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  1. Floating laptops in the computer store in the green area
  2. Teammate constantly reloading
  3. few bugs
  4. Hidden wall near rooftop exit on medical mission
  5. Skipping and freezing
  6. Refund if wall glitching not fixed?
  7. Selling Items Glitch
  8. Just few issues I encountered.
  9. Group Join Fail
  10. Ghost God Mode Bug
  11. Mike Error 20240078
  12. Flying glitch.
  13. In game chat not working?
  14. Error report 31/01/16
  15. Flying/Floating
  16. Is it possible to find purple loot in the beta?
  17. Red screen (bug report)
  18. [BUG]? various darkzone bugs.
  19. Rogue status cheese
  20. [Xbox One] Low health red screen
  21. [Xbox One] Adding a new Gamertag Friend mid-game freezes the game
  22. Stuck in trash pile.
  23. Bugs
  24. Background bug
  25. Red Screen Glitch
  26. revives themselves
  27. Bug report: game loaded issues
  28. Bugs!
  29. Microphone Error when using in game Chat
  30. Multiple issues found when playing the beta
  31. Issues (not suggestions) encountered over 12h playtime
  32. Scavenging bugged
  33. Marksmen riffle is hella strong
  34. Stuck in a wall
  35. i believe there's a bug or already a hacker
  36. Dynamic/Changing/Incorrect DPS, M1A
  37. Rogue timer stalling
  38. Help! Proximity chat, group chat
  39. My Beta weekend
  40. 5200 dps weapon, 37 round mag.. unable to drop a person in 1 mag..
  41. [B]Red screen after respawn[/B]
  42. Red screen after respawn
  43. Characters are gone
  44. XBOX ONE - Invisible FRIENDS
  45. Intermitent pulse issue
  46. While playing, the game randomly quits on Xbox One
  47. Can't extract. Stash is full.
  48. A few issues I encountered after 20 hours of play in The Division Beta
  49. Bugs in the division
  50. I felt thru the floor when starting the mission
  51. Funniest Bug I've ever seen!!
  52. Characters randomly deleted
  53. Game crashed twice when up close to explosions
  54. Invisible?
  55. Keep getting delta code 20000039
  56. Teleport to safehouses, even when rouge.
  57. Free-fall after joining friend in the "helicopter" intro sequence
  58. Glitch or hacker
  59. 9/10
  60. Major Bug: Godmode & Invisible
  61. DZ Chests and Sound Issues
  62. Invisibility Glitch plus expoiter report
  63. my thoughts so far
  64. Floating glitch
  65. campers\glitchers
  66. Can't open chests ?
  67. 2014 map, skill screen lot better then beta map and skill screen bring back 2014 stuf
  68. Game crashing - Going to Xbox dashboard
  69. Graphical
  70. Unable to extract/attach loot
  71. Nest of Invisible cheaters directly across form roof top extraction DZ
  72. Probleme en général
  73. Xbox One - Recent player list not supported
  74. Xbox One - Players able to shoot through solid walls / buildings (video)
  75. Odd tire hit boxes/physics/damage tolerances
  76. List of bug's and issues.
  77. Darkzone bugs
  78. Xbox One Game Chat Issues
  79. [Tutorial] How to do the invisibility glitch
  80. Issues that I have had in beta
  81. Rogue not rouge ... nope ... Rouge - Ha! LOL. Bug jokes.
  82. the bag is extracted but stays visible
  83. Missing brick structure?
  84. Could Not Extract Loot - DZ
  85. Issues that I have found and overall thoughts so far
  86. UI Tooltip Damage Bug
  87. Voice Chat bug + Random dying bug + not able to see rogue status bug
  88. Stuck in a cabinet
  89. Beta now totally broken due to invisible players
  90. Minor weapon display bug. Shows primary weapon when secondary is being used
  91. In game bug - Screen remained "red"
  92. Beta Bug Encounter Notes - 2d 10h playtime
  93. DZ lag/server refresh, VERY ANNOYING
  94. Clipping through stairs and items disappeared when i was transferred to a new server.
  95. Extraction Bug & Suggestion
  96. Friends List showing non-friend/blocked profiles
  97. Bugs encounted
  98. test
  99. voicechat not working? possible fix
  100. A couple of weird bugs
  101. Unable to call for extraction and red screen.
  102. Some bugs that I have encountered.
  103. Invulnerability
  104. Sliding down a ladder to my death, almost
  105. The Health on Kill "bug"
  106. Ideas to improve the game.
  107. [Bug Report] Character model reload bug
  108. Crashes on explosions
  109. Can't mute dialogue
  110. Pulse Ability not Activating
  111. Controller Vibration cannot be turned off.
  112. D-pad Up ; Mark targets does not work
  113. Switching Secondary Weapons + Mods incorrect stats display for Primary
  114. Game freezes upon xbox one add friend
  115. Bug in first stadium section
  116. Dark zone keys to open chests is not working
  117. Tab Navigation, Right and Left bumper issue
  118. Things I noticed [Xbox One]
  119. Invulnerability with Caduceus
  120. Level didn't render properly...
  121. Invisible Ghost
  122. Friend was stuck in some geometry
  123. Issues I saw
  124. Frame rate drop & Sound muting
  125. division closed beta
  126. Xbox one issues I found.
  127. Weapon Rendering - floating weapon
  128. Be nice to have
  129. Beta Feedback
  130. A couple of bugs/issues
  131. Controls
  132. Issues and suggestions
  133. Can not see group member
  134. Difficulty Accessing Stash - Stutter Stepping
  135. NPC and Object Interactions
  136. Stuck in a spot during virus encounter
  137. No navigation lines
  138. Going rogue by accident
  139. Chat problems, Collision detection, shooting through objects and more
  140. Brackets on Ladders to sewers seem to be attached to nothing?
  141. Fire Extinguisher's disappear when shot
  142. Floating player character
  143. Hard to open Loot/Stashes unless "just right" position/angle
  144. List of Fixes and Suggestions After Playing the Closed Beta
  145. No proximity chat when using Kinect
  146. Appearance items
  147. Bugs and inventory feature suggestion
  148. Tried catching bugs. Here's a few.
  149. Contaminated bag bug
  150. Can't wait to full game
  151. shooting through objects using cover
  152. Open beta coming or is this it?
  153. Improvement: Intuitive Menus ?
  154. Red Screen, No Extraction option, Group Join, Weapon Optics Suggestions
  155. Xbox One Beta glitches
  156. [Xbox One] (Glossy/Unfocused Environment)
  157. Xbox One Map Error
  158. I saw this funny Glitch
  159. Safe House - getting stuck
  160. Xbox1: Unable to close car door without getting stuck afterwards
  161. Xbox1: windows are not really windows
  162. Levitating in game assets
  163. DZ feature request
  164. Sandwiched in at Vendor
  165. Problems Joining
  166. echo bug, stuck visual filter
  167. [XBOX ONE][ON VIDEO] Hits not making damage
  168. [XBox One] Extracted Clothing Not In Stash
  169. Mike and Delta Errors
  170. Bugs in The Division Closed Beta
  171. Some Bugs (XB1)