. [Xbox One] (Red Screen After death)
  228. Love the game so far, but this is game breaking...
  229. Floating Players (with video & screenshot)
  230. killed by invisible player
  231. Couple bugs
  232. Idea's and problems/bugs I've come acrossed
  233. Falling bug/glitch
  234. GL owning near extract zone
  235. No Beta Key in my uplay
  236. red screen after death
  237. Just wanted to say thanks!
  238. Emote Screen Lock
  239. Micro Stutter!
  240. [Xbox One] Constant Weapon Reloading Animation and Sound (Bug)
  241. Matchmaking + post group flaws? Change needed.
  242. Dying for no reason!
  243. Not enough rogue agents...
  244. Overall Gameplay Issue
  245. Beta feedback
  246. DZ Glitch/Bug
  247. Hacker in the Beta. PLS HELP
  248. Red Screen will not go away
  249. Bug/Glitches
  250. Face mask when in DZ inquiry